Remembering Danny Fiszman

It is with great regret that I bring you the news that former Arsenal Football Club director, Danny Fiszman, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 66 after a long battle with cancer.

Danny’s legacy at the club is monumental: he was the driving force behind our move from Highbury to Emirates Stadium.

Danny Fiszman passed away on Wednesday

A well-respected and forward-thinking man who has been on the board since 1992, Danny’s outstanding work for the club has been recognised by the renaming of the South Bridge, near the iconic ‘ARSENAL’ letters at Emirates Stadium, to The Danny Fiszman Bridge. As a side note the North Bridge, which joins the stadium to Drayton Park, has also been renamed to recognise the work of Fiszman’s colleague Ken Friar.

Those who have been following the Arsenal takeover situation carefully will know that Fiszman’s deteriorating physical condition was the major reason behind Stan Kroenke’s acquisition of the former director’s stake in the club. With seven games still to play in the season it was hardly the ideal time for a boardroom change, but some things in life cannot be predicted and key decisions had to be made.

Following Danny’s passing Arséne Wenger had the following to say about his contribution to the club:

“I will remember Danny as a forward-thinker, a man who was very brave and who did fight until the last minute and was always a very influential person at every board meeting. He was one of the very intelligent men behind this Club and the development of this Club. He was very instrumental in all of [the stadium move] and in all the practical work, all the negotiation work, the relocation of all the businesses, the planning permission. There was a team, Ken Friar and Danny Fiszman, who did all of that. It is very fair to say the Club wouldn’t be where it is today without Danny Fiszman.”

So today we remember the wonderful work of a man who truly loved the Arsenal Football Club.

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  1. I am sure all Arsenal fans will join me in sending our sincere condolensces to The Fiszman family on Danny’s passing.

  2. Danny Fiszman,what a great man and,what a great loss for Arsenal.I don`t think that a lot of the fans realized just how much he did for his beloved club.Rest in peace and,may your family find a little solace knowing that you were loved and respected for all what you did and all that you stood for.The fans will show just how much on Sunday at The Emirates.

  3. Strongest condolences to Danny Fiszman and his family. Let the club remember who he was and the legacy he left with Arsenal.

  4. RIP Danny. Your work for Arsenal was outstanding and we will always remember you. However the current Arsenal story is too bitter than any man – not only the sick and old – can handle.

    Emmanuel, – Kenya

  5. Thank you Danny.. Gooners everywhere will be grateful for all that you did for our club. Your name will live on for generations. The stadium will be your legacy.. A job very well done Danny Fiszman. RIP..

  6. Gone but not forgotten. An immense presence in the building and maintaining of the Gunners.

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