Sagna says exactly what I’ve been saying about Adebayor

It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve just finished work. “Why aren’t you out drinking and celebrating then, Spanish?”, you ask. “I will be shortly,” I respond, struggling to contain a sly grin, “but first I have to post on the blog.”

And that’s why I’m here right now. To do what I do every day; bring you, my faithful reader, the latest Arsenal news and my somewhat reliable opinion on it. Thankfully, today has been quite interesting. So with no further ado, I’ll stop this nonsense and get cracking on what you really came here to read about.

In yesterday’s post I reported some comments from Bacary Sagna on the superfluous nature of contracts in modern-day football. Refreshingly, Sagna was direct and honest and right on the money. Since then, further comments have been publicised from the Frenchman about the current situation at Arsenal, targeting the potential exits of Emmanuel Adebayor and Alex Hleb in particular:

“The uncertainty around Alex Hleb and Emmanuel Adebayor’s futures is all part of football. It is a shame, but I am not too worried. Samir Nasri is due to join us soon, and there are also a lot of young players knocking on the door – it could be a good opportunity to give them their chance. If Emmanuel was to go, it would be a big loss, even though we are not yet at that stage.”

These are remarkably interesting comments from Sagna for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is the first 100% confirmation of the completion of Samir Nasri’s signing. Secondly, it shows a sizeable descrepancy between the chances of Hleb and Adebayor going. Indeed, the absence of a ‘we are not yet at that stage’ comment about Hleb’s potential exit says to me that the Belorussian’s transfer is a virtual done-deal. Finally, it indicates the value that Sagna places on keeping Adebayor.

I’ve said it before, but Sagna thoughts on Adebayor echo mine exactly. Regardless of the fact that Arsenal may get upwards of £30million for the sale of the Togolese striker, it would be a massive loss if he did exit the club.

The reason is very simple in mind; he has very few peers in the current game. Indeed, although Adebayor has a frustrating habit of wasting chances in front of goal there are very few strikers going around who causes defences as much trouble as Adebayor does both on the ground and perhaps more importantly, in the air.

I can tell you now that this is the reason why AC Milan and Barcelona want him so badly. Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola are not stupid men – they realise that Adebayor’s sheer athleticism and endeavour is enough to compensate for his sometimes clumsy nature. He has the ability to stretch and work opponents into the ground which allows other attacking players to exploit extra space and time allowed on the ball that he creates.

In a previous post I wrote of my disdain for the comments that Adebayor made about wanting to leave solely for monetary reasons. Since then, while remaining firm with regards to those sentiments, I’ve been something of a yo-yo. One day I’ve wanted him to stay because of the value he brings to the team, the next I’ve want him to leave because of his poor attitude.

The truth is that I do want Adebayor to stay, simply for the reason that if he does it will improve Arsenal’s chances of picking up silverware next season. Regardless of his attitude or his money-grubbing nature, if Adebayor lines up against West Bromwich Albion on the first Saturday of the Premiership season, Arsenal will be a better team for it.

And that’s all I will say on the matter.

In the only other news for today the agent of Andrei Arshavin has claimed that an unnamed English club has had a £19million bid for the player rejected by Zenit St Petersburg.

If it’s the truth then I’m intrigued to know which club has made the bid. I can’t see why Manchester United would want him given the depth in their squad, we already know Chelsea certainly don’t and I can’t see Wenger forking out that amount of money for a 27-year-old. All signs point to Liverpool, methinks, but will they up their bid? We’ll have to wait and see.

I might take this opportunity to ask you what you think about the Adebayor situation, purely because I personally want to know. Do you want him at the club or are you fed up with his attitude? Leave a comment and let me and the rest of the readers know.

Should be a fun one.

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  1. He needs to go – let him head butt his team mates at Milan, see how long they stand for him.

  2. i have come across with Adebayor’s situation. some time it hurts but some time you have toa accept the challenges a head. The Togoman is good, but for some percentage, he did good in the last season, diffenently he could more than that in the coming season if and only if he accept new salary.

    after saying that i would like to say that let the guy leave and arsenal will remain there and as i know Wenger will do something and will be better than Ade, sure iam telling you and the name will be not popullar to fans but will do wonders, secondaly we have walcot, van persie, eduardo and bendtner (the same as ade). give them time especially this season you will see how good there are.

    so let the club cash in and make a very understandable signing especially the colombian or huntler. a part from ade i think the big problem is on diffensive, i urge wenger to sign only one big name ( defende), who will be good in air, vidic type.


  3. @ Nyachaga – I agree that the area that needs work is at the back. A Vidic-like player would be perfect. Any ideas?

    I still like Metzelder or Mertesacker. They looked a bit average when playing together but if one of them was paired with a quicker player like Gallas or Toure they would do well.

  4. I can’t get this page to load in firefox, do you know about the problem or do you want be to give you more info on it?

  5. My dear Arsenal supports world wide, let us bear in mind when Henry left, other clubs claimed Arsenal finished but but there supprised our performance, how ever Ade want leave Arsenal let Arsenal give him chance to go but at end he may be thinking of arsenl again, am certain who ever wenger wants bring in the team will be like those once who went I for one believe this year we have sliver wear. i wish Ade and helb better further were ever they go but not forgeting Arsenal

  6. i think bendner have same qualities: power, hight. I think we need one more technical striker, with a lot of pace, and good finishing. arsenal use to be best counter attacking side, now is manU . at leat was so in last seasson. virea pires henry anl ljudberg -chess mate. now is ronaldo tevez ronney giggs. too bad. we need some more direct winger- like robinho. not hleb who stoped the game till defenders are back and than start to dribble them…

  7. It would boost our chances of silverware if he were to stay,but his attitude stinks,Samuel Etto is a legend and very humble,this was Adebayor’s first season and if u really take a closer look we might have won the league and probably gone further in Europe had he not fluffed easier chances at crucial times,Lets see who will provide the ball at his feet at AC MILAN,I really doubt he will add much needed value,he still needs to prove himself

  8. Only Arsene can answer all the questions raised. I hope he does so in good time as I fear for his continued stay at the Arsenal if he doesn’t deliver silverware this time round. Not because of the board or the fans but because of the exodus of players like Fabregas who can’t keep waiting to win something each year. You heard Sagna yesterday, RVP some weeks back and the list grows. We need to start winning things to keep our stars motivated in an Arsenal shirt as their respective departures could leave Arsene no choice but to step down citing the usual words, ‘I have taken this club as far as I can, let someone else come in and try’.

  9. Adebayor, in his first season as a regular, ripped the BPL apart. The kid is only 24 and is going to get better. You hit the nail right on the head when you said that there are very few strikers in the world that can do what he does. He worked Milan’s back line to death and made so much space for other players. That’s why Milan want him so bad. Imagine how much space he could make for Kaka and Pato.

    Next season, if his attitude is right, he will be even better. He’s still only 24 and has the potential to be better than Drogba. Only a fool or a Spurs fan would want to see him leave Arsenal.

  10. Well, in an ideal situation, I would want him to stay. But given the fact that he wants to go and can fetch a price of 30 mn, I think it will be good to let him go.

    30 mn is a good price for him, and if his heart is not at the club, he will definitely leave whenever he can (maybe next year) at a much lower price – why not cash in on him now.

  11. Adebayor isn’t that good. I don’t see what all the hype is. Robbie Fowler would probably scored as many goals as him last season if he was in the arsenal team getting the service he had from the arsenal midfield week in week out. I hope he goes to Milan and Gattuso accidently breaks ades leg in training…greedy mug.

  12. adebayour can leave and arsene should go a striker who can convert half chances to gaol. falceo , huntaalaar from ajax and many more of such players. and he should please hurry up and unveil the france sensational NASIR.

  13. willy lopes

    Your sentiments do a great disservice to Arsenal and football lovers everywhere. Feel angry yes nut to wish a career threatening injury on one of our (currently) players is of bad taste to say the least. If he stays, his demands for more money will not matter one jott to me. In a short career and in our current climate, every player has the right to try to get the best deal that they can. Jealousy for their salaries seems to have little to do with the fans/supporters or their potential importance on the field. Please, get a grip.

    Ade’s threat in the air and his physical presence are underpinned by a great work ethic and to replace this would not be as simple as you seem to feel. Consider the midfield advances with Nasri (and Ramsey) delivering great balls and how Ade might benefit from this with his still improving overall game!

  14. Some ppl seem to not understand what Ade does. It is not the goals that we would miss if he left, it would be the way he bullies defences. He gives this arsenal team an outlet, some1 to hold up the ball. Yes he may miss a lot of chances, but once Eduardo is back we shall have our clinical striker.

  15. D is quite right…AdeB adds a dimension and quite honestly, missing chances may be one thing, getting in the position to miss them, totally another. I hope he stays. But, if he does move on, I’d be interested to see if we made a move for someone like Pavlyuchenko who does a very similar job for Russia. For sure we don’t need Arshevin (despite the attractiveness of the first 3 letters of his name!)as Cesc and Tomas do a very similar job…and we need width a la RP.

  16. hey guys i am from ethiopia, and we love to see africaqn players in arsenal except adenayor…..he got 100s of chances last year , but he only scored 30 something goals,,,,may be he will change some time later but this only works if he remains an arsenal player…if not i am definately sure that no boss can tolerate him as arsene did……and also no fan can tolerate manager of the club as arsenal fans tolarated wenger…..what the hell is his plan guys? let ade go let hleb go…..then what? no one to come except nasri who is oficaily annonced as i am wrtting this comment……..we love gunners and we hate goers…

  17. I would prefer Ade at the club but Foxtrot is not out of the question for an attitude. If you dont love Arsenal above all else then you should not be here. Henry knows the difference between his adulation in Spain and in Highbury.

    Ade – You are not as good as you think. The team is what makes you. You do not make the team.

    Arsene is the only correct thinking coach in the business. He ensures both the game on the field and the balance in the books. We are blessed with football that is second to none and no amount of silverware can compare to the entertainment value the Arsenal supporter gets. This generation of supporter is spoilt by seeing the best football ever played by modern teams. The older generation had the warmth of standing and watching muddy players with tough leather boots whilst todays players wear ballet slippers!!

    The incoming players will gel very quickly with the team in Wengers style because he knows.

  18. Ade will be with Arsenal and he will continue to whine about not making enough money but he already signed a deal. Stick to it Ade, get more goals, be a true leader on the squad and STFU.

  19. Ade bullies the defensive which gives other players space. While I agree that he fluffs too many chances, I do not agree with the statement that any striker could have scored more goals in an arsenal shirt last season, NOt many could score the goal(s) against tottenham (BPL and CC), against Newcastle, WEST HAM!!. And those powerful headers! I am hoping he stays!

  20. i as always agree with jay…but looking on the brighter side, WE HAVE OFFCIALLY SIGNED SAMIR NASRI FROM MARSEILLE…… last!!!! it was an undisclosed fee though..on a long term contract.

  21. I posted a rather long comment as a response to responses to my opinion on Ade, Hleb and Flamini on yesterday, post and will re-post it below since it seams a bit relevant. I must say that I primarily focus on how the team as a whole will benefit paying particular attention to other players both in the first team and our reserves.. try to get to the end to get my point..if you can

  22. ………………………….

    This is going to be a long one, bear with me;

    SF: I think I wasn’t clear enough about my assertions earlier. I will try to give my response.
    I like ALL 3 players myself. I am focused solely on team functioning as a whole and not individuals but by so doing people think that I am slugging off the individuals.
    His contribution to the team was huge and I am by no means undervaluing it. The only thing I could see with Flamini was that it was almost at his peak, if not his peak. He had energy(motivated), tons of it, but I challenge anyone to name our MF with less skill(not energy) than Flamini. The point here is energy/motivation can be aquired easier by an athlete than the technical stuff. I still have the opinion that he may not be able to sustain the same level for long, and the way he played he was more susceptible to injury, and does not give me encouragement as a long term solution. Saying that he brought the best out of Cesc in my opinion diminishing Cesc’s involvement in his own achievements last season. Cesc is a top player and the way I see it Cesc would have been Cesc, Flamini or no Flamini. Lets give Cesc his deserved credit. If that is the case Cesc will be poor this season, and I seriously doubt it. The man happened to play alongside Cesc when Cesc was being Fabulous. If anything, a DM who ventures upfront more often like Flamini would make his CM partner not want to go forward all the time since you someone has to man the MF. Cesc was hungry getting into the season and in my opinion he would have benefitted more having a solid. No-nonsense and un-adventurous DM like Gilberto. But the partnership “Achilles heel “ was negated by the hunger in both players and the fact that Hleb, and even Diaby when he played, would also naturally drift into CM, covering up for Flamini and even Cesc when they both maraud forward.
    Since Flamini was in a way of more talent and better future prospects(I take skill any day over energy), his loss(after showing the likes of Diaby and Denilson of what might be if they applied themselves) will sort of have give them the opportunity after having been given the “Flamini lesson”. In it’s own it has already got them to apply themselves more, case in point, Denilson starting to add “steel” in his game(could also be attributed to Cesc, or Denilson himself).

    A very good player. I have observed in my past postings that when he had “too much ice-cream” or “ice-cream sick” we were not playing well and whenever he came back to life we were superb. Here is the hidden “blessing”. As long as he was in the side with Ade, AW prefered a playing him as a support striker for Ade. His unwillingness to shoot would have benefitted a more lethal striker than(hold your horses) Adebayor, say Eduardo, or even young Bendtner than Adebayor(I will come to this in Adebayor section). Most of his good work were wasted at the end, by someone else. I prefer Rosicky(when fit) to be able to play as a support striker as well as, and more effectively than Hleb simply because the guy can shoot, and score(remember his dance around L’pool defense @ Anfield? and he scrored!). Since AW didn’t preffer anyone else there before Hleb, we couldn’t see what it might have been with Rosicky in that role. With Vela and Nasri coming, Rosicky and Diaby face a realistic chance of losing the LM battle and both are left to vie for a CM role, or a support striker role, and Hleb is firmly in the way of that. After watching Rosicky’s performances, even goal celebrations, he commands more respect from other players in the team and is a natural leader. I think we might see some adjustments to the roles of Rosicky and Cesc this season and Denilson to throw in a wrench in the mix.
    Thanks for the goals and work rate.
    Arguably the least skilled in out strike force(anyone objction, have a go at me. I stand behind that). He has energy, power, size(Bendtner seems bigger than him though) and Workrate of the highest order. He is perfect for a second/support striker in my opinion, and not the main striker. His work rate left him more often outside of where a target man should be. He was probably one of our very important Defender though. What I won’t miss with his departure are, for a man with his pace he could afford to delay his runs and start a yard back and still beat defenders instead of drifting offside needlessly, wasting others good work. He wasted chances because I believe he had pre-decided where he is going to place the ball in the net “30 seconds” before he can do it, and could not adjust for any other changes(defender/keeper anticipation, teammate in position) within that period. Shooting at the wrong spot, or missing an open teammate. This can make you “predictable” to skilled defenders and keepers.
    He couldn’t play well with a striking partner mainly because he was both the second and the main striker ending up where the other should be at times, and when the other striker adjust by being where Ade should be, Guess what?, Ade is there too. You end up having 2 strikers where you need only one, and the other position is vacated. When playing with nimble strikers who can shift positions, like Eduardo and VanPersie, and a “non striker” like Hleb, this was compensated and not more evident, but it ended up becoming an “Adebayor show” upfront. When he plays with Bendtner(a corky striker who wouldn’t let you take his pos and just drop it whenever you wish, while he covers for you), obvious clashes ensues and they seem to be in each other’s toes all the time. Our Strike force became “who can play with Adebayor’s habits” and not “Adebayor playing with others”. The way to defend a guy who runs alot is NOT to run with them, but let them run while you wait in a space they will eventually run into, and that space is fixed, that is why defenses like Milan’s could deal with him effectively, even L’pools to some extent, maybe bacause they were too old to run as much, or they are just “experienced”. Most EPL defenders like to match his runs and that would have been worse for them if the guy was clinical. Ade for the most part played with players who themselves would rather play in different positions (out of position?) who were willing to let him come into their positions and will use that as an excuse for themselves to move somewhere else. All except Bendtner, who will stick to his assigned task and expect Ade to stick to his.
    How do Adebayor and Hleb tie together?
    Since when they were on the field, almost always they were the preferred front 2 in a 4-4-1-1, and their combination left us blunt upfront. If the pairing could have changed and NOT BOTH Ade and Hleb at the same time, I could have worked.
    Simply put, I can’t see too much room for improvement with Ade and Hleb as a striking partnership and would gladly give Adebayor another seasong to give me hope that his footballing intelligence will improve, something I am not going losing sleep in anticipation.
    Let me hear your thoughts…

  23. Simply put, We wont miss the guy and I will take the 30 mil before Ronaldinho becomes cheaper and we have to sell him to Barca who I think wont offer the same money as Milan who seems to be more desparate of the two and less appealing for next season (no Champions league).

  24. Ade will have to leave…because of his attitude and nature,all he talked about is money he’s a greedy player {don’t care about his agent’s opinion}..If we keep Ade he wont be playing for the club or the fans and that will only be an anchor around arsenal and arsene’s leg…Even though i like Ade or should i say used to,i still think he is a good player but personality and loyalty comes first.

  25. If money is every thing for him then he can leave arsenal. We have edu, rvp, bentner and walcot too. Who are capable to replace ade.

  26. SpanishFly,

    Arsenal are in pole position to keep ADE at least one more year don’t you think? Why sell him now? Unless he quits like Anelka would’ve. Make him earn his supposed keep! He is valued around will surely go down if he doesn’t reproduce last season’s tally…If he does reproduce than he is the real deal and will be valued at least 35 (at the rate inflation) and Arsenal will benefit. If he doesn’t reproduce well then he’s just a valueble striker at Arsenal! Either way Arsenal benefits!

  27. rupal I’m looking forward to vela bursting on the scene this season as he would be awesome along side rvp or dudu. The totts probs are the one bidding on arsharvin or hopefully it’s newcastle trying to replace martins who is our next summer signing and it’s been kept quiet so the geordies don’t revolt and burn down the city.
    2 signings down 2 to go me thinks………..
    p.s. love ya work sp………….

  28. Spanish Fly,

    We got some passionate posters! Don’t hate Ade make hime earn his keep! Ade if your so good prove it! TH did every season and that’s why he will be the #1 all time Arsenal player!

  29. @ Hartwick – We do, don’t we! It’s excellent stuff. Great to see people really thinking about what they’re saying and not just rubbishing people who don’t have the same opinion as theirs.

    I just updated the blog and left a post about Nasri’s signing. I’ve been asleep and only found out a little while ago. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about it on the other post.

  30. tunde has always agreed with me on every thing i have said about Ade, new signings, Nasri, money etc and he continues to do it :D, I like tunde lol.

  31. Hleb is all but gone, and we already have plenty of cover on the left, particularly in the left-center position that AW seemed to favor for Hleb last season (Rosicky, RVP, maybe even Nasri or Vela). I’d like to see Zhirkov come in from CSKA, although this is unlikely. He seems like a ‘made-for-Arsenal’ player with his pace and skill on the ball, as well as his attacking-minded style of play from the back. He’d be decent cover for Clichy if need be, since he has the pace to get forward (just not the defensive skill of Gael).
    As for Ade… I say left the guy go. Remember how horrible the 2006-2007 season was with Henry crying for the ball all the time even when he wasn’t really in a decent position? Granted, Henry is still an Arsenal legend, but the attacking game became “Hey, let’s keep Thierry happy” rather than about putting the ball into the back of the net. We don’t need that anymore. And, honestly, last season’s success was really about team spirit and hunger. If Ade’s head isn’t going to be in the game because he wants more money, he’ll be focused on himself and only trying to increase his value. If he does well in an Arsenal shirt next year, he’ll claim that he’s “the best,” and if he doesn’t do well, he’ll moan that the team and AW were holding him back. We don’t need that sort of attitude in the locker room. Let him go unless he’s going to get in line with the team’s ambitions, and the team’s spirits. Ade really brings nothing to the table in those areas (and hasn’t since about January). Unless he turns himself around, I don’t want him in the side.
    Other stuffs:
    Nasri looks excellent, and I hope his adjustment period isn’t too long. Same for Vela. Both will be used as Carling Cup players and substitutes until their proven, since that’s how AW works.
    Eboue… some people hate on this guy, and yeah, I can see why. But, he’s good cover for the right side if we need him, and I really like his intensity. Sure, he overreacts sometimes, but I still feel he’s one of the best natural crossers we have on the right side (especially at full-tilt).
    Gallas… some have said that we should pull the skipper’s armband from William and hand it to someone else. Well, Gallas would take it badly, and I think he did a good job leading from the back last season. His emotional responses really helped to lift the team in my opinion, and he seems like a decent guy. Let’s keep him as skipper for the new campaign. The only other player I could see wearing the armband would be Almunia… pure class last season, and a decent fellow.
    Signings… we need a decent DM, and quickly. Barry seems like he’d be a good pickup, but probably not happening. We also need a new center half with some height. I’m at a loss here for whom exactly, but I’d love to see Micah Richards in the red and white.

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