Newcastle 0-4 Arsenal: Was Thierry playing last night?

After benefiting from an hilariously fortunate opening goal just before the break, Theo Walcott and Nicklas Bendtner ensured Arsenal romped away with a 4-0 victory at St James’ Park.

The second-half finishing was particular impressive: Walcott producing two that had me rubbing my eyes and wondering if I was watching Thierry Henry and Bendtner adding a thumping strike of his own.

Down the other end Wojciech Szczesny recovered from an early mistake to put in a fine performance to register our second clean sheet in a row. He was commanding, brave and agile and his first big save, tipping away a fierce Alan Smith drive, was absolutely stupendous.

Only two players started from the Manchester City game – Johan Djourou and Denilson – as the manager shuffled his pack. The team was identical to the one I predicted yesterday with the only exception being Craig Eastmond’s selection in place of Henri Lansbury.

Bendtner and Walcott worked well together

We struggled to find rhythm in the first half as Newcastle put up  a very decent fight, but still we made chances. Without the assistance of a replay I can remember clear opportunities falling to Emmanuel Eboue, Walcott and Bendtner, amongst others. Newcastle also created their fair share as Laurent Koscielny was forced to save Szczesny’s bacon by blocking Nile Ranger’s shot and the Polish goalkeeper tipped Smith’s shot onto the bar.

The game turned on it’s head with the opening goal – a bizarre game of penalty-area ping-pong that resulted in Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul heading into his own net – and the second half was all Arsenal.

The most impressive aspect of the match was the combination between Bendtner and Walcott. The Dane was constantly coming deep to receive the ball, leaving space in behind for Walcott to exploit. It was intelligent forward play from a man who, in his first start for the season, looks physically and mentally sharp.

Meanwhile Walcott seems to have picked up where he left off before his injury. His pace was absolutely scintillating at times and his finishing was superb. Fears of him needing some time to get back to his best appear to be misplaced: his impact on the game was stunning.

As for other impressive performers, I thought Djourou and Koscielny were strong at the back, while Denilson was the best of our midfielders.

All in all a 4-0 victory away from home against Newcastle is a result to be proud of. We go into the quarter-finals of the competition now with Manchester United the only genuine threat to the trophy. I hope we win it and if Arsene Wenger can continue to field sides of this quality then it is a distinct possibility that we will.


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  1. I still can’t get over Szczensy’s performance. Now I really know what all the fuss is about, and why Brentford fans can’t stop talking about him.

    Wenger better keep a hold of this kid, he is our future number one!

  2. Sign him up Wenger. Otherwise he could go on a free, and we will miss out on a great goalkeeper.

    He seems a good talent.

    I would also bring in Reina and make Schezney number 2. But this will now not happen as Fab has been playing realy good.

  3. It will be better If we get Man United in the next round itself instead of semifinal or finals.Semifinal being a two legged tie ,we have to travel to Old trafford in a busy schedule…..Man united at emirates will be ideal in the next round

  4. yes, I think it was Thierry 😉
    it is such a joy to watch those different finishes, and these ones (of Theo) have been missing for a while I think 😎

  5. To say United are the only genuine threat is foolish. To play Villa, West Brom or West Ham away would be a tough challenge. The team that played last night would struggle for a win against all the three named.

  6. Yes, that’s exactly what I thought at one point in particular – the return of Henry! You just KNEW Theo was going to score!! Clearly a good overall result and Newcastle were very much up for the battle; we dealt with the raw strength of Ranger and Carroll well and ignored the unwelcome and largely ineffective contribution from the typically thuggish Joey Bastard (who really needs to drop a division or three). I was extremely impressed with our goalie – shades of Schmeichel at times – he didn’t look like getting beaten and even for his initial ‘error’, he at least made a positive decision to come for the ball, buying time for the defenders to get back to cover. And you always knew who was ‘in charge’ of the area, no question. For me, that was the most significant aspect of the night – apart from making it through to the next round. Great stuff.

  7. It does not matter which team we get now. Soon or later we gonna meet them its just business as usual. As the indian gooner said, better to have Manure next to avoid 2 legs on a semi with them.

    GK is marvelous and should be signed ASAP and he appear to stall and the club should pull in all the stops including giving him Premiership and Champiosns Leagues games to whet his appetite. Plus a fat pay deal. Did you see how he was effin while shouting to defenders? He is our future.

  8. Regarding Szczesny: I thought he was good in his first game. I don’t think we can make any conclusions from it though, just as we can’t with Fabianski’s return to form.

    He impressed, which was great, but what might have happened if Ranger had slotted past Koscielny and Djourou after his early misjudgment? Let’s not go overboard.

  9. I was having similar doubts about Walcott’s ability to bounce back from his latest injury setback but he seems to be able to maintain the great form he showed early this season. He will definitely bolster our front line.
    Good to see also B52 on target & the return of Kosch at the back was welcome as well!
    But for me the standout performance of the night came from the young Pole in goal. He got huge frame & amazing movement in his goal area. He made a couple of superb saves & his last minute huge punch to clear the Magpies corner kick proved that we got a great keeper waitnig in the wings for his opportunity in the bigger games!
    Any news on Gibbs? Poor chap; very unlucky with a run of injuries. I’m one of his biggest fans!!

  10. Don’t let us be carried away by this performance. I don’t see this team beating Villa, Brom, or Man u

  11. Whatever team should come. We have reserved different strokes for different team. As they come we repackage our team. It is not certain that yesterday’s team are to be used always.

    What is this fuss about this young keeper? How many keepers are we signing? Almunia performed more than this and we signed him – he has fallen out of favour. Have you seen Manone? Am his big fan.

  12. Dont panic everyone Flappy will fuck up in the next month and Szczesny will be numero uno by christmas

  13. @don…what’s wrong with u man? We want both keepers (Fabianski & WS) to do well. The better of the two shall claim the #1 jersey in the long run. We don’t want Fab to drop a clanger for WS to snatch the #1 spot.
    If you guys really like the team, then u gotta be behind each & every player thru thick & thin!!

  14. So I asked myself – Self, what is it about Carlos Vela that keeps him from maturing into his potential? Why did he seem so clumsy and unfit in what should have been a key opportunity to showcase his skills last night? When are we going to see this on a more consistent basis:


  15. Well Well great comments abt our keeper for a change, well the most intresting aspect i found was the way he screamed in the box to arrange the wall etc.. Initially a screw up when eboue wanted him to come for the ball and he dint while shielding the attacker and the one he missed really isnt an error well done to the striker on that… Yep shades of Schimecel seem to be in this keeper.

  16. Great display, the match was in control after the break. Surprised by Bendtner’s stunner, disappointed by Vela: he’s great, everyone knows his potential, but once missed the very first chance he disappeard. I would have loved to see more of JET, but I understand that AW would put minutes into Bendtner’s legs.
    Go Gunners

  17. Vela’s chance came very early. He had a good game after that, was always involved and saw plenty of the ball. Walcott and Bendtner scored the goals so they will grab the headlines, but the attackers all performed well and kept the Newcastle defence nervous.

    @Dumb Yank – give Vela a run of games and he’ll show you that stuff, I’m sure of it. He’s come from the bench and scored goals on a couple of occasions already this season. But it’s going to be tricky for him to get time on the pitch with the fantastic attacking players we have to choose from.

    Personally, I dont know why Wenger brought him off for Fabregas. I thought he might have brought Walcott or Bendtner off to save them for the weekend. In fact, I’m not sure why Cesc even came on. Does the appearance make him eligible for a medal should we win the trophy?

  18. It`s great to see players come back from injury and make an impact straight away.I am feeling so good about AFC,we are seeing the team that we always knew was there.Szczesny,I have been following his progress for a while now and,at last he has been allowed to show us what he can do…. Arsenals future no.1. I`m loving what I saw. Only down side…what is happening with Vermaelen?

  19. I agree with the above comment, I think at least Villa are very much a contender for the cup. Wouldn’t mind seeing them blast ManU out of the contest though. I thought it was a great performance all around last night.

    Party On!

  20. Agree we cant go overboard on Szczesny. good game but only his second Arsenal appearance

    good game from all but could have been better, and could have been a very differenet game is a couple of moments went against us but so could any football game

  21. My thoughts exactly, the way Theo scored those goals, it was like watching Thierry again. so impressive.

  22. It was a thoroughly enjoyable game, with the usual mix of scintillating attacking play with some nerve-wracking defensive stuff ups that fortunately we were not punished for. Koscielny looked good but am still not convinced by Djorou – although he made some good intercepts in the second half. His positioning at times seems not quite right. Vela is a mystery. I think he is too one-footed to be a success at the top level. Maradona could get away with it because he was a freak, but Vela lacks the pace to be able to compensate for his lack of a right foot. He might also check his studs because he seemed to spend a lot of time on his arse!

  23. Not quite Thierry but getting there. It was spectacular finishing by a very good young player who is maturing very well.
    Koscielny was great, considering it was his first game back after injury. Djourou got better as the game went on. He has had to adapt to two different defensive partners, both of whom play on different sides of the field. He is getting there, after his injury problems, this run of games will only benefit him.
    Overall, it was a great team performance and very enjoyable game.

  24. Jorou is an asset in our backline. He just needs a couple of games to get back to his best. By statistics we have not lost many high profile gmaes when this guy is in the box though he at times looks shaky. Remember the own against Chelsea at the bridge and the recovery arsenal made to win the tie. Dont underestimate the guy cause he gives aresnal the physical presence, and the aerial ability. Remember he is the tallest center half in our backline.He will easily partner Squilaci or kosnly

  25. i really impress with the team performance of two last game but can we please sign other strong new experience goalkeeper.

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