Sagna loves Nasri, Wilshere promoted + Wednesday Poll

A bit of Jack Wilshere, some Samir Nasri and the Wednesday Poll is what’s in store today before I rush off to the movies with the girl for a bit of mid-week relaxation.

First up, young Wilshere. I hastily mentioned in yesterday’s post that the 16-year-old Englishman has been rewarded with a spot in the first team this season by Arsene Wenger. Wilshere was given the #19 shirt vacated by Gilberto Silva as a result of his stunning pre-season performances.

As Neil Banfield – coach of the Arsenal reserve team – states:

“Jack was given the opportunity by the manager to go on the Austrian Training Camp, along with five others who have all done really well. Jack has taken his chance, and he is one of quite a few we have here that we have high hopes for.”

It’s another great example of the message that Wenger tries to put across that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. And everything we’ve seen thus far suggests that Wilshere is more than good enough.

A couple of the Arsenal blogs have cleverly pointed out that with the new ‘seven substitutes’ rule coming into effect this season it could be the perfect platform for Wilshere to make a name for himself. Either way, the inclusion in the first team squad should be a huge pat on the back and boost of confidence for a kid who is still yet to finish school. Well done to him.

Next up today are some comments from everybody’s favourite braid-wearing right-back, Bacary Sagna. The Frenchman has been speaking about Arsenal’s chances for next season as well as the impact that new signing Samir Nasri could have for the club. In his own words:

“Samir is a very good player and we are lucky to have signed him. I have played alongside him in the French national team. I believe he will show everyone he can play very well and will find his place in the Arsenal team.”

My personal opinion is that Nasri is going to fit in a lot quicker than people think. There’s little doubt in my mind that with Tomas Rosicky still recovering from his surgery Nasri will start the season as the first-choice left-winger and I think he’s going to do a mighty fine job. I’m not expecting miracles, just consistency, and I think the Frenchman is definitely going to be up to the task.

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for… the Wednesday Poll. Hurrah! I try to keep things interesting with regards to the poll and again I’m quite happy with this one. Observe:

Has Adebayor won your heart back yet?
Yep, most definitely.
No, still got a lot more to do.
He’ll never win my heart back!
I never had a problem with him in the first place
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That’s it for today. Just on the off chance that you’re interested in what movie I’m off to tonight it’s a Brazilian flick called ‘Mutum’ that I’m watching at the Brisbane International Film Festival. I’ll let you know if it turns out to be any good tomorrow.


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  1. I know in my heart of hearts that to win the Premiership will be so very difficult. But my early optimism has been growing with every game. I think Arsene is going to do the biz.The discovery of new talent, a shrewd buy, several young players really pushing the established line up and the return from injury of other key players. Maybe one further signing too, it’s looking very rosy, through these (tinted) specs anyways.
    Bendtner, Vela, Wilshere, Walcott, Clichey, Sagna have all grabbed headlines already, a far cry from what I expected. So I hope like hell we win something but in reality I am just revelling in the whole Arsenal set up. We act like class, we play like class, we are class.
    How much enjoyment did Wilshere give me when he skinned that fullback. It was so easy for him, makes me shudder. Adebayor despite his off field lunacy will be an intrigal part of the set up and although he was a wanker I’m of a kind to forgive and just remember a little bit. If he gives his all I might just forget. All this and yet Cesc is cooling his heels after an amazing summer for the lad. He’s tasted success and I’m sure it will increase his appetite.
    In closing (time to recharge the bong) a personal goodbye to Gilberto. What a professional the man is. Good luck to you, I wish you well. Flamini also deserves a hoorah. Played extra well last year and no hard feelings there. Helb too, a talented player but in reality I think we could be better served this year. Still he gave us some great moments.
    Finally, come on Eduardo. I’m certain that if he had not suffered that injury the title was ours. God speed.
    Right bong packed au revoir.

  2. @ latest arsenal news – Next year the Premier League will allow teams to have seven players on the bench. They will still only be allowed to bring on three but the extra two spots on the bench could mean more opportunities for players like Wilshere.

  3. Also whats happened to merida as this guy was supposed to be our next fab and haven’t seen him all pre season?

  4. Hudersfield was a reality check for our youngsters they were poor gave the ball away very cheaply and one player disappointed me very much is Lansbury it didn’t happen for him so is the Hoytes and Djourou they still have a lot to learn. The Midfield pairing of Ramsey and Randall did not work at all. On the positive side Fabianski had a very busy game he has done really well to keep us in the game.Barazite is starting to have a reputation of the supersub.He looks up for it whenever he comes on and he certainly can finish.The other player I liked is Gibbs he looks like another Cole/Clichy type on the conveyer belt.Overall it was a good test for the youngsters and they got the result in the end.

  5. I think the best natural leader we have in the team who could make a phenomenon captain is Sagna. He looks like the guy with the coolest head of anyone in the team. He calmly stayed with Eduardo when everyone couldn’t a few days after his own brother passed away, when he signed, he came out and say (probably was the first to do so) that Arsenal were going to supprise people and win the title(a miss there), and that he would have no problem adapting to the EPL straight away. At that time I thought, this guy was either corky, or he knows his stuff.

    He plays like a real leader on the field and acts as one off the field too. I would give him the armband.

    Being made a captain tends to go into players heads(gallas, TH14) and when it does it affects performances. Only a very cool head can take it in his stride without it adversely affecting his performance(gilberto) and Sagna fits that role nicely

  6. Interesting comments. Can you give it to such a new player though? I know Gallas got it in only his second season but he was far more experienced and in a position of greater influence.

    What do others think?

  7. SF:

    I will give him atleast 2 more seasons. Part of the gripe I still have with Gallas choice is that he was so new. As far as his experience, he wasn’t more experienced than Gilberto and his experience as a player does not mean he could be a good leader. He didn’t show his experience @ OT and S Bridge.

    One thing I have learned over the years is that while almost every average joe could benefit from experience, to be able to lead, they would still not be as good as a natural leader with little or experience.

    The difference between a genius and me is that a genius does not need a lot of time to figure things out while I might require several years to arrive @ the same conclusions. Which can aptly be called experience.

  8. Captain should not be Gallas i dont think this season, I believe Kolo Toure deserves it or Cesc.

    About the games last night, once again it was the youngsters who got us the win, just like Barnet and Stutgart. Gibbs was fantastic, he reminded he so much of Gael Clichy when he was attacking on the left. G.Hoyte is fast and he used that well last night, he was good. The goal we conceded was very unlicky and no-one could of done anything. But well done Sanchez Watt and Super SubNacer Barazite. Next up is Ajax, when are Kolo and Cesc going to play??? and i think Merida is still on loan to R.Sociedad.

  9. Kolo is a very good player and also talented.i think we should try cesc cos he has not done it before and let see what he can do

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