One Arsenal spot available for a mystery player

Just a super-quick update today with Arsenal news at a premium. It seems that Arsene Wenger’s side will be without Abou Diaby and Theo Walcott for the weekend clash away to Wigan, with the former picking up a calf injury from the game against Milan and the latter pulling up short with a thigh problem from the club’s ‘behind closed doors’ practice match against the Colorado Rapids yesterday. Quite why Walcott was even playing in that match when he was surely going to start against Wigan I will never know, but what’s done is done and there’s not much dwelling on it.

Diaby will miss the trip to WiganThe two injuries put a little bit of pressure on the side with Robin van Persie and Tomas Rosicky also still out and Emmanuel Eboue unavailable due to suspension. 4-4-2 will surely be the go but it’s going to be something of a mystery as to who will start on the right flank. Wenger may be tempted to draught Gilberto Silva into the side and push Cesc Fabregas to the right but after the little Spaniard’s epic performance against Milan I’d like to see him play alongside Mathieu Flamini. If that turns out to be the case then I haven’t the foggiest as to who will start out wide.

It should, repeat, should be a comfortable win for Arsenal away to Wigan. The home side are really struggling at the moment and given that Wenger’s side are comingoff beating the European and World Champions it really should be a formality at the JJB. But as you all know, football is a funny game and the tough midweek game will have taken its toll on the Arsenal players, so they’ll need to fight hard to get the three points that they so desperately need to keep their Premier League dream alive.

With Manchester United having to play a FA Cup tie this weekend it’s a great opportunity for the boys to create some daylight at the top and put the pressure back on their biggest rivals. Let’s hope they can do it.

What do you think?

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  1. I have a nasty feeling it’s going to be a draw. My guess is that the whole team except Clichy and Sagna is not going to turn up for most of the match. With luck and desperation at the end, we might nick in a winner to claim 3 points. Given the state of Wigan’s pitch, I see a draw written all over this yet again.

  2. I agree with you, I think Cesc should be left in the middle with Flamini. Gilberto has looked stale all season and him alongside Flamini is just too negative for a game against Wigan.

    I would rather see one of our English youngsters thrown in on the right, although most of them have gone away on loan, so not sure who could actually be drafted in to play? Randall maybe?

    Wenger could potentially throw Hoyte in at right back with Sagna on the right? Not to sure if I like that idea either, but we really are looking rather depleted. Seriously down to the bare bones! I presume Ade and Bendtner will start up front with Hleb on the left. What strikers and midfielders will be on the bench? I suppose Denilson could also play on the right.

  3. How About Nacer Barazite????????

    Best performer in the reserves atm. Give the kid a go!

  4. Dream Team


    Hope all our injury probs will be solved asap…

  5. The ugly green eyed Monster opened his mouth again Its David Bentley again the envious little Shite. I’ve listen to his interview and he is urging Theo Walcott to leave Arsnal and be successful like him. Successful? Playing for Blackburn you call that successful? Its very simple he saw Walcott ripping Milan with his run and he realised Walcott will succeed where he failed. Its called ENVY. He can only dream of playing in the Champions league against AC Milan.
    My main concern for the Wigan game is Heskey against Senderos Heskey got the better of him on a number of occasions. But we will get the 3 points. I would like Chelsea and M.utd to win their FA cup matches and keep them burdened with it while we can have time to rest and open up the gap at the top.

  6. Almunia
    Hleb-Flamini-Fabregas-Van Persie
    Arsenal 3 – Wigan 1

  7. Yeah I think we’ll take care of them pretty easy. 2-0 would do nicely given the events midweek. It’s always tough to back up after a big European game but even without Theo I think we’ll be OK.

  8. I have no idea at this point who could play on the right. Perhaps Hoyte. I worry about starting Gilberto. He’s so drained and this season he has played as though he doesn’t actually even train with them.

  9. Yeah, I’d agree with the Barazite call, i was gonna say Meridea but hes on loan… cant wait until vela is back

  10. how about 3-3-4
    Ade Nick RvP
    Hleb Flam Cesc Barazite
    Sagna Senderos Gallas Clichy
    What do You think?

  11. Both Toure and Gallas can play fullback. We can have toure there and Sagna upfront leaving Gallas and Senderos in the middle. Senderos has played fullback also. Denilson, Gilberto, or Song might come in the midfield in a 4-4-1-1 with Gilberto as the supporting striker and Hleb wide, or Denilson in the middle and cesc pushed wide. The bottom line is, we will do fine. We have too many options for Wigan to trouble us. RVP can also play a makeshift winger both on the left or the right, although I wouldn’t like to see him play there as it will work him more physically and we need him fit.

    With Van der sar injured and Kuszcak red carded today, Man U have only one keeper left for the next 3 games. I was looking at Man u squad trying to figure out what the “strenght in depth” people a claiming comes from. It seems people are looking only in the midfield, they have 12 players we have 8. They have 4 strikers, we have 5, only 3 of their strikers have scored in the prem, All 5 of ours have. Their 4th top scorer(Saha) in all competitions has the same number of goals as Theo Walcot(our last among the strikers). It will be interesting to see how they fare in their next 3 matches which are derby, liverpool and Villa.

  12. Almunia
    Subs;Lehmann-Van Persie-Toure-Giiberto-Song
    Arsenal 3 – Wigan 1

  13. Arsenal Summer Buy
    Nikolay Dimitov
    Striker Sergio Aguero
    Micah Richards
    Daniel Alves

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