Nasri’s agent causing trouble – Vela confirmed – no more excuses

Just a quick post today with little going on in the world of Arsenal. Everything seems to be focused on Manchester United’s Champions League win and at the end of the day I guess that’s fair enough. Quite a good game too by the way.

Somewhat predictably, the transfer of Samir Nasri from Marseille to Arsenal did not go ahead yesterday as previously suggested. The general consensus was that Nasri would be signed up but comments from his manager Jean-Pierre Bernes have indicated that negotiations are far less advanced than previously indicated. 

“We are not in a hurry. It is true that we are examining an offer from Arsenal, which is interesting for Samir Nasri from a sporting point of view. But I have also received other offers.”

Interestingly, this is the first official word that Arsenal are interested in Nasri. But unfortunately, as Goonerholic has cleverly pointed out, Bernes’ big mouth may do more harm than good. Arsene Wenger will have to work out just how much he wants Nasri because now that the public has been alerted to the club’s interest his value is sure to rise. Agents, they really are annoying.

In other news, Carlos Vela has had his work permit granted and will join up with Arsenal for pre-season training in July. Good stuff.

Finally, Manuel Almunia has been talking about Arsenal’s chances for next season, indicating that there will be no excuses if the club don’t fight all the way to the end of the campaign. It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

And that’s about that. I have to say I’m feeling pretty average today knowing that Manchester United have done the double and our boys have nothing to show for their excellent season. Good things come to those who wait, I guess.

What do you think?

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  1. If he is stupid enough,not to play at Arsenal and let his big mouth agent do the talking then he can bugger-off! We can always look for someone who will not miss opportunity to plat at Arsenal.

  2. didn’t he say he’d love to play for Wenger…you see, that means more than a lot

    It’s just a matter of time, he’ll sign for us if not today then tomorrow

    I think wengers monitoring M Richards situation very closely too

  3. Nasri ….Come on and have your say? forget about your f***king agent who is only interested in more commissions. i hear the third offer is from Spurs who have offered 2.5 million pounds more than us. Nasri- Would you prefer to play for the 11th best team in the EPL?

    If i was Wenger i could buy both Ben arfa and Nasri and shut out those stupid cunts who are playing games with us.

    wenger – Please close this deals before the end of this week or else the wounded tigers will come after your targets with double sums…Remember Bosingwa’s case.

    I was happy that Cashley Cole who left Arsenal to Win titles was crying like a baby. Those are the titles you wanted….remember the Arsenal curse still goes on Henry, Llunberg,Cole, Flamini and possibly Hleb- next victim

  4. I have to say that I came to a realisation last night, and I’m sure many will disagree with me. It is something I’ve mentioned before but last night confirmed my suspicions. Watching the game, I couldn’t help but think about how Arsenal of this season would fare in a game of this stature. There is no doubt that these sorts of occasions always bring the best out of us, but last night made me want something else.

    I’ve never liked John Terry his whole career, but you could see how much he cared last night. Yes, he missed a penalty, but during the game he was magnificent. Every ounce of his being went to clearing that ball that was sailing towards the net. I was always of the opinion that English players are over-priced and not worth the money, and that we didn’t need them at Arsenal – nor do they suit us. I never subscribed to the idea that you needed English ‘lionhearts’ to win things as an English side. My friends always highlight the strength of the Premiership, to which I always reply is down to foreign investment and foreign money – but last night I thought the best players on the pitch were English.

    I thought for the first time how Arsenal could do with a John Terry in the side. Maybe we have underestimated British steel, and last night I yearned for the days of Tony Adams at the heart of our defence. After watching two teams of great quality put on a great show last night, it was clear that maybe we have something missing, and it was clear how wonderful we would be with the same ingredients.

  5. Last night I dream that Arsene moves Kolo to the position of flamoney and then he announce that he sign John Terry. (because Abrahmovich fire him for miss the penalty)

  6. ARSENE WENGER has tabled an £11million bid for the “new Zinedine Zidane” – Marseille’s Samir Nasri.

    Gunners boss Wenger is confident of making the 20-year-old France forward his first major summer signing after Nasri made it clear to Marseille that he wants to join Arsenal.

    Wenger has been tracking Nasri for several weeks and sees him as a versatile attacking player who can operate either wide or just behind the main striker..

  7. @ TDP – Interesting comments. I don’t think anyone is against having Englishman in our side, it’s just that there is not too many available for a price worth paying. I see your point but at the end of the day who could realistically be brought in?

  8. TDP, it is true that English players do have some ‘steel’ sometimes, but do you not think that most of the players at Arsenal care almost as much for the club as Terry does about Chelsea?
    I seem to remember the last ‘local lad’ in our first team, ‘a supporter since he was a boy’, fucked off to Chelski at the first sign of a bit of money..

  9. Completely fair comments guys, Ashley Cole is a good example of what is wrong with this idea and there is certainly no one of the type that would currently be available for our side. I would have signed Woodgate in January, but that may not have worked out either. It isn’t my intention to suggest that foreigners don’t possess this ‘steel’ either, as they certainly do. It’s just a matter of having a mixture of styles in our team – players who are perhaps not comfortable with slick passing and movement but have something else to their game altogether.

  10. The physical aspect of English players is what we miss most at arsenal.These guys (Terry,Lampard,Gerrard,J.Cole,Rooney,Scholes,Lennon,MRichards,Rio etc)add something to their sides and ofcourse their never-say-die fighting spirit is admirable.Its just that more often than not we fail to consider the long-term contribution of such players when valuing them.Remember Rooney’s case when he wanted a move away from Everton;arsenal felt that he was over-priced but considering his contribution to Man-Chesthumping so far and given that he’s got atleast 7 more years to play at the highest level, I think his price was right.He creates chances,scores etc(20million pounds or there about was his price).And that is why it may be worthwhile to go for MRichards.The guy is hardly 20 years or there about and is good but for his height.Imagine how good he’ll be when he’s 23,25,27……..

  11. i would agree with TDP and say that Arsenal need a few Englis pillars at the heart of the team. People like Gallas are just for show. they don’t have the pride as people like Terry or Ferdinand do. they actually would spill their hearts out for national pride.

  12. You guys either dreaming or taking the piss top english players like Rio Terry Lampard Rooney etc demand huge salaries all of them are on 100 grand a week minimum which Arsenal will never pay. Highest paid player at the moment is Fabregas and he is getting about 75 grand.In the past we were paying 100 grand Campbell Thierry Viera were all on huge Salaries and now because of the Stadium The wage structure was put in place and that is why the likes of Nasri are not in a rush to sign for Arsenal its all about money it is as simple as that.So keep on dreaming about Micah Richards of this world.We are wait until the stadium is paid or End like leeds or even M.utd who are 760 million in debt think wht would happen if Romna lives chelsea the word is DISASTER.

  13. English players are great and they definately have their place in the Premier League but I don’t feel they have anymore “steel” or “pride” than any other player. As much of a poor sportsman as Terry is he played his heart out in the final because he is John Terry not because he is English. To suggest that you can’t get “steel” and “pride” from other players is a bit ridiculous. What Arsenal needs is simply more players like JT minus his poor sportsmanship and ref berating not necessarily more English players.

    And believe me Gallas showed plenty of “steel” and “pride” in plenty of Arsenal games this season. Are we forgetting his late equalizer against United? We could use a player or two like JT, Gerrard, Rio definately but specifically British Steel? Rubbish.

  14. I have to agree with C-Bass on this one. Who has more steel than Cesc, for example? Or Sagna? Or Clichy? We do need good, tough, never-say-die players, but as Arsene has always known, talent and character don’t carry one passport for another.

    The Hleb situation is massively disappointing. People are already slagging him off, which is fair enough if he is leaving anyhow. But even if we get equal talent back in, someone like Nasri, it will be hard to replicate the almost telepathic understanding Hleb had with Cesc. My only knock on him as a player (beside the lack of goals) was that he seemed to wear down over each of the last two seasons, starting strong, and then fading in the crunch. Other than that, I thought he was a total joy to watch — it always felt like something special could happen when he had the ball at his feet. Given how exciting Arsenal were this year and how much the players accomplished together, I really don’t understand why these players don’t want to stick around. There are lots of great teams that are collections of players (ie inter), but being the part of this Arsenal team –with both its incredible football and its fantastic team spirit– has to be something that few players ever get to experience.

  15. VLC-You want to know why players like Hleb Flamini and add Adebayor in the mix don’t want to stick around and always prostituting themselves to other clubs the answer is simple-MONEY. Arsenal will not pay crazy wages anymore.They can all get the hell out.I have a lot of respect for guys like Clichy, Fabregas, with their talent they can earn so much money elsewhere and yet they never say a word about leaving and they certainly don’t go for an ice-cream in a dodgy alley in Milan.these are the players we want at Arsenal.and by the way Nasri is far better than Hleb in every departmnet and he is only 20.

  16. Let wenger bring Nasri by all means all we need is a real better replacement for Hleb who is leaving the club prematurely. We shall be watching Nasri with a lot of anxiety during the Euro.

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