Oh sh*t, I forgot, no Arsenal for two weeks! Time for a laugh then…

I think some fun stuff is in order to pass the time…

Drogba the Twat


Arsenal players as animals?


Heh. Don’t ask me what that second one is about.

Also, if you haven’t seen it check out this video of ‘The Toothbrush Guy’. And when you’re done, go back and watch ‘The Ice Cream Kid’ again. Classic.

Anyway, I’m off to record this week’s Arsenal FC Weekly with Jamie from Young Guns. Take it easy.

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  1. Easily the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. 🙂

    Imagine if the Verminator had kicked him in the chest. He’d be in two pieces!

  2. Drogba- takes acting to new levels every time. WTF!! Even Lampard walks away 🙂 I hope Drogba gets another ban or something can’t look at guy!! He is a hideous monster…

  3. As for the foto…I can just imagine what the conversation was like…

    PR Rep: OK Cesc, Bacary, Theo…Andrey. We have a sponsors foto shoot this afternoon. Now, for this one, we’re going to need you all to dress up as stuffed animals. Now, now. No arguing. It’s in your contract to do these things.

    Yes, Andrey, I realize you’re the most expensive transfer Arsenal have ever had.

    Yes, Cesc, I realize Barca would pay 50m pounds for you.

    Bacary…Bacary! Hey! No, you can’t wear your real hair for this!

    Theo, a hurt knee won’t keep you out of this kit. Sorry.

    Shava: Yob tvoyu maht! I’m scared of sharks! Someone trade with me. Cesc, buddy, come on. You’re much more the shark than I am. I’ll have nightmares for a week if I wear this! Sik sukim sim!

    Cesc: (shaking head)…Gallas would never have agreed to this when he was Captain…

    Bacary: Elephants have good memories.

    Theo: Weeee! I’m a fluffy lion!

    PR Rep: 100m pounds of football players and I drive a Yugo. That Kroenke fellow better cough up some more dosh when he takes over!

  4. Fletcher complaining Wenger’s comments has made the refs target him more. Rooney was cautioned for saying 12th man.

    All i can say is after watching years and years of referee giving United an advantage, it’s funny to watch them moan when referees no longer giving them their usual leeway.

    Now to find something to do to survive the interlull

  5. and what i love about the fletcher comments is he says that united have to step their game up to overcome these unfair ref disadvantages. basically he admits united haven’t been the better team but got help from the refs on their way! twat

  6. Actually that foto of Theo, Cesc, Bac-Sag and Arshavin was taken a little while ago, pre-season, when they were trying out versions of the new third away kit…

    Also – for another larf -I just really looked for the first time at the pic you had up on last blog entry of John Terry’s goal. Have a look at John O ‘Shit on the goal line -“Ewww! Don’t hit me with that nasty ball!” Heeeee-larious!

    Mmm…god I hate these international breaks.

  7. Shambogunner- i didnt get a chance to reply to you yesterday but One could say that Hleb and Flamini are replacable. No problem I think with what we got for the moment they are more then replaced. But just the fact that they had a big game time in the season before meant they had to be replaced by far more inexpierenced players or new players like Nasri.

    Last year we played a great part of the season without any of our 4 regular midfielders from the previous season. Name me one team that could do this and even get 4th spot. Or name me one manager who could do this apart from Arsene Wenger ?

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  9. Lmao @ the Drogba vid. Lampard couldn’t give a shit about him it seems. So much for the Chelsea team spirit.

  10. Are we going to score 100 goals this season?

    A lot of people are critical regarding the international break but i think it is a good moment to see how we have developed until now.

    So, the competition is now 11 weeks old (and for most of the teams that means 12 games). Our missing game is against Bolton, pulled because we had to play Celtic in some game or other.

    And thus it is time for the next overview. Are we still doing better than last year or not? The best way to keep up the comparison is to see at the games from last year and same games this season.

    As I already reviewed the first 6 games I will only mention the scores.

    Last season This season

    Everton – Arsenal 1-1 Everton – Arsenal 1-6

    Arsenal Portsmouth 1-0 Arsenal Portsmouth 4-1

    Mu – Arsenal 0-0 Mu – Arsenal 2-1

    M City – Arsenal 3-0 M City – Arsenal 4-2

    Arsenal – Wigan 1-0 Arsenal – Wigan 4-0

    Fulham – Arsenal 1-0 Fulham – Arsenal 0-1

    On came Blackburn to the Emirates and we gave them a good trashing and won 6-2. Last year we beat them 4-0 so the same goal difference and also a good performance.

    Next was Birmingham to play in the Emirates. Now Birmingham didn’t play in the PL last season so I think the best way to compare them could be done with a team we will not play this year, so I took the first game we played at home against a team that went down at the end of the season and this was West Bromwich Albion.

    In fact our first game of the season. Last year we won 1-0, scored early on but couldn’t make the game over until the final whistle. This year we won against Birmingham 3-1 in a rather more convincing way.

    For the next game we went to West Ham and we drew 2-2. Last year we won 2-0. So the result this year not so good. Still wonder how we conceded 2 goals with no other shots between the posts, but life is not always logical.

    On came the nightmare of last season….the spuds. Last year 4-4 draw, much to the delight of the DVD shop at White Hart Lane and this year we let them know who is THE team in North London and send them back with a 3-0 in their bag. So a better result than last year. There are still a few mugs left available in the Tiny Tott Shop.

    Last weekend we went to Wolverhampton and as newcomers I also had to pick a relegated team from last season. The first away game against such a team was Middlesbrough and we drew 1-1 over there. This year we won rather simple with 4-1.

    So over to the conclusions:

    Last season we had a total of 19 points after these games out of a possible 33 points and this season we have got 25 points in these games. That is a gain of 6 some points.

    Our goal scoring has improved immensely as we scored 36 goals this year and we had only made 15 goals last year. That is more than the double. If we could maintain this scoring form for the rest of the season we could be well over 100 goals, in fact if you extrapolate it with your calculator it will give you 124 goals. Would be nice but I will settle for any number containing 3 figures.

    Last year, we let only 10 goals in and now 14 goals this year so this is not so good.

    Regarding the performances on the field, which of course is subjective, they are far, far, far better than last season.

    So I think there is even some more cause for optimism so far. But just how exciting are Arsenal. Here is the table…

    In what follows here is the number of goals scored and number of goals scored per game. It doesn’t include monday night’s game.

    Arsenal 50 4.5
    Liverpool 41 3.7
    Blackburn 39 3.6
    Bolton 39 3.6
    Tottenham 40 3.3
    Burnley 40 3.3
    Sunderland 39 3.25
    Chelsea 37 3.1
    West Ham 36 3
    League average 702 3
    Everton 32 2.9
    Hull 35 2.9
    Man Utd 35 2.9
    Wigan 35 2.9
    Wolves 34 2.8
    Aston Villa 32 2.7
    Fulham 28 2.6
    Portsmouth 28 2.3
    Stoke 27 2.25
    Man City 35 2.2
    Birmingham 20 1.8

    (Figures taken from the Guardian)

    So Arsenal are one and a half times more exciting than the average for the League.

    Not only are we going to go through the 100 goal barrier we are going to score 124 in the league.

    Impossible? Of course. Just as impossible as having an Unbeaten Season. Just as impossible as winning two doubles. Just as impossible as 49 unbeaten. Completely impossible.

  11. Who ever said that ‘footballers have no sense of humour’? I don’t know either. I just made it up.

    If that quote did exist though then Darren Fletcher would be exempt. He believes, wait for it, that comments made by Arsene Wenger earlier in the season have resulted in him being singled out by referees.

    I needed that good laugh!

    So there you have it, Wenger has made referees hate Darren Fletcher and now the poor little darling is suffering for it as a result.

    How Fletcher has even come to this conclusion I don’t know. Old red nose must be spoon feeding him whatever he drinks because as far as I’m aware Wenger has never even named Fletcher as the culprit who booted our players up and down the pitch during the clash with United earlier in the season.

    What Darren Fletcher needs to realise is that instead of blaming Wenger for the amount of fouls he gives away in a game he should take a look at himself. Its not Wenger’s fault that he runs around kicking players and is in fact, a dirty little fouling bastard.

    Reading what Darren Fletcher said made me laugh and I pissed my pants. So I want some new ones. Then again reading a lot of stuff coming straight out of Old Trafford makes me wet my undies. So they owe me loads of new pants.

    So much crap comes out of the corridors of Old Trafford and most of it is very hypocritical. Nothing is ever Manchester United’s fault and is always everybody else’s.

    I think that Fletcher should come out and give Arsene Wenger an apology. Wenger has never named him as the player who ran around booting players in the air and perhaps Fletcher should look a little closer to home before announcing that Arsene Wenger influences ref’s.

    Because Alex Ferguson doesn’t do it does he?


    1) D.Drogba
    2) E.Adebayor
    3) D.Drogba
    4) A.Cole
    5) S.Blatter
    6) D.Drogba
    7) S.Alardyce
    8) C.Ronaldo
    9) D.Drogba
    10) D.Drogba

  13. Cover for Song? Of course we have one. And he’s better than Song. Remember Denilson? That man, is really really good. He learned from the best, Mr Gilberto.

  14. My thoughts so far: At last, a system change and we ARE much less predictable. But, we must have plans B and C to switch to in games either because we must or because it can confuse the opposition. We have so many midfielders and yet we don’t dominate like we should. I reluctantly look to Fab (who is so miserable, what’s up?) and to AW to find him a trusted play mate. TW is an inspired signing (and I’d pay my money just to watch his excellent positional play). Can AW do the same for a goalie? And we still need someone to guarantee a minimun 20 goals – none of our strikers is on form – very very worrying. I know we have scored a lot but not from strikers. Do they stay behind purely to practise shooting from set pieces (at least an hour) and from close-tackling play in the box? However, we’ve been plagued by injuries again and we still haven’t fielded our best side. I hope it’s awesome and will put Clichy, Sagna, Diaby, back in the groove.

  15. @derek, Van Persie is in a blistering form and he is our main striker. It is critical to get our goals from different players as some forms will dip eventually at some point. That’s exactly what happened in past years. The goals dried up and there was no one to turn to.

    By the way, Drogba is a diver, no question about it, but there are lot of them in this league. I’m not even trying to name names. ManU’s defender put the karate kid to shame with his studs on Drogba’s ribs. I couldn’t believe he got away with that. But and again this past week was a nightmare for refs everywhere. Was it a full moon or something? That college woman was doing the ultimate fight in the football field here in New Mexico and the refs did not see it.

    The guy brushing his teeth was just funny. My friends and I were watching the game and I spotted the guy brushing his teeth. We went back and checked the DVR and watched it again. That was hilarious! No one around him seemed to be bemused and thought may be it is common in England.:)

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M8uCKK5Cvs
    hello all my fellow gooners….hello walter and nonny
    i said id get in on the act with the funnies…check out two of englands finest in action as eduardo and now ngog are accused of bringin the beautiful british game into disrepute
    andy wot did you make of fletchers comments????i mean lads if we wer to root out all the decisions they hav received over the years youd be amazed…but they seem to hav developed amnesia sice mike riellys retirement….pedro mendes goal from halfway any1?rooney dive vs sol?etc etc etc etc etc

  17. @redmike.
    that was funny mate but the anelka autobiography one is freakin hilarious and i challenge any1 here not to laugh out loud at the end…u hav to check it out lads seriously…anelka,cashley and paul dickov all gettin rinsed….class

  18. Yeah, i’m sure they were no terminator jerseys……and i’m sure brushing in the stands must be very common in England
    I’m choking now
    C’mon SHAMBO….where’s ICEHAMMER?
    Andy, what have we done to this guy?

  19. good evening fellow gooners,well i have to say the season is ticking along quite nicely and hopefully our players will return from the international break without further injuries,as said earlier lets no get carried away with the results so far as good as they have been.i feel the chelski game will be a huge test as we will be playing against a difficult defence to break down so it will be interesting to see how we cope and as we all know on our day there is not a team on the planet that can live with us, i hope the 29 november is our day.

  20. A shame that I’m injured. Lucky I have so much Dragonball Z to watch. Also, I hope the boss gets rid of Vermaelan. He is not scoring enough goals.

  21. @Bruce in Atlanta – you forgot Drogba! The term horrible cunt could have been invented for this man. If you look up ‘horrible cunt’ in the dictionary it just says ‘see Drogba’. I heard that a few seasons ago he had an Asshole transplant – and the asshole rejected him (these are the jokes, folks!)

    Felcher of moan utd has a tiny weeny little dick. His nickname in the moan utd dressing room is ‘tweezer boy’. He was a really good player before Arsene Wenger said someone on the moan utd team keeps kicking our players. Now Arsene has gone and spoiled it all and the refs keep stopping him every time he fouls some one. It’s not fair and he’s quite right to have a cry and a wittle tanty about it.

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