Official: Arsenal sign Squillaci

Arsene Wenger has confirmed the signing of French centre-back Sebastien Squillaci from Sevilla.

“We needed a centre-back of quality and experience if possible, and at the right price – he was all of that. He is a real defender and is good in the one against one, good in the air, and can score goals on set-pieces as well. I believe he will be suited to the English game. He will train with us tomorrow morning, but will not be involved on Saturday. I made a bid on the day Sevilla played in the Champions League, so he did not play as he was waiting for the transfer.”

There will be more comment to follow shortly regarding Squillaci’s signing.

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  1. Wenger’s way is becoming very very interesting. Now is the time for us to get a new goalkeeper. Almunia time is up.

  2. Squillaci has signed a three year deal at The Emirates, fee undisclosed but reputed to be around £6.5 million.

    I wonder what happened to Wenger’s policy of only offering one year contracts to players over thirty. Gallas mave have stayed if offered more than one year, but would that have been a good thing?

    All we need now is a ‘keeper and we can look forward to a successful season.

    C’mon The Gunners!!!

  3. Andrew Weber. Remember we only have 5 days left to the closed of transfer window. There is no more time. Almunia need to go

  4. Yeah, this is great news. Im glad we got him. One more signing (a gk) and we will have a realistic chance of winning the title.

    @ John – Gallas is 33 years old now, so offering him a long term contract wouldnt have been a sensible move.

  5. Am happy chose to give a 3 yr contract to new sighing Squillaci and not renewed Gallas’ cos for me the latter was already showing signs of old age and thus was not going to be reliable. every challang on him always scared me as he looked to have picked an in injury

  6. Ms Wenger is quoted as saying we have 4 great goalkeepers and are not close to signing another, perhaps Squillachi can also play in goal!!!!

  7. I sense that this will be our last signing.
    We badly need a goalie but I’m afraid AW thinks he got enough of them.
    We now have the most competitive squad since 2004/05 season; all areas seem to be well covered except the GK position & I think his decision not to buy a goalie will come back to haunt him sometime mid season when Almunia & Co start to give away silly goals.

  8. @ Gibbs,

    Gallas was only worth a one year contract at most. I’m willing to bet that Squillaci is on less money than Gallas was.

    @ MTY,

    Wenger knows that he needs to buy a new ‘keeper, after all he has had two bids turned down for Schwarzer.

    Nil desperandum!!!

  9. I hope this is not our last signing we badly need a new keeper remember porto and almunia @ MU and Birmingham and spurs the list goes on Pls wenger buy a keeper cause the ones we have are average
    As a matter of fact i would not even let almunia mow my lawn caue he would mock it up…….

  10. Iam very happy about signing of squillaci.I also has trust in almunia,but i think we need schwarzer.Wenger should told almunia that you and schwarzer should compete for first choice .I think almunia is better than what we have and loan out fabianski &wojceh,mannone as 3rd choice.I believe in Wenger and our players.COME ON GUNNERS.

  11. I must congratulate our manager AW for pouring cold water in my heart when my heart was almost broken especially when i heart he has gone back to sevilla. My fear has been on our defence because we play the best football but concedes the cheapest goals. One more defender will be enough to carry the league title.

  12. well,we have to congratulate Asene Wenger for the good job he has done for us by signing sabastine squillaci.But try and sign that Ajax keeper for us.keeper will definitely give us a trophy at least this season.we are dying for a trophy at least.

  13. I question if squillaci still has it. I would have rather seen us splash cash on someone with more upside. I hope he doesn’t turn into a silvestre.

  14. John, I think Arseblogger addressed the over matter why Squillaci was signed on three year deal quite well the other day. Why would anyone come to Arsenal for a one year dear? No appeal.

    I think its ok for Wenger to be flexible with his 30 year rule. It worked well for us with Campbell last year.

  15. We need a good goalkeeper now but,I don’t think we will get it.Squillaci is not a bad signing but still Wenger should sign a goalkeeper before.I would be suprise to see a goalkeeper at Emirates in this transfer window

  16. I understand that we are better off defensively than last year with the new signings.. but isn’t the defensive pairing equally important? I hope we can sort that out asap…

  17. If we can get one more signing the better more so in the defence to protect Almunia,even if you xpose Petre Cech he wil concede more than Almunia so, its time we or AW signs a great centre back who can command with such authority as Vermaleen does.

  18. The calibre of players are very much ok we now have a team that can give us trophy,but what arsene wenger should know is that Almunia is not good enough wit silly mistakes,AW shud sign a new gk.

  19. Congratulations on the signing of the defender. Arsene should work equally hard to secure a reliable goal defender before the windows close on August 31. This could be our year of glory

  20. This season seem to be aseason full of hope coz arsene wenger has done agood job as far as defence is concerned.agoal porcher is like arsenal legend thiery henry want we need my opinion.

  21. I have to agree that signing a first-class goalkeeper is long overdue – a long time since we had one. Let us hope that we can escape a series of long-term injuries and maybe – just maybe – we can win something this season. Plenty of cover elsewhere now but, please, AW, bring in a top ‘keeper.

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