Panda Bear models the new Arsenal kit – photo special

Panda Bear models the new Arsenal kit

Yesterday Panda Bear received a package in the mail.

That package contained the new dark blue Arsenal away kit complete with shorts and socks and, hilariously, ‘Bendtner – 26’ on the back. Things got a little crazy and before we knew it he was posing for photos in the entire kit for the blog. 

I admitted last week that I though the new away kit was pretty good and I have to say that seeing it in the flesh made it even better. It might not be a classic Arsenal design but the collar isn’t as daggy as it looks in some of the other photos and the light pin-stripes are far less noticeable.

The blue looks great and the shirt got the seal of approval from a couple of very important females who called it “hot”.

In short if you’re going to buy an Arsenal kit this year then this is the one I’d recommend. It’s beats the hell out of the third grey and white kit and should tide you over until they bring out a proper home kit with red white sleeves next season.

You can purchase it via Kitbag here.

Anyway that’s it for now, but I’ll be back later on with some Arsenal news and a Guest Post later. In the meantime, why not take some time out to hurl abuse at Panda Bear in the comments for being such a bevan.

Have your say on the new dark blue away kit by leaving a comment.



  1. The kit? Smashing.

    Panda Bear? Ummm…Ben Stiller’s “Zoolander” comes to mind. 😉

  2. @SF –

    Fantastic, mate! Should be a most excellent time in SA for you. I’m quite jealous, though!

    Will there be a video documentary of the trip? A “Spanish Fry Goes To South Africa” kind of thing?

  3. Hehe. Nice – though I think it is nothing on the away kit from the season past (which I bought).

    It is funny with putting names on the back of shirts – you run the risk that the player might be sold days after you put their name on your arsenal kit. For that reason, I just simply went with ‘Bergkamp – 10’.

  4. Does PandaBear ordered the juniors kit?? LOL

    It will be awesome a pic of PandaBear with the Goonersaurious.

    And he buyed the kit of Bendtner?? haha He have an amazing sense of humor.

  5. Oy my surname is Bevan….Love the backdrop sets the scene just need a gimp mask haha. I’m thinking of getting sharva on my shirt but after the barca comments might just stick with the plain old back.
    You should do a tally and see who gets more comments panda or morgina.

  6. @ butterfingers – Hahah, classic. Go with Arshavin mate, those comments were taken from AAAAGES ago before he joined Arsenal and were just re-used to stir trouble. Don’t let them stop you.

  7. Ow ow what a stud! Glad these were posted because the kit definitely looks better on. The collar seems a lot less obtrusive than some of the ad pictures and the color looks good as well. I like seeing the blue from the crest pulled in since it’s been a bit since it last made an appearance. Thanks!

  8. @Darragh
    I know what you about numbers on the back but thankfully it didn’t happen to me. A friend of mine, a Liverpool supporter went out and bought the Gerrard 17 shirt about a day before they gave him the number 8. I laughed my socks off.

  9. “should tide you over until they bring out a proper home kit with red sleeves next season.”

    I do not want red sleeves…no thank you!

  10. Panda Bear looks like he is out of the league of gentleman.

    That is all.

  11. I am only in favour of
    arsenal kit in Red and white… thiose colours belong to Arsenal, i am sure that the designers can come up with something really nice. Why blue? do they think that it is a good luck omen cause Chelsea are doing well?

  12. Nice one panda bear,now u look like Captain Fabregas,u’ve convincingly made me love the new kit.

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