Robin van Persie as a child + Just how much will we miss Song?

There’s really not much going in the way of Arsenal news at the moment. Instead of making up some rubbish that no-one really wants to read I thought I’d post links to a couple of interesting Arsenal articles.

Run of Play ponders the life of Robin van Persie as a child.

Soccerlens predicts the impact that Alex Song’s January absence might have on Arsenal.

Third Gen, an Arsenal blogger and fellow Brisbanite, has redesigned the layout of his blog. Warning: features David Bowie.

And that’s really it.

Not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next week or so, what with the international break and everything, but if something interesting pops up you’ll be the first to hear about it.

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  1. It has come to the point where Song is almost irreplaceable in our first XI. I would suspect that Denilson will provide the cover in January but Arsene may surprise us by playing Diaby and Nasri in the positions Ramsey and Diaby occupied on Saturday.

  2. really thinking of song’s absense is a hnock to the team,how i wish nasri or eastmond could fit in for that position.we will really miss song in january.

  3. Cheers for the link, but the David Bowie remark coming from the Rock Lobster fan? :p

    Double standards indeed, heh. It is a quiet news day, though.

  4. that song would be publicly missed is an indication of how far he has grown in 1 season. i would certainly not have missed him much even if he had to go for 2 ACNs last year. This year however, is a different proposition altogether.

  5. Hi….after taking all the insults from the ‘anti Wenger’ brigade Song has proved YET AGAIN that AW knows.

    Now I hope AW can have the guts to replace Song with Gallas for the four week . Senderos will fill in at the back. This is assuming Aw has not bought Toure (yaya).

  6. i look at diaby if he will stop dribbling,do the marking and distributes well, he can replace song

  7. Considering Denilson was possibly our best player last season in the defensive midfeld position, I don’t know why anyone question’s him.

  8. @ben mills,
    you dont know why anyone questions him?probably because of our results and goals conceded when he has played there last season compared to songs contribution this season…hes has zero physicality and is a rubbish tackler and is crap in the air…hes not the man for that role hes a passer and a link man…iv not seen anytin else hes particularly strong at

  9. Don’t make me talk stats, I don’t want to delve into that. The guy is a very good defensive midfielder – it ends there.

  10. i would like to quote stats but im too lazy to look for them.

    Song physical appearance made him more noticeable, and the latest compliment comes in the form of ” a physical presence” in the frail defensive midfield position.

    i seem to remember AW commenting last season that our excellent defensive record was due to the fact that Denilson played, and when he was injured, the midfield lost its defensive stability.

    The person with the most interception, won tackles was Denilson. We won more games with Denilson playing. So its so easy for fickle minded fans to forget Denilson’s contribution when Song’s in good form.

    Everyone entitled to their opinion but really guys, slagging off our best performer last season? Sure he does not have the “physical presence” but anyone who have see Denilson played would have pointed out when he was injured, our game suffered.

    The same comments were made of Gilberto, and while everyone remembers the Pat Viera, no one seems to remember the contribution of Gilberto and how he allowed Pat to break forward to attack.

    Denilson is not good enough? i disagree. He is an Arsenal. Mediocrity is not something Wenger fond of.

  11. song is a player everyone will miss in premier league not only arsenal fans because he is one of the best player the league have,he has develop alot as a player.

  12. We wont miss Song as much as people think. Eboue, Diaby, Deni and Nasri can all fit in those positions. I would rather have Song than not but we have players than can replace him. Coquellin is just as good in my opinion, he just needs a chancee.

  13. Song is in the right form .him quiting wil weaken arsenal team.Iwil realmiss him.he is a man to watch in the premier league as ”a force to reckon with ” in any mid position.

  14. Just a thought… what about maybe esting eboue in that position in a lesser game to see if it would work. He is strong can tackle, also provides bursting runs… only thing i can see being against him is the fact he loses posession fairly easily, and passes are sometimes astray, but if wenger made him just play the simple touches, ie to the ful backs and cesc, he could work

  15. individual stats my arse…i like him and think he has grown since last year but to be top of the charts statwise in arsenals engine room last year wouldnt hav taken much…i recall him getting destroyed against stoke,hull and chelsea last year…i mean bullied around the place,hes excellent at pickin the ball up and spraying it around but like i said,and its not just cos songs playin so wel,he lacks that strength and power….anyway lets just see how it plays out if hes reinstated to that position

  16. @YON – How can you think Ramsey would fit into that slot after the opening half hour of the Wolves match. I like Ramsey as much as the next guy, but he just is not a DM. I know having Diaby in front of him didn’t help him out at all, but he just didn’t look comfortable in that role. He is a much more competent player alongside Cesc, or in Cesc’s place when the Spaniard needs a rest. I think we will get along fine with Nasri/Denilson. A little more cover for our center backs or even for Song would be comforting, though. I can’t even imagine the difficulty Arsenal would have if either Vermaelen or Gallas were injured.

  17. normally its easier to attack than it is to defend and players develop their defending capabilties later in their career, for a number of reasons, strength ,experience, technical know how and what not.
    these players are still developing.

    undoubtedly we will miss song because he is a good player. and denilson is a good player also but he is not a def midfielder like song, he is more of an alrounder. so wenger will probably have to tweak the system to accomdate this.

  18. I think maybe they could try their luck with wilshire but I’m not sure if he’s injured and I don’t think ramseys a good player but we have got no choice diaby and Ramsey

  19. oh my dearest gunners, how i wish you guys keep the going like that.,then we are ready to top the league this season.BRAVO GUNNERS

  20. belive you me, song can not be compared to Diaby nor Ramsey in the holding midfield, may be Denilson. however we are not sure whether Denilson will have recovered, if so whether fit. the Song we see is not the Song of the last few seasons. my mainds do not settle each time i think of Song leaving is January. Nevertheless, lets have faith in our Guns. God Bless Arsenal and its Guns.

  21. I think Denilson is one of those players who are hated for not reason. People say he has zero physicality and is a rubbish tackler, but last season no-one attemted more tackles and no-one won more tackles than him in the league. He also made the most intersections. Even this season, take the City game for example. When Denilson was on, City didnt have any space to move, but when he came off they went on to score 3.

    Denilson is a good player, I just don’t know why people hate the lad so much.

  22. If you really fancy a giggle then have a read of Stan Collymore’s column in the Mirror. Now I would never claim to be the brains of Britain but this fella takes the biscuit.

    He changes his mind more than I change my socks. And I do that at least four times a week.

    Every week I look forward to reading his column because he makes me laugh. The problem for Stan is that his weekly ramblings are not meant to be funny.

    He loves to have a pop. Especially at Arsenal. Around a month ago Collymore said the top four are all poorer than they were this time last year and that the halo of invincibility which has surrounded the four teams in recent years is certainly over.

    So what you say?

    Well in the same article Stan Collymore wrote about the top fours failings and he said of Arsenal; Arsenal for their part have lost Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor to Manchester City and I can guarantee Arsenal will be looking over their shoulders.

    Looking over their shoulders at the emergence of Manchester City I presume.

    Fast forward a month and Stan the man has changed his mind about Kolo Toure. Now instead of City being stronger and Arsenal being weaker, and these are Stan’s own words, Manchester City have paid ridiculously over the odds for Toure and that he is simply not up to the job.

    So what is it then Stan?

    Are Arsenal weaker without Toure and Manchester City stronger with him? Or are Manchester City weaker with Kolo?

    I’m sure he will change his mind next week and maybe he should think before he writes his articles in a national newspaper because people like myself read the little digs about Arsenal and remember them.

    I suggest Collymore goes back to the woods and cracks on with dogging because thats all he appears to excel at. Oh wait, he got caught doing that too.

  23. I am a very, very nervous Arsenal fan. Unlike my Dad, and my Granddad, who both have many more years of Arsenal-watching experience behind them, I find it incredibly difficult to remain calm during games, even if we are bossing our opponents completely.

    All too well I remember the result at home against Spurs last year, the gifting of two points to Villa around Christmas, the constant fear (and occasional reminders) that a two-goal lead is not enough. When we went two up against West Ham and collectively took our feet off the gas a little bit I considered the dropping of points inevitable. For the four days between AZ Alkmaar and Wolves I was a bundle of nerves, acutely aware of the fact that three points at Molineux was vital if we were to gain ground on United or Chelsea, and simultaneously terrified of complacency.

    As Fabregas slotted in the third after a simply beautiful piece of linking from RVP, my first thought was fear that we would see the job as done, and come out in the second half and start making silly mistakes. I hate to tempt fate by saying that the lesson of West Ham has been learned, but on Saturday there was never the hint of a clue of a way back into the game for Wolves, and this is how it should be. Away games at such venues, as has been said, are where the title may be won or lost, and to see us winning so convincingly makes all the nerves worth it.

    On to my main gripe however, and related to my condition as a particularly nervous fan. The dreaded international break. These seem designed to be played at the least convenient times for Arsenal, and always seem to occur just as we are on a run of great form. The prospect of injuries to key players (many playing in meaningless friendlies) is a worry enough, but these breaks also serve to disrupt our flow.

    An away trip to Sunderland is a tricky enough fixture, but having two weeks to consider it beforehand only makes it trickier, in my opinion. What a team on form wants after a convincing away win is to get straight back into another game, not to fanny around in Qatar or wherever for a week and then get round to preparation. My nerves, too, will suffer over the next two weeks, as, again, Sunderland away is the kind of fixture title bids can be built on, and we really, really want a result going into the Chelsea match on the 29th.

    Oh God, why did I remind myself about the Chelsea match?

  24. Joe Rice | November 14, 2009, 12:18 am
    That’s a very interesting post you have put up there. Personally I would not take anything that Stan C says seriously and I think clowns this are part of the reason people believe the press have it in for us. Colly is an idiot, we all know his history and I am shocked he even gets a column in the daily papers but its funny what you say. I think this just goes to show the quality of expert opinions that are around.

  25. I wonder how many of us now professing our undying love for Alex Song wanted to drive him away from the club not long ago? Diaby funny enough is getting the sme treatment. If Arsene sticks with them, then know he has his good reasons why!! that’s all folks until then.

  26. @Joe Rice,

    I think it is understandable to be so nervous specially when 2-0 up. We all have seen games after games, not just Arsenal, but a whole host of teams let their nerve get the best of them if the opposition scores one. Finish out the game as if they got nothing to lose. I believe we tried to do this at ManCity, unfortunately we couldn’t finish our chances.

    By the way, does anyone know the extent of Diaby’s injury? As soon as he starts showing a sign of his ability to defend, he got injured. I feel sorry for him.

  27. talking about janyary, i always think of how manager wenger will make a new signing again or not? kun aguero of atletico madrid is the man that arsenal needs in the middle. the quastion is can wenger buy the ATM hit man??? because arsenal needs such person to lift a trophy this season!

  28. Van Persie injured! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Damn friendlies. Hopefully he is OK but if he is not then we could have some problems with Bendtner out… If its a long term thing we may have to buy someone (Chamakh/ Dzeko?) in January…

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