Robin van Persie: “I just love Arsenal, that’s the reason I signed”

There’s only one place to start today and that’s with the very good news that Robin van Persie has signed a new long-term contract with Arsenal. While the news is hardly a surprise, it’s certainly good to have it confirmed in order to calm the English tabloids.

There’s an excellent interview on with van Persie on Arsenal TV about his reasons for signing and some clever chap has managed to get it up on YouTube. I’ve included it in today’s post just below (link here):

I have to say that at a time when everything seems to be about money it’s nice to hear van Persie cite his love for Arsenal as the main reason he has signed on. Of course money was an important factor in the contract, but when you hear comments about the importance he places on his son being happy at school it really highlights the human factor that still exists and will always exist in the game of football.

Astronomical sums of money might be thrown around in various parts of the world (*cough* Madrid *cough*) but at the end of the day the players are real people with real lives and sometimes supporters do forget that. The fact that van Persie has enough perspective to recognise the need to repay the faith put in him during his injury-prone periods again shows what a genuine guy he appears to be and another reminder as to why he is such a popular player at Arsenal.

Aside from that there’s not too much going on. There’s been another twist in the Felipe Melo saga (*yawn*) while Lionel Messi has said he would love to play alongside Cesc Fabregas next year. There’s an easy solution to that Leo; sign for Arsenal.

Anyway, that’s it. Have a lovely Thursday and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.


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  1. Yes it is great news, although i never doubted he would not sign. He has Arsenal in his blood like all of us Gooners do 8)

  2. Super interview with RVP. He seems set to take on another level of responsibility with the club and on the pitch. He seems very “settled”, and I think that will lead to even more productive football from him.

  3. true!! wonderful piece of news(though never doubted it). i just hope our squad remains intact & we’ll definitely be challenging for honors come this season…can’t wait; bring it on…hail Gunners!!

  4. Great Persie.These words are sweet to hear for the faith reposed on you.

    I am dying to see our team play again.My favourite Rosicky to be back playing alongside Fabregas,Nasri and Arshavin.Or even coming as substitute and finishing it.

  5. Top interview. Thanks for putting that link in, Spanish. He said exactly what I would have wanted to hear him say. Looking forward to seeing him thrash that ball into the back of the net again.

  6. Good point he made too that playing for Arsenal means (these days) that you’re always going to be in the spotlight and therefore subject to rumours and speculation.

  7. Good news all round I guess. Let’s hope the bloke has another injury-free season, and we start to see the best of him.

  8. Thanx RVP-Hope this would make u rest in peace at th Emirates. Ur a true gunner.

  9. @ Hey Nonny Mouse – No worries mate. Thought it was a good interview and with news the way it is it gives us something to do.

  10. Most of the person we sign for arsenal are so attached to the club I just can’t understand apart from some party spoiler. Arsenal are such an traditional club and can be called as an people club. I would be so happy that no take over happens ever for the club. RVP is so heartening. Pls leave that melo crap aside from this blog. Don’t want one more Arsha Saga. And as far as Messi pls don’t mess with arsenal and if you r some much interested in bringing Fabregas. Bring him in your team in Fifa 08.

  11. Very good news about RVP and that the Arsenal Board have rejected Usmanov’s idea of a rights issue.

    Ivan Gazidis is quoted as saying that the club can comfortably service the existing debt and that Wenger will continue to sign up young talented players and only go for more high profile signings when they will add significantly to an otherwise already strong squad.

    Usmanov and his Red & White Holdings are destined to remain out in the snow, at least for the time being.

    Honours about even after first day of first test!

  12. Great rvp is comited ,more goals from u ,messi want to play alongside fab let him come to arsenal he will be welcomed.

  13. I’ll say it again – RvP could be the present day Bergkamp. He is still to hit prime and gets better and better every season. Him and Cesc are the first names on the teamsheet.

    With regards to yesterdays dicussions, who do people think will actually play right midfield for Arsenal next season?

    Is Rosicky really a right midfielder? Cos I’m sure he played centre for Czechs and on the left for us (although its been so long I might be getting that wrong). Is Walcott more of a super sub (or centre forward)? Is Eboue the man to do it (Arsene thought so last season)?

  14. great! van Persie you made my day! I,ve always counted on you to shut the big mouths like you-know-who. For Melo it isnt the end of the world if he’s not signed up. Messi wanna play alongside Cesc? That’s as easy as saying he wanna come to Arsenal. Welcome to Emirates Leo!

  15. @Filipino Dan –
    Formation-Advanced 4-4-2 with the support striker a bit to the right and the left midfielder allowed a free drifting role behind the centre forward. RVP and EDUARDO can alternate upfront, ARSHAVIN on the left, ROSICKY/WALCOTT on the right, NASRI/SONG and FABREGAS completing the middle. The back is settled as whoever plays between CLICHY/GIBBS and GALLAS/SENDEROS or DJOUROU/VERMALIC and SAGNA/KOLO will give us Rock solidity at the back. Meaning we still need a stiffler in the defensive midfield-can we bring back flamini?
    We still need a finisher(another EDUARDO) at the club, ADE wastes a lot of balls and BENTNER(lets give him one more year) is not just ready yet. Finally, pls WENGER lets start having spot kick specialists…..bring in people to train them, AMEN
    Lets not forget that Barcelona had our once cherished Hleb in their squad just in case.
    But we all know how many games he played in. They were Champs because they had strength in depth. The team was not afraid of any particular player getting any injuries, so they were confident.
    We could be invincible this season if the defensive midfield compartment is bolstered with an experienced buy. The striking department reshufled with Ade(I dont believe in him at all) leaving and getting us another Finisher/Sniffer. WENGER is not permitted to sell any one only maybe ADE and bring in a more capable replacement….then we’ll show Madrid who’s Boss in the Champions League.

  16. Winning the UEFA Champions League and the EPL means keeping all the best players at ur disposal. If they understand the benefits of rotation, they will be happy to play whenever called upon. I hope ur not forgetting the injuries……and lets face it, if we really wanna win them cups, then we need some of the more experienced players at the back in such a way that one man doesn’t play all those games and end up picking an injury toward the end of the campaign(ala Gallas).

    Imagine the mix we could get for the carling cup….instead of fielding a bunch of young boys, we could finally afford some experienced luxury. The squad is rich with strength in depth, Rosicky is back, Eduardo, Bentner/Vela is maturing, Song just has to explode…this will be his season.

    But, what if something happens to Eduardo or Rosicky or Fabregas….you see what I mean? We just go right back to where we were last season, THIS IS WHY I SAY please WENGER give us a clinical finisher(another EDUARDO) and A STIFFLER(a defensive minded creative midfielder). We need someone who can convert the slightest of chances because with ARSHAVIN, NASRI, FABREGAS and ROSICKY, we will be getting plenty of them

  17. You can jus feel the optimism building and it feels good to have blogs brimming like this.I think everyone can feel that we are jus one more signing away from being the complete article and the signing should be a defensive midfielder.I mean its iceaingly clear that Ade might still be hear come the close of the window and if he is going to gice his all um all for it [still prefer him to go tho].
    As far as playig options come this season is going to be one we havent had in a while when we really have an amazing bench that anone who comes on is got a different kind of spark,its going to be incredible i cant wait.
    In the back of my mind i hope the Melo chase was just a cover up to get someone like Inler or sumthing lke that coz quite frankly looking at the guy’s performances i didnt think he cost that much and well i think Inler could pretty much do a proper job.
    End of last season when thinkin bout our staryting eleven i had teo pple who pretty much made it withoutthought and those were Arsahz and Song.I mean everyone knows bout Arshaz but Song was als immense,in the last few months it seemed something had clicked in hm and he had jus realse how play the defensive position ad boy didh start toplay well.

    Um jus thinkin an improvement from that is not really that far from what we need.bring it on


  18. @ Gunnerboss – I think Arsene would play the youngsters in the league cup no matter what stars or ‘experienced luxury’ we had on the books.

    I really disagree that we need another striker and even if Ade does go, I would be amazed if we sign a centre forward. As an attacking force, we are as good as anyone at the moment.

  19. Im very happy RVP’s contract extension has been confirmed. As he is my favourite player I would have been deeply saddened to see him leave but he has stated his love for Arsenal and that is enough for me. About Melo, im already bored of this transfer now. Its simple, you either want to stay at your club, join the club that are after you or join a different club. But with most arsenal transfers this doesnt seem to be the case. And I get bored of this now. Arshavin took a long while and so did Nasri but both players stated they wanted to join, its was just the personal terms and transfer fee but Melo hasnt said he wants to join.

  20. I think is guys like robin that the football is needing right now, the ones that don’t put money before football, that creates a bound with the club and players that commits themselves to the clubs and plays just before they enjoy it and love the clubs!
    Robin shows the other clubs and players what football really is, about passion and joy.
    But, let us not get too much excited about this and forget the team…
    we still need some strengh in the heart of middle field, inler or someone like him would be a great asset.
    I am really looking foward to see Rosicky back in action.

  21. I hope there is a clause in the new contract that limits him from ever playing for Holland again

    With the Dutch already qualified for the WC I would be bloody angry if Robin’s injury hoodoo in an orange shirt reared up again in some meaningless international tie

    I can dream I suppose

  22. I am very happy about dis, and this shows that next season is going to be tough.

  23. i’m tottaly there with anicoll5, sometimes it’s nonsense a player like him be called up for some meaningless internatial friendly, or even WCQ, and they always manage to get him injuried…

  24. its really good for we Gunners,to see that van has decided to stay with the club for more seasions.the boy is good,i like his shorts.

  25. even though valon behrami is injured he wouldnt b a bad signing becuz he can play a tough cdm

  26. Just wondering do u guys in Australia get Arsenal TV broadcasted to ur tv?
    coz here in my country, i have broadcasts of manutv, chelsea tv and liverpool tv and im sick of watching them play all the time.

  27. What a shame that Huntelaar is so close to sign for Stuttgart (YES Stuttgart!!) for 20mill.

    I think he´s exactly what we need.

    We already have strikers that can create their own chances but we need a real finisher, someone not very talented with his feets but who scores every ball that receives (like Bendtner BUT scoring every ball not wasting) and in that the best is Huntelaar.

    I hope Wenger sells Adebayor today and tomorrow he steals Huntelaar.

    AND hey Spanish!! what happened with the site today??? it was hacked for some hours????

  28. Ever Banega, Valencia’s 21-year-old Argentine midfielder.This guy looks cool to me in Youtube. Don’t know if he fits as defensive midfielder to partner fabregas and arsene really looking for him

  29. @Filipino Dan – Maybe u’ve prayed enough against injuries, but everybody prays. But,what if it happens………? Against Manure at Old Trafford what with ALMUNIA providing all those excellent saves. Where was ADE? Look what ETO did to Manure in the final with his first touch….. displaced VIDIC and scored. Gaud it looked so easy. I use Barcelona as an example cos they’re the current champs.

    If we want to win, we should be able to win even with injuries to key players…this is why we should have able replacements in every department especially the striking department.In the Final, Barcelona were without MARQUEZ, ABIDAL and then later in the game lost HENRY….but they still held up to win 2-0. We can even do better this season, this is why we have to be prepared from the beginning, find a workable pattern and kill all opposition. I still say it again, BEWARE MADRID, here we come.

    Concerning the youngsters and the carling cup, pls read my earlier comments again. You cant keep senior players happy if they’re not playing and we have lots of them now….so, I would feel the FA and CARLING cups should provide WENGER ample opportunities for some playing time for them. This is why it is a luxury.

    Secondly, junior players dont really need to play to mature as there’s a reserve league. Whoever the coach feels is doing well enough could be transfered into the senior team and he would still do well(remember GIBBS). If we experiment again with the youngsters in the cups, then
    1. We may not win any cups this season.
    2. Our older players who are not in the first eleven might loose form and could fumble when called upon(remember SILVESTRE).

    So, we could have in defense; Gibbs, Senderous, Djourou and Kolo for F.A cup initial rounds and Carling cup even up to the semis.
    First team defense starting line-up for me would be Clichy, Gallas, Vermaelen and Sagna. I hope this makes more sense.

  30. @MexicanGunner – I guess Huntellar would fit in perfectly….we only need a finisher in this club right now. There’s so many creative guys out there…scoring from their passes motivates them work harder to create more chances for the striker cos they know he’ll do the job once he gets it. This is how confidence builds in a squad. We need this Champions League…more so now the final is gonna be played in MADRID.

  31. I always support you van persie..
    I hope you can become the best player and won’t get injured again in this season!!

    Go Go Go !!!

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