Pique makes fun of Cesc at the Camp Nou

Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas share a moment during the Arsenal v Barcelona game at the Camp Nou.

Here’s the back story, if you need it.

(Thanks to Sam for sending me the image)

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  1. I think Fabregas will leave this summer,he cant be happy not winning trophys and the the less physical spanish league must appeal to him. We need to sign at least four quality players and clear out the dead wood but i think we all know that wont happen as it might upset wengers precious financial results. He will sell Fabregas for 50 million and spend maybe 20 million,usual story with wenger.

  2. Why do the “Boo Boys” always come out of the wood work, straight after a loss? Its always the same… Come on Arsenal!! lets smash the Yids on wednesday!!

  3. …Just hope this was before the game started. It will have been difficult to see the funny side, in the 2nd half. Nice to see such playfulness amongst pals.

  4. It funny and Hilarious despite losing to them it been fun all along. Fabregas would maybe go after two years maximum when Xavi has reached little bit older. He is destined to replace him, it would be wasteful to have three top midfielders in the world in one team. Barcelona have learned their lessons in football the hard way and we to need to learn something from them etc Defending in packs and all out attack to get the ball back.

  5. I think we all tend to forget our boys are just that, still boys. It’s all to easy to get caught up in the business side of the game, or caught up in the results. I’ve been a Gunner fan for some time now, and while I absolutely love it when we’re winning trophys, my love for Arsenal football doesn’t fade even when we enter a long drought. That said, c’mon the Arsenal!!! We still have a great chance of winning the league!

  6. Yea Tom, leave it out. On the other subject, its nice to see that there is life outside of football.

    Notice Puyol.

  7. I think this makes football what it is…it can be tough, war like on the pitch but really, underneath it all its fun…but….Whats the subliminal message there too…..

  8. If Aw were at any other club, he would have been fired. The problem is at Arsenal he is regarded as God and could no wrong.Between 2005 to date Arsenall could have won one title and one FA cup if he had brought in the necessary players.
    While his competitors are busy signing players who can go straight into the senior team,he is buying for the future at least two years from the present.
    His thinking is by then my kids would have become wc and take the world blahablah.
    Frankly it has not worked for the last five
    years and if it is more of the same the gunners will stagnate.
    The gunners playing style of giving time and space played right into Barca’s hands. messi won’t be so lucky to have so much time and space when he plays Inter.

  9. We’re talking about two best friends & former teammates at Barca having fun with one another…Soon, on the same side?

  10. wow i cant say much about that picture, but looks like fabregas is on his way to the camp nou.

  11. Wow, Pals in need will always be Pals in deed.
    I just hope that Wenger will not take the advantage of this and if he so does then I wish Cesc the best of time and more so in football.
    And we Gooners shall move on. Allow me to predict, that next season will be a Trebble Season for Gunners.
    Andrew, I hope you will fish out this blog to validate my prediction when that time comes.

  12. This is really amazing. I would like to see more players doing this. They usually portray character outside the field

  13. Hahaha thats nice to see thats right boyz will be boyz and its gud to see old friends havin fun. Zalatan and Puyol get into it too Gr8 pics, Thanks andrew made my night lol!!

  14. Is it possible? Dare I hope? Pique is coming to Arsenal? Oh, I’ve read the pictures wrong!

  15. @Gooner_aside – Yeah, you saw it all right, we;re having a Pique in summer…ha ha ha
    God bless you for that….that made me laugh

  16. That picture shows the spirit that football “should” be all about! Hope Sir Alex reads your blog Andy, he might even stop his players trying to influence referee’s after what those naughty naughty, very naughty Germans did?

  17. @Gunfire – you’re so right. ‘If it was any other club etc.’ but it’s not. It’s Arsenal. The Arsenal. And we do things the right way. Now fuck off back to Chelsea with the rest of your rent boys.

  18. @ gunfire so who would u get in to replace wenger?
    we won’t get another manager like wenger…..look and man city, tottenham and liverpool, spending their millions and cant even get into the top 3…..

    were on a budget…..dont blame wenger, his covering the boards backs….their the ones we should be moaning about.

    twats like u don’t deserve to support a team like arsenal….go and support tottenham…..MUG!

  19. nice pics and the story behind it was a great read and insight into these guys humble beginnings….messi,cesc and pique still appear to be fairly grounded and thats why their adored by their fans…..but i think our maestro is barca bound,hes too many ties there and theres not ENOUGH progress here for him to stay and showcase the world class player he deserves to be,he shud be starring in trophy winning sides and on the big stage on champs league final night and we are being selfish to ask him to stay here under our current policy of building for the future…..theres a myth doing the rounds that barce dont need him with iniesta and xavi there….lol its nonsense their in enough competitions to rotate and their playin lads like keita regularly…..if he does go it wont be becos he doesnt love arsenal, it will be a failure by the boss as both cesc and arshavin spoke out last summer when adebayour and toure wer sold to reinvest in the team and the plea fell on deaf ears……top players want to play with other top players and hav silverware in their cabinet when they hang up their boots…this is where the manager lacks savvy and is distant from the players,add this to the fact he never stands in the way of any1 leaving if it is their wish and it dosnt look good,especially with it being a world cup year and him being around the spanish camp all summer….i fully expect a 60mil excepted bid and 5m french 3rd division replacement after the world cup

  20. @shambogunner – I think you have made some very good points. I think after our performances against Barca, United and Chelsea Arsene has to sit up and take notice that the added quality we require will have to be bought in. I disagree with getting rid of Arsene at this point in time, but if we are sitting here this time next season, having the same debate then change could well be the order of the day?

  21. nope i dont want wenger to ge either ian but his stubborness is infuriating….hes obsessed with winning with a team that was assembled for less than 50mil to prove a point to the world…..wer the casualties and the thing is they might not be good enough even when they come of age…..not to mention if we do win the PL or CL and AW does succeed and expose utd,chels,madrid,barce,city as overspenders barce and utd can still point to numerous CL triumphs and league titles whilst chels cant point to fa cup trophies via their policy and all in the time since we last won 1 title……is it worth it not competing in the transfer market and buying quality just so we can prove a point to teams who will hav amassed several trophies by the time we get 1????

  22. @cules,
    pique wasnt throwing anytin away…it was a contract from barce for cesc to sign more like

  23. @shambogunner – I have to totally agree about AW stubborness. I feel lots of other gunners fans are just as frustrated as we are!

  24. Hi @shambo, how’s tricks. Must agree with what you and Ian have said and some of gunfire. Rosso why is it that fans are told to F off if they seem to disagree with people like you. Being a fan is like a democracy where one is allowed to give their honest opinion.
    I sometimes find it difficult to understand why people cant grasp that basic concept.
    Anyway what players are needed for next season, as this one is truely dead.

  25. we lost to a great team i watched the game on tuesday and it wasnt all that bad barc was the better team over the two leg maybe arsenal didnt close them down enough like they did to us.

    arsenal will bounce back but i didnt feel we did anything wrong it was like we lost to bad look lots of missed chances we didnt get enough of the ball but who could e pass it to get it into the back of the net?

    arshavin is right maybe but look at the injuries but then wenger should know this with the amount of injuries with had in the pass he should provide for these scenario until he does arsenal will not win a thing no matter how good the manager is or how potential a player is we need to buy until we do we wont win a thing arsenal are to thin to win a thing lets buy buy buy

  26. @unchained, what titles.
    Being honest here, realy honest. I still cant get that game out of my mind. How are the boys ment to bridge that massive massive gap unless there is some decent investment. Does anyone out there ask themself that question.
    i ask it about my ammers but i know that we r blooodddy skint and b4 u comment ….i know its our fault. Shambo what say you.
    Good picture by the way!

  27. @catherine, would you be happy with the carling or fa cup next season and do you think wenger should not sacrifice those cups to blood the youth.

  28. I seeit is acceptable to use the derogatory and racist termYIDDO on your blog would it also be acceptable if the same derogatory slurs were aimed and yelled at black and PAKIstani supporters. From a JEWISH Arsenal supporter of 55 years

  29. @dave cant you ave black people that are Pakistani and Jewish. Black is not the name of a race of people. Im black, but ive never been there.

  30. icehammer I am talking about racism, yid is a derogatory remark to jewish people the same as there are certain words that are offensive to black people and pakistani people you know what they are and they are not allowed to be used at football matches or any public place for that matter and quite rightly too thats the point I am making

  31. If you look at the the origins of “Yid”, the term Yid was originally taken from the Middle High German word Jüde. It’s basically an ethnonym for the Jewish people that has been used latterly as an insult. However I know a few spurs fans who consider “yid army” as their calling card. It depends on whether people take it as an insult or not? Football fans are the worst in the world for using insulting chants and/or songs to wind up the opposition. I’m a Scot but I detest the Sectarianism in Glasgow between the teams. Back to footy @icehammer I hope you boys stay up, all the best.

  32. Good pics guys. I`m guessing those pics were taken, maybe, after about 18mins by the look on the faces of the Barca fans. Happy lot, don`t you think? And not one bit of club colours on display. It must be the prawn-sandwich section of the NouCamp.

  33. hello ice mate hows things?
    gonna keep it simple bro;
    almunia 2m?
    fabianski 1m?
    sylvestre……packet of walkers crisps?
    deni 4m?
    rossi (sigh) 8m
    eduardo (sigh) 8m
    vela 5m
    walcot……loan abroad still not ready
    parker/hazard/melo/gourcuff/tymoschuk/de rossi/tim cahill/sweinsteiger/capel/van bommel
    suarez/mauro zarate/villa
    just a rough idea of wot we need

  34. Lets get these yids, cmon gunners for life! rain or shine, win or lose, gunners till we die

  35. @shambogunner

    Please let AFC know which club is willing to pay a whole packet of Walkers crisps for sylvestre. Thanks.

  36. Sylvestre is on 35000 per week,maybe he is working as a mole for man u in order to make up for his wage drop since leaving them. I think his worst game for us was in the four all draw against liverpool in anfield last year. seen Melo play for juve against fulham and i dont think he’s good enough for arsenal.he was crap. Sneijder is playing great lately,maybe if mourinho left inter we could sign him.

  37. so wenger tried to out football barca,well thats a joke in itself,utterly outclassed in both legs and the possession stats were embarrassing. go below the 1st team and the replacements are Not good enough,there,s only one person to blame…WENGER.how did we arrive at a situation in a cl quarter final where the only options at cb are cant play 2 games in a row sol and 2 bob sylvestre??? injuries are ineluctable but consistantly being tactically naive is unforgivable wenger.like wise if you,ve too many lightweights in your team you,ll get found out, you cant go to the nou camp minus 5 of your best players and try to play open expansive football that suicidal,where was the contingency plan for messi??? shambolic defending for all 4 goals and the 2 at the emirates last week,defensive mistakes repeated time and time again this season its almost funny well it would be if t wasn,t my team it was happening to.we need to go down to that dump on wed nite and try to get 3pts somehow,hope song is fit cause with out him we,ll be luck to get a draw.

  38. To be honest I really do hope that cesc fabregas will go to barca sooner rather than later
    first of all it’s inevitable, and seeing him play at arsenal where he has become the heart of the team, I think he willbe wasting his amazing talent in a worsening arsenal squad, with his talent he should be winning the biggest tropheys by the dozen, I have all the respect in the world for him and that will never go away. He should rejoin the club of his childhood image a squad Leo messi fabregas iniesta Ibrahimovic xavi puyol piqué alves. Amazing

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