My favourite Arsenal footballer? Freddie Ljungberg, of course!

For those that don’t know, my all-time favourite footballer is Freddie Ljungberg.

Yes, I harp on about Johan Djourou a lot, I’ve praised Alex Song to high heavens and I will always love Dennis Bergkamp for showing me the light and leading me to Arsenal, but the truth is that none of those three can compete with my undying love for Freddie.

Ljungberg: A man for my heart

Recently I had a piece published about Freddie in the excellent The Equaliser blog. If you’re interested in finding out just why Freddie is so important to me then I encourage you to check out the article.

Here’s a snippet from the piece to get you in the mood:

“My first memories of Ljungberg as a player are particularly vivid. Mostly used as a substitute in his first couple of seasons at Arsenal, “Freddie” — all spiky brown hair and Swedish swagger — would zip around the pitch like a madman, troubling defenders with his pace, intelligence and infectious enthusiasm.”

So what are you waiting for? Read it!

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  1. Freddie was a very good player for us and I have very happy memories of him, but my over all favorit Arsenal player ir Liam Brady who was an outstanding football brain and one of tne very best in his time in the world.

  2. Much older than you, of course(67), my favorite of my time and still is Graham Rix. His style and story would definitely fit with Wenger’s preference for speed, youth and attacking football. He was not a physical presence, but stronger and maybe faster than Wolcott, a true left-winger, which used to be called #7, although he wore #11, Brady wore #7(what was up with that?) Rix played 13 years the last several as skipper, and was let go. His partner, Brady, left Arse while he still had something left. They played in 3 straight FA Cup finals and beat Manure in the one they won. Winning goal: Brady up the wing to Rix to Sunderland and in! Brady was probably the better player, but Rix was and is my favorite. And, by the way, he is English(not that it matters to me, but it does to some) in recent times, I have a hard time getting past Henry.

  3. Before Rix and Brady, before Bergkamp, before Henry, before Fabregas….George Eastham, a great ball playing little man in a very average team, magic.

  4. @andrew, Freddie was good at what he did but i dont think he could live with what Henry and bergkamp did at their pomp. When will those days return………..

  5. Henry for me mate he was simply majestic.
    By the way i wish the guys good luck today still don’t Know how we ended up in this position in CL from this very very easy group i hope we don’t pay for this in the draw for the knockout rounds. Look at spurs actually winning a very hard group this is crazy………
    Still one day at a time…………….

  6. For me it has to be Dennis Bergkamp. Not just favourite Arsenal player but favourite of all time. Next up would have to be Robert Pires. What a player. The way he glided across the pitch was briliant. Freddie was brilliant and scored a fair few important goals but in at least 2 cases (Bolton and Juventus) I can remember the assist coming from guess who?…. Bergkamp. Of course the chipped goal against ManU and the FA cup final goal will long live in the memory. Sigh, I feel nostalgic 🙂

  7. By the way, when we last struggles to get out of the group stages, as far as I can remember, was 2005-06. Only Ashley Cole’s (BOO!!!) 90th minute header against Dinamo Kiev sent us through. We reached the final that year. Deja Vu anyone??

  8. My first memory of the excellent Freddie was ,him coming on as a substitute against Manchester Utd and scoring.He also got a yellow card in the same match,his first taste of the premiership….I believe?? What an impact.

  9. Supermac. First ever game I went to, standing on the North Bank. 5-3 v Newcastle, Malcolm Macdonald scored a hattrick against his former team and my mum let me stay up late that night to watch the highlights on Match of the Day! He really was the most overrated player ever but he was deadly from two yards! Happy days indeed. Brady would be a close second and Bergkamp my favourite of the modern era. Ljunberg would probably scrape onto the subs bench in my alltime Arsenal XI. Sorry Andy!

  10. Congrats to the lads for doing the business and getting the vital chumps league result and kudos to The Great Man for getting us to yet another knockout stage.
    sadly i think we’re going to lose to the manc scum this weekend because we’re incapable of defending and manure will be able to exploit that to the fullest – coupled with the fact they’ll have all the officials in their pocket. opposition only has to look at our goal to score. if we played crawley town and put 10 past them they’d still get one back it’s a joke.

    -Freddie Ljunberg was like the icing on the cake for that team wasn’t he? Reports in media today reckon he wants to return to the Prem…

  11. This blog reminds me of the 5-1 thrashing of Inter at the San Siro(Miracle of San Siro). Freddie’s role in the counter attack that lead to the 2nd(his goal) and 3rd goal and also the build up to Pires’s goal(4th). Infact he was my man of the match cos he relived Henry alot of burden when Arsenal attacked Inter. This present crop of players lacks his calibre of player and also have never scored from fast breaks

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