Remembering 2011, looking forward to 2012

A very quick one today to say a belated ‘Merry Christmas!’ and an early ‘Happy New Year!’ for 2012.

You guys all know how much I appreciate you as a community, your comments and opinions and loyalty has been superb once again in 2011.

Rather than talk, talk, talk, I’d just like to wish you all the best and leave you with my favourite post of the year about my favourite Arsenal moment of the year: ‘A moment in time’.

Enjoy, and once again, all the best!

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  1. Andy,

    Wish you a very happy and successful New Year 2012.
    You were doing a great job in 2011, a big thanks to that mate.
    Hope you would continue the same in all the coming years!!!!

    “A Moment in TIME” hope Arsenal repeat the same feat and you another story of the same sort (since i loved it most).


  2. wishing everyone had a blessed christmas and a upcoming new year,news has it henry is close to signing a short term loan for two months,great news for gooners but what message does it send for title ambitions? henry will want to contribute but can he match the yankee league to the epl ? Questions that will puzzle us(the long suffering fans),shouldnt wenger be cleaning out the bench, chamakh, squllaci, arshavin(little bit tough but time up) and others. Song and djourou have proven just how awful they really are, so many chances yet still fail up to expectations.

  3. Hola All,
    Winding it up on the West Coast.
    Much happier than this time last year with our team. The new additions (sans Park) have really stabalized the squad and made us a force to contend with.
    Will this be enough for a top-four finish? Who knows, hopefully but only time will tell and there is still lots of that and plenty of footie to be played.
    @The flying dutchmen
    Dutch good luck to you this year wherever you are (Auckland?Christchurch?).
    And thanks a bunch Andy for continuing to donate your time and talent to this place of coming together.
    @ Terry,Shard,Kel,Shambo,Gruggy,Gunnerboss,BYO and everyone else I can’t recall by name looking forward to hearing your unique and diverse opinions in the coming year and years.
    Not to forget the here and now let’s whip QPR good and as always…

  4. This is one of the most stupid games played. Wenger is all to blame. How do you have a team for the taking and squander all those chances. How do you play two 30 year olds and above in midfield and expect them to feed Persie with the balls. Ramsey is nowadays a big joke and he actually had nothing to offer on the day. What was Chamberlain bought for. He is much better than Rosicky. I personally remember Arsenal winning only one game with Squillachi on the pitch. From the on set this game was doomed and unless we buy a real striker and stop this stupid no sense of waiting for injured players to come back we are bound for Europa.We conspired to loose the game at Fulham and we shall never win the league this season.We couldnt even hold on for a draw yet teams have played ten men against us and we failed to score against them. Rosicky and the likes must be shipped this year.

  5. The venting from Gooners (see above) is natural and expected, but despite the reversal in form against Fulham, this is NOT last year’s team.

    Left Coast is right on (as usual) – MUCH happier with this squad vs. the malcontents last year. Injuries and bad officiating continue to dog us, but this is the norm, not the exception.

    The fight, spirit and mettle of the Arsenal is undeniably better than in past years. Even with the loss we are only 3 points behind 3rd and a point off 4th.

    Wilshere and Sagna will be back soon, and we have a potentially important emotional lift in the making if Titi can contribute in a super-sub role for the next couple of months.

    I hear Emirates is an excellent airline, but I dislike advertising more than I do already to for ANY company. I am celebrating the New Year by doing something I rarely do: buying a shirt with with Henry’s number and name.

    The Mayans knew this – 2012 is not the end – but a new beginning.

    Happy New Year to all and I echo Left Coast again – very much enjoy reading the comments here.

    Come ON you f*$king GUNNERS!!!

  6. Guys if interested goal dot com got an article about john hartson slamming wenger referee criticism, it time wenger stop performing like a baby that throughout his toys from the pram and started crying. If there is a wrong at arsenal it’s his negativity towards losing,the defending is not worth watching neither is the chances that created at the box,players that are dissappointing to the eye is ramsey,djourou,somehow mertersacker and walcott so many chances yet poor finishing there is no room for continuing failure at arsenal we are a team that hold our heads up high and win trophies.

  7. Guys there’s a real statement of intent from Totenham. They are winning their games with ease and don’t look like they will off the peddle. Its a clear indication that Liverpool,Chelsea and us have to battle for fourth spot. Stupid performances like the Monday game is a clwear sign that we are not good enough for top four. Ramsey is becoming a big joke and it is stupid for Wenger to count on him as a first choice attacking midfielder. He can at best be a second choice to some established Goetez or Wilshere.We need a striker of almost equal stature and caliber to Persie. Podolski or Torres could do for us.Rosicky and Benayoun are 30 years plus and are taking arsenal no where. Let Wenger stop fooling us fans with quantity against quality. It is ridicuous not to buy an established central defender and keep on relying at Vermaleen who is injury prone all the time. This guy is good but a replica of the previous Van persie. Cahill was there for the taking.I shiver whenever i see Squillachi step on the pitch as we have always lost those games. He looks the angel of death whenever he comes. Wenger must be serious and stop stupidily blaming referees yet we all saw the team failing to perform and being beaten comfortably. There is no pride at all.

  8. As Arsenal fans we all get frustrated when things don’t go our way because we have become expectant on winning games and there’s on man in particular that has allowed us Gunners to be that way inclined and that is Arsene Wenger that’s why it make me sick to here Arsenal fans bad mouthing him every 2 seconds…. really?? Everytime we win we are amazing and then we lose or draw a game and suddenly it’s Wenger out… Are these real fans or fans that appeard around about 03-04 when we kicked ass every single game?!? Either way we were 17th after 5 games and now we are in a battle for top 4… In September we would have settled for that for sure… Let’s get behind the guys people we have some big players back very soon and if we are honest nearly every team in the league are being inconsistent right now which leaves the top 4 wide open.

  9. Not a good game for us but overall we have a much better team and atitude than last year.
    It’s true coach Wenger is not a very gracious loser but the second yellow on Johann was rubbish. Talk about a fall-over job. Anyway I didn’t think we would get all three but I am bummed we couldn’t hang on for one point at least. I hear a lot of talk from our supporters that we create chances and that’s what matters. But, if you can’t convert chances into goals what’s the point?
    Too bad S***s won again but I think they too will drop some as time goes by.
    Is Henry the answer? If he scores and we win yes. If he doesn’t and we don’t no. Vox populi,Vox humbug. Oh yea, when I saw Seb the squid come out I KNEW it would be dire. He’s is so lost out there it actually makes me chuckle. Too bad he’s on our team.
    @1-nil Good to hear from you, How have you been?
    @Delano You have every right old fellow, we were poor this time. No lie,G.I.

  10. It is true we need another goal scorer but Torres?
    A total of 4 goals in 10 months for fifty-six million pounds.
    No thank you, I will pass.

  11. Doing well Left Coast – best to you and yours for 2012.

    Very few clubs consistently ooze the class of the Arsenal, which is why I’m always disappointed when Wenger goes off on the refs or the quality of the pitch or whatever else to deflect responsibility from the squad’s performance. We should have eaten their lunch but on the day, we were simply not good enough.

    Another team which I hugely respected for it’s class and tradition are LFC, but they’ve done themselves no favours with their reaction and attitude to the Suarez mess. Very unfortunate.

    There is a general lack of sportsmanship and blaming culture in football which is somehow diverges from the kind of coaching I had as a kid.

  12. @1-nil
    You’re right winning has become the only standard one is judged by.
    Good sportsmanship is for those who can’t win.
    I’m not a big fan of ‘Pool but I’ve always liked Dalglish.
    This is not an isolated incident. Saurez had a go round with Maicon in a “friendly” between Uruguay and Brazil. Again an alleged racial slur was at the heart of the matter. He himself is of mixed ancesetry as are most South Americans. There are few “pure” native Uruguayans and none with Spanish surnames and no “pure” Uruguayan born Spaniards. what could be compelling his intolerance?
    Anyway on to the FA cup who knows but we could win it. I hope I haven’t jinxed it by saying so. 🙂

  13. Happy New Year all! Hope to see a string of wins this year. While the Fulham result was slightly reminiscent of our last year’s all too familiar capitulation in the second half, it seems to be something that won’t be repeated, judging by how far we’ve come since the disastrous start. You can see it from the players’ reaction. Seeing as it’s the first slip up in a while, let’s hope the team corrects the mistakes (such as Squillaci, poor chap has the midas touch in reverse, sadim squlacci would be a good moniker I feel). One worrying thing I read somewhere after a draw recently was that the team got complacent! You can’t get complacent when you are behind your bitterest rivals. So hope all that gets sorted soon. COYG.

  14. Guys any hope of Silverware this season. I hope to be proved wrong but am comfortably sure there is nothing in the cabinet for us at the end of season. As long as we continue paying useless mediocre extra players huge sums of money instaed of buying quality we are doomed.
    Has any of you noticed this similar pattern of dribbling until the box ,then somehow diving for a freekick or penalty ,then running with the ball for a corner and at the end of whole we had glorious opportunities to win or ” we didnt take our chances” The players must stop this stupidity and shoot as soon as opportunity knocks. We are not barcelona and we shall never be. If only Wenger got this in his head then may be things will get better in 2 years time.I pity Henry cause i wouldnt love to see him embarrassed with this squad of players we have at the moment apart from a few.You couldnt have played with Viera,Perez,Edu, Gilbarto,Bergkamp,Lungberg and then you find yourself mixing with Squilachi,Chamakh,Benayoun,Rosicky ,Ramsey,Coqeuline. I mean it looks a big joke.How long are going to keep up with Vermaleen who cant play a quarter a season without getting injured and the coach is patient to wait until the player recovers after two months.There has to be a change of attitude in the manahger and the players we buy if we are to stand any top four chance. I hate Totenham but at the moment they desreve every right to be ahead of us and they seem to attack better than us.

  15. So another transfer window opens and wenger is already talking piss…….
    let me rewind, if MAU had not given us a real ass spanking then all the panic signings would not have been made, wenger would have said “we’re close” even if we had lost 1 nill.
    Now fast forward, I bet henry is the only signing for the summer in ATTACK!!! and this park dude who may i mentioned has not played a single second of prem time, he cost about 3 mill, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ????
    This is why i’v always said that Arsenal heads the list in
    ” DOUBLE STANDARDS” on one hand you preach to me Economic and spending within your means YET on the next you have a huge wage bill
    (infested with average players) buy players that don’t get a second of playing time and a whole host of Sh*T and to compound it the fans have to pay more.

    I know the team has done well in-terms of how the season started for us BUT any donkey would tell you simply put ” we created our own problems” simple as that. So instead of things getting better after 7 years without the title it’s gotten worst, now there talk about rebuilding after so long…
    BUT lets see how the window goes i wouldn’t hold my breath

  16. @Kel,
    I agree some of our last transfers were panic buys after the catastrophe at Old Trafford. But, you have to admit it was some pretty good panic buying.
    Why doesn’t Park play? I don’t get it. Granted he’s only scored one goal but he’s only played part of three matches. That strike rate is better than Chamahk (bless his poor heart) and Arshavin put together.
    Maybe he’ll get a run out for this coming FA cup tie.
    Anyhow Le Boss says he looking for defenders now, we’ll see what happens.
    Anything has to be better than Squillacci. Did I actually just say that? Uh-oh. That’s just askin’ for trouble.

  17. for awhile I thought Delano was kel in cyber disguise but no they are twins! That’s a joke btw…
    would definitely like to see some moves in the transfer window but suspect we won’t. Looking forward to seeing Henry back and hope he can inspire players like Arsh and Walcott to up their game.
    Would like to see some fullback cover as well, we have not been the same without Sagna and Santos bombing forward. but ther would be no sense buying another fullback so a loan would make sense until those guys return. I agree we still have too many avg players on above avg wages and we need to address this but that won’ happen overnight. Look at Denilsonand Bendtner – both out on loan cos no one wanted to buy them/ match their wages. Can’t see anyone stepping in and buying Chamakh or Sqillaci (although we should pay someone to take him as far away as possible) Finally belated happy new year to you all.

  18. Looking at the forward line its a bit of a see saw seeing that chamakh n gervinho re not there n henry coming up as back up n park still haven’t made a mark on english football,one of the problems is having wenger play one striker up front n trying to please the number of midfielders which is coming at the striker expense,the game against leeds seem a little tricky having known manu lost against them which is also scary is playing the fixture on monday which arsenal does not have a great record on winning on that day.
    Leftcoastgooner@ this on that point of defenders,its rather pleasing that wenger has no interest in gary cahill really that would be a poor buy,becoz cahill is in groove of where he use of seeing goals that are conceded than score for them,also jagielka is injured for six weeks so that erase on wenger buys
    Leftcoastgooner do you think alex will be a good buy or just another circus attraction like squalluci? Also is miguel going on transfer or been sold becoz he is one for the future?

  19. @The Flyingdutchmen
    Hey Dutch, I haven’t heard anything about Alex. If he’s the same one playing for Chelsea he’s big and slower than Per and a central defender (of which we have many) The only rumor I’ve heard is that we are trying to sign Mattias Suarez (A Striker) from Anderlecht. This is from the PSV Eindhoven site who say there interested in him but presently cannot compete with our interest.
    Sounds interesting huh?
    My guess is that whoever we bring in will not be from the prem but Germany or Holland and in keeping with our coaches philosophy will not be too expensive. Or as one little bird said to another cheap cheap.
    @ Terry Pay someone to take Squuillaci and Chamahk! Dude ,LOL that is really good. Unfortunately all the good jokes are always truth-based.

  20. Leftcoastgooner- thanks for info yeah! Guess alex isn’t a good buy,but I check matias suarez. from argentina our record for argentina players isn’t anything to go by,last player to play was nelson vivas some time ago,if he did play for us he probably get a call up from arg team,but playing one striker up front for arsenal would be a concern for him.

  21. I miss the old arsenal fc blog but I understand the circumstances to start blogging like the old day. I really hope you’ll get back to your excellent analysis. I might be too late but its better than never. Happy New Year.

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