Proudly wearing my Captain Fabregas shirt in Barcelona

Today in Barcelona I scaled the heights of Gaudí’s unbelievable Güell Park and had this lovely photo taken.

Notice anything interesting about my shirt?!

A bit of Gaudí in the background for good measure

That’ll show ’em!

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They’re rather good, if I do say so myself, and buying them helps give me food and drink and the ability to keep writing this blog.

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  1. Just getting over the huge disappointment of the Carling Cup, still feel abit let down. I wish Wenger would make a real effort in persuading his players the desire to win,regardless of the match concerned, some of his selection and substitutions defy belief !
    He has a boot full of intelligent,highly skilled pretty players who are not able for the tough Premier League,especially rof the season.We now see the usual patten of crumbling footballers at a time when they are needed

  2. @ George – Some interesting thoughts George, but maybe a bit more appropriate on the last piece? This one’s about something a bit light-hearted and fun 🙂

  3. Hope you got my earlier on facebook about restaurant Set Portes down by the port.
    Definitely go to the market “la Bouqueria” off las Ramblas, several stalls where they will cook for you, especially omelets. Sunday mornings they dance the Sardana in front of the old Cathedral about 11 or noon. Four Cats cafe//bar not far from there where Picasso hung out a century ago. Learn the story of “el Caganer” the shitter, and remember the old Catalan saying:”Menjar be, cagar fort, i no tingues por de la mort”. Eat well, shit strongly and have no fear of death. Barcelona is a great city with a great culture, hope you enjoy it, especially at Camp Nou!

  4. I also sported an arsenal shirt at park Güell this week and got a few funny looks. The security at the camp nou looked like they wanted to beat me up 🙂

  5. Was there last year for the return leg,- great stadium, great city, lovely people, dreadful armed security and we would have been 2 – 0 up if Diaby had given the right pass! Go to the Picasso gallery, it’s everything a museum should be and try to see the Gaudi designed
    appartment blocks, wonderful. I’m very jealous. Best Wishes, Terry Comer.

  6. Weber;
    Wont the Nigerians munch their fofoo and leave me alone! Just because United lost doesn’t mean we will pull up to one point closer. My bet is as good as every Arsenal fan’s that your – Not mine because I quit English football permanently – trend downward has just started. The best result you can grind out of Sunderland os a draw. The you will lose 9 points to Man U and Liverpool at home, Tottenham away (Theses are compulsory loses because they come at a time when other teams play for everything and Arsenal for nothing).

    So just let me be. I painfully quit English football entirely because although Arsenal is the team my forefathers supported, I neither don’t see any other team I can support nor want want to die of heart attach at 35.

  7. Ah… Now I see it.

    So Andrew your the bearded guy in the suprnick tee. Nice beard, the Jesus/Taliban look must be in hehe…. 😛

  8. Way to go, Andy! Show them that Cesc is OUR captain, no matter how much they would like it the other way around; and he may actually be available for the match and kick their ass. Enjoy your stay there, keep us posted and, hell, bring us news of a victory tuesday 😀

  9. I really must say you can wear a beard, I don’t like it in general but you look very sympathicky with it and then the hair in such manner, original reporter style 😀

  10. Hurrah, The Chavs beat United with a dodgy pen in a game that completely justifies the old adage, game of 2 halves.

    Time for rejoicing in the streets of N5…..Manure missing lots of defenders for the dippers on Sunday, us with a game in hand and better run in….we should win the league……..

    Have a day off you lot FFS

    4-4 when cruising, 2-2 when cruising and 2-3 when cruising and taking the piss by oleing.

    Our manager has shown consistently that he has no idea of tactics, we can’t defend a set piece against even the most limited teams in the league and we have just one fit defender that anyone on the league would touch with a barge pole.

    Taking a look the 1st team, we have

    Nasri-world class
    Fabregas-world class
    RvP(When fit )-World class
    Chesney-potentially World class
    Wilshire-Potentially world class

    The rest will not win us the league because once injuries kick in they don’t have the bottle to pull us through difficult games.

    The squad is shit plain and simple and relies on a few players to play out of their skin to pull them up to their level.

    The chavs have 10 truly world class players in their team. Manure have 9 at a push 10. Of The 4 teams challenging we have by far the weakest squad.

    The games we play from here on in maybe easier on paper but are ultimately harder as it’s the time of the season when you need guts, to stand up and be counted and most importantly for your players to be their best.

    That means relying on Barry to show he’s not just a lanky streak of piss, Arshavin to wake up from his 18month slumber, Song to stop pissing about. Clichy to remember he used to be a decent left back pre-Feb 08, Sagna to stop being erratic form wise, Djourou to stay fit, Tv to get fit………..

    That’s far too many variables and we haven’t even mentioned the manager and his bizarre team selections.

    There was a brilliant opportunity in January to buy 2 not 5, just 2 players that would have made the difference.

    We won’t win the league this season, we will lose the champions league game against Barcelona, If Orient don’t develop stage fright they should get something out of tomorrow seeing as the vastly inferior B-team will be wheeled out.

    Good luck to them if they do win, their chairman maybe a loudmouth knob but their team need the money from an old trafford tie more than we do.

    If we do get past a league one side at the second time of asking, we book a date for another humbling and humiliation by Manure whether it be team A or B.

    Celebrate the chavs win tonight all we want but in the grand scheme of things it means nothing to us, we are runner-ups, nearly men.

    If first is everything and second is nothing what does that make the Arsenal
    This club needs an enema

  11. Weber am from the Caribbean so i can relate to the sunshine, BUT i cant afford the shirt right now, so i envy you.
    Guys wenger has some really big decisions to make between today and next Wednesday against Barc. The fact is two of the big three players will not feature in the next 2 to 3 weeks, So what do we do ?
    Lets start with Orient, The arsenal team that drew with them can be describe as a Premiership starting 11 which makes the result more baffling, we should not be in this position now for a replay, some may say the pitch was bad but we were 1 up and if i remember clearly the goal came from a combination of bad defending and as usual bad goal keeping. ( “I can’t believe Amunia is still at Arsenal he should have saved that ball but instead he dove over the ball”)
    This is wenger’s fault cause Almunia doesn’t pick himself.
    My verdict : The same players who played at Orient should play today.

    Sunderland: They are a difficult team and Bruce is ex MANU so he won’t want us to win the league so Sir Alex may well call him and ask a favor, Mind you a favor is at least a draw.
    Cesc must play and if fit the whole game cause as good as wilshire is no-one in our midfield can pass the ball as well as cesc can. We need these 3 points.

    Barc: Well if we had all our big guns fit i might have some hope But lets face it no walcott, vanpersie, with out these two our attack is blunt. I can’t see us winning this game cause we can’t defend, not now, and not in a long time, for 6 years now and our world class manager has not solved this problem yet, what a manager.
    And with Bendtner and Chamakah upfront we have no-hope of scoring more than 1 goal maybe even none from past experience. They just don’t complement each other how could we have both of them on the pitch at the same time if either play we may have to change how we play and please don’t let Bedtner and Chamakh come out wide they can’t dribble and can’t create, stay central, what is wenger doing, is he mad!!!.

    In conclusion the league should be our priority for me based on our injury problems so cesc must play in all league games, let the champions league work itself out and the FA too.

    By the way I saw a stat on Vanpersie lastnite
    In 7 season he has made
    146 Appearances
    Missed 100+ games
    Scored 54 goals

    Now every year we depend on him for about five season now and he always gets injured, he is soon to be 27 which means he is getting older, Hence this injury problem that he has will only get worst.
    We need to replace him and stop depending on this man he is s good player, “world class” no way, he has not played enough games to get that tag.

    Hope they win today and regain some confidence…………..

  12. Let’s take it one game at a time, and let’s just go for a win. Any win.
    We the fans should take the blame for assuming some games are easy to win. It’s 11 against 11 in each game, and anything can happen. We need to be at our best, even when playing the O’s.
    We’ll worry about Barca from Saturday night onwards (but losing RVP is a b!tch!).

  13. Andy!!!! Havent commented on your blog in a while. I must say i appreciate and love your blog cos of the way you handle comments unlike some other blogs where you cannot even express your frustration.
    However I was at the Nou Camp in Nov. last year. It is a lovely place. Visited the Santiago Bernabau which to me is simply heaven. I spent over $200 cos i was amazed at what i saw. Spain is a lovely place but my pick is the Madrids stadium.It is a monumental piece. The 15th wonder of the world maybe. Out of respect for the subject of the blog i wont complain about arsenal. I hope they win the league though.
    Please visit club catwalk it rock. olllllaaaaaahhhhh andrew (sure u’ve heard dat a lot)

  14. Hi all, hi drew,
    I sure HOPE we win today (west coast US) but should we fuck it up and go down (like emmanuel thinks) I’m still not gonna quit on the season OR the squad.
    We’re not LIverpoop or ManU(re) so why start acting like pack of sniveling crybaby misfits who got their mamas milk pinched off too early in life. Pull yer pacifiers out of your buttocks and sniff a clue! Truth is we ain’t owed shit. That’s why we have to root so f-in hard.
    By the way, do all yous guys trot the globe? Good thing I live in Paradise ’cause on my allowance I’m stuck here.
    And as always…..Go You Gunners!!!!!
    PS. Drew, I’m still asking about that “Art of Song” hoodie. Could I get one in Red and White? @Gruggy what up?? Shitty surf here in the Cruz. Hope its better in your neck.

  15. Nice shirt!

    I am getting pissed off with the negative nancies on this site. They are not real supporters. We may end up with no trophies at the end of the season – that’s football. But for now we are still in with a chance for three trophies and not many teams can say that. On our day we play the best football in the world, and have a youth academy and scouting system that is probably the envy of most other clubs. Our manager is far from perfect and I think we are one central defender short of being world class, but this is our team and we should be cheering them on from the rooftops. Our second XI just did the business against orient and now it’s Sunderland. Three points there will put us only one behind Manure. This is our year!

  16. All is said already….B52 should have started on the right, Rosicky should have relaxed while Nasri takes FABs place. We need more people that can SHOOT a football from outside the area in this team…..we lost (A final) again cos we failed to convert begging chances.
    Didn’t really feel so bad though….those guys certainly wanted it more. We did not respect them enough….hence the surprise. We felt we should just turn up and take the cup….I think we forgot to play.

    Great game today though. 5-0 is completely UNEXPECTED of these boys. Yes, we proved our unpredictability today yet again

  17. Arrgh! Fresh home from work, my boss is really a Gila Monster in pumps& pearls but oops that’s a different blog. Anyway I just saw the scoreline and of course I’m totally stoked!!
    Wooo,Wuu.wuu. Kamikazes and fatties for all.
    OH well, that should quell the lice until we run into a tough patch again.
    To everyone who stayed strong and made me feel better about being the dense headed,hairy knuckled Neander-gooner I can’t help but being, Thank You.
    And as for the rest of yiz, well hang in there. Off to watch the replay.
    Later dudes y mujeres tambien.

  18. yesterday’s game..
    I am very concerned with our game against Barca at Nou Camp more especially on the referee who send Van Pessie out of the field of play without a good reason as to what our striker did is not knew in football may be he didn’t hear the whistle but the referee was just too harsh why………???????? May be he would have warned him not to do it again but not sending him out like that. What does that mean to Champions league…!!!!!!!!!

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