No-one new signings for Arsenal but Senderos sticks around + Eduardo ban confirmed

It’s a very late, very brief post today in the wake of the closing of the transfer window.

By now you will surely know that it was a hugely uneventful final day, with no new signings coming in. I said in yesterday’s post that I was hoping a defensive midfielder would come in to cover for Alex Song but alas, it was not to be. It’s clear that nothing particularly tickled Arsene Wenger’s fancy and he’s confident enough in the squad he has and, like it or lump it, we simply have to accept it.

The one positive from yesterday’s business was that we surprisingly held on to Philippe Senderos. The Swiss defender – who had supposedly signed for Everton a few weeks ago – has stuck around to give us much-needed in an area that I feel we needed it. He will now undoubtedly slot in as the fourth choice defender and when you stack Senderos along with William Gallas, Thomas Vermaelen and Johan Djourou you have to think we have enough quality and experience in that area of the pitch.

Despite a kajillion hits on the blog yesterday from people desperately wanting to see a signing, the big news of the day turned out to be Eduardo’s two-game Champions League ban. You probably don’t need me to tell you that it’s an utterly ridiculous decision given the current state of the rules and should UEFA refuse the appeal that Arsenal are likely to throw back at them then they will be opening an enormous can of worms.

Every club in the Champions League will feel within their right to challenge any dive that goes against them and, as good as that might prove for the game, it’s going to create an enormous amount of work for the powers that be at UEFA and some hugely contentious decisions. Watch this space, I reckon.

Anyway, I’d better leave it there. More preparations for Malaysia to get stuck into. Ciao!

Have your say on the transfer window or Eduardo’s ban by leaving a comment.



  1. I think we shold start mourning because, we are finished.
    But let us wait for the miracle to as yuo cant garantee mirachie bacause you never know which miracle is in your farvour.
    But,but, Wenger should expect the worst backlash of his life, if he does not win any thing this season.
    God day crying fans.

  2. The (lack of) transfer activity was not a surprise to me, given AW’s approach in recent transfer windows. That said, if you set aside Man City and Real Madrid, no one has been that active in this window. A sign maybe that the Credit Crunch is catching up with top flight football? I also believe that the aforementioned clubs have over-inflated the market, making for over priced players at a time when clubs are having to watch their finances very closely.

    As for the Eduardo decision. It is a shame Edu has become the test case for what will be an extremely difficult precedent for UEFA to maintain. How a player can receive a 2 match ban (retrospectively) for something that, had the ref seen it, would have been punished by a yellow card is beyond me. The fact it was for ‘deceiving the referee’ also means the law is open to all sorts of interpretation. It will be very interesting to see how future cases are dealt with by this ruling that has clearly been made up on the hoof!

  3. I’m not very surprised about not signing a defensive player at all, maybe you have to consider that Arsenal have built a new stadium recently, there are lots of debts I think, so be it!

    As to Eduardo, I feel a bit pity! I don’t think that’s the right way to avoid dives neither. Considering that foul to Shava, it is really disgusting, so what’s the moral of the story? Keep the faith, keep believing in gratification in the end? Just carry on. That’s life. Don’t feel bitter. Something like that.

    And nice holidays. I will miss your articles a little bit.

  4. I don’t know y arsne wenger decide 2 do this 2 we fans despite d four years trophyless season,and he earns 40 millions pounds from the sales of kolo and ade,and he refuse 2 bring new players.But i think this should be d worst season ever or y did he keep d money.

  5. If Song gets injured i think Arsene may try Eboue.I see it’s our only option to cover song.Anyone else can fill in on your opinion or any other midfield change can do?

  6. We are going to be very very thin for the African Nations Cup- though theoretically we can buy during the January window…

  7. I dont think this is going to be our wost season ever. Yes I wanted AW to sign some, and Yes im annoyed that we didnt. But we are playin some lovely stuff at the moment and were unlucky to lose to United. We have Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky and Fabregas to come back from injury. I understand people fustrations about the ACN and with Song and Eboue going, however there is always Januwary and im sure even AW will at least bring a CM on a 6 month loan deal! Im upset we didnt sign anyone except Vermaelen, but so far this season our team have shown we dont need strengthening. So lets get behind the lads. We have a good crop of youngsters for the CC. The FA Cup isnt beyond us and I feel we wil go strong in the EPL this season. We hav a very easy UCL group and the knockout stages are after January.

  8. Iam glad the transfer window is finally closed although we sadly didnt sign delight lies in the fact that those who were thirsting for our truly Fabregas wont do that. Despite AW not signing any new players our position, as it is,is okay. Let’s push our weight behind the little boys. Truly, they are playing fantastic football.

  9. I know every one wanted to see a new signing on deadline day but its too late ! we all need to get behind the manager and team ! have a little faith people were of to a great start so far apart from the manure match wich we were robbed ffs. I think we have a pretty strong squad wen you think about it Nasri, Theo, Rosicky have all still to play a competive match yet and the likes of young ramsey and jack wiltshire to fall back on we should be in good stead !
    my biggest concern is the likes of eboue, diaby, song, theo, and denlison its up to these guys to step up there game from last season u can see a difference already another year wiser lets just hope they keep it up

  10. the fact is since ades departure to now we have received 71m….wots happening here and in every conversation between our fans is dat some are saying wer strong enough and some guys hav improved while others are sayin we are weak in the goalkeepin department aswel as defensively wher we may lack quality cover when ACN and injuries/suspensions come along.if you are honest both arguments are legitimate if were to seriously challenge come may.
    this is where were all gettin bogged down and into arguments about individuals (tom 14).there is only 1 real question to be answered and it is this my friends; considering the afore mentioned 71m could it really have hurt our situation to hav spent maybe 15-20 mil on 2 QUALITY footballers just to leave us covered????the answer is of course NO it wouldnt hurt us as 51m still represents good business and would go along way to repayin the stadium. the manager is as stubborn as he is brilliant and he has been building this team for the last 4 years and has taken alot of stick inside and out of our club in recent years…this is why i believe he does not make big or many signings as he wants to be able to vindicate himself when the team finally come good and win a trophy,the only question is when will they be good enough,as a whole squad, to give him his chance to stick up 2 fingers, and is his stubborness gonna cost us another fruitless season….i think hes taken a huge gamble once again and i hope,for his sake and ours, that he can get the best out of this bunch and that their finally ready to be contenders because their ‘kids’ status is diminishing every year and we need leaders now
    also i have to laugh at some people claiming wer better then last year and that wer gonna be there at the end based on 3 PL games thus far…get a grip.we are always capable of playing the brand of football we have been lately,consistency,injuries/suspensions aswel as strength-in-depth and luck are the ingredients for a PL title and you can only judge how far the team and individuals have come at the end of a campaign
    finally a thought for cesc,arsha,RvP,sagna and clichy who while the window was still open claimed that we needed 2/3 new bodies in around the place- im sure these guys are as dissapointed as us and they themselves know the quality of player they are training with and their statements shouldav been noted maybe by the manager

  11. Wenger has always suggested the using of video technologies to assist the referees. The authorities has always opposed to such an idea. Yet, now, they use video evidences to punish a player. What kind of logic is this?

  12. it was posted yesterday english premiere league clubs spent over 100 million pounds less in transfers this year compared to last summer.
    i am like everyone else would have liked to see 1 or 2 new signings for defensive holding mid, and a center back, but i believe in this team and think we have the talent to push hard for silverware this year without any new signings as long as we dont get hit with too many injuries at once. And also There is still another transfer window in january, i believe that if we arent on top of the table we will still be close and if arsene thinks we need to add then he will do it in the january transfer window.

  13. AW knows what his doing. at the moment his playing a mind game with Bordoux. thats axectly what i wouldve done. in january, the end of marouane”s contract is coming closer to the end, and that is the time they wont refuse whatever AW is ofering. they know, the next six months after that, they will sit without that player anyway and with no money to show for it. there is no way that they will refuse an offer from AW in january.

  14. We can always play Djourou at DM. With Senderos another option now at CB there will surely be more opportunities to play Djourou in his favoured position, which will add athleticism and height to the equation. A good idea?

  15. I wasn’t surprised he didn’t bring anyone new in. What I’ve seen so far this season suggests we’ll cope fairly well.

    However, cover at centre back and defensive midfield would have been very welcome. Basically we remain two or three injuries away from having to play Manone and Sylvestre, and that’s a worry.



  18. Interesting to see the comment we did not sign a defensive player “at all”

    Vermaelen would be surprised

    As for the central defence Gallas, Vermaelem, Djourou and Big Phil I reckon are just fine

  19. i believe the gunners will surprise many this season. Let’s go about the job quietly, kind of like chelsea is doing right now…just letting the points do the talking. We didn’t sign anybody…ok, let’s get on with it. We need to give the gaffer and the boys the much needed encouragement. C’mon GUNNERZ…lets unleash mayhem on them

  20. im not really impressed i am not so sure if we can win this season. it dosent matter what some fellow gooners say who are living in some fantasy world..i mean if song gets injured what are our options??? we gave what we have against united still came out with nothing and everybody keeps telling we were better we outplayed them etc etc the matter of the fact is we were realy average its untied who are strugling without ronaldo and tevez and as far as team is concerned as long as we have player like eboue who is actually a full back and started as farward against the champions i mean what was AW thinking and bendtner he is as useless as silvestre even worse i mean what has he done so far 15 goals last year in 50 appearnces and all of them against shit teams no matter what some of my arogant fellow gooners say to justify him he is a waste of space because performance is not judged by ability. i am really looking farward for the christmas period when we will panic buy to secure the fourth place and we wont cz we lost to a team who lost to a newly promoted team and there is no positive in that and as far as the transfer window is concerned well my eyes were opened last year when we didnt buy what we needed so im not realy worried cz we are only a selling club we sold henry and viera in there prime same is gonna happenn to cesc and that is what project youth all about develop young players sell them and make money.. com on people open your eyes

  21. Tis remarkable

    Suddenly on here it is “Our whole season relies on Song staying fit”

    Three weeks ago it was “Song’s not good enough, we gotta sign a DCM”

    Re-arrange the following words in the correct order;

    Knows – Happy – people – Arsene – some – but – are – never 😉

  22. Christian Ronaldo will be banned for life if UEFA is consistent with its penalties for diving. He’s be suspended for at least four games for every one game played.

  23. As you all mentioned above, the percedent that Eduardo’s ban sets is incredible burden to UEFA. They just don’t know it yet. As Wenger mentioned before, they made the decision based on emotions than logic. I’m sure it will come back to bite their collective arses!

    As to signing new players, I just don’t see any world class palyer that we all are asking for would come in and warm up our bench just in case he gets a chance to play. This is a world cup year too. It’s just not going to happen. I wonder if Wenger thinks that Denielson and Diaby will partner for defensive duty in Song’s absence. This is not far fetched considering the 433 we have been playing, is it?

  24. well no 1 said song is realy good cz he always fades against big teams. manure game a good example

  25. “jay-jay” said something very interesting that I didnt tough before.

    Our CL group is very easy so if we do fine until January then Arsene can boost the team in the market when some other teams will be tired and losing players to the African Cup.

  26. We have enough cover for Song – Djourou, Senderos, Coquelan, Frimpong

    I can’t understand why our “FANS” are wishing for us to have a bad season; so that you can have the chance to have a pop at Wenger?

    That is some distorted love.

    c’mon A-R-S-E-N-A-L

  27. Dont worry about lack of new
    signings, gunners supporters we have to be worried about losing quality players like Adebayo. Maybe AW is content with the current squad. gentlemen, time is a good doctor. As time goes on, all our problems will be healed.

  28. i believe in Arsene and i believed in Arsenal.if u luk at d squad, u will notice that i ve some quality players who are out injured like, rosicky, nasri, theo etc, we this qualities i dont think for me as a person dat we need a defensive midfilder.cos offensively we are very good.if those player dat are out injured are back, there is nothing stoping us.because it doesnt matter who is there.concerning d mautd match i feel we were robbed.if we continue like d way we stated the season, a defensive midfilder is not a problem.

  29. I feel strangely comfortable with the current squad. Song has progressed into a clear first choice DM. His play at the end of last season and definitely so far this fall has been outstanding. I think he has earned that starting role and it is well deserved. When he disappears into the African wilderness in January Denilson will be able to cover for a those few matches. By then Nasri will be back to play alongside Cesc with Ramsey and Wilshere waiting in the wings.
    The revelation that is Vermaelan is much more than a replacement for Kolo. He is a marked improvement. Keeping Senderos has bumped Silvestre back to 5th choice. Hopefully that washed up slow old man will never even see the bench in an Arsenal jersey again.
    Not to be overly hopeful, but if Rosicky plays this weekend and comes back in one piece, Arsenal will one more body to shuffle into the mix. And don’t forget Walcott will also be fighting for a starting spot as soon as his back heals.

    Even missing two of three starting CMs, Arsenal played ManU off the pitch and were unlucky not to get points. The test this season will be to get all possible points against squads like Hull and Stoke. Having stomped out massive wins against lesser competition, our boys seem to have corrected their problem of playing down to the competition.

    At least one trophy is coming Arsene’s way this season. I hope you all join me on the wonderful ride!

  30. In Arsene We Trust.

    The most relevant statement at the moment, keep the faith.

    Did anyone expect we’d thrash Everton 6-1 on day one?

    We’ll continue to surprise both critics and the opposition throughout this season.

    Just as we all should continue to support the club regardless.

    As previously stated, we still have four of the best players in the Premier League to return in Rosicky, Fabregas, Nasri and Walcott. The thought of a fully fit Arsenal squad is nothing but salivating imo.

    Bring on Citeh.

  31. I feel theres not really a need to buy a DM anymore, Arsenal arguably have the strongest midfield in the premier league with the likes of Rosicky, Fabregas, Nasri, Song

  32. Please guys don’t say that this team is better than the earlier season. It is just the formation and tactics of arsenal has changed. This season we more pressing the ball in the opponents half. This team still injury prone. Mostly our best player get out in the important match and we are reeling on our bench strength which is mostly of kids less than 21 years. As they are inexperienced they are prone to mistake. From the past two year in the Whole Arsenal Squad there is only one Decent CDM that is Song. Now talking about keepers one more important position still keeping faith in Almunia. But what next if he gets injured. Fabinsiki is not good enough for any arsenal side even for reserves. Now tell me the our depth in our squad. I am out of my optimistic thought and thinking realistic. Is there an title which arsenal could win this season ?. My answer an BIG NO.

  33. We can win but we need our swagger back. When a physical team comes to town we need to throw the first punch and be the aggressors. If we can do this consistently we will win the league…

  34. Am very sorry to here that the window transfer was closed without new signing in by Arsenal. Am so disappointed with Wenger’s polcies as far as window transfer is concerned because he has been preaching to the world of football that he would sign a new player before the window transfer is not closed.therefore, my advice to the board of Arsenal is that,they must get reformed by signing new stars so that the club should compete in the title race.

  35. Chelsea have just been hammered by FIFA for their dodgy transfer dealings. They can’t sign any players until 2011!!

    Not good news if you are an ageing side that finds success through big spending!

  36. I bet roman is pleased though as it’s only so long before the buying of players and paying off managers does burn a hole in your pocket and if they finish out of the top 4 they are well and truely up shit creek without a paddle.
    Just goes to show with the likes of manure and real madrid oweing huge amounts of money to various banks we have a tight ship and arsne to thank for us being one of the best managed clubs around.

  37. Im not really surprised with AW’s decision on the singnin, i beleive that most of us have predicted this to happen, on the other hand, I’m feeling ok with our performance so far, and especially if we will win Mancity next week, this will be for sure another big test for us and I beleive that the boys will make it happen, i just hope that Kolo would be on the bench but id love to see Bayor on the pitch to see it happenin.
    As for Dudu, i think that we gotta pay the price of what we sowed, beside, everybody saw that we were a far better team from away to home agst the scots so there is no worry.

  38. I should just like to extend my sympathy and pledge my support to our colleagues at Chelsea FC who have been banned from engaging in any transfer signings for the next two windows on account of being captured tapping up a young player

    I am sure there is not a jot of truth in it and the wrong wil be swiftly righted

    In fact when I heard it I was so stunned I nearly drove off the road 😉

  39. @ anicoll5 please say your being sarcastic as they deserve it after the ca$hley saga so who next milan for buying helb ice cream, barca for fabregas or real madrid for every player they signed this summer? I’m all for punishment to cheats and scammers but we can’t have fifa just make an example of the prem league or it will drive foreign talent away but ahhhh it just clicked ol platinni you have done it again you tosser.

  40. @ALGunner – Yes, the new formation and tactics do play a significant role in the improvement of the squad. How can you say this team is not better than last season though? Vermaelen is a true leader in the back. He’s playing much better than a disinterested and aging Toure. I still see Arsha as new from the beginning of last year and Song is significantly better than last season. Had he started this season the same way he started last, I’d be very upset at the lack of midfield signings. Denilson is very capable as a backup midfielder in one of many roles in the new system. Yes, more injuries to key players have the ability to decimate Arsenal’s chances again this year. This is the same for most clubs. Liverpool probably would have won last year had Torres been healthy all year. We would have won 2 years ago had Eduardo not been hurt. Until a devastating injury happens, I am very happy with the squad.

    Pump the positivity!

  41. hi guys
    if uefa punished eduardo 4 diving with 2games ban, wat happen to mike dean or what ever his name is for costing us 3 points @ old trafford and is uefa going to do dis hencfort to all players? if not they should be ready for days in court.







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