Official: Aaron Ramsey has signed for Arsenal

Just a quick update to announce that Aaron Ramsey’s transfer from Cardiff City to Arsenal has been made official.

The official Arsenal website has a factfile on the young Welsh winger that you can read here and an interview with Welsh football writer Steve Tucker about Ramsey here. They’re definitely both worth a read, especially if you’re like me and know next to nothing about the youngster.

Good stuff. I’ll have more to say on Ramsey’s signing shortly, but right now I need to catch up on some sleep after getting up nice and early to watch the Netherlands amazing win over France.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you have to think about the signing of Ramsey, especially if you know a little bit more about him than I do. Cheers.

What do you think?

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  1. Welcome in to the GUNNERS Ramsey
    hope all the best for u in the squad..
    we all support u in all the way to the glory for Arsenal..

  2. At the moment I’m looking foreward to watching us in the cc than the league with all these youngsters like randall, gibbs, song and now ramsey rather than our 1st team that’s starting to look depleted with hleb apparently off to bayern and ade’s agent (surprised anyone?) saying he wants to go. Is vela going into the 1st team or do you think he will be given a run in the cups 1st? Go rvp scoring and beating france as much as I like the french team leaving out clichy and sagna was a mistake (biased no…) and malouda’s just a waste of space for club and country glad we didn’t get him but I’m pissed we missed out on ribbery. swap for hleb please.

  3. I have to agree that there has been some great football in this tournament. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it before it began, expecting a bunch of 0-0s and 1-0 draws. Let’s hope the attacking spirit stays around once the elimination stage begins.

    I would like the French team a lot more if Domench was not the coach and if they actually gave some of their younger players more of a chance. Having said that, Henry looked very good. Kudos to the dutch for playing such attacking football. Putting on Robbin and V.Persie when they were under-pressure turned out to be a master-stroke. Van Basten must have seen that there was space to be exploited.

  4. I’ve watched Ramsey in the FA cup beleive me this guy means business he is so comfortable on the ball he makes it look easy and can play in many different positions. To have M.utd, Liverpool and Everton chasing you it every player’s dream but we got him.
    Yes Ribbery was the best french player and Malouda was awful so was Thuram and Gallas they looked like a bunch of old men who couldn’t run. Its sad to see Thierry a shadow of the player we knew at Arsenal but still managed a goal with a fantastic touch anyway HE is an Arsenal legend and nothing will change that what ever happens to him now. Van persie was fantastic the annoying thing is he is always fit for holland once the season starts he disapears to the treatments rooms.He likened Holland to Arsenal in term of attacks in his recent comment. I have to say Van Basten got his tactics spot on. If ever Wenger retires It would be nice to see him manage Arsenal alongside Berkamp.I hope Holland will go on and win it now they’ve beaten the world cup finalists with style.

  5. le gunner now thats a good idea with van basten but dennis has stated he’s only going to coach in holland but I’d like to see adams in a coaching role as he’s arsenal through and through and he’d shore up our leaking defence for sure. Also huddink would be a good replacement when arsne retires but I think he will appoint his own sucsesor and who could blame him with the amount of time and effort he’s put into our club I’m sure we won’t be dissapointed.

  6. Interesting that Arsene Wenger says he can also play across the defence !

  7. Are we going to hope for Rambo to save next season? Come on, he is only 18 years old. It is big win (against ManUSA & Evertob) if he able hold a regular place in Beer Cup & FA Cup. Hopefully the first game in CC 08/09 is ManUSA and Rambo scores the winning goal like First Blood where he escaped all the tackles from Giggs,Schole, Brown etc and rounded Kuszczak before slot in an empty net.. Yahooooo.. Dream start the season.

  8. Im looking forward to the Carling Cup cuz we may see players like Ramsey, Walcott, Gibbs, Barazite, Wilshere, Vela, Song, Djourou, Traore, Lansbury and Merdia much more. Ramsey seems to have a lot of potential and any youngster can do well at the Gunners so good luck to him. Id like to see Walcott and Ramsey featured alot this season. As for the Dutch, surely they must be favourites, i have changed from spain (1st) and Dutch (2nd) to the other way round.

  9. Ramsey is a seventeen year old gifted Welsh midfielder who, despite his young age, had already made an impact at U21 level (7 caps) and has been touted as the best Welsh footballer since Ryan Giggs. His preffered position is in central midfield, but Jones did not play him there a lot last season due to a percieved lack of physcial strength. He played for Cardiff in a range of positions last season, including full-back, central midfield and on both wings, as well as as a foward. He looks to have amazing potential and will doubtless have great sucess at Arsenal. His passing ability and composure on the ball are two of his greatest attributes, and as a die hard Gooner i am greatly looking foward to his debut for the club.

  10. ummm…somebody explain to me how DB10 plans to coach a big club if he won’t get on an airplane??? I just can’t see him at Arsenal.

  11. db10 = dennis berkamp = 1 of arsenals best.
    That’s why he’s only going to coach in holland won’t fly.

  12. Yes Dennis has a phobia of flying.this is the reason why he hardly played any away games in C.league. Maybe that is why we never won a european cup he could’ve made a difference.
    Adebayor has finally got what he wants a pay rise and that will shut him up and his agent they will offer him a new deal and bump up his salary.Money talks.
    Apparently Chelsea are going to buy Kaka, Robhino, Ronaldinho and maybe the entire brazilian squad because they appointed Scolari.Its a bit sad when people get carried away and start to beleive Scolari is going to win everything next season.He can buy the entire Brazilian squad.This is the Premiership not volley ball on the sunny beach of Rio de Janeiro. Tough tacklers and horrible weather.Only one Brazilian considered to be a success in the premiership and that is Gilberto.All brazilians can’t cut it in the premiership no sun no Samba no tanned women no fun. Just hard tacklers cold weather and some muddy pitches like Wigan.Good luck Mr Scolari and your Brazilian squad.

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