Saturday Arsenal links: Celtic, Rosicky and the Guardian podcast returns

Hi guys.

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday – a very unfortunate personal situation got in the way of things – but I’m back today with the usual Saturday links. Here goes:

  • We’ve drawn Celtic in the final qualifying round of the Champions League. It’s a tough draw but not the worst possible and the games will be held on the 18th and 26th of August. Liam Brady has some interesting comments on the match-up.
  • Tomas Rosicky has been confirmed as injured by Arsene Wenger and will miss six weeks. It’s a bit of a blow and makes a bit of a mockery of this article that I wrote a little while ago. Oops.
  • Wenger is apparently still considering his options regarding Marouane Chamakh.
  • Anyone who enjoys a good podcast should check out the Guardian’s Football Weekly show which returned last week. They have a full season preview and as is the norm for Football Weekly, it’s bloody entertaining.

Anyway, that’s it for today. 

It’s the final friendly of the pre-season against Valencia later today and it should be a good game. I’ll be back with some video highlights from the match tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Rossyx was always like an old man on 4s.he will not kick a ball follow it for long.

  2. Rosicky injury is big blow for us.
    Wenger have to decide whether he need to buy or wait until he become fit.

  3. Wenger is keeping us to a suspence 4 his inability 2 bring new face 2 emirate after sellin ade&kolo. I want 2 knw wat is hapen 2 wenger 4 not keep 2 his promise. But nomater wat hapen i wil remain gunners–:—:->sss!!

  4. The Celtic draw is fantastic. I’m loving it. A real match instead of some of the silly stuff we’ve had in recent years. You see, Arsene, this is what can happen when you only scrape fourth place. Yes, I expect Arsenal to win but they’ll have a real battle on their hands, especially when they get up there at Parkhead. There’ll be some tough tackling, including from the guy who I was saying we should have made a bid for, Gary Caldwell, Isn’t it funny how football goes sometimes? You’ve got to love it.
    So we’ve got Celtic twice, Everton, manure, Pompey and man shitty all in the space of a month. That’s a really good, tough start to a season. Fantastic. I think we’ll have a pretty bloody good idea of our season hopes after that lot!

    Hello Filipino Dan.

  5. What else can a brother say? In Arsène we trust! I mean he is The Professor, right? He always takes the lead and the best we fans can do is trust in his decisions and support our team passionately just this ones. Arsenal till I die!!!

  6. Despite the jugular pressures that arsenal will face in an action ‘parked’ month,none will come exposed and leave without significant goal-haemorhage. My fear is when our opponents take extreme measures and all decide to literally line up at the goal mouth. I am a Dr. but this one is a difficult abdominal surgery to end well.

  7. hammer you could try normally find the matches there. hammer time! ……..(sorry couldnt resist)

  8. this is everybody is talking about,please if thre is a way to contact wenger please do tell him we need tobring in players, cos when d season starts any of our player could be injured,and if there is no replacement dat means we might still go without a trophy again please he should make up is mind and bring in chamak is a good player 10 or 12million pounds is not too much to save our season.

  9. By the way, where did the saying In Arsene we trust, come from and during what season did it arrive and how long will it go on for. If in the future Zola moved north to the Emerates…… forget i said that.

  10. this is exactly what everybody is talking about,please if there is a way to contact wenger please do tell him we need to bring in players, cos when d season starts any of our player could be injured,and if there is no replacement dat means we might still go without a trophy this season, please he should make up is mind and bring in chamak he is a good player 10 or 12million pounds is not too much to save our season.

  11. afternoon all,hope all are wel
    hello icehammer
    have nothin to say today as am fed up sayin we need 3 new faces and how our manager seems to enjoy drivin us up the wall and havin to explain my quotes to deluded,’lets all cross our fingers’ fellow fans so am not comin back on blog til we sign some1, more likely when we dont sign any1 il come back on in october to read all the pre seasons optimists berating the team when wer outside top 4 and off the pace
    butterfingers iv responded to your post on yesterdays blog
    cheers all now lets all cross our fingers that our rivals catch swine flu,yeah?

  12. No glue mate! I want to caution anyone about to hang himself after sniffin one.not you. I am a gunner by genes. One who reschedules all surgeries just before arsenal play till game over.luckly none has died due to this.

  13. Off in an hour to watch the game tonight – just an hour up the road .Excited about it even if it is just a friendly as it’s the first time I’ll have seen them this season .Maybe give me a clue as to how we’re going to cope with what is going to be a tough but very exciting first month to the season .Yeah , I trust AW too but confess to being a bit – well, maybe more than a bit! – worried at the lack of new faces . Love to see Hangelaand (if I’ve spelt it right) coming in . Fingers firmly crossed that AW has it all in hand and we’re going to have a GREAT season . COME ON YOU GUNNERS .

  14. Hello guy, I for myself do believe it’s the high time Wenger brings in another attacking Midfielder and a serious DM. Of course injuries are part of any game, but their also some players who are very prone to injuries, so caution sh’d be taken there. with that said bye and let’s wait to watch the friendly.

  15. Hi dem gunners!pls keep me posted on the latest scores. Sorry im scrapping for an emergence C/S.cheers yoyoo-o!

  16. I really really hope Silvestre dont take the plane that will bring back Arsenal to London. What an idiot.

    Our last line have big troubles in the trough passes.

    Walcott and Eduardo up front hm I dont know was weird, they didnt have any chances to score.

    Gibbs as DM hmm more weird.

    Fabianski amazingly stoped the penalty of Villa and then he looks very silly in the goal of Villa.

    Anyway Djouru and Ramsey were good.

  17. 4- 0 to valencia??? anyone see the game on tv? what happened? didn,t see any of it had to work.

  18. sorry chaps my mistake i could have sworn the arsenal website said 4-0 must have been the long day at work 2-0 sounds better. thought we got hammered..phew.

  19. We pushed our luck too far and got caught at the back……failed to create many chances……didn’t take the few we had well. Not the stuff of Champs, but hey its just a friendly.

    We must buy, HUNTELAR’s gone….MILAN pounced cos we hesitated cos WENGER wants to buy cheap. I love this coach, but he just has to change he’s buying policy for once…..I just cant imagine another crappy season…..all the strugles, no leaders on the pitch, no proper finishing in the final third……I mean, how many will want to commit suicide at the end of this season cos of WENGER?

    Can someone just shout out for me?

  20. hahahaha,happy we lost!!!!!! Maybe this may influence Wenger to sign some players before its too late!!!!

  21. Its now 3:15am on Sunday morning, what the hell am i doing here bloging. Ive seen the goals but did not see the match. How did the 433 formation look. Who played well or outstanding or man of the match. How were the back 4. Did they jell, was there a leader in the team. Is young Jack leading the attack. Did Wengers men look anything like the INVINCIBLES. How many chances did the midfield create. Was the begging for a DM or quality finisher vindicated. What will the boss do next.

  22. Shambo what was the performance like, who impressed. What was Walcott like. Did Wenger make any comments, was he interviewed. Come on everyone there is lots to talk about.

  23. Everybody were under their usual performances.

    Wilshere touch the ball just a few times, same Merida and Diaby.

    Walcott looked interesting as striker, he dont receive balls and he wasnt even close to score but his runnings up front remember me to Henry.

    Eduardo didnt do anything.

    Fabianski again going out for the ball like a crazy dog.

    Traore was ok. And the best for were Djouru and Ramsey. Van Persie looked like we doesnt want to play same Arshavin. And my good friend Bendtner was invisible like always.

  24. Haha Xabier im with you. I’m all for peace and harmonious relationships with fellow commenters but the amount of anti-Arsenal and anti-Arsene vitriol is becoming too much and is really starting to drag the blog down.

    I mean, its not like we didn’t just play a side with a large amount of world-class players playing with their full first team at home or anything. no way, how dare our players lose for the first time this pre-season, I thought they were invincible 🙁

  25. I watched the second half of the match,and i have to tell my fellow gunners,except something changes,we in for another bad run.Our MD was more or less push aside the entire second half,the only chance we had,walcot choose to go for goal instead of squaring the pass to eduardo for an easy tap in,IMO,walcot is not a winger,but a striker,and should be moved upfront.Also i can´t understand why silvertre is still in the team,as he surely showed once again how scared he really is of top strikers,as the second goal was his error completly.JD and young ramsey played like they belonged there,and should be given the nod,even gibbsy impressed me at DM when he came late on,we should take a closer look at this kid,we might have something special here,overall,i agree with the majority of the fans in calling for at least 2 new signing,a CB,in the making of Hagelland,or Naldo,and a DM, we surly need a viera type player in the middle,cos honestly,the big dogs are not scared to chew up our midfield,and very soon,the small dogs and even the scavengers will not be afraid to take a bite. Please arsene,i love my team,and i want to see it do well,and off course,there´s the small issue of bragging rights,in my hood, i´ve had to walk around with my tail between my legs in the past four years,its time that changed, please,please,sign someone now,lets learn something from last season,we lost first team players we did not replace and we payed almost too dearly for it,until arshavin saved the day,and rescued 4th place,we can´t afford to let that happen this season. Arsenal need re enforcement and we need it now.

  26. Hi u people are doing good job so keep it up. The celtic will be fantastic because this is first time of the team will play together and know Arsenal will knoked them out up GUNNER 4 LIFE

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