No time to bask + a perfect description of Arsenal doom and gloomers

Everybody still feeling good today? I know I am.

With a trip to Burnley just around the corner there’s little time to bask in the glory that was Sunday night, but if you ask me that’s probably a good thing. The Christmas period usually means plenty of games and we have a real chance to get some consistency and momentum going with consecutive games against Burnley and Hull before the jolly, fat man with the beard arrives.

Arsene Wenger and the lads are obviously engaging in serious preparations for Wednesday night’s game because there’s precious little news going around. Theo Walcott has jumped on the bandwagon of talking about how great Andrey Arshavin is while these comments from Wojciech Szczesny suggest he certainly has the right character and attitude to one day solve our goalkeeping problems.

Aside from there’s not much I’m afraid.

As a result I will refer you to the most accurate (not to mention funny) article I have ever read about the fickle nature of internet football fans. It is written by Tony Attwood from Untold Arsenal (certainly one of the best Arsenal blogs out there) and is entitle “How to be an Arsenal doom and gloomer in ten easy steps”.

Just click the link above to read it and I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

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  1. In January going into February. Arsenal have consecutive games against Aston Villa, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and then whoever they get in the Champions league draw! That sounds like a tough couple of games to me!! not to get the mood down but Arsenal really need to buy some talent in the transfer window if they want to get through it.

  2. I’ve been banned by arsenaltruth blog for tellin him he is a miserable git and having the temerity toquestion his take on arsenal. and the trt is he is a miserable git, you wonder why these people support arsenal, if they wanted to moan they should support liverpool or the spuds.

    We have had it soo good over the last 13 years. i’ve been an arsenal man since 89 and count myself privilaged to support such a wonderful team.

  3. yep still loving the glory of sundays win! Yesterday i wore the 08-09 yellow away strip with van persie on the back and today i wore the 07-08 white 3rd kit with Cesc on the back!

    Mandatory thrashing is required on Thursday morning. no turning over by Burnley, we simply need a big old 4 or 5 nil pumping! although if its 1-nil ill take the 3 points too!

  4. great piece on both sites – untold arsenal and this forum are the only ones i like to visit. good stuff lads/ keep it up.

    now lets get the 3 points tomorrow.

  5. Thats more like it lads a more positive approach. Just think what we could be doing if we had a world class specialist striker? When Theo develops his basic skills to marry up with his pace he will be awsome, until then we have to be patient. Hopefully the players like Vela, Nasri and Diabi will start gaining confidence and believe they can beat the Uniteds and Chelseas fo the world, we just need to back them folks!

  6. love the link.
    perfect description of a regular commentator, who’s negativity makes me wonder if he/she is really a fan

  7. Hi Andy,

    many thanks for the mention on your blog.
    glad you enjoyed the piece.

    and welcome to unoldarsenal as well. 🙂

  8. Arsenalman, only comment worth discussing. If Wenger does not bring in any new players in the Jan2010 sales, how many games from your list do you think they WILL win. Do you think this could make or break the push for the title. To you fans out there, if you had the opportunity to purchase one player(short term fix) for one position who and what position would that be. How about Rudd Van Nistelrooy. Sorry Keone! How much do you think Wenger needs to spend to keep the dream alive.

  9. theicehammer, thxs for commenting on my comment, i thought everyone was ignoring it. Personelly i would buy the french striker Gomis, the always noted Chamakh or someone with the experience such as Van Nistelrooy/Huntelaar as either would play great with Van Persie next season making a great partnership. It would be an immediate replacement and a long term signing. Of course the same cannot be said about van Nistelrooy.

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