Nasri gone, Udinese looms

Arsenal have agreed a fee, believed to be around £22 million, to sell Samir Nasri to Manchester City.

It’s unbelievable to see him go really, considering he only joined the club two seasons ago. He’s an ambitious, confident footballer who knows what he is entitled to and in many ways it will be a shame to see him go.

Nasri: goneskis

But if Nasri doesn’t really want to play for Arsenal anymore than there’s nothing we can do. However great a player he may become one day, like Cesc Fabregas, if he doesn’t want to give everything for our club then there’s no point in forcing him to stay.

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are at a crossroads at the moment. Two of our best players gone, neither of them yet replaced and a vital Champions League qualifier looms.

The good news is that, despite the weekend injury to Laurent Koscielny, our team looks in better shape than it did a week ago. Robin van Persie will return to the starting line-up while Johan Djourou, Alex Song, Gervinho and Emmanuel Frimpong are all available.

Defensively the manager has a decision to make. Does he rush Djourou back into the side or move Song into central defence to partner Thomas Vermaelen? The latter seems a safer option but it leaves an un-tried midfield combination Ramsey, Rosicky and Frimpong.

Exit tonight would be unthinkable, so much so that I haven’t really considered it.

We have been fortunate enough over the past decade to view Champions League qualification as a formality, but for the first time that is not the case. Let’s hope the boys can get the job done.

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A couple of people have asked which person won the Pelé Sports Radium competition that I recently posted on the blog. The answer, rather unfortunately for my more dedicated readers, was twitter user @2liverpoolfans. Kind of sums things up at the moment, doesn’t it? (No hard feelings though, guys, you’re as entitled to enter as anyone else!)

However, I will be running another Pelé Sports competition for all the Australian readers on Friday and on this occasion I’ll make sure it’s the Arsenal fans who get rewarded. So stay tuned.

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  1. I wholeheartedly concur dude.

    If his heart lies elsewhere, let it wander. Or if we’re being contextually appropriate – ‘Wanderlust’!.

    The sad thing is that he wont start for City. Where’as at Arsenal, he would without doubt be our star midfielder and certainly from a creative perspective, ‘run’ the side. But, if another hundred thousand pounds or so is worth more than regular, attractive football, so be it.

    It will be interesting though to see what kind of reception Gooners give him at our next City game. It wont be as bad as Adebawh*re, but I can’t imagine it being Henry-like that’s for sure.

    Speaking of our Togolese ex-friend, if he signs for Spurs, be it on loan or permanently, will he become the most hated ex-Arsenal player in recent memory?

    In some other good news, Traore is also fit for the Udinese game! Meaning Sagna wont be out of position, Jenkinson wont play his third game in a week and Miquel wont face yet another disastrously stressful test.

    Unfortunately, it’s being shown on a two hour 6:45am delay here, so I’ll be on a train on my way to Uni by the time Australia is able to watch it. But luckily I should be able to catch some updates in between a shower and breakfast.


  2. Thanks for the posting Drew,
    I think of Nasri as the modern mercenary footballer.
    It would have been nice had it worked but he is not ideologically committed to The Arsenal and that matters.
    Obviously a clean sheet would be vital for us. We haven’t defended too badly this year save a flukey own goal. Perhaps we could sneak through here and forestall or even avoid a full-on disaterous start to the campaign. I’m cautiously hopefull.
    @Gruggy Take your laptop dude, Links here:
    You’ll have to adjust the clock to your time zone but you will get the tilt.

  3. Good to hear from you guys.

    I hadn’t thought about Traore but, yes, he is available. I’d be tempted to leave him on the bench in favour of Jenkinson, though. Interesting to see what Wenger does.

    I’m too distracted by the nature in Sweden to get too stressed out about tonight’s game. But I will be making my way to a sportsbar here in Falun to check it out.

  4. Sad to see him go. I do however think he will be a starter at City. An attacking quarter of Dzeko, Aguero, Silva & Nasri is quite frightening on paper at least. For the Udinese game, I’m hoping to see Traore at LB so Sagna can return to RB. CB’s would be TV and Djorou (pls have a good game!) I guess. I hope there will be a solid midfield of Song & Frimpong (pls keep a cool head!) providing defensive cover and Ramsey as the creative force. Hopefully he can find the right through balls to Walcott & Gervinho. Or RVP can drop in and supply those passes. I suppose this isnt a good game to try out AOC or Miyachi but i sure would like to see these 2 boys play soon. And what about J Campbell? Anyone know if he’s in the main squad this season?

  5. We backed the wrong horse with Kroenk, seems just an asset stripper.
    The Chief Executive seems a duffer too!
    Can’t sell who we don’t want, can’t keep who we want to stay, and can’t buy adequate replacments.
    What chance has Arsene got?

  6. @ Jose – I also think Nasri will start. But there will be a hell of a lot of rotation going on at City, which is really why they should be much stronger than last season.

    @ Brian – Not sure about those conclusions, but a tough time has just passed. Replacements will come in, no question, will be surprising to see who.

  7. know something is happening in the background that we are not being told. I know Wenger is not a fool, i suspect this board of ours are behind our current crisis and it wouldn’t get any better even if we get a new coach.
    I am sure this wage cap thing is affecting us in the transfer market.
    That is why we lost Nasir, that is why no top player will come to our club, when you hear pple like etoo earning 60pounds/sec. why will you want to come to arsenal as a top player and earn less than 150k when taxes will take half of it ?
    The first step to attracting any top player is qualifying for the group stages of the champions league today.
    secondly, announce the lifting of that crazy wage cap.

  8. @Gruggy – ESPN showing it live at the sociable time of 4.45AM!

    Am feeling more optimistic about the Udinese game than the weekend’s. But then you have to have hope don’t you? As for Nasri, it’s a shame but if someone came along and dangled the kind of money that $ity can these days then who would knock it back?

  9. Am begining to smell some comprehensive victory tonight but i doubt whether we shall translate the same to the OT out fit over the weekend. Either way even though we loose the United tie ,we can win the title depending on how and to whom we are going to spend our money on. Can any one please give me a realistic replacement for Fabregas we can get in these remaining few days. Is it possible that we can get a new striker to partner Persie or B52 is staying to fill the void. I just hope Chamak gets a mid table team to train with otherwise he is not an arsenal type of player sorry to say that but enough is enough of him. Rosicky is totally used and suffering from Old age. Wenger should be sincere and reliev the guy of his duties because he adds nothing to the cause aprt from short purposeless passing of the ball in the midfield.He is at the moment utter crap as his days are past him.

  10. The doom and gloom here is highly overdone. Gunners, there is still a good midfield, ramsay, rosiky, etc. We hired them and they were of a good calibre. They should perform now. There is only the need for one more holding or defensive mid fielder and three defenders (two centre backs and a left back). The holding midfielder is to use as cover for song and wilshire in the lower middle. The extra centre backs are to strengthen the backline especially in away games and the left back is to stop the perennial raids down the left when you watch premiership games.

    That sure as hell will not cost almost 60 mil – we have earned that from the sale of people this year. In the transfer window in January we can also pick up a striker. In this season we have to believe in these guys. Harping about who left does not give support to those who are there.

    If Wenger would think (although it is hard in these tough times) he can come out of this much better. And I am sure as hell not a Wenger Fan. I have looked at the squad and see them play. It is not all that bad as people are harping. First deal with the obvious. The defense needs shoring up. When guys know there is a solid back line they play better in the middle and up front.

    Finally let us call a )I)(*&YY spade a spade. With all the fancy football of Cesc and Nasri. pssssssssssssst. They won nothing. Whether we like it or not that type of playing went out the door with them.. You count the passes now they are less and a bit more direct. That should get us more focused and hopefully more trophies.
    It is not all gloom and doom. Think positive. A new dawn awaits.

    Victory through harmony people

  11. Good riddance that nasri and fabergas have gone. The two were unsettling factors for the past one year. No good to have players who are not happy. It is far better to have willing players than unwilling ones. It is no use crying that players are leaving. Arsene brought this on the club and rvp the only world class player left in the squad might be the next one to depart at the end of this season looking for ambitious clubs like city, manu, liverpool or even spain or italy. No team in epl could win trophies when you have chronic injury prone mediocre players djujoro, diabys in the squad. Get rid off these two along with dustbin arshawin and walcott who can only run and nothing else.

  12. @Leftcoast,

    Great idea – but unfortunately I wont have internet access during my commute. I’ll probably wake up earlier and watch the second half via a stream.

    @Terry, Reliable ESPN, the only bad thing is their commentators.

  13. I said it 3 weeks ago, Cesc wouldn’t be sold until the day before Udinese 1st leg, Nasri wouldn’t be sold until day before 2nd leg. Is it a coincidence? No. To get the best deals possible to get as much £ for new players. Would you like to know why Wenger has stalled on more big names? Because the board won’t sanction fees/wages for new players until we get £25 mill from CL qualification. Only then can we maximise the fees/wages. No Champions League guarantee, no new major signings. If we get through tonight, signing Samba or Cahill, Y’Vila, Marvin Martin, Hazard by the end of the transfer window will be certain as the deals will no longer be on hold because we’ll be able to use the £25 mill qualification revenue on top of £60 mill (Cesc, Nasri) to maximise the transfer fees & wages to meet the other club’s asking fee and the player’s wage demands. Tonight may just be the most important Italian Job in the club’s history. So for now for we can say is, COME ON YOU GOONERS!!!

  14. I’ll state the obvious: Nasri was great during the first half of last season, before he was injured. Other than that period, he has been merely good. It’s anybody’s guess how he’ll progress from here.

    I can’t blame him for his wanting to double or triple his salary – I’m sure I would, too. Nonetheless, I hope he’s a FLOP at City.

    City’s spending is insidious. The “Clubs as vanity playthings for zillionaires” trend is quickly ruining the Premier League. It’s no longer a fair competition – it’s merely a spending contest.

  15. Lets consider the possibility (however slim!) that Arsene does infact know best, and to prove the depth, strength and mental toughness (don’t forget mental toughness!) of our current squad, he has sold our two best players and will use the “Carling Cup Kiddies” approach to shock our way into the champions league?????? I hope whatever team he plays will show some fighting spirit and get stuck in. Good luck and I’ll be watching from behind the couch.

  16. Personally, I’m extremely proud of the way the club is run. I think all this talk about a “disastrous” start to the season is sensationalist. 1 win, 1 draw & 1 defeat is no disaster especially considering the players we do not have through injuries & suspensions. Those calling for Wenger to resign are ridiculous, even more so the so-called Arsenal fans. He has been brilliant for the club. Do i agree with his transfer policy so far? No, I think we can and should sign players like Cahill, Vertonghen, M’Villa, Marvin & Hazard. Do I think Wenger should resign? OF COURSE NOT! C’mmon Arsenal fans, get behind your team! They’ve never needed you more than they do now!

  17. at arsenal nasri was a big in a big pond but he is going to be a small fish in a big pond, i mean he wont command a first team jersey.good luck to you

  18. @leftcoastgunner
    the original phrase is ‘victoria concordia cresit’ – it was the original arsenal motto (victory through harmony) based on the fact that it was supposed to be a family club before all this money grabbing started. Now we have just a little cannon thingy and a motto that says ‘forward’. But i am just a grumpy old schooler i guess (fan since 1978).

  19. I expect Arsenal to win tonight, as for Cesc and Nasri, the former’s situation dragged on too long and became detrimental to the club though I could never wish him anything but success, as for Na$ri IMO he was tapped up by city in february which by coincidence is when he stoppped playing well for us , i hope he enjoys the money, but fully expect him to slowly fade away like most players who leave arsenal do, we have to get through tonight as that is when the players who do want to come to us will sign, come on Arsenal yesterday is history all that matters is now 2~1 to is job done.

  20. Down 1 at the break but still level on aggregate.
    I think we played pretty well so far and only our finishing (and not our lack of creating chances) has held us back. Still a half to go and if we can score 1 they’ll need to get 3.
    Jenkinson is faster than I thought he was. He has a somewhat gawky appearance but can really motor.

  21. Game just over, away win to qualify for the champions league – just what the doctor ordered. And for the first time in four years or so I feel confident enough to say we have a KEEPER. Szeszney (I’ll never get it right!) is the real deal. Fantastic penalty save and he commands the area. We still had a few uncomfortable moments in the first half but attacking wise we looked much better. I was cursing Theo until he scored mind – missed a sitter, took some wrong options but to be fair he took his goal well in the end and there was a touch of the Thierry about it too! Gervinho looked lively on the wing and Song very solid. Shame they won’t be at OT. Not getting carried away but after the gloom and doom of the last few weeks it’s nice to have this moment.

  22. This is a wonderful moment that all Gooners have been waiting for. We have been very sad since last February. We have been worrying on every match that they played. We can relax a bit now and couldn’t care less for the future !

  23. That I have to admit was very satisfying.
    A little shakey from time to time but overall a really good hard-fought win.
    Now on to Olde Trofford. I’ll take a point there and be totally stoked about it.

  24. I’m too happy/relieved too aptly put into words. I’ll just say that I severely broke early morning train ettiquette by jumping up and fist pumping after Chezzy’s save and the following goals.


  25. @wumin
    Not yet. Until we sign few more players I’ll be happy. Right now it just a relief. But I trust the manager.

  26. Good win for the boys who pulled through this fixture as i expected them to. I witnessed some very good performances and an early contender for save of the season. Did anyone witness VP’s interview after the game. He spoke about the club now having cash to spend after the sales of SF and SN. Unfortunately, Arsene’s interview was a total contradictory to that. When questioned Wenger made it clear that the club has many players to come back from injury. (the usual on the list) He went on to say that the team should be COMPACT on their return, what ever that means.
    Nethertheless it was a splendid and dogged display by the team, which im hoping brings forth confidence and more victories (and new players). I’m especially happy for Theo that he got his just rewards. Please Arsene, give the boy a few games in the striking position and lets enjoy the moment while it lasts. Is it Manure next?

  27. Boys, if you possibly can, check out the Man$ity offical website and see the interview of Narsi talking about the quiet fans at the Emerates lacking in passion and fact that City are the club for the future. What can i say. Im off to bed its now 12:54am.

  28. @leftcoastgooner – Absolutely. Hopefully thew new signings will be more consistent than him. And a point won’t be a bad start at OT.
    I wasn’t all that worried about the Udinese match seeing as we had Gervinho (a good Kanu+ Henry mix), VP, Ramsey etc. And for once, the squad showed mental strength which was talked up last season but was lacking largely. Now for some good, new talent.
    btw, why is it an exodus when the whole of last season we wanted most of these players out anyway? The media spin is a joke.

  29. I still think there won’t be any signing. Hopefully I’m wrong but let’s not get carried away with the good result. This is just a small win in a bigger game of chess.

  30. Hi Gruggy; how about our captains tap in! Fist pumped too but from the couch.Gotta love ’em. ….ARSENAL!….

  31. I am happy dat nasri has gone,fabs too,it was clear they both didnt want to play 4 arsenal anymore,since after d world cup,fabregas never kissd d arsenal badge after scorin wen speculation about him leavin was at its peak,thats wen i knew his heart was no longer wit us…and as for d udinese game,we had players who wanted to play 4 us on d pitch and that to me is beta than cesc and nasri put together,and i do not wish them well where they r,bcos that wil be wishin ur rivals well.and pls nd pls gunners dont be wishin them well,we shuld nt wish our rivals well,hw well do u think they wished us wen they poached two of our best players.C.O.Y.G

  32. At 2-1 up with 10 mins to go I would have liked to have seen AOC come on. But perhaps it was too much of a risk. Anyway, I would really like to see AOC, Miyachi * Joel Campbell play soon! C’mmon Arsene, you said they’re top quality so let’s see ’em! Sure beats watching Arshavin take to the field!

  33. @Murray,

    Unfortunately I had to rely on live text updates from The Guardian and have been at Uni all day. So I haven’t had a chance to see any highIghts. But it’s a higher priority than dinner at the moment.

    The win will undoubtedly do wonders for the tesm’s confidence going into yet another tricky game this weekend. Here’s hoping we might have a flash new signing to show odd as well. A very proud day to be a Gooner.l

  34. Jeez, you can tell I typed that on my phone on a train.

    For any Aussie Gooners, the game is replayed at 9PM tonight on ESPN.

  35. Cheers Gruggy, I’ll go watch it now. p.s. I agree with @unchained’s comments re: pretty but not direct football. I’ll go one step further and say Cesc was a great player but a poor leader and an unnatural captain. Also unless your in the dressing room or the players coach its hard to say but a lot of stories pointed to Nasri being a sh!tstirrer and no team player. Wegner is has always been good a picking the right time to offload prima donnas.

  36. @theicehammer
    Didi you know West Ham was the second team bobmbed during the blitz
    (Sorry Millwall was 1st) they came back then and they’ll be back in the prem again.
    But please don’t bring Birmingham back with you I like them and Leeds and Boro just where they are.

  37. @leftcoast, other than my ammers, other teams are sleeping giants, what are you trying to say, worried about that 4th spot, lol.
    @leftcoast what do you think the line up will be at the wk end and do you think the Song/Frimpong combo could be a good proposition after the suspension. I believe as i said over 2 seasons ago after watching him in the academy games as a 15 year old that he looked a good potential/acquisition……..but JET was even better for the Arsenal way of playing. Do you think Arsene will recognise that the added strength and weight other than uping the average team kilo stats, benefit the center area of the field.

  38. Hi Guys, anyone has a prediction on our possible line up for Sunday agst Manu???
    Its gonna be really tough for our Midfield as we are missing our two tough..ONG (SONG and FRIMPONG) along with Gervinho, we all could see their impact during the Udenese game.
    Here bellow is my personnal prediction line up combined with how I know AW usually does his:

    —————ROSICKY-VERMA (Lansbury)


    Get urself on ur laptop and writte something mate, we also wanna see your good and encouraging article….
    I would call Ryo : Master Myachi, THE ARSENAL NIWEAPPON

  40. Now’s not the time to get carried away with the euphoria of the win over Udinese. Bear in mind that we only barely managed to beat a very poor and depleted side to secure a place that we should already have sewn up last season.

    Wenger still needs to purchase quality and I hope this win does not delude him and other short sighted supporters into thinking that all is rosy and that this squad can compete this season. Kaka, Cahill and another midfielder in please

  41. @theicehammer
    Song/Frimpong combimation gives alex a little more forward leeway which he perfers.
    I like Frimpong a lot but the lad is too impulsive and has a lot of bookings ahead of him.
    I think he will be used in rotation with Rosicky or another more veteran player until he can go a game or two without having his name taken down in the refs book.
    He will however, come as a dreadful surprise to the Stoke Citys of the league when they discover it is their turn to take a good kicking about. Looking forward to that.
    @realistic_gooner No arguments with that dude. It was a nice break in the storm but there are more gaels to prepare for. This Sunday for instance.
    Anyone hear any good transfer news,for us that is?

  42. Leave Nasri alone… he didn’t say what the papers twisted it to. He’s left us with another £25M in the bank. wenger just needs to spend it!

    On a related not can someone please go and slap Wenger & Co. We could have easily negotiated the acquisition or loan of a few quality City players when Nasri headed north.

    Adam Johnson and Milner aren’t going to get a look-in now that Nasri is there and they are defintely players that could have slotted into our set-up. And we are struggling with central defence and they have Nedum Onuha sitting there doing nothing!

  43. @Gunner Till u die!, listening to Talk Sport Radio 1089mw at mo where they and Arsenal fans talking bout Wenger’s £6m offer to Bolton for Gary Cahill. Owen Coyle has said that the offer was “derisory”. Wenger said “He” can’t understand why a manager should get so emotional about an offer and that if it is not to his expectation he should then just keep his player.
    It will really surprise me if new experienced players are brought in by the end of the window so the £25m will just have to follow the rest of the profits, where ever that is.

  44. Cesc Fabregas on bench for Uefa Super Cup clash with Porto

    Barcelona (4-3-3): Valdes; Alves, Mascherano, Abidal, Adriano; Xavi, Keita, Iniesta; Pedro, Messi, Villa
    Subs: Olazabal, Fontas, Busquets, Thiago, Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez, Jonathan..

    Enjoy what you wanted.

  45. Oh come on.. Coyle is obviously using the media as a negotiating tool to put more pressure on Arsenal from its own fans to get more money from us.. He’s not an independent observer telling a true story.. Wenger was absolutely spot on in saying that no bid is derisory.. it’s just a can refuse to accept..For the parallel with barca that the journalist tried to draw, them bidding was never the problem..them talking was.

  46. @Opus, Opus, Opus, did you see your Fab’s fabulous goal. Creme always rises. The man is world class nothing more nothing less and its a shame he’s no longer in the prem. Different gravy. Another bit of silverware to shine at the weekend and only involved in 3 games. @Shard/Opus did you listen to the interview, wenger did not dispute the bid only that it was slightly more than £6m. Wenger also said that the manager should keep his player if he is not interested and not feel so insulted with the bid.

  47. @ice

    He didn’t say slightly more.. He just said it isn’t the figure and we conduct our business in private

  48. In fact if I recall he said it is nowhere near the figure of 6m that’s been put out by the papers..

  49. It’s not easy to be in Wenger situation, when the other clubs are interested with our player they use media to tell people that they are interested to sign our player. But when the opposite happen, they keep yelling to media this and that while Arsenal wants everything to be secret. Its hard to do business. I’m not surprise if Cahill not coming. I would be very upset with the situation and calling it off if I’m the manager. I’m still hoping that Wenger will sign someone though. I’m glad Wenger told us in that he needed 3 more players. At least he told us that he’s not stupid and realized more than we did.

  50. It’s fair to pay Bolton the amount we pay for Kos. 10mil was it? More would be too much. Another player we should get is Porto’s colombian central mid, forgot the name. Yeah he gave a bad backpass but he was easily Porto’s best player. But of course this is just fantasy talk…heh

  51. @shard he said the figure is wrong, and if you know me its slightly less. But the Talk Sport full radio version has him saying after further questioning “slightly more”. There is also a text or email or twitter message (i cant remember)that was received by the Bolton from Arsenal people that was read out stating the figure of £6m. It could be total lies but the chairman of Bolton seemed very angry and “incensed” about it.

  52. @ice

    He did not say that. I think you are relying on Talksport for your information, which is hardly ideal.. I watched the press conference. Wenger only said that it was not the figure, and one journalist joked that it was less. Arsene then responded with a joke saying you know me well. When pushed further he said it is more than the figure quoted in the media, but at the same time Bolton do not have to sell if they feel the offer isn’t good enough, and that he doesn’t want to talk about any details of his transfer business.

    Isn’t it apparent that Bolton DO want to sell? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t go to the media about it. Arsenal aren’t destabilising the player here. Bolton are doing that. The only reason, to draw more money from Arsenal who look like they are the only suitors as of now, for a player who is in the last season of his contract and who probably will not sign with them again. Gartside’s tweet is evidence of nothing other than him being a classless mug. And it did not include anything of the sort of an offer from Arsenal. I THINK it was just a re-tweet from a fan that Gartside put up.

    And I saw the Press Conference again, and he just said in this case the quoted figure is BELOW (and he emphasised the word) what has been discussed. After repeated questioning he got annoyed and said I do not have to tell you who we buy, for how much, and for how long. When asked if he was still prepared to negotiate with Bolton he said he has nothing to add, indicating that enough has been said on this topic. And I agree!!

  53. Park Chu-Young
    Is the name on the wire.
    Forward,So.Korean captain.
    I’m watching clips of him right now. Very good pace and vision.Good passer. Of the 9 goals they have shown so far 5 are left-footed 4 right.
    Seems to score running at the goal.So far I haven’t seen him in a set-piece all the goals shown have been in th run of play. 3 million euros is the number I’m hearing.That should leave quite a bit for a DM and a good CB.
    What do any of you guys/gals know?
    P.S. For anyone who saw the game or cares the post-game brain scan on Drogba revealed nothing. Why am I not surprised?

  54. Am hearing Nasri is doing all the magic for City against the Spuds. He has 3 assists for all goals so far. It just makes me sad what we are missing. Fabregas scored a sublime goal against Porto a day before and even before the season proper starts he has 3 trophies in the bag.Its just common sense that Nasri may lift to trophies this season. What i Wenger doing with the money he sold these players for. Am afraid if we dont win the Champions league this season, EUROPA is our destiny this time round.Liverpool looks too good for fourth spot unless some thing happens.

  55. Yikes-O-Rama! 5-1 City.
    Round 1 No.London v. The City of Manchester goes decidedly to the locals.
    I’m thinking we can do better than that but, can we grab a point too?
    We will have to mark well and not play any of that high-line offside trap that isn’t and chase and win in midfield.

  56. @delano, just watch the same game on ESPN, what a match. Nasri, Clichy were both outstanding and played the whole game. There linking up was just like the old days. What a shame. If Arsenal take the chances they fashion i believe they can win but…… they have to pull the trigger and be big at back. They are missing the bulk from midfield so will need to keep hold of the ball for high % of the game. Good luck. ps the ammers got a good result against Forest with a 4-1 away win, and dont say WHO!

  57. 2-nil ManU
    What’s with RVP’s penalty?
    Can we claw back into this…or is it dooooooom?

  58. @leftcoast, im really worried. Even i did not expect this infact ive just arrived in and forgot all about the game. What was the pen like as i dont have Sky Sports only ESPN. Whats Wenger doing.

  59. Walcott again, is there still a chance of grabbing a point or is it one way traffic. Shambo where are you man, i need information bout the game.

  60. @thehammer
    Le Boss is fretting which in truth he has every need to do.
    We’re having our problems up front and at the back but we are winning the midfield battles and Theo’s extra-time tally means the boys will keep trying.
    I think there is more than just a whiff of Almunia about this De Gea fellow.
    Despite saving Robins poor penalty he’s having problems of his own. I don’t think the scoring is over but WE have to have the next one.

  61. The truth hurts doesn’t it? Total shambles. Atrocious management from top to bottom. WENGER OUT NOW

  62. What a shambles. Simply third rate players in a third rate team with a third rate manager! Bottom four more likely. When will they sack Wenger – when we go down to the Championship Laegue?

  63. Did I say we would do better than spurs?
    So is it there still time to panic or is it too late now?

  64. Guys you must put your believe in lord Wenger because he is lord and he knows all. We play the best 5 yard passing in the league. We are simmilar to Barcelona in terms of style.

  65. This must be the biggest humiliation Arsenal has ever suffered in its history – and we have to thank totally Mr. Wenger – but I will not leave out the Boardroom managers. You have done a disservice to us loyal fans with your utter mismanagement, lack of foresight and blind belief in a person who lives in a detached world. You can keep your money but you are surely losing your fans. f**k u all

  66. Here I say it again a disgrace! Absolute disgrace,wenger have no sympathy on the fans and players,or is it just good business,now you can’t wait to dissapoint us by buying rubbish.

  67. Well but again, if we beat Swansea in our next game, suddenly everything is rosy again, and Wenger knows once again. Let’s judge him in May!

  68. difficult to say anything about that

    I think they can improve that ……..


    black day in history

    at least a goal rich match

    you have to have a great humour now

    you have to be very strong now

    the positives: two goals

    the negatives: well …

    I could watch this match

    o.k. a lesson, yes it was a lesson

    oath of disclosure


    life goes on ..


  69. Poor szeszney you don’t deserve that, a rubbish performance,wenger can’t you f@ck see! U might think you now everthing but arsenal always suffer when terrible things happen u stupid prick! The carling cup,arsenal was neva the same after that,loses has. of many games has you can count on the fingers.invisible campaign that came tp an end took them a while to get back. think to stupid prick,now image what image the impact this will have on the team,we have suffer for so long,but we just let’s wenger row the dice.

  70. @rooiseun
    still processing the horror and humiliation.
    The shock will pass and then anger.

  71. ManU 8 – 2 Arsenal . Surely it’s time that we need a change.No one is bigger than the club and it’s time that we review a stubborn coach. He never plays his team to his strengths.Arshavin was a great player before he entered. The reason is that he was played to his strengths by Zenit and Russia. It’s not the case now. Rosicky too was the same. Now our coach has started experimenting again by changing everyone’s position,he has started to spoil sagna now . Because of his stubborn nature every player plays under his strengths and eventually loses his best and looks somewhere else . It’s time arsene will be replaced by Sven Goran Erikkson whom i always thought would be the right choice to continue in a right way or someone better.Arsene needs time to revive himself and his stubborn nature.Time to give him rest. He become over addicted to his principle or youth and failed to make what is good for the club.It’s time we show him the doors . Otherwise the shocker and battering by top teams will continue till arsene finally resigns with his principle after every 5 seasons by losing his key players.

  72. Poor us! Wenger said the season is beginning now at old trafford for us,definitely didn’t happen,now who will want to play for us in another three days? Kaka,benzema, or tevez,wenger I hope u sleep well,becoz I can’t.when will we beat manu. At that kind of scoreline.

  73. Anybody hitting the panic button yet? I hope this opens the shut eyes of all the blind Arsenal supporters. Total humiliation. We’ll be lucky to make the Europa league next year. Arsene you blow.

  74. Rooseun, Ice, Shard, anyone else.
    Im actually away on hols right now but had to get on here or else I dont know how else Il be able to contain the rage that is overwhelming my dissapointment.
    Unlike leftcoast you will find no shock from me, Iv been shouting from the rooftops for the last three or four years but was labelled negative and and a ‘doom and gloomer’, when its been staring anyone who was willing to look straight in the face for so long.
    First off, Arsene Wenger is not Arsenal FC, something that has clearly clouded the judgement of many a fan on here. Some people on here have actually had the cheek to question my loyalty to Arsenal and have told me to go support City or Utd or Chelsea if I wanted to spend millions and that it would result in the apocalypse and our club ‘doin a leeds’ if we splashed out and REPLACED the quality players we have sold when we were at the top of our game….the fact is we have never replaced, weve gambled because Wenger wouldnt buy proven quality. I wonder if the same fans who wanted me to go support another club would go support Wenger if he got a new job at anohter club???? Thats should serve as an eye-opening question to some fellas on here.
    The facts are there for all to see. How many Premier League players have we bought compared to French or French League unproven and untested players. Squillachi, Diaby, Sylvestre, Cygan, Koscielny, etc etc etc etc etc.
    Now examine Utds approach. Spent big on Ferdinand-success, spent big on Rooney-success, spent big on Jones/ Smalling/ Young more success to come, yeah yeah yeah their in debt but I dont see any signs of them falling off the planet into obscurity anytime soon and you put any Arsenal player in Youngs position today and not one of them has the ability to put the ball where he did….in the fucking net.
    I could go on all day here about where things have gone wrong for us but all you have to do is go back and read ANY of my old posts. Im not saying Im the only one who has been calling it either, or that it gives me any satisfaction, if anything its more frustrating for me after being in here all the time argueing with fellow fans who thought that being loyal was going along with the beliefs and views of one stubborn and idealistic frenchman whos main defense was his past glories here, Usian Bolt has broken all sorts of sprinting records but does that mean he gets to go out and crawl his next race and that his competitors should let him win? Its all about making history, not living off the back of it and its just a smokescreen for guys on here to convince themsleve the club is in capable hands when it is not and has not been for a long while.
    Not only is the man incapable of identifying and signing quality but he now cant even identify the men on the field that arent doing their jobs. Arshavin for two weeks in a row has been absolutely appalling and played 90 mins today, Coquelin was our best player by a mile and he was first subbed, Van Persie cant lead a line on his own cos he plays too deep and isnt strong enough aerially or physically to be a pivot for the attack, Walcott wont defend, today was one of the first times ever I seen him win a tackle in our box first half and he was so offended by the fact of having to defend that he turned and had a go at the tireless working Jenkinson…..Chamakhs a pile of crap, useless and seems to be impervious to initiative or inspiration. Rosicky just floats about the place……………..
    I gotta go before i blow.

  75. I mean the first goal BOUNCES into our six yard box, and I have guys on here telling me Djourou and Koscielny are good defenders, their not even related to defenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some of you fellas, and you know who you are, would wanna take a good long hard look at yourselves for allowing this club to suffer such mediocrity for so long while feeding the ego and stubborn misplaced ambition of one man.

  76. @Rooiseun, i could not believe what i was watching that i ask myself is there a chance that
    Arsene fielded this team because he was never confident of victory or even a point and so have saved the better and fit experience players for the next game. Sorry but can you all now understand the possible reason why Fab’s has paid eur£5m over the next five years of his own money to Barca so that he could finalise the deal and why Nasri did not want to sign a new deal (interview on Mancity offical web). And why other players have wanted to leave.
    There was so much wrong about the team it was tragic to see. Does Wenger not teach the players how to defend through the midfield and and back four. I understand there are suspensions and injuries which is another thing that has not been addressed but these young players should be able to compete for at least the first half. They have no leaders, no heart, no spine when the second string has to be used. I hope im wrong but i worry about the mental capacity of Wenger. As i have said before, he looked lost with no idea of what to do next. The team is far weaker than last season but Wenger still comes out with the same rhetoric about spirit, giving their all, we have a young squad, we are looking for the right quality of players but the market is inflated etc etc etc……Before the match he said the players are ready fit and strong and prepared to give their all. After the match he talks about players still feeling weak from last wk and lacking in confidence because the team is very young. Oh yes and…..we have many players out due to injury. I use to say that this squad was so close……so very very close to fitting the last piece of the puzzle…….cant see it now. Remember how i went on about City being the other end of the scale to Asnl that is having to many big defensive players, well look whats happened now…..they have addressed the situation and balance of the team by adding more skill flare and guile. Address the situation Arsene but if you really cant then tell the fans whats really going on in the smoke filled rooms. But then again who the hell am i anyway….just a, armchair fan who really hopes that things change for the better.

  77. I really felt crying for the first time watching arsenal crumbling to ManU. It looks like they stepped down the throttle to give us some consolation. I am not ready to see Van Persie and Walcott leaving next year and replaced by some 17 year old kid who is expected to be a great player at 25. But by 25 he leaves for another club and arsene says his old story that he no longer wants to play for arsenal and says that our squad has the quality and blames referee for red card ,offside and injury. As per his statements in past seasons our squad should be in full strength to go for the title and where is it now . Our squad came close to winning a title and lost it by an eduardo injury.Thereafter arsene never worried about losing players and started filling them up with young players. What do you think arsene will do to prevent players getting trained up from 17 to 25 and leaving arsenal to pursue for trophy or money. He always believe any 25 age experience is filled with 17 year old and makes an excuse that the team is young and will be great at 25.It’s time for arsene to accept his failure and step down and continue his experiments somewhere else. I still would like to support arsene if he would have acted responsibly to keep the squad intact or would have replaced them with right players. Frankly asking as a manager he must foresee or keep a backup for his players aiming to leave if he genuinely wishes to go for title in a promised 4 season or so. Where is the replacement for flamini,henry,fabregas,nasri,hleb,clichy,adebayor,eboue. What his status on his most supported players and when they will become match winners or fulfill there potential
    Diaby,Denilson ,Bendtner,Chamakh,vela
    This is one clear example that a manager has failed on what he promised 4 or 5 seasons before.

    Even failure like these will make me cry worse than this,but i still support arsenal even if it’s get relegated and i don’t mind tagged as a fake supporter or so.If a 61 year old is so adamant to avoid fans voices and sees 17 year as a team to win trophies, wants every player in his team to play flexible but not himself to fans. Then i will voice my views to not succumb to some adamant great manager.I trusted in him for the past 5 seasons and not ready to wait for another 5 years to start losing the present team.

    Time for arsene to change or the coach. His age is no longer favouring him now and so his tactics.

  78. I’ve been saying the exact same thing as Shambo for some time now; we’re slipping into mediocrity and the club, coach and fans are making excuses for it. Two of our best and most important players have left because of the club’s lack of ambition, to join the ranks of others who left in seasons past. Its a recurring and worrying trend.

    I was trying to take some positives from this result, hoping that this would finally shake Wenger and the board up, into realising they’ve got to invest in the squad. But after seeing Wenger’s post match interview with Geoff Shreaves, he doesn’t seem to have woken up. I’m afraid I can only see a single route of recourse for Arsenal to be ambitious and start challenging again, and that is for Wenger leave the club. Sad but necessary.

  79. “Sir Alex Ferguson’s Premier League champions responded in spectacular fashion to Manchester City’s outstanding 5-1 win at Spurs by returning to the top of the table with a result that represented Arsenal’s worst defeat since 1896”.

    Worst defeat since 1896. Not a great sign

    I frankly don’t want my favourite and a great manager go in an ugly fashion. Please arsene change or bid goodbye before someone forces you to.

  80. @leftcoastgooner, well you were right about taking spurs’ high-line strategy into today’s match. So much for that.

    I should have stayed in bed this morning, or I could have used that hurricane bashing the east coast of the US to knock the power out or something. Instead, I got to sit through the drubbing with the rest of you. A long month of August is over, and I’m sure many of you wouldn’t mind seeing the Boss’ head on the chopping block. I’m going to be patient for the moment, however, and here’s why.

    On August 12, I would have been very happy with 4 points through our first three games (Win @Newcastle, Draw against L’pool, Loss today). Earning just 1 isn’t ideal obviously, but we saw first hand last year how quickly things can change in this league. I don’t want to look back (read: can’t stand to look back) at this month though.

    September has us hosting Swansea and Bolton and taking a trip to Blackburn in between. To me, that looks like 9 points for the taking with the hardest part of the schedule already behind us. A month from now if- and that’s a huge “if”- we’re on 10 pts, that will give us some confidence for the big London Derbies in October.

    The Champs League group stage will start in a few weeks also (meaning half our team won’t be on a ban), and to me the hardest match- away to Dortmund- gets out of the way first. I thought our draw was very lucky. We’re not in Group A, and we have no trips to Russia or the Ukraine to endure.

    Can this team challenge for a title right now? No way. Yet, with players coming back from suspension or injury, our league season isn’t over after just three matches. As for some signings, well, it’s put up or shut up time for the Board and the Boss. Everyone knows what we need, so let’s see what we get.

    I’m not jumping ship just yet, but my life jacket is on and I’m reaching for the rail. Maybe when Wilshere comes back he can throw me a line and save all our asses.

  81. @ shambo & ice
    its been a year since i posted on this site but i always read & enjoy your posts.
    for the 1st time in 13yrs im disappointed to say the managers time is over. its been coming for a long time but i think this game sealed it for me. how long can we go around blaming injuries & suspensions? there is simply no excuse for what happened. Was it really necessary to spend 12m on AOC? i mean we could have used that money (with some additions) to get an experienced EPL player that can help us TODAY not in future. Can the manager look further than the French league? i’m afraid i have more questions than answers.









  83. what stays with me in this match,was when rooney scored from the spot,sir alex was not even celebrating,he had his arms folded.and had this perplexed look on his face,like he can´t seem to comprehend what was happening.

  84. @O2B(#103)
    Well your scenario is the best one I”ve heard and I”m willing to go for it but can the team emotionally recover? Personally the beating was so bad that after the second rooney free kick went in I just shrugged and figured it’s ass-whoopin’ day, take it.
    But will the kids forget about it and be ready to play.
    What if by our own defensive blunder Swansea goes up a goal early.
    (Not an unlikely occurrance in our current league form)
    Will we respond positively or will we do this?
    I used to think for sure we will fight back but it’s not a given anymore.
    OK, so more than ever the team obviously need our support.
    But what does that mean? Sit back and see what happens or make loud noises for changes? Will either course make any palpable difference?

  85. I’m still waiting for somebody to blame the ref or maybe the corner flag for not blowing the wind to our direction.

  86. Last week after the Liverpool game I wrote that it was as low as I had ever felt as a Gooner. But that was like being high on coke in comparison to how I feel this morning. No matter how many players out with injuries and suspension that final 25 minutes was a disgrace. Genuinely sorry to admit it but for the first time I am thinking Wenger’s time has passed. I have nothing else to offer. We have a core of good quality players but not enough depth and our defence is a laughing stock.

  87. Doublegooner says:
    August 28, 2011 at 19:36


    Various fans from real old timers to the 20 somethings have been calling me.

    Many are talking about organising and asking how we can arrange Demos.


    We ALL need to come together. There are 000′s who feel lke we do.

    Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed. THEY MUST GO NOW.

    We are in a relegation battle.

    email me at or

    I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital Printed large banners all at cost.

    Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together.


    Please support this.

  88. it’s quite easy to get down on the squad when things are bad, really bad. However, this is the best time to be a supporter and to support. This squad needs confidence (in addition to about 3-4 new players), and we have to do our part to help give the squad confidence.

    Now, with regards to signings, it’s clear that Wenger needs to sign four players in this window alone (2CB’s, one creative midifielder (dont need a dm as frimpong, song, and coquelin can get it done), and a striker. This team can do it, but we supporters must do our part!

  89. @Terry
    I feel the same. Lost against Liverpool, I’m feeling down. Now, lost 8-2 against Man Utd. I’m clueless. After so many years of faith, I don’t know what should I do. Maybe I trust Wenger no more. I just don’t know who actually can replace him with this kind of team. My friend even said that we would probably fighting to avoid relegation and I laughed. But now I think it’s possible. I’m clueless. I can’t even write proper. I hope some positive comments here can cool down my head a little.

  90. Arsen has lost the plot or something is going on to stop him making transfers.

    Only an idiot would see our club in this position, and most of us have been saying we need cover for 5 YEARS. Arsen MUST come clean and say right now what the problem is. If it is because he refuses to play the game the way other successful clubs are then fine, thanks and good bye Mr Wenger.
    If it is the board, he must say, if it is his own doing he must say. Either way, we will not make the CL next year and someone is to blame.

    The score line against Man U is only the start. We have no squad, no back up and a manager who sees nothing, not even what you and I can see. It’s very funny seeing MOTD with Arsen saying “oh I did not see but I zink it was le foul” This, after 6 potless years is no longer funny….deliver or leave.

  91. @Lagooner, best time to be supporters and support. LA its not funny anymore man. Stop pretending you cant see what we see, where do you dig up that old fossil. Fans are trying to give the team confidence. Did you not hear the fans sing even after the 4th goal. Wenger is the one who is paid to give the boys confidence but instead he sticks to his format because he thinks its logic. Wenger is the one who is not being supported not the team. Confidence comes from adding 3 or 4 experience players. Why is it that i can see it as well as many others but Arsene cant or wont. Wenger is not bigger than Arsenal. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  92. I really want to understand what’s really going on with Arsenal! did we turn into a team that only train youngsters to later sell them for the big teams? why money is such a problem with so many billionaires at the head of Arsenal? I wanna see our club being owned by one person, who is passionate to spend on great players. I wanna see an owner active and present with the fans, I wanna see an owner that respects our history that right now is sadly being stained by these last events! I wanna see something done! I wish AW would say it out loud: ” we got a problem, we need to do something about it!” I’m tired of hearing the same sh*t over and over again! I wanna hear Arsene say the hard and harsh truth…no excuses anymore! I can’t stand it and it won’t make me feel any better especially after today’s result! How can we rise after this? How Mr. Wenger? HOW? Arsenal has sunk today, and MU had no pity doing it! NONE! This is Arsenal’s worst day…I don’t think we can compare today’s game to any other historical date, because times are different. May be this it for us, may be we are finished…I don’t know but I’m sure we won’t get any good signing…it’s too late, because Arsene was wasting time with Nasri and Cesc…precious time that cost some great signings…I feel Arsenal is not organized enough, and their strategy to attract players is bad. Let’s see who will quit and won’t quit after this…

  93. Hey I agree with Ice here, everyone still supports the team thumbs up to those at old trafford. The main problem supporters have is why wasn’t there any additions(signings)? Hence the reason we have a problem of 8 players missing with no back up. A top four premier league team has to have depth and cover don’t they? Is it dooming to demand for signings to be done early?

    Seriously Arsenal fans are the most patient in the world, if anything the support at OT demonstrates that. THE GAME yesterday showed the problem of the team. Yes our chances of winning before the game was slim but even a team of Adams 1-0 Arsenal will never give in like that.

    3 or 4 experience players is not dooming. If anything ManU is a good example to follow in blooding young players. Seriously myopic Wengerites-knows-all; are you guys really shortsighted to not see the blatant problems of the squad that was telecast live in full glorious hd.

  94. To add, its just not lack of cover but the players just gave up without even trying. Arshavin out of all people was the one running his socks off. I don’t blame the players though, there was no tactical direction given.

    A simple example is the defence, no organisation whatsoever. They all actually played with their heads down.

  95. No one should blame Wenger or the board . We the fans must blame our selves for holding out banners in Wenger we trust . Some one must atone for this annihilation. Any man worth his salt would immediately resign but Wenger can,t. It even hurts more that he is not even apologetic to the fans.This is a difficult period for the fans and the only way these fools can be punished is by not paying to attend hopless matches. How do you explain the highline tactics we employed unless a coach is senile. This guy is utter rubbish and has totally lost it. I felt embarrassed for a world class striker of V.P’s quality to be undergoing such a horror.Even if we were to beat Swan sea 20 goals ,we have made the wrong side of premier league history of course under the French bitch!! Liverpool looks by all standards good for our fourth position.

  96. I’ve taken some time to digest that result yesterday. Absolutely embarrassing. A humiliation, and there is no excuse for it, and it should never have happened.

    But what now. It HAS happened, so where do we go from here? The popular view right now seems to be to sack the manager. I’ve stuck up for Wenger AND the club long enough for people to paint me as a ‘Wengerite’ or other stereotypes. It isn’t that. I love and respect the man for all he’s brought to the club,and the way he conducts himself. I believe he cares deeply about the club, and he wants to win as much as any of us want the club to. Is that enough for him to stay? No. But it is enough to have earned him the right to not face the sort of abuse he’s faced, not just in the aftermath of the result yesterday, but over the past few years. So. Now that we (hopefully) can agree that he doesn’t deserve abuse, can we look at whether it would benefit Arsenal if he were fired?
    Would the new manager have any more funds to spend? Or do you seriously believe Wenger refuses to spend? I don’t. In the absence of facts as to the inner workings at the club, both points of view are guesses. People who disagree with me will point to many REPORTED incidents. I have repeatedly said it is most likely a combination of factors. We CANNOT compete directly with other clubs, and perhaps the only way to go was through youth, and some cheaper signings. I guess this the whole nub of the situation, as to whether Wenger should go or stay. How much is he directly culpable for the signings in terms of how much his hands were tied. I won’t give an answer. Just what I think. Firing Wenger will NOT help Arsenal. This goes beyond Arsene Wenger for me, and any other coach will face the same issues, and I’m still not convinced anyone else will deal with them as capably.

    So we come to the board. I did not agree with the theory of a greedy board stealing our money and lining their pockets, and I still do not. They have all been around for generations and have overseen the progress of the club from humbler backdrops to counting among the elite in Europe. They have also consistently reused to take dividends. In the end they did sell their stock, but I’m still unsure as to the circumstances of that. I feel their hand was forced by a) Usmanov coming on the scene, and b) by the death of Danny Fiszman. Thus the sale to Kroenke. Which brings us to our current owner. I still think he’s better than Usmanov (sorry, but I don’t trust Usmanov at all, and I don’t particularly care if Arsenal do buy a few titles along the way) Not that I trust Kroenke. Now is the time for Kroenke to stand up and do what is required. Spend the money that the sales of Fabregas and Nasri have generated. We just added a few million to the price of all our targets and that just has to be taken on the chin along with the result and paid for. If we do not use that money for player purchases, then we can conclude the board has failed in it’s duty.

    I’m trying to recall when I last felt this way. Probably when we lost 6-1 to United in 2001. Actually, that performance was worse than the performance yesterday according to me. We survived. It’ll be tougher now. We are no more among the biggest spenders in the league, there are more clubs that we compete against, and there is constant wall to wall coverage that wasn’t there 10 years ago. But we’ll survive again. At the same time, we have to send a message out. Everyone at the club, starting from the board, to the manager, staff, players and fans, have to do everything in their power to make the club move on from this and move FORWARD. Whether the manager should be sacked or not? Many people are saying that this result just proves what they have been saying all along. Maybe. but what that shows is that whether Wenger should stay or go hasn’t changed because of yesterday’s result. I STILL think that as a club we have a solid base we can build on. It has been a difficult summer.Much of the deadwood has been cleared. But we need to bring in their replacements, as of course the replacement for an irreplaceable player-Cesc. Now is the time to turn it around. 3 or 4 quality signings in, and then work hard, and see where we stand in January. It took Liverpool to go into administration (near enough) and then drop out of the top 4 for them to spend 100m and overpay for some players. For us the time is now. Time to splash the cash, and bring some belief back. Are you listening Arsenal? Believe. Now more than ever, we need to be as one. No more infighting. No more suggesting Wenger is the root of all problems. It is up to the board, and the manager to sort these problems out and as I said to bring some belief back at the club. But there is nothing to be gained by adding to the noises at this point. Victoria Concordia Crescit.

  97. Oh and @laninja

    the fact that the referees did not play foul yesterday does not mean you laugh off their impact on us, and on other teams’ final position every year, and related impacts as a cause of that. Whether by accident or design is besides the point. We have been royally screwed by the referees on many many occasions over the past 4 years. FACT.

  98. @Shard

    “But there is nothing to be gained by adding to the noises at this point” – Its precisely because of this the complacent board and manager have not taken the club forward as you and the rest of us have been calling for so long.

    I would that all gooners be united in our protests, not against the players, but against the lack of investment into the squad in spite of season ticket hikes, and against the poor management and running of this great club. Enough is enough. Time to stop sweeping things under the carpet, and make your voices heard. Victoria Concordia Crescit? Sorry, but I’m afraid there’s not gonna be any glimpse of victory out of the kind of harmony you’re looking for because its the harmony of complacency. WENGER OUT

  99. Want to show harmony? This kind of harmony is what is needed at this point. I’ll repost:

    Doublegooner says:
    August 28, 2011 at 19:36


    Various fans from real old timers to the 20 somethings have been calling me.

    Many are talking about organising and asking how we can arrange Demos.


    We ALL need to come together. There are 000′s who feel lke we do.

    Lets ALL see what we can do. We ALL love this club & Wenger, Gazidas have failed. THEY MUST GO NOW.

    We are in a relegation battle.

    email me at or

    I’ll print T.shirts & offer them at cost ( approx £3-4 each) Digital Printed large banners all at cost.

    Geoff & Pedro, stop fannying about, You’ve both been a brave voice for a long time. Lets all get together.


    Please support this.

  100. @Shard – Nice call there, I must say. You see, when people shout out their frustrations, then it means something is not happening right. When people keep on shouting for up to a period of 4-5 years, then it means something terribly bad has been re-occurring. We keep on selling our best players with no adequate replacements for how many years now? Why has this not been addressed? Last year we had dry bones playing at the end of the season.

    Atleast 2 SUPREME QUALITY DEFENDERS should have been signed even before we sold Cesc. What bad would it have done to us to seize SAMBA and Jagielka or Cahill before now? Are you underestimating the power of new signings (confidence) in a team? What did AGUERO do on his debut? What did NASRI do on his debut? Do you know how their team-mates are lifted as a result? Talk-less of the healthy competition for places that makes the players play like their lives depended on it.

    You see THIS is the real problem with our team. Why buy AOC when you NEED defensive reinforcements BADLY? Does our future lie in the lower divisions? AOC was completely anonymous against MANURE. Where is FABs replacement to begin with? Now we sold Nasri, WHERE is his replacement?

    What on earth is money doing in the bank? 90 million quid i heard.

    Can you guess what would have happened if we lost to Udinese?

  101. Great post Shard.

    I’m still not a point where I can collectively gather my thoughts and turn them into words. But, you’ve summarised a lot of what has been running through my head for the past 12-18 hours.

    I’m glad I don’t have anywhere to go until Uni on Wednesday. I really don’t want to leave my house haha.

  102. Hey Shard cool story bro. A little bit touchy somebody is hahaha, i didn’t even direct anything to you.

    Ref are screwing us on what FACTUAL evidence ? enlighten me lord who knows everything about Arsenal.

    Did my post say that I want Wenger out?hmmm tsk tsk tsk assumptions are silly….

  103. Guess what I found a very profound word of wisdom from this fellow,” I don’t think we can hide behind injuries or suspensions. It is no excuse. They had injuries too, this is football.”

    Very intelligent guy goes by the name of VanPer Van Percy or something.

  104. I don’t understand how a team can go from Wednesday night’s performance where they collectively showed great heart and spirit to an utterly abject display of capitulation that they showed on Sunday. Sure we had a number of players unavailable but that was beyond embarrassing. I blame Spurs! If they hadn’t lost so heavily to $ity then Manure would not have been anywhere near so fired up and determined!

    My fear is (well one of them) that the players we need right now will have second thoughts about joining us at this time, and also players like RVP who only have two years to go on their contract will hardly be racing to sign up for a new deal. And what has happened to our self discipline? Three games, three red cards.

    Having been a defender of Wenger for a long time I hate seeing his legacy being eroded like this but for the good of the club I think he needs to step aside. The mere fact that Alex Ferguson says he should stay is reason enough.

    Here’s a question: out of our squad how many players do you think Ferguson would like to swap for any of his squad? I can only think of Szeszney, Wilshire and possibly Sagna. I can’t see any other player in our squad who he would think would make his club stronger. Cesc and Nasri if they were still around probably, but it’s pretty damning. Vermeulen is our top defender but would he swap him for Vidic or Ferdinand? Walcott? Forget it. Gervinho? Actually I wish I hadn’t started this train of thought – it’s making me even more depressed! I hadn’t even gotten to Squillaci, Chamakh, Diaby, Traore and Vela….

    Still you have to look at the bright side – we only lost by one more point than the mighty All Blacks did against the Wobblies!!

  105. I’m waiting for Shard to respond. Not that I want to argue with anyone from this site but i love to see his respond. He can quickly turn my negativity into some positives. Besides, people who keep complaining was driven by emotions and keep repeating the same points they have given. But I think its good to give some pressure to the management. Hope some signings will be make before the deadline.

  106. @laninja

    Easy mate. You didn’t say Wenger out and nowhere in my post to you did I imply that you did. The fact of the referees robbing us of points is shown by the matches themselves which you might see if you would be just a little less keen to jump on the team’s back, it has also been proven statistically that Dowd, Dean, and Webb referee matches in a way that is harmful to Arsenal, and now you have that journalists report of Arsenal being robbed of 4 points (an understatement I think) and of 2nd place. The fact also is that we know we aren’t good enough to win the title right now, but how do we know how good or bad we are when the referees don’t give us a level playing field?


    I do not agree that the last 5 or 6 years have been the same. By the time of the next match, the transfer window would have closed. If I’m being honest we need 4 signings before then. One striker, one creative midfielder, one CB, and one LB. If signings are not made, I don’t have a problem with voicing concerns and even demonstrations if you like. I did say that responsibility of reinstating belief begins with the board and the manager. But EVERYONE knows that that result is unacceptable. What will shouting that from the rooftops achieve?

    @Realistic..I don’t think they are complacent. At least the manager isn’t. How can he be? My point of view is certainly not the loudest around. If our views have any effect on Wenger’s policy it is much more likely that he would sign somebody just to appease fans rather than not sign better players which in any case no one is advocating. People blame Wenger because they can’t find an actual cause for the problems. That is why you have explanations like he is stubborn, senile, or simply that he’s gone mad. Which really are no explanations at all.

  107. @shard, boy oh boy oh boy. People blame Arsene because they cant find an actual cause for the problems. What the f–k are you on about, you ave lost it mate. ACTUAL CAUSE. Does Wenger know the ACTUAL CAUSE. Please dont disrespect us like this. Many good and obvious reasons like lack of experienced quality, ……….actually i need to chill out here. Sorry for the bad language…….

  108. @ice
    Lol..No problem man.. I knew that was going to arouse some such emotion 🙂 The truth is, right now I am struggling to order my thoughts, not least because of the hurt from yesterday, but also because I have a hectic few days in my life right now. So all in all, I think I didn’t explain it very well, and you might just have to try and decipher it better, if you can at all be bothered to of course. Lack of experienced quality isn’t what I was talking about. Rather why some players of the sort have not been brought in. Is it down to Wenger or can we simply not pay the wages and transfer fees, or are there other factors which I can’t think of right now. Wenger’s gone mad, or is stubborn, are such tempting explanations because they explain everything. Yet they actually don’t EXPLAIN anything.

  109. @shard, you are correct in a sense but then why doesn’t the manage explain in simple terms.
    Do we have the sorry “you” ave the money,
    In what positions is he going (not looking, going) to purchase new experienced players for,
    What is wrong with the players fitness, why so many injuries, what is being done,
    What are his planes for the season

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