My current Arsenal XI

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f every Arsenal player was available for selection tomorrow against Aston Villa and you were in charge (joy!), who would make your team?

Mine would look like this:

It is a team that, by and large, picks itself.

But there is a number of choices that provoke discussion, the first and foremost the exclusion of captain Thomas Vermaelen.

Harsh? Maybe. But man-for-man, pitted against Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny, he has not been up to scratch. I posed the question earlier in the season: would Vermaelen have been dropped if he wasn’t the captain? Almost certainly yes, however an injury to Kieran Gibbs, who had made the left-back position his own and the poor performances of André Santos gave the manager an easy out.

Our defence has been a shambles over the past month — conceding a hatful of chances against Manchester United, three goals against Fulham and two more away to Schalke — before the visit of Spurs. Games against Spurs tend to be chaotic affairs and this was no different. We conceded two but Koscielny impressed and Mertesacker recovered from an early mistake to raise his game and in the process record his first goal for the club.

The 2-0 win over Montpellier, our first clean sheet in five games, was the icing on the cake for a defensive partnership that looks balanced and effective. Vermaelen even played well on the left. But would I drop Vermaelen when Gibbs returns? Almost certainly.

Carl Jenkinson might feel hard done-by by his exclusion from the team, yet it is hard to deny Bacary Sagna. He’s been out for sometime but in strong performances at Spurs, where he and Theo Walcott ran the show down the right, and again at home to Montpellier, Sagna showed his class.

It has been brilliant to welcome Jack Wilshere back into the team and nobody will be surprised that he has returned to form so quickly. He is a special player and is obviously enjoying his time with Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta, our two best players this season. Jack possesses an amazing blend of talents, the best of which is his decision-making. He chooses the right option each and every time and his return to the team seems to have given Cazorla, who had lost the sheen of new-signing unpredictability, a welcome shot in the arm.

It gives me great delight to put both Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski in this team, if a little less pride to include the aforementioned Walcott.

Giroud has found his feet since being ridiculously written-off by many fans earlier in the season. He lacks pace but his positioning in the box is exquisite and his aerial strength is remarkable. He played a stormer against Fulham, finished sharply against Spurs and provided two assists for Wilshere and Podolski mid-week. I don’t find Giroud to be an overly likeable player, his facial expressions and general demeanor on the pitch is a little — dare I say it, annoying — but as long as he keeps banging in the goals and improving I will care not one jot.

Podolski meanwhile appeared to go off the rails after a bright start at Arsenal. Yet I don’t feel this is a fair assessment. His game is based on two things; hard work and moments of impact. He works his bollocks off for an hour (and then is usually substituted), lacks the fluidity of Cazorla or Wilshere, and then makes his mark. He can create chances but will go quiet for 15 minutes before banging in a shot from long-range or dribbling at a defender. His game is so un-Arsenal it is almost comical yet he is becoming a fan favourite with his approach.

Finally: Walcott. I would not so be lukewarm to Walcott’s terrific — I repeat, terrific — season if it were not so obvious he is going to leave the club at the end of the season. Credit where credit is due though, Walcott has looked much improved after a deserved spell on the bench, showing off some improved dribbling skills and contributing more in our overall play. Fortunately we have a ready-made replacement for Theo in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whose desire to make an impact is literally second-to-none in this side and only fails to make this side because his passing is so poor.

Tomorrow we will not be playing Aston Villa with the team shown above. Vermaelen will be at left-back we may see an injection of freshness from someone like The Ox or Gervinho for the injured Walcott. Even so, our opponent lost 5-0 last week to Manchester City and are there for the taking.

Enjoy the game, wherever you might be watching.

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  1. Vermalem should take over from Gibbs, the defense should be as it is now. Let gibbs be a backup. We must buy a goalkeeper in January

  2. Good post. Certainly valid that the Verminator would almost certainly be dropped were he not captain but that might be a precise reason why Wenger can’t drop him. I know the old cliche everyone has play on merit but it could cause division and unrest in the dressing room not the mention the unhappiness of a player who is so clearly talented enough but just going through a bad spell that he will ultimately turn around. I agree though – at the moment Per and Bosscielny deserve to play ahead of him at Centre Back.

    The other player not mentioned at all is Diaby. Given the way he was playing at the start of the season it was almost inconceivable to think he wouldn’t be in Arsenal’s strongest 11 – frankly undroppable if he continued to play the way he was. Again, probably agree that the midfield you have put in is the best one but thought Diaby is at least worth a mention given its a selection if every player is fit.

  3. goalkeeper: szczesny
    defender: jenkinson, koscielny, vermaelen, gibbs
    midfielder: wilshere, arteta, rosicky, cazorla
    forward: giroud, podolski
    subbs: walcott, chemberlain, diaby, sagna, merte,

  4. I for one would also bring Arshavin in on the wing, then move podoski behind Giourd in the centre. play a 442

  5. Agreed. Diaby warrants a mention on merit! (Given that everyone is fit). He gives balance, height, strength unlike other mids we have. Bitty he won’t be battling Fallaini in the middle next week. Question is who would you drop to play him? Rotation is my answer…. For all three mids (Wilshere, Cazorla and Arteta). Great problem to have come mid December indeed. Cheers..

  6. If they were all available, my First XI would have Jack Kelsey in goal, Cliff Basten, Alex James, Don Howe, George Eastham…

  7. I completely agree with your choices. Vermaelen has looked short of confidence lately especially evident against Man u where he seemed so nervous playing against his former captain, RVP. Sagna in my opinion edges out Jenkinson at RB because defensively he is slightly more reliable due to his extra experience. The midfield is an obvious choice and for those saying Diaby can stake a claim in that position, for me he lacks the consistency that the current trio have. The three strikers are also obvious choices with a good combination of speed in walcott and power in giroud and podolski. All three strikers are great finishers as well. If this team plays week in week out, we will win something.

  8. i agree mostly with your team selection but for the selection of wilshere over (given that they are all available) diaby who for me has everything required of a box to box midfielder, height, strength, balance, vision, and a bit more expirience. Wilshere is no doubt more talented but his youthfullness and lack of height sometimes give the opposition an upper hand in the midfield. Moreover the trio of arteta wilshere and carzola has not really clicked just yet while after a similar number of games the arteta, diaby, carzola combination looked like a force to be reckoned with. Diaby and rosicky’s return will be good as it will allow us to make rotations otherwise arteta and carzola will be worn out come february next year.

  9. I agree with some people to have Diaby there just because Wilshere has not hit top form yet and still learning how his “new” team mates play. Diaby can boss a midfield by himself as he single handed lay demolished liverpool’s midfield.

    I guess it’s good to have that competition for places in midfield and also CB. The combination of Walcott/Sagna and Gibbs/Podolski is a must for the flanks. I still think we need a better deputy for Giroud.

  10. If everyone were fit, then I’d have to include Diaby, which means I’d have to drop Arteta or Wilshere. I’d pick Wilshere over Arteta, although that might leave us exposed from the holding midfielder position…

    Of course if everyone were fit, that would also mean that Hell had frozen over – and given the extreme cold that would result, Cazorla would be useless, so I’d have to bring on the Russian!

  11. Just watching west brom play against sunderland,they got no real stars but they putting up a game to win, wish we could say da same, arrogant rubbish wenger came out saying that we done well of getting out of da group but shouldnt we been da real contender of winning da group continuing with da french league been strong including da german but schalke is a decent team but have we lower our standards that we should be contend to been da underdogs of da group,uefa did make us one of da top 8 clubs while making da groups, no one is bigger than da club, hats off for ferguson and his statue at old trafford, I will be surprise if they came out and made a statue of wenger at le grove.

  12. The passing still a little slow , Villa is playing with a lot more energy. I am one a few Arsenal fans that think that Arteta is adequate but nothing special .
    I would prefer a real DM in midfield and have Podolski play up top with Giroud .
    Theo Carzola DM Gervinho
    Podolski Giroud

  13. Right up to the finish not an ounze of urgency shown…..the penny just doesnt seem to drop and its like they think the game will just present itself on a plate.
    Wilshere didnt get a minute and Gervinho was first on. Some joker you are Wenger.

  14. No use picking best xi. Andy better stop writing blog which is waste of time. whoever plays this arsenal under senile arsene is not going to win trophy. A team that cant beat aston villa kids is simply a midtable team.

  15. Another f@ckin rubbish performance, players taking there f@ckin time,slow passing again then faster in da final minutes,how can u call us a top team if can’t beat a struggling team, what da f@ck is ramsey doin on da pitch 4, 4 chances and he stil can’t score arrogant wenger to be blame, a chance to catch up wit. Everton and its up in smoke. Why must da fans suffer! PLS SACK WENGER!

  16. Compare to our team 9 or 10 years ago this one is Mediocre! Ramsey, Gervinho, Arteta, Gibbs all mediocre players.
    When you accept mediocrity as an achievement for finishing in the top 4, sooner or later you will struggle to be in the top 4. We have lost the winning mentality a long time ago.

  17. I am so pissed off at Arsenal after the Villa game. It’s hard to explain why we can’t perform like how we did against Tottenham in every other game. Ramsey replacing Wilshere certainly did not help and the more I see Arsenal play , the more I feel Walcott’s importance. …… Henry for player- manager!

  18. This is the worst I’ve seen Arsenal play all season. Even worse than against Norwich which receives the runner-up trophy.

  19. In short as long as i see RAMSEY start a game i already know the result. Either we struggle for a draw or we loose the game. Why Wenger didnt sub him is a mistry to any one.He is simply not good enough to play for us and wasted space.
    Finally i dont think we shall win the league this season. If you can afford to loose three points to a relegation bound team of youth ,one which was thumped for dead by a fellow contender then you are joking. I am sure we shall finish fourth this time. Only positive is we didnt conceed goals. Arshavin looked lively why he wasnt given more time on the pitch and giving it to Ramsey is still a big joke.I hope we get three points at Everton.

  20. i got bored and eventually fell asleep as was watching the game. Villa looked shit yet we couldn’t score a single goal, something’s seriously wrong with this Arsenal team. I don’t know what Wenger was referring to at the beginning of the season when he said we have a big squad because if we did we would have rested Giroud, Podolski, Arteta who looked tired from the start and Carzola who i thought was the only guy trying hard in that team. I still don’t get why Ramsey replaced Wishere when we had Coquelin available, how many chances does Wenger need to give Ramsey to be convinced he is another Eduardo. Here in South Africa a lot of Arsenal fans I know have changed teams they now support Chelsea and Man City, yes they are a bunch of hypocrites but we can’t say Wenger’s stubbonness didn’t play a part to drive them away.

  21. @ Alex waseSada SA

    “Here in South Africa a lot of Arsenal fans I know have changed teams they now support Chelsea and Man City, yes they are a bunch of hypocrites but we can’t say Wenger’s stubbonness didn’t play a part to drive them away”

    Well that means that they were never genuine fans and they only joined for glory.
    I Put Arsenal first and under no condition will i support any other club especially from london.
    What i will do tho is not by any merchandize or go to any games and pay the absolutely ridiculous prices that arsenal charge, so in essence they won’t get a cent from me, wenger and that mob, i flush every cent down the toilet then spend it on 14 quid fish and chips.
    I’ll watch every game on the telly.
    But never!!!! you hear me????? never, will i support another even if Arsenal relegated i will go down with them….
    wenger said the players were jaded,LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL?????
    Everton next i guess they will be more jaded, more excuses for him to make
    lets see how we go.

  22. I’ve never wanted a manager to be sacked so badly as I do now. This guy is a sick bastard.

    Wenger DOES NOT want us to win anything. I dont know why he feels if we win, the players will get ahead of themselves and probably demand outrageous sums of money or leave like Flamini.

    Why should Cazorla be paid less than 100000 pounds? Is there any justification for this? Why cant this guy be presenting his best squad at all times? Why do the fans have to suffer this way? How many games have we thrown away like this? What the HELL was Ramsey doing on the pitch when there was Arshavin and Wilshere?


    We won the spuds cos they allowed themselves to be run over by us. If only they were a bit sensible and defended a bit more, maybe Wenger wouldve joined RDM, Mano Menezes and Mark Hughes out the fuckin door by now.

    Just feel silly watching them play.

  23. Such immature derisory comments are just like the fans who sang the damn disrespectful lines at the end. Its quite simple really – stop going to the games, stop watching, stop buying merchandise and you will make your voice heard in a more constructive way. It’s a sad day for me as an arsenal supporter today as i’m ashamed – we seem to be the least passionate support at home and now we are behaving like such spoilt brats that everyone out there is having a right laugh. Wenger “doesn’t” want to win and “wants” to make bad substitutions and “doesn’t” want to spend inflated transfer fees is the joke of the century – i just imagine him going to bed every night knowing that he cant seem to get any success and he doesn’t have much time left in his coaching life and the pain he would personally suffer. You have a choice. By insulting wenger we aren’t helping the club, really, think about it. Criticise but do not insult – it doesn’t help the club (if thats what really matters to you). Lastly, mark my words, you never know what you have until it’s gone.. I sometimes wish that Wenger just answered that journalist and all the stupid condescending fans – “here, this is it, i quit. You guys know what you are doing and i don’t.”

  24. WR- sori to hear you quit, not sure if you mean da blog or just arsenal!
    Maybe its wasn’t a gud thing to say “WENGER U DON’T KNOW WHAT U DOING!” But did da fans and I tell wenger to put ramsey to play or not to have a plan B. Becoz I think not !
    WENGER for da last seven seasons has been saying if we want to buy a player we have da resources available to get hold of that player,WR if I was staying in north london. I would definitely got together wit a group of arsenal lovers and do everything in my power to convince da arsenal people that wenger should retire at arsenal at end of season and money made available for steve bould and co to get da right transfers of players in come january but I am not there so da guys on arsenalfcblog have no choice but frustrate our thoughts on this blog!



  25. As long as Wenger keeps playing Ramsey, Arsenal will never win anything. When ever Ramsey plays, Arsenal moves the ball too slow and backwards, instead of forward. Anytime i see Ramsey in Arsenal’s line up, I turn to another channel. I have come to believe that Wenger chooses his team by favoritism, not by merit. I don’t know what kind of personal relationship Wenger has with Ramsey, but it is getting absurd to see him on the pitch starting games.
    Moreover, it seems Wenger is unable to instill passion and urgency in his team. United and Barcelona play with passion, Arsenal doesn’t. And Arsene Wenger’s arrogance in not listening to the fans does not help. He should understand that the fans pay his salary. Maybe the Peter Principle is creeping in and is time for him to step down honorably. Those of us who watch Arsenal from the United States are sick and tired of Arsenal’s inconsistency.

  26. Probably the trophy drought is banging the manager for every game.

    This team has potential but lacks the game time together and this season is a roller coaster.Even Rosicky and Diaby’s return may add more to it .

    Arsene stubborness is paying him back. He looks like run out of ideas be it formation,selection of players(I fear injury to Arteta and Cazorla if they continue to play every game),strategy etc , but hope arsene can maintain his consistency and should take a quick break( a holiday plan for 2 to 3 days) to get himself fresh.

  27. A lot of really good comments here guys but really for me it was your basic goaless draw. We had a few good moments,they had a few good moments.
    We defended well in depth wings coming back to cover,they did the same.
    Bannan and Westwood ran everything down in midfield Ox, Ram and Arteta played it tight on our side. Neither goalie blinked,Neither coach made big changes. No moments of wonder, one point.

    Meu onze
    Big Polish Kid (GK)

    Sagna BFG Kos Santos

    Arteta Frimpong

    Cazorla Podolski


  28. Arsenal fans have to show their displeasure. For the people who can counting on the return of Diaby and Rocyski to save us …really? How long are they going to remain healthy … 2 weeks?

  29. Who the fuck is Dr. Leonard? Are you trying to impersonate me or what? You seem to be repeating my stuff.
    Secondly, please can you tell me if you read this anywhere or are you just making this up? “As long as Wenger keeps playing Ramsey, Arsenal will never win anything.” and “I have come to believe that Wenger chooses his team by favoritism, not by merit. I don’t know what kind of personal relationship Wenger has with Ramsey, but it is getting absurd to see him on the pitch starting games.”

  30. I am surprise by you LEFTCOASTGOONER putting a team player team list for the next match,its like you just accepting the result where is the dissappointment of the three points, arsenal always bag the three points.
    Let me join u

    Sagna mertesacker koscienly gibbs

    Walcott wilshere coquelin arteta polodski


  31. ARSENAL12THMAN. Can you please explain why you included Coquelin in your starting line-up instead of Cazorla? Guys can someone please explain to me what Mr Wenger sees in Coquelin.I don’t know who is worse. Coquelin or Ramsey. Our back-ups are so pathetic.

  32. Disappointed with the draw as well. On paper, we should’ve beaten them but Villa are no push overs. We simply ran out of time. I think 5 mins more and we could’ve gotten the winner.

    On the bright side, the gap from the top did not get much bigger. We are still 5 pts away from the top four. The team is starting an unbeaten streak and we got another clean sheet!

  33. @Brigas the eternal optimist! We did not beat Villa because we did not enough time? When it comes to making excuses you win! We struggle against the bottom feeders of the league, what that make us?

  34. Unpredictable! How boring would it be if we are expected to just lift the trophies at the end of the year like Celtic? To run over mid table and bottom feeder teams? Its what makes the EPL special. Even the “bottom feeder” can take points off you in any given week.

    I support Arsenal win or lose. Not like some trolls who only pops up and delights when the team do not get maximum points. I too got frustrated that the gaffer took off Giroud but I accept that gaffer is in a better position than me to decide how his fitness levels are since he works closely with the medical team.

    Besides, I prefer the drama, the ups and downs, the club’s optimists proven wrong and the doom sayers keeping quiet when Arsenal gets a win. Its called sports.

  35. Hey Brisvegasgooner I am with you 100 per cent. I,m ready to slit my wrists after reading some of the miserable comments on here.

    Incidentally finishing apart Ramsey was one of the better players on the pitch against Villa. And Coquelin when established is going to be very good

  36. Heya GONER,I left out cazorla becoz he deserves to be rested for a change and wilshere coming in his place, I would off chosen frimpong(a die hard player) but don’t know if his injury free, arteta didn’t do any international time so he can concentrate on his passing while coquelin plays the play breaker,thanks GONER!

  37. @ARSENAL 12 TH MAN

    Yeah well I would have chosen Alvaro Reccoba but he retired 5 years ago or maybe Abou Diaby because it seems like he has 😉

  38. Arsenal are frustrating as ever as evidenced by some of the derisory commentary.

    I really don’t get the Ramsey haters. He was decent in the Villa match. This is a good kid and a hard and tireless worker who somehow had to play in a midfield just vacated by Nasri and Fabregas after recovering from one of the worst on-pitch injuries it’s been my misfortune to witness.

    Yes, he’s been a mess on more than one occasion but he is improving this season. He may never be a Fabregas but he’s certainly no Denilson either.

  39. Its time to let you guys understand something…………………..

    1. We all blindly support Arsenal FC, but we do not all blindly support Arsene Wenger.
    2. He sells our star players for no reason(they demand outrageous fees of about 100000pounds weekly).
    2. He sells the team pillars too. Is he mad? Players the ENTIRE team hinged on for glory(champs league qualification for now) and yet he claims he wants to win trophies. He sold them on very flimsy excuses and we bought those excuses cos we are loyal to the club. No player is supposed to be bigger than the club, but I would prefer having an RVP and Song 100 times more than keeping a stubborn Wenger.
    2. He likes buying cheap, but the market has changed and he has refused to adapt. We can no longer attract certain pedigree of players and will not even be able to attract the top talents if we continue like this. Cos, then, he will leave and we would be all low and very dry.
    3. He refuses to buy like for like quality replacements.
    4. He favours certain players because he owes us no explanation.
    5. We often get help to get on a good run……’Injuries to keep certain bad, but favourite players out’ or ‘Red-card Adebayor’ etc.
    6. We are one of the most predictable sides in modern football history.
    7. We simply refuse to change our pattern to fit the players in our disposal, we believe every player should be able to do everything.
    a. Right now, Ramsey feels he should be ahead of Cazorla on the pitch. I dont know if the coach cannot call him to order or if the coach is not seeing what we see.
    b. Right now, whenever Coquelin comes on, he plays ahead of Arteta on the pitch(but this guy is a DM, not a CM). So, how he and Arteta suddenly swap positions in the team is not only baffling, it is silly. It is definitely not unconnected with finding a space for Ramsey to fit in.
    8. A lot of our players(ESPECIALLY MIDFIELDERS) are technically depraved, but we play the possession game and it just does not add up. How we do not have the best technical midfielders beats me when we know they are key with the possession game.
    9. Why we do not finalise Walcotts contract by now is one of the bizarre considering our history with this sort of stuff. We need to do this and let this guy start CF immediately, I already told you guys I’ve seen enough of Giroud to know he is not the one. I’m sorry but, HE WILL NEVER BE THE ONE. Its either Podolski or Walcott for the CF.
    9. For you kiss ass Wenger and Ramsey lovers, I do not hate Ramsey period. I dont know what you guys see, but i know i see someone who is not fit to be starting for us in our MIDFIELD. Things are not just right here and we reward mediocrity a lot. It does not make any sense at all whatsoever when Ramsey starts ahead of the Ox except in the DM position. This is not a point.
    10. A lot of players seem to be on a par salary-wise. How is this justified? Why are excellent on-field performances usually rewarded with huge auction price tags with “About to be Sold” written all over it? Why do we NEVER renegotiate contracts with a view to reduction in salaries for underperforming members or risk being released? Why do we never seem to reward excellent performances with higher salary packages which would foster a healthy motivation for competition, thus reflecting in better performances?

    Finally, we are a recipe for disaster. Wrong players at the wrong positions, tactically and technically bereft, lack willpower to take games by the scruff of the neck and kill(man city and villa etc). Paying way below par even though we have the money to atleast reward one outstanding player per season. We have lost that ability to attract the Hazards of this world. When will we get our mojo back? Will we qualify for next seasons champs league? I sincerely hope we do, else that would mean we can no longer attract top players. My fear is once we drop out, it might be hard to get back there again. Which world class player would want to come play for a non big four club?

  40. @ GunnerBoss

    If Giroud is not the one then am absolutely sure theo is not the one.
    And i’ll tell you this too, wenger can talk as much as he likes if someone offers any price for theo come Jan he’s off, mark my words.
    There is noway wenger, BOD and all the money grabbers up at the Emirates will let him walk on a free, he’s young and English and there is noway in hell he would be allowed to leave on a free.
    It happens every season so nomore would i be fooled by cheap talk.

  41. Yes Ramsey is better than Denilson, but is he good enough to be in our first 11 ? No
    Gunnerboss made an important point: to succeed with possession football, you need a team with players with superb football skills. That’s why Barca works their players are technically gifted .
    When we play against even a team like Villa , there is not a big edge technically between our players so we have a hard time opening them up. Very often these days , we are too predictable . For the last few years we had either RVP or Cesc to save us, we can not hide our flaws anymore

  42. Or Harry Redknapp? Then change formation to 4-5-1, sit deep and play on the counter. Forget fluent passing football, it will be kick and chase. Lets get rid of most of the current team that are apparently mediocre. Buy ‘massive’ players with huge transfer fees, lets outbid the chelseas, madrids and man city. Pay a higher wage than they do and repeat the cycle every window. Oh and lets not forget to buy primadonnas, the ones who sulk everytime a new player comes in with a higher wage and threatens to leave if they dont get a raise.

    Will it guarantee success? Maybe, maybe not, but it will definitely put the club at risk financially. It’s what makes the club special. Being able to compete even if we cannot outbid the rich teams. Our transfer policy that involves buying rough diamonds and making them into superstars. The henrys, the v persies and the vieras of this world. It is a low risk strategy that does not affect the team too much if it fails but helps the club in a massive way if it works. Its true that the club has got nothing to show for it in terms of cups and trophies for the past 7 years but we have competed at the highest level. We did not just make up the numbers in the EPL. Teams saw us as a threat. That is why most of the teams just park their bus against us. And off the field, the Arsenal brand is growing as that 30 million pounds per year for shirt sponsorship would suggest. And some say the club is a failure? That the manager who was part of this vision is a failure?

  43. Fully fit squad and on current form my team would be:

    goalkeeper: szczesny
    defender: jenkinson, koscielny, metersacker, gibbs
    midfielder: wilshere, arteta, diaby, cazorla
    forward: giroud, podolski
    subbs: walcott, chemberlain, diaby, sagna, vermalen,

  44. Sack Wenger immediately and bring Jugen Klopp.He is young and more motivated than this ageing French man. He looked so disillusioned that we win games by sheer brilliance of the players and not the tactics of the Manager.
    @Gooner players to be shipped out OX. You must be smoking weed. Ox is a prospect and unless you are a drug addict you must have brains to see that. WE JUST NEED CHANGE. Wenger is not going to perform any new miracle at arsenal unless and until he leaves. We need WALCOTT at all costs. He usually makes a difference and his speed is second to none in the premeirship .
    @RAMSEY what can i say about this , He is an absolute joke. He must be playing for mid table teams and not a top four team. @ Arteta. he is not a defensive midfilder. Why we never bought Yamvilla is still a mistery. Possibly thats why we dont win games and are loosing by heavy margins

  45. @Gunfest

    “When we play against even a team like Villa , there is not a big edge technically between our players so we have a hard time opening them up. ”


  46. @Darragh Off the top of my head (and there are plenty of other better managers than Wenger available): Pep, Hiddink, Rijkaard, Klopp. Guardiola has expressed his interest for the Arsenal job, and he has won more than the loser Wenger can ever hope to win.

  47. Leftcoast, I am sure a 40 year recoba could play a giggs role than seeing ramsey fading out,its just strange some time ago I had ramsey on my team list,probably becoz everyone that plays there was injured.

    HOST: On where should arsenal improve coming to da transfers market?
    Robbie: Mayb an attacking midfielder some1 that can control da midfielder or a forwarder like edison cavani that will get u goals and hardworking will fit in da arsenal system

    Rob stewart: a change of coach,its no use having world class players but da manager can’t get anywhere!

    This is not exactly what they said but on da same lines!

  48. The club is indeed special, but what about a manager loosing his special touch by the day? A manager who all of a sudden is all up for fourth and openly confessing it? A manager that cannot stand his STAR player and PLAYER OF THE YEAR asking for a simple raise? What sort of manager do we really want? A manager whom Keown helped to reach the champs league final ONLY ONCE? When did we last reach the last four? Why can common sense not dictate that we could keep our two best players and still add Podolski and Cazorla? We would’ve been invincible by now.

    So, what have we gained by selling RVP and Song? Must we sell our soul to survive? Why must we sell to a major rival? How much have we made in our little thrifty business? Are we really laughing to the bank? Seriously? Or are we laughing to a mid table position instead?

    We look silly by our blind arguments. The truth stares us in the face and we say lets all dig up the ground and put our faces in it so we can remain blind.

    Being blind is actually a choice. Some of us have accepted it and this is a fact.

    It appears common sense does not look so common, does it?

  49. Another reason why Wenger has to go. Our manager can not be a CFO wannabe ! Our manager should only be concerned about acquiring the best players with the funds allotted to him.
    There should always be a tension between the manager and the board or owners to spend more on players or not!
    I respect the fact we as a club are not bidding 50 mil or 100 mil for players, but we are the 5th richest team in Europe !

  50. Pushing for Wenger to be sacked is short-sighted for sure. Managers of his class are hard to find and the unwillingness to spend big won’t change once he’s gone unless you can sack the board as well. Pep is a great manager but he couldn’t do any better with this thin squad than Arsene does.

    Starting 11 for me…
    sagna, verminator, kos, gibbs
    diaby, wilshere, cazorla
    walcott, giroud, podolski

    Can’t wait to get Diaby and Rosiscky back as Arteta and Cazorla seem to have tired legs.

    Here’s to three points against Everton!

  51. BRAINTWISTER:Question for thought, would everton put all their eggs in the basket for da game 2nite or rather man city during da weekend,

    -everton would stand a betta chance of winning at home against arsenal since we are not in da same class as da title chasers
    -everton would also not want to lose at city so probably they could reserve some energy by giving some players half a game
    Da only thing we over them is we won over there six something sometime ago and last match 1-0 nil to us
    I think it has been a good hunting ground for us but then we said da same thing about villa!

  52. Gunnerboss, mr arsene wenger will not listen to any1 but himself that’s what I learnt since he has so much say,da only to get his and da board attention is by peaceful protest,no 1 as ever took them on so it remains to been to seen

  53. DC Gunner. I am afraid you will be waiting a long time to have Rosisky and Diaby back and when they do come back or should I say if.
    How long do you think they will last? Arteta I fear is not far away from an injury now as he is being overplayed.

    I really am shocked that there is still a lot of AKBs out there.

  54. Pushing for Wenger to get his acts right would be more like it. We still love him no matter what, but, this dude is just too STUBBORN………

    Ignorance is a sin. Pep would never have Wilshere in his team. But, he pushed to sign Song. Showing Song is a million times more valuable than Wilshere especially when u r playing possession football. The best Wilshere would hope to do for us in an ideal situation is help in DM. I don’t know how we rate players and all that, but I definitely know a good player when I see one. Use this yardstick and call urself to order; Where would Wilshere fit-in in 2003/2004 Arsenal based on his current age and last seasons excellent form(forget about injuries).
    To bring urself to proper reality, try doing this with Ramsey at the peak of his form. Can we see where we are?

  55. Personally I think Wilshire is twice the player that Song is and I think Song is pretty good. But heh what do I know. I am still a AKb

  56. Already for the Villans I guess.
    As always the big question is WHICH Arsenal FC will show up.
    The decisive and clinical Arsenal or the walkabout lot.
    Hard to say isn’t it? Good thing it has nothing to do with the coaching.

    Anyway COYG!!!

  57. Now THAT”S an early goal but Kos seems to be badly hurt.
    Gibbs is coming on. Arsenal radio says it’s a groin strain.
    Vermaelen goes to CB.
    Blessing or curse, you decide.

  58. Ramsey has cost the team again and could of left the team a further goal down,another rubbish performance and wenger stil wants to stay as manager what a piece of shit

  59. Hey dutch, it’s true Ram choked it up and admittedly looks bad but you have to admit he has company. We coughed up posession several times before their goal. Sczsney looked weak on it too.

  60. just a few observations

    1 the verm is back

    2 santi needs a rest

    3by his standards sagna was awful

  61. Another dissappointing nyt gooners left coast not sure if there anything u could possible take out of da game,I am trying to think why da hell is ramsey playing becoz his shots on goal is always defended off,wilshere luk like he was just one of da passengers abroad da mediocre train.mertesacker was not perfect but put a decent performance

    AS 4 WEnGER
    He wouldn’t mind walking out wit a point,while mans got there 3 points and put a huge gap between us,o ja spurs must of beat liver and move above and everton stay on top of us,not like wenger gives a crap

  62. Yes it’s easy to jump on the Ramsey bandwagon. He was poor again. But so were Arteta – too many cheap fouls, muscled off the ball to easily. So was Cazorla who was largely anonymous. Can you remmeber one single decent thing that Walcott contributed after the 53 second mark? Giroud could not find an Arsenal player with any header that I saw and Sagna was below par.

    I have not been contributing to this blog for a while because it has, like our team, become depressingly familiar.

    I think we are now lumped in with about 6 or 7 teams fighting for 3rd and 4th with daylight betwen 2nd and 3rd. That seems to be about where our level is. Like I said, it’s depressing. We seem to have no pace in the side (and I don’t mean Theo’s sprinting ability – but or movement of the ball), we can’t even play possession football very well and our defense still looks far from solid at times.

  63. Terry u have hit a home run arsenal don’t seem like an arsenal that people paid to watch,but da blame at the end of the day goes down to the manager who muust know his job. Its not like its first day on the job like benitez as he bought these players and these players will reflect on how da manager want them to play.I want to say that these don’t get a proper rest but da fact is manu and man city players also don’t get much of a rest but stil try to pull off a win that’s da concerning about us.

  64. I didnt watch the game but all evidence points to another pile of rubbish. Any way so what if we beat Spurs 5 goals. They are ahead of us and look good for top four. Carzola compensates with Bale and the other playesr at Spurs are superior in quality to our side. Thats why we can even beat teams like Everton leave alone Aston villa. And i hear Walcott is leaving,. What is really happening. Why can’t Wenger pack his ass and leave.For the moment i would even put up with Sam Alardyce if it only mean’t Wenger leaving. Enough is Enough.

  65. Ramsey started again … bitch cost us the goal and kept losing the ball. I say we shove him in the same luggage as Chamakh and ship them off to Fenerbache come this January. The only reason why Wenger consistenly starts this clown is due to favoritism because he is a good lad. A bit like Gareth Barry’s case.

  66. @Terry,12th man,et al.
    It’s true Cazorla needs a rest but what about the other 11 guys?
    And yes to heap a little blame Wengers tactics are about as fresh and timely as his substitutions. But what sense is there asking a man about a plan “B” when he hasn’t adequately worked out plan”A” after 8 years of barren experiments.

  67. No, u don’t understand. Wenger needs Ramsey to come good so he could sell him for 24mill quid just like he did with FABs and RVP. He has to be patient with him while careers of better players like Coquelin and the Ox are made to pay the price. He has to be patient with him so we finish mid-table. He has to play Ramsey so he can bring down the efficiency of Cazorla and Arteta who work their ass off just to cover for Ramsey’s inadequacies. He has two draws and I would prefer we win one, lose one, for 3points.

  68. LEFT COAST- If cazorla was by da man’s or chelski I think he wouldnt need to be rested as everyone would pitch in to play that part of been creativity goal wise, but here by us he has been seen as da only 1 that must create that over burdens him,in that 3 midfielder I believe that there should be one mad defensive player,djourou(portsmouth time) or frimpong and arteta or cazorla can concentrate on passing or wilshere. End of story

  69. For all the Ramsey detractors on here – I do agree he had a poor game but so did Arteta who almost cost us a penalty and was very poor with possession, and after scoring Theo was largely anonymous as well.

    Are we also forgetting that though its true that Ramsey was dispossessed in midfield, it was Sagna’s (who had a poor match as well) critical error that led to the goal? Sagna can and should have done much better with that clearance.

    Are we also forgetting that the rather superb link up play that resulted in the goal was between Ramsey and Theo – as in Ramsey actually had the assist for the one Arsenal goal?

    Don’t get me wrong, he has his issues, but for god’s sake give the lad credit where credit is due. Against Aston Villa he was probably one of our most visible players, constantly moving forward and when looking at the stats, he had the ONE shot on target for us during the match. Sometimes I just feel that Ramsey can do no right, and this constant negativity around him is rather unfair.

    Villa was a bit dire all around, Everton was a tough but well earned point. Let’s not kid ourselves and think that there was only one man to blame for the 2 points. Now on to Swansea where taking all 3 will be nothing short of vital.

  70. this is why we can win games, pay attention to ramsey, and wilshire strolling
    back as gibson tears into our box

    Just saw the game and when i tell you Arsenal continue to make the same defensive mistakes it not funny, I know sagna made a bad pass to arteta and the danger occured there BUT check this out, a lot of people are going nuts at ramsey BUT guess what he’s not the only one at fault
    when fellaini picked up the ball gibson darted for the box and ramsey and the man who most fans are hailing as a GOD JACK WILSHIRE (who did F*ck all) just strolled back as if nothing is going on.
    What is Arsenal teaching these guys about defending, the midfielders have to track late runners, now fellaini scored but gibson entered a dangerous position on noticed. It’s situation like these why we will never succeed because nobody is accountable, the manager can make the same mistakes every season and noone questions him so i guess the players are following suit.
    when most arsenal fans say a player is world class these days i take it with a pinch of salt because wenger has lowered our standard so low that very average players would seem like a step up

  71. @Henrik
    Many of our players had a bad day. That will happen when you play the same system fo 11 years and the oppositon knows what you’re on to and have lots of examples of how to stop what you are trying to do.
    This is called an “adjustment”. Many teams have done this against us over the past decade and more all the time.
    What I’m waiting for is our adjustment to their adjustment.
    Here’s the bad news.
    Wenger will not adjust 🙁

  72. @Hendrik – Who would u think is dispensable in our midfield? Get ur answer there. Are u among the nuts that would prefer starting Ramsey to an incredible Ox? Question urself again? I’ve already given enough reasons why I feel his is absolutely unnecessary. We play possession footy and his qualities do not meet up especially as a midfielder. I don’t know why you guys seem so unreasonable. It was the SME with Chamakh. I’m not bashing Giroud(even though I feel he is not up to scratch) cos he possesses the qualities required to be a CF. How Wenger cannot utilise him till now just shows how unflexible we have become. Our game plan is usually counter attack to score the first, possess the midfield, boss it and look for opportunities to score more. The opponent is usually too busy defending to even contemplate launching an attack. Game over before it even started.

    Where are we now sincerely?. The only striker we had that could take the slightest of opportunities to let you relax and watch the game is sold. Now, its nervousness till the end. We play nothing now. Our standards have dropped so much that we go into a new season without any expectation whatsoever of winning the league.

    Are RVP and Song vindicated? Have a look at their respective tables and see the answer. Look at their profiles and see their positive contributions. You do not sell two pillars and expect to survive without adequate replacements. We are now a laughing stock.

    Walcott who has speed like Henry for the counter is not even guaranteed for next year. Right now, we are completely toothless upfront with the way we play. We certainly need a magician. Yoda would say “Giroud, a magician is not”. Podolski and Walcott are our best bet, but can the STUBBORN man allow the round pegs in the round holes for now? No, he must continue experimenting till we end up mid-table.

    I keep on asking “is Arteta now bad?”. Wenger will make everyone look bad just like he made some of us hate Song, so will he make us hate the next person UNTIL that Ramsey stays off for good. We don’t create chances and we now blame the defense for every little issue. Why should we have those issues? Ramsey is not Cazorla and should leave the issue of creating chances for Cazorla. Cazorla shoots excellently outside the 18yard box. Everybody else knows this but us. How we do not get him into the positions game after game after game is pure punishment for me watching. I want to see that trigger pulled, he wants to pull that trigger, but the idiot Ramsey will never create that space for him. Instead Ramsey wants to be where Cazorla is. I cannot count how many times he was ahead of Cazorla on the pitch. Cazorla even went to CM for a period(what a waste). For someone to be man marked for almost every game he plays in means he is excellent. Why Ramsey cannot complement him to do his thing is what we need to look at. Either that or the coach that cannot organise a midfield to full efficiency.

    Jack is doing excellent so far, he is still our TIGER. Whenever Coquelin comes on, he should be the DM, period. Wenger can never tell me that Coquelin is okay playing CM. That is a very clear delusion. That Arteta is even concentrating on the DM job for long periods is quite amazing.

    The weak link is clearly Giroud and Ramsey, the goalie caused the goal cos of his youthful exuberance. But, why Wenger never tells him to relax during games shows cos he must be doing it during training and accepted. He is fond of rushing distributions. I bet Wenger will get another goalie soon. Faulting Sagna will be like faulting Messi for missing a penalty. Did we see how the ball came to him? The way the ball came to him shows mediocrity written all over it. Faulting the others would mean we need to re-examine how we look at them again.

  73. @leftcoastgooner – unfortunately, I agree and is in my view a large part of the problem.

    @gunnerboss – you have some pretty emotionally charged rants in there. Ox was hardly “incredible” against Villa. Not saying one is better than the other but Ox is not the magical savior.

    I think my thoughts are pretty much summed by this:

    “There were more than enough times for other players to step in and try to clean up and even in the Fellaini goal, the response was poor by Sagna, the space was left for Fellaini and the shot was slowly reacted to by Szczesny (perhaps blocked sight, but still, it seemed saveable despite the quality of the shot). Defense rarely comes down to what one player did.

    More than enough times there is plenty of guilt to go around when Arsenal are being indecisive with defense. It’s a team aspect rather than focusing on one player. There will be glaring errors that we can pin on people, but Ramsey’s turnover had a lot more affecting it after the fact that led to the goal.

    I think that’s why I’m reacting most to in the Ramsey debate/argument/silliness. It is the constant focus on one man. We seem absolutely fixated on reducing our problems (or successes) to one man. We really need to get over the idea that this team can survive that way. The team is problematic right now and I cannot focus on one guy as a scapegoat.”

    To better inform some of your wide sweeping allegations, might I suggest you try to see if the numbers and stats back what you say. From my initial read, they categorically do not. It seems to me you are mostly speaking from a place of emotion rather than logic or fact. It’s all in the stats. Check it out.

  74. For example, Arteta is not a DM. Whatever he does there is a pure bonus to us, but as long as he plays there we lose efficiency and momentum. Momentum we needed from the beginning of this season. Momentum gotten form utilizing him in his natural CM/AM position and letting him build up from last seasons decent shift for us. I’m sure we get it now.

    My greatest grouse is that he has refused to allow Coquelin progress in the DM position. A position he deputised Song in for so long. This is clearly not unconnected with clearing a CM space for Ramsey(space Arteta would have still been occupying).

    We would have obviously been doing better if we had Cazorla and Arteta in front of Coquelin or Diaby. With Wilshere back, he comes on as an excellent sub for Arteta or simply replaces Coquelin at DM. I personally prefer Wilshere in the DM because the DM does not require specially technical players. Right now, the DM is the ONLY bet for Ramsey PERIOD.

    I’m sure we get it now. We clearly have the potential to do much much better with THESE same players, hence my frustrations. For anyone who has been consistently watching our matches, we can see clearly right thru whatever. Like I always say, “It is only sweet when we do experiments and win, but when we lose, it not only looks silly, it puts the question marks all over the place as well”.

    Believe me, there would be no question of if we would be winning the league by now cos we would be on top by now with no hope of letting off anytime soon.
    This should be the reference point for all the Ramsey lovers.

  75. @Henrik – Are u trying to say Ramsey is doing a job Arteta would not be able to better in CM/AM? Cos this is the whole point.

    Arteta should be constant higher up and not wasting at DM. This has been my point and frustration from the beginning of the season. I saw Wengers folly from day one in the league when he started making Arteta play DM. This is when I started questioning the sale of Song. He bought two strikers, questioning VPs sale could not be justified at the time.

    Are we seeing the results?

  76. @Henrik Good on ya! Players/Managers don’t need to be singled out. Football is a team game hence, the team should take the fall. Managers in this case will always take the criticism but it was still the team that needs to perform.

    I thought it was a high intensity match from both teams. Something that we have been wishing for in the last 3 matches. For players to play as hard as they can and they did. So obviously, passes will be missed, ball control will be sloppy and there is a higher risk to have defensive mistakes. From a neutral’s perspective, that was an exciting match. End to end and players running their socks of for their team and fans. I quite like watching games like that. I echo Henrik in saying it was a well earned point.

    We play the same the past 7 years? I disagree. Firstly, we moved from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3. This season, it was more 4-1-4-1. With Arteta playing the deep lying playmaker. I think the reason Arteta plays there and why Song was let go is because of discipline. Something that Song did not have last year when he would always leave a hole in front of our defence. Arteta has the discipline to stay there but also have a good sense on when to go forward. I think the performance of Pirlo in the euro finals inspired the manager that if you have a player that have a good passing range with a tactical discipline(Arteta), the team will be more versatile, meaning we can play possession football or play on the counter. Imagine Arteta launching a searching ball for Walcott to run into. We haven’t seen it that much because teams have always played deep against us. But the option is always there.

    And for Ramsey not having the technical ability, how many players in the EPL can turn and dribble with drive like Ramsey? That despite all the criticisms, he still plays his socks off? That’s character. Sometimes I feel like he is too intricate that his team mates does not read the passes that he makes. That will be better the more they play with him. Is he perfect? No. But does it seem like he always makes mistakes? To your eyes. Like what Henrik said, look at the stats and decide.

    And for Wilshere not being good enough. hahaha that is all.

  77. There is a reason why the manager decided to play Coquelin higher. I think its better to win the ball higher up the pitch so with 1 or 2 passes forward, you would be in front of the goal for a chance. If you look at the last 5 mins in the villa game, that happened when Coquelin was able to create in the dying minutes after intercepting the ball but it was well defended. If you are in your own half, it takes longer up the field before you get a chance. The match was ending so you would rather win the ball higher up the pitch.

  78. First , the manager is at fault, he chose these players.
    I hate to single out just 1 player ie Ramsey , because many others are not good enough IMO.
    Arteta is a good player , but for Arsenal he does not provide what we are missing.
    Banes is better than both our wing backs,
    Theo is the best finisher we have with Podolski , but both are not very creative
    Gervinho is creative with ball to his feet , but not clinical or consistent enough
    Ox is still young and raw , but not yet ready , he has a bright future
    Giroud is still raw as well , he would have benefited learning with an experience striker, this is big step up for him , 3 years ago , he was in the French second division!

    So we are we’re we are not because of only one player. There is not enough critical mass of skillful and impact players to help Carzola and Wilshere to win on a consistent basis.
    Simply the manager made a lot bad choices these last few years and we have become a toothless tiger who no one fears anymore!

  79. Here’s a question for you: who in our current squad would you seriously nail down for a long term contract and who would you let go? Am assuming the following are all on the way out regardless (if only someone more desperate would take them now): Chamakh, Almunia, Squillaci, Bendtner, Vela (or was he sold?), Denilson, Arshavin.

    But what about players like Diaby and Rosicky? I really like both of them but their injury record means we get no value for money out of them.

    Then there are players like Djourou, Santos, Fabianski, Frimpong, Miyachi (whatever happened to him?). Squad players at best but who have never really convinced.

    That leaves Szseszny, Sagna, Jenkinson, Vermeulen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshire, Coquelin, Walcott, Ox-C, Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho.

    I am sure I have missed one or two, but seriously how many of these players are must-haves? Not bloody many in my opinion and there lies our problem. A few years ago our first XI was close to our rivals but the rest of our squad was not. Now I don’t think that even our first choice eleven are that great. Of that last group above I would seriously argue that Arteta (based on his age), Ramsey, Coquelin, Giroud and Gervinho are probably not worth tying down on long term contracts. And to be honest I am not a huge fan of Walcott. Too inconsistent for me but he is banging in some goals so would keep him. The bastard won’t sign a contrac though so he is probably sodding off in any case!
    Like I said before, it’s pretty depressing being a gooner lately.

  80. @Gunner boss. You are very right when you talk about Defensive midfield. Arteta is flattering to deceive but the detailed truth is that he is not efficient and desigened for that role.He at his age wont manage playing at the same level in the following seasons as he will tire and be worn out. It was a mistake not to buy Yamvilla for that position. No player currently in the team can play that role. Diaby is rubbish due to his injury woes,Coqeline is not good enough for that role due to his physique. Frimpong should have been given chance to develop in that role than let him go on loan. He is better than Coqueline and i think better than Arteta in that role.The defense is not protected at all. Walcott is the best we have and we should build our strikers with him ahead of even Gervinho. He is more clinical than all the strikers we have in the team.He can compliment either Podolski and Giroud. I think dead wood like Rosicky,Ramsey,Diaby,Chamakh must be leaving soon.We need a combative defensive midfielder to replace Song and an attacking midfielder to compliment Carzola ,Wilshere,Ox plus Arshavin in that area.Otherwise the team is good on paper except for the tactical ineptness of WENGER who is exactly in the evenings of his career.

  81. Wilshere not being good enough. hahaha that is all.

    Are you saying he is technically better than Gerard or Lampard? Are you saying he is technically better than Nasri or Mata? Are you saying he is technically better than Arteta or Arshavin or Rosicky? Are you trying to compare him to Iniesta or Fabregas? He is one of our best mid fielders(I call him Tiger). I doff my hat for him, but can we be clear with the truth for once? Read my last comment again.

  82. A lot of people keep saying that MU are so lucky they keep getting a lot of the big calls, well I’ll tell you this Arsenal have been the beneficiary of a lot of fortunate call this season, In the everton game that looks a stone cold penalty to me on Fellaini and don’t forget the offside goal against QPR, so contrary to popular beliefs Arsenal do get a lot of calls.

    And goodluck to Arsenal tomorrow we’ll need it

  83. No Brisvegas …..Have you seen where we are now? You seem to laugh a lot even though you know the truth. You just seem to hide behind it with trying to justify all our actions. We were once great just 8years ago and we put ourselves where we are now. You justify the past 7 years for Wenger, you justify Ramsey starting. You have no say. You are just fair weather at best. The issue is not if Ramsey broke his leg. What are we doing starting someone that is so so off-form, it makes a mockery of the whole club? Where are the mid fielders he claimed to have when he sold Song? Now, we will lose Walcott too next mknth cos he wants Adrian Lopez? What the fuck is going on?

  84. I’ve got an idea. Why not replace Ramsey with David Beckham? After all, he did say he wants one last swing at the Champions League. We could do with a David Beckham free-kick goal against Man U to neutralise the pain RVP cost us when he scored against us.

  85. Can we all stop whinning and blogging and join the 1000 + protest going on now against WENGER and the club. Guys check it up and be there now if our voices are to be heard and we see Change. Otherwise am even contemplating to watch Swan_ Barca pass us to death. WENGER MUST GO REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING.UNLESS HE WINS THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WHICH IS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE

  86. DELANO- I M wit u but after swansea lose against us which I guess will happen then everything about a disaster awful 2 months wil dissapear until we lose again or anything like that! Rememba we got idiots like those fools that continue to bring that flag,“in arsene we trust” to da stadium and da fatcat board of directors who don’t give a damn!


  87. What I can’t understand about the arsenal world is that we are willing 2 giving away 1st place to schalke since having to qualify so we don’t need to go to greece to seal a win,that’s might win us da group according to da wenger policy!

    According to the wenger philosophy its about getting as far as possible in c.l then since there no interest in winning da group then barcelona and bayern shouldn’t b a problem taking in 2 account we have neva went pass them,sad hey!

    @GONER-no he isn’t world class Beckham but he is a real professional who could of ended like george best or vinny jones but instead use his brains than his ego to get him where he is 2 day,it wil be nice if he could play a giggs role!

  88. @12th man .In all fairness i dont think there is any way we could have stopped Schalk o4 from topping that group . They were far superior to us on all games with the icing on the cake coming at the Emirates. I dont remember us winning in Greece of recent and now that they also have a chance. Lat season was disastor/ i remember Pascal Cyan scoring own goals in Greece right from the center half. Second runners up is the more likely result.
    Has any one noticed the gulf in class between top 3 and the chassing pack.We are rubbish at best and teams like Everton and Spurs are looking so good for top four. Why Wenger never buys these players from the premier league is a complete joke. Fellaini is there for the taking.We dont have a defensive cover.managerial genius would have seen WENGER TRY TO PLAY JOROU IN DEFENSIVE midfield as extra cover than let him rot on the bench.That is the less technical role one can play in the team. Arteta is tired plus 30 and is worn out. He is in essence an injury in waiting. Why not establish a solid back line. I would take a 0-0 on any day than a 2-2. Tactically the manager is dead and gone. Squillacchi is still on the Arsenal pay roll as i speak for eternally warming the bench. This is an insult to these players considering that he never even players them . Squillachi,Chamakh etc

  89. Ok that’s it I am going to slit my wrists. Things really arn’t that bad. Last season all the a hinging was about Newcastle being ready to overtake us. Hmm what happened there. It’s not great I,ll admit but a little positive thinking wouldn’t hurt

  90. What we should be doing with all the maestros in the middle is to be compact and look for that thru pass with Walcott to latch on to it. Giroud is clearly not the one for this sort of game.

  91. this arsenal currently sucks bad. no excuse to have just lost 2-0 to Swansea with the talent. Walcott will not be enticed to stay here with these results. I don’t have the answer but Arsenal needs something. Not sure if it’s a manager (who, realistically?) Players? This is getting painful to watch.

  92. I’m a huge Arsene supporter but even I am starting to have my doubts about him. We should get Pep and he will get us closing players down quicker, something we lack immensely. Arsenal have no passion anymore. Lets move back to Highbury …. it feels more like us there.

  93. My God it’s true. We really do suck.
    Please Wenger ,you have been here long enough for all the good you have done. In the name of God GO!

  94. 15 games. 21 points.
    Behind West Brom, West Ham, Swansea and RUGBY team Stoke.
    Where are all the idiots who labelled me and accused me of impulsive and knee jerk negativity.
    Where are you Shard with excuses and ‘ Refs hate Arsenal’ crap…if not for poor officiating wed have LESS points right now.
    This never was and still isnt knee jerk reactions to Wenger and this board. This is the culmination of years of indulging mediocrity by you and the rest of the blind ‘ In Wenger we Trust’ brigade.
    Anyone with half a football brain and even a shred of objectivity could see where we were going with a board who refused to askmore of a manager on the basis of money making.
    The man has no answers to his own mess.

  95. I’ve said it before, it has to get worse before it gets better. Painful as it might be, the best thing to happen to Arsenal now is to keep losing. Thats the only way to get rid of Wenger the cancer. Short term pain for long term gain.

  96. The economics of the game has unfortunately killed Wenger and Arsenal. Those who want him out do not realize how much harder it is going to get for us now. Let us face it – we are out of the big league of money. Would it be the same “feeling” if we get a new manager, say Pep, spent 200 million to buy stars (yes that is what it will cost to get 6 good players) and win the league? No not for me. Maybe for some or most of you. But the feeling will not be the same – not the same feeling of Wenger’s belief of sanity in the economics leading to such a long, hard and difficult road to victory. Nothing will replace the joy of winning despite the money. In Arsenal we believe. Mr so called 12th man – let us win the league with “da” money then. Sack Wenger, Sack the board, sack the team, get the great “Pep” in and let us win everything in sight. That will make us all happy. Not for me thank you. Do i think Wenger is the best for us? No. Do i see any other “real” choice we have due to the context of football economics today? NO. That reality is what is completely being missed by most of us today. And one day when the Glazers are suddenly broke and the banks come chasing (when the great Sir Alex is out of sight gloriously celebrating his retirement), Roman suddenly is out of oil money(Mourinho still sulking that the world has conspired against him and is contemplating a sabbatical from PSG), mansour bin sayad finally has lost interest and given up on city and we will be a mid table team unable to seize the opportunity… It is just so sad..

  97. @delano- didn’t we have schalke two nil up until we slip up,as the group favourite we should be at our best 4 all games until qualifying out of da group, I also wanted djourou to play as a defensive player becoz as arteta didn’t look defensive or scary for us, wenger wanted arteta to play as a defensive\attacking midfielder
    wenger did buy rubbish players to fill the gap but some off them were decent wenger these last seasons have destroy players careers
    Chamakh- when rvp was injured chamakh walk in scoring goals until rvp came and da moroccoan was shown da sub bench
    he had a chance to redeem himself at reading and score and stil wenger thought less of him

    South korean-play one game and thrown to the garbage bins,he didn’t show up wit goals but he work his butt off on the field
    and was shown the sub bench

    last season arsenal were joining blackburn in the relegation battle,until meeting swansea winning and the rest was history going on winning streak for a while climbing da log 2 third,this season seems da worst that last season knowing u have all ur players back and still can’t win convincing,I wanted wenger to be sack after 8-2 defeat da worst day to b a gunnar,wenger arrogants cause this, waiting for da last moment to buy players which cost us(the real gunnars),we got another escape from man at trafford by losing 2-1 been out played for most da game
    So how much further is the arsenal people willing to go to keep wenger at the hot seat,I don’t see a team improving just a team that’s crumbling wit bad decisions that go punish by opposition but not da board neither majority of fans.

  98. @WK – I’m thinking now some of us are just not realistic. VP carried us on his shoulders last season for goodness sakes. Why we are so short sighted and forget so soon is what kills me with our fans.

    I’ve said it all already. Clearly nothing more to add. I suggested we run into the box striker inclusive whenever we are attacking so we threaten and make defenders run facing their goal. Sincerely, how many times have we done this.

    We were just so drab today and still we have fools saying the manager is justified not buying like for like replacements. When will we ever hear Wenger is going for Falcao or Cavani? Don’t we deserve to have such finishers?

    From the way the team is set-up, Walcott is our best hope in CF. But, we have a very stubborn miserly bitch who is busy negotiating a mid-table finish that he refuses to see ahead. We are indeed experiencing the diminishing returns for FAVOURITISM. Ramsey does not even deserve a place on the bench, let alone start 8games for us.

    What did I say about momentum earlier? Who is the one losing games now? We are gradually losing momentum cos the beginning was managed. The midfield was completely wrong(Disney, Ramsey….bullshit).

    If he has come to his senses, then we would need to be patient for this new midfield to gel. But, isn’t it too late for soliciting patience? The rock Song is gone. The goal scoring wizard sold to a rival now effectively toping the group. Madness at its thrifty best.

    It would have been easy integrating Wilshere and now Rosicky into the team cos Arteta and Cazorla would have established a solid partnership by now. Coquelin and Diaby would’ve been the expendables at DM. Where do we go from here now? He has swapped positions and messed everything up. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now Wenger wants to start winning games sincerely. We can no longer pick up easy points cos things are not done properly and the spine to shoulder the naivety of the Ramsey’s and co(whenever they come on) is not as strong as in previous seasons. Two seasons ago we had FABs and Nasri(on very good form). Now, he prefers to use Ramsey to an Arshavin(our most accurate shooter for the past four years) and Ox.

    It has been coming. I never want this, that is why I usually write so passionately. It is annoying and disturbing. Let us hope we grab Walcott(give him the CF role until we get someone better) and start going up once more. Giroud will never be it. He is way better than Chamakh, but he is our Carling cup striker PERIOD.

    Can we profer some analysis on what to do now(I think Arteta needs a BIG BIG break)?

  99. WK- Wenger and the board must of really impress u WK,but not me one lie after another is what’s happening at the le grove,seven season witout a trophy. And stil got an arrogant bastard that chasing away potential players that didn’t cost much like shay given and probably felliani as an example,I neva ask wenger to break da bank but just to buy players that could match to expectations,for nasri and rvp they had one set price and stood by it instead of at least trying to come somehow close to it, its okay if they try but no wenger and board know best and now look what happen,the proof is in the pudding whether arsenal spends or not the mans and chelski wil rule by then all da arsenal stars would of left since no trophies are expected just like sagna has been asking of what is arsenal wanting to achieve wit nothing looking certain.

  100. Guys i have seen it all and the Jury was there.We could even have lost by a bigger margin and in all respects Swansea was far superior to us at our own tuff while Spurs is busy winning away games to a team we just managed a draw. I wontblame any one today but you will remember that Arteta is not a defensive midfielder ,he is old and can no longer manage to tackle and muscle for the BALL.

  101. GunnerBoss- from when where we asking out for a tall powerful Striker Giroud answer our question now he is not what we wanted ,NO he isn’t Thierry Henry sort of player neither a RVP but he is da perfect out to out box player and can provides assist which we have seen,if u want to blame then try the midfielders and the backs as they were awful when crossing,becoz everytime it would be defend off,giroud depends on crosses when in the box,he put his cv up and was bought for his reputation so probably another striker will be needed to play behind him becoz his there to stay.

  102. I am going to get lot of critics for my comments, but i am brave enough to face it and put my view forward.

    Today Arsene fielded the strongest team to everyone’s expectations but nothing turned out in favor.So is it time to sack wenger.

    I am sorry for the idea behind sacking slogans.Our current problems roots from the fact,that this team needs more play time to find their rhythm and get to know intuitively where there teammates are and it is not going to happen in a day.It will take days ,months or this season for the boys to hit form.

    This team doesn’t lacks the technical skill, how come then they were too good before the international break. With Wilshere ,Rosicky and Sagna coming into the squad how come our level decreased .Sorry that chelsea bought the best players in Hazard,Oscar ,Mata and Torres but why they lost? Why ManU lost to Norwich with Van Persie playing?

    I am almost frustrated as every fan does , but not interested to carry a flag to sack manager or blame the quality of players. Even with song and persie we have lost games before or even with cesc or henry .

    I agree Arsene is stubborn , but this season he has been more flexible than ever on signings but need to improve on his strategies and players selection.If wage structure is our problem in holding on to best players , then the question of who decided the wage structure has to be ricocheted till the answer is found. If it is board then what help it makes by sacking our best manager.If it is our manager why board haven’t asked question to him on his policy and lack of silverware.

    Also People shouldn’t forget few basics , if messi is a great player and you get 11 messi’s in your team ,you are not going to win it and going to be bankrupt.Since you have no-one to defend and every player wants to score .Present team possess quality but they need play time together to be at their best.Until then even if you sack manager or players it’s not going to work.

    The best i can do at the moment is to stay patient and support the boys like i did before , it’s the best i wish to do at this time and i have confidence in the team and manager ,it is up to you to support or vent your frustration as you like , i am happy to read and hang in.In Arsenal i trust.

  103. @12th man,Delano,Volley-gun.
    You guys have all been around here for years now. You have to know that it not simply a matter of players. They have come and gone. No, this is not the most talented team we produced but neither is it this bereft of talent.
    The malaise, the lack of intestinal fortitude comes from the top.
    It eminates directly fom that very embodiment of mummified egyptian dry-rot, the frustrated stick-man waving his puny arms in front of the 4th official.
    Our gaffer, the man with a plan. The same plan that has not worked versus
    (I will only name) Sunderland,Norwich,Stoke,Fulham,Aston Villa and now a new low Swansea.
    In Arsesne we Trust!!!! Come on where the hell are you guys???
    Stand up for you boy.

  104. @lefty
    Ok I will have a crack at it.

    Wenger is the most successful manager in Arsenals history. Period

    He.s working on a limited budget he doesn’t have a an oligarch or an oil rich sheikh bank rolling him

    At the risk of getting boring, football is all about money, there is a definite comparison between the bank balance and league position. Sure there are temporary exceptions, Swansea are a good example, give it a few years they will be back in the championship

    At the end of the day I love my team. No matter what happens I will support them. To all the fair weather supporters out there, I say go and support one of the money teams, if that’s what floats your boat go for it. But in my opinion (and I state my opinion). You are not true supporters (wait for the deluge)

    All that said I sense Wenger is getting a little stale and maybe his time is coming to an end. That said he should be treated with respect that he thoroughly deserves..

    And just a final note on Ramsey, making him the scapegoat for everything achieves nothing and is destroying him. I like all of our players, but some just don’t fit. Gervinho has no idea ( as a wise person whose name escapes me said he lacks GPS). The Ox who started great has lost his way and runs into blind allies. Arshavin is the laziest player I have seen in an Arsenal shirt. For every moment of brilliance there are 10 of rubbish. I think Giroud will come good, but only if the team plays to his strengths, lets remember its a team game

    Optimist that I am the league season is over, I don’t consider 4th place good enough. I would be tempted to try some of the younger hungry guys. Coquelin who I think will be very good, Frimpong, the German lad whose name escapes me

    Finally if Wenger goes there are very few people capable of replacing him. Maybe Pep?

  105. @Retsub
    No doubt that EVERY word you have spoken is indisputable truth.
    But the man has outlived his purposefulness and his past shining sucesses
    only makes it more difficult for him to be told or see the truth.
    No more muttering about old yellow stains and steaming in circles, Captain Queeg has got to go! And for his replacement I would look no further than the X/O. Bouldy is one of us and at least HIS mental toughness cannot be questioned.

  106. Lefty

    Bouldy is certainly one of us, but he would be a huge gamble. If you had asked me afew years ago I would have backed Tony Adams ( if only he still played). But whilst he bled Arsenal he failed as a manager. I really am stumped to come up with a viable replacement

  107. WK, go 2bed mate. @shambo wats up my man, vry good 4 da ammers 2day, good opp 4 yr boys 2 gain points but arsene f_;ked up again. Dont
    know wat 2 say anymore aftr all these yrs.

  108. This is what I dont understand though..; ‘If Wenger goes then who would replace him?!!!???’……Eh I would say there are a thousand managers in world football who could acheive the results he has this season…the difference with them though would posdibly be fresh ideas and maybe not such a stubborn one-way approach that the longer it goes the more desperate it becomes to prove it was right in the first place.
    The reality is now that even if this squad and manager miraculously through some divine cosmic interplanetary intervention do actually conspire to win a trophy that Wengers ‘I told you so’ will no longer carry any weight.
    The fair weather fan is long gone, along with Wengers capacity to win football games.
    Its only the long suffering fan who remains,who feels compelled to come on here to voice whats going wrong instead of listening to the garbage Wenger throws at us after these displays.. we were tired, we lacked quality, the next four games will be better, our away form is better, this is now a great chance to show how unified we are as a club these are what we get when hes not blaming opponents tactics, fellow managers, officials or pitches.. its constant deflection and he thinks he is above accountability as shown by his interview post Everton…he feels he owes us fans no explanation about things regarding team tactics or results yet its ok for him and Gazidis to tell us lie after lie every year playing good cop bad cop so no-one really now knows whos lying…
    Gazidis 2009/10/11/12; ‘theres 30m there to spend if he wants it’
    Wenger; …………… ..
    Wengerites; ‘Hes been hamstrung by the board’……
    Both have said the stadium move would give us the platform to compete on and off the field with the worlds best but even when we were getting the extra revenue AND selling our best assets for millions neither of these menhave reinvested in quality instead theyv bought Gervinhos/ Chamakhs and Squillachis and lost out on Matas for the extra million or by being so slow to deal that the olayer begins to wonder if hes really wanted.
    And dont anyone give me the shit about the stadium move restricting us because Iv told you one hundred times here that before the first thing the board had to do was budget for the worst case scenario and allow for at least 20m a year to sign players, hebce Liverpools failure to rebuild, yes they could afford the stadium but not while they are puttjng a new manager and ideology in plave to rebuild the most important thing the FOOTBALL TEAM.
    Now after all that being said idiots still believe Wenger is a victim, that a club who charge vulgar ticket and matchday prices into a stadium

  109. that isnt meeting its repayment plan even though its sold 130m of its best assets in 5 years alone, now… NOW we are being patronised by being told that this new sponsorship deal will bring us into line and make us compete with the worlds best yet the board wont pay the big player wages and are already talking about cuts in their wages for failure to meet the CL…what pedigree of player can we attract anymore in this basis???
    How can you blame Walcott for wanting 100,000 a week when park, chanakh, Djourou and Squillachi are gettin 50+….Wheres it going to end?
    With our last remaining quality leaving and us left with the guys nobody else wantson ridiculously inflated wages.
    We are a joke.

  110. Ice,
    Great stuff from the hammers, breath of fresh air and Im surprised at big Sams approach with this team. Thats how you get results with real limited resources.

  111. @leftcoastgooner – In Arsenal i trust and no longer arsene . I am no longer attached to players or manager. My question is that if the manager comes out and speaks high of securing a fourth place, why the board is keeping silent and why they don’t question him of his ambitions and the way team has to be taken forward . If the manager has money to spend why the board failed to sack him for the past seasons even without silverware and losing on the best players of the season.

    “Arsenal’s Chairman, Peter Hill-Wood has gone on to reveal that the Gunners won’t be changing their wage structure to succumb to Theo Walcott’s demands”.

    If for walcott a management representative publicly voices it , why not for wenger.

    “Gazidis 2009/10/11/12; ‘theres 30m there to spend if he wants it’” ,

    “Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has given Arsene Wenger effusive praise and told the media that he would soon be offering the Frenchman a new contract”

    if the manager is not spending and leaving us mediocre in the league, why don’t Gazidis come out with criticism for wenger rather than praise and contract extension.

    Our problems won’t solve by replacing manager. Even what good can Pep do without finances. Whatever protest fans make to the manager will be lost as long as the board keep shut. If the pressure has to be there for the manager , it has to be from the board. If it has to be blamed ,it should be board .If the manager wishes not be stubborn , it has to be done from the top and not from the bottom.

    By losing the manager we will face more troubles .If the board gets hard ,starts to show ambition and still our manager lacks ambitions. I will join the bandwagon to sack manager.

    Even if the board doesn’t succumb to the pressure, wenger knows his way to groom this team to try for title next season , which i doubt another coach would do with the given players and financial resources.

  112. SHAMBO,there are many managers out there but while the results are bad this would be the perfect time to sack him,we got pass the stage were thierry henry,nasri and cesc left us,do u see any player coming out saying we will still play for u wenger until we can lose all our games,lol plus there statue outside le grove so ts just ryt for the picking

    There are managers out there that are licking they lips at the prospects but are not jumping if the occasion come there way becoz they are still contracted to their club until season ends,the players he brought in its half the reason for him to go,but the attitude he has to the game,hanging on to rubbish medciore players and fans is the real reason for wanting him to go

    Coaches that could come is Dl Matteo and others at end of season is dortmund coach or tim moyes,we all got to release our stress at wenger,he wanted to take charge,on sometime ago he said if there any one to blame its me,there u goso grow a pair of balls and stand up for our club!

    LEFTCOAST-when did I pat that coach of arsenal on his back, for anything!

  113. Why am I not surprised that there is now a consensus that Wenger has to go – something that I had advocated a year ago, but was shot down by those who are now agreeing with me. It’s not about the money, it’s the lack of vision, of purpose and of drive which AW has instilled in the club which has run this great team to the ground. If he has any decency left, he should offer his resignation TODAY, which should be graciously accepted. As one who has been following football over 50 years, whenever I note Wenger’s team formation for every game, I instantly know it’s flawed, and that it will not work – bar some fluke goal or ref decision. There is no game plan except to try and keep the ball and don’t bother trying to score until the defence is caught yawning and we lose games again and again. How many times are we going to see Jenks run up with the ball up the field, and as soon as he meets opposition, turns and passes the ball 50 yards backwards! The team has lots of mid-field talent, but still we end up with 4 r 5 players in the same five yards, while the flanks are deserted and the defenders are all over the place. A good football manager should be able to read the game, before and during, and plan his formation to counter the opponent’s probable team and mind-set and adjust the game plan to reflect what we need to achieve. The set of players we have are good stuff which any decent manager should be able to mould together into a winning formation, but our players lack motivation and don’t feel the manager’s pressure on them, and just go out for another weekend picnic. I am one to believe that even if we had all the Ronaldos and Messis of the world in the team, AW would find a way to destroy the team. I regret not being there yesterday to boo Wenger out of the pitch; it is clear that the Board has about the same kind of vision as the manager, so what are we long-suffering fans to do? I give up worrying on this team and will only be back when AW has been kicked out.

  114. Oh well I guess I won’t have to wake up at 3.40am to watch Arsenal’s champions league games next season. At least there’s still a positive.

  115. Arsenal fans must not attend the home games. That’s the only way to get Arsene to leave. The man makes 10 million per year so there is no way he is leaving,

  116. @shambo, its da 1st time since Sams arivl that I ave been really xcitd by our performance, especially 2nd half. There was purpose & directn & killer instinct. Something dats missing from yr boys. I still fink u will put a run of good results 2gether which will again paint ovr da cracks. I suppose when u pay 4 a tkt at da flicks all yr oping 4 is a good movie in return, not Oscar’s or silverware 4 da actors. Perhaps dats Wengers philosophy. Purchase a tkt & ope 4 a good game, nothing more.

  117. I don’t know much about this group but they starting to make a noise until its gives wenger and board sleepless nights,I think it s call black scarfs or something like that started protesting like 100 of them to the le grove,if i was there I would be a member wit in a second, guys let’s throw all our weight in2 association they need us for da of arsenal future

  118. Yes it has to get worst before changes are made at Arsenal.
    Swansea had a very easy game today, especially their goal keepers.
    When I said early that Spurs had a stronger squad than us , some thought , I was wrong.
    Can anyone honestly say that we have a stronger squad than Swansea technically ! That’s how far we have fallen.
    I miss Eboue’s runs down the flank , missing his passion and grit.

  119. Everton,Spurs,man u, city all have stronger squad than ours.
    RVP and cesc are not here to save us anymore .
    The Emperor has no clothes ! We have been exposed as being a toothless tiger. No one fears us anymore.
    We could have played for 3 hours and not score.
    There is no need to fear change Michael Laudraup has shown that they many capable hungry young managers who could take over.

  120. Gunfest
    Make a note to check at the end of the season, arsenal will finish higher than spurts and Everton. The empower isn’t naked yet. I have seen this so many times before spurs and Everton will get nose bleeds

  121. @Malta Gooner
    This is not a new groundswell of emotive reactions.
    There are many voices here who have long called for a change.
    The difference now is that this group now contains those once staunchly Wengerite.
    And who is to blame for this?
    Football at this professional and highly commericial level is a results driven business, are these results good enough for you?

  122. Guys, we will all watch Arsenal’s next performance and pray. We’ve all had bad times, even with Henry, Fab, and RVP etc. Before RVP saved our season last year, it was doom and gloom. We CAN play well; we DO play well, just not often enough. We’re dropping off and at an alarming rate. YES, we are Arsenal and we as supporters expect the best but as you guys are saying, who is out there to replace Wenger? I would imagine he’ll stay till the end of the season but I hope we are not out of everything by Feb cos it will be a nasty 3 months for us. Maybe the ‘three handled plastic reserve league cup’ will give us a boost seeing as there is only Chel$ki to beat?? Anyway, be brave Arsenal fans, we’ve seen plenty of shite times, maybe more to come. It will all come out in the wash come May. Just don’t give me Benitez!!!!!!

  123. Thanks Davem,
    We certainly could use the lift.
    Of course we could use to lift a cup again but that’s another far-off story.

  124. @retsub , unfortunately the Emperor has been walking around naked for 5 years , but few noticed. He had Cesc covering his front and RVP his behind!
    We have become a mediocre team because of our manager.
    There is noting worst than being beaten by a recently promoted team at home and not being able to create scoring chances of our own.
    A passing game without skillful players , without a cutting edge, without movement is Useless!

  125. Lets not forget it was the empower who got fab and RVP for peanuts. We will see but by the end of the season we will be top four. Not suggesting that’s good enough but we are what we are.

    The next half dozen or so games are easier ( but losable). Be interesting to see the table early jan,

  126. Well a new week and the same old arguments.
    A win tonight against Olympiakos maybe meaningless but another loss takes us down to the gunwails.
    I want Wenger to go but not so much as to root for the team to lose.
    I think a lot of people hold this position but at times like this it’s barely tenable.

  127. Why is it interesting to see how Chamkh performs? Do we not all know by now that hes no pace, no touch and cant stay onside?

  128. I don’t know if,s on the wacky bocci or something stronger, but when he arrived he looked good for a while and he did well against Bradford. There’s something there just don’t know what it is

  129. I like the Arsenal bench for the Oly game … James Shea, Martin Angha, Sead Hajrovic, Elton Monteiro, Andrei Arshavin, Zak Ansah, Chuba Akpom.

    I wish he could start with all of these youngsters (bar Arshavin) and including Jernade Meade. They’re probably very good and probably better than our first team. Remember the days when the Arsenal 2nd team used to breeze through the League Cup. Now we put most of our 1st team out for the League Cup. That shows us how far we have gone backwards.

  130. Arshavin and the Ox must swap positions for anything tangible to happen.
    How does Wenger prefer a more technical Arshavin running the wings while speedster Ox languishes in the middle with no space to run?

    This is Wengerhas to go. There is simply no other reason. Apart from maybe Chamakh and Sqhilachi, everything else is okay.

  131. Shambo, top joke bout chamack, cant stop laughin mate. By da way my son was in da same age group at de academy as chuba akpom who is a 17 yr old on yr bench. Look out 4 im soon. You qualified @ least. Not de end of da world. How did chamack perform 2night

  132. Arshavin, Chamakh, Ramsey and the absolutely useless brainless no vision no balance Gervinho. NONE of them look like they can play in any team because they all do their own thing and theres absolutely zero fluency, cohesion or movement. they simply cant anticipate what the other will do its so hard to watch Arsenal play football actually regret lookingforward to these ganes now Olympiacos were rubbish and had zero motivation yet they had more than Arsenal at the end.
    Why was Rosicky taken off? Probably fatigue after starting his first game in 6 months, eh Wenger?

  133. Ice,
    Rosicky played very well first half and was subbed at half time.
    Doesnt matter who we get next round well be gone soon enough this team is one of the weakest left in the comp.

  134. Oh my God! Its true, we really do suck. We do not have a 2nd 11 anymore neither do we have fresh legs. We have run out of fresh legs. That’s the South Park influenced bit.

    “I will take out Rosicky(after all, he is fresh and just scored a goal), but I will replace him with an equally technical Arshavin. I have to let the technical Arshavin lose on the left wing while I make the speedster Ox try to learn technical stuff(experiments) in the middle with virtually no space to run into.”

    Midfield collapses as a result of the imbalance. But, because of out tactical and ineptitude, we let the rot in the middle continue and lose the game. This is why this man has to be sacked. How many people here on this blog can see that even with the personnel in our disposal, atleast one round peg was not put in the correct hole. Unfortunately, this round peg is enough to generate enough inefficiency and bring the whole unit down because the rest cannot shoulder the brunt. This has been our bane for while. Nowadays(especially last season), the rot is beginning to show more because unlike 5years ago, we have no superstars to cushion the rubbish effect of unnecessary swapping.

    He made himself believe Arshavin is a winger(I have NEVER for once bought this). He also made himself believe the Ox is more suited to a central role than Arshavin(cos this simply how we lost the game). Who is disillusioned here? The front three was changed…Gervinho replaced the Ox, the Ox replaced Rosicky and Arshavin replaced Gervinho. Why couldn’t the front three be where they were so we know where the problem is? This is why he has to be sacked. It has been like this for a while and i called it FAVOURITISM. I just couldn’t understand why common sense refuses to be common for him and the bench(Oh, I forgot, no one dares question him). Now, I think it is clear madness. Stubborn and clandestine madness PERIOD. We see what is wrong game after game after game, but the coach doesn’t. There is something fundamentally wrong with the way he thinks.

    When we had the invincibles, the inexpendables, our second eleven would’ve crushed this Olympiakos team with about 5-1.

    We put in a very decent shift tonight, but the way we play no more suits the players at our disposal. Add this with the little tactical mistakes and you see we are going mid-table. Lack of champions league will hurt badly.

  135. But, because of our tactical ineptitude, we let the rot in the middle continue and lose the game.

  136. I understand everyone’s frustrations and hear and agree with most comments.

    Fortunately for us in the CL, if all positions stay the same, we are actually in a better position coming second albeit that we avoid Barcelona. Malaga, Borussia and Shathtar are obviously the teams to draw.

    Top finishers as it stands:
    PSG (will beat us)
    Schalke (can’t be drawn against them)
    Malaga (chance we can progress)
    Borussia Dortmund (chance we can progress)
    Shathtar Donetsk (chance we can progress)
    Bayern Munich (will beat us)
    Barca (will beat us)
    Man U (can’t be drawn against them)

    Second place finishers have stronger teams to avoid and therefore we are better finishing second:
    AC Milan
    Real Madrid

    All as it stands of course.

  137. Davem
    I admire your optimism! On our current form I can’t see us beating anyone left in the comp. Fortunately the next round is after the January transfer window isn’t it? I am looking forward to our attacking line up of Neymar, Falcao and Villa taking on all comers…
    I have to say things are pretty bleak. Why weren’t players like Gnabri, Eisfeld playing? I hear good thingsa about them. Isn’t it worth giving those players some game time over players who have been tried and found wanting?

  138. Davem have you seen Borussia Dortmund play? they may not have a llot of champions league expirience but they are certainly one of the strongest teams in Europe, Arsenal doesn’t a have a chance against them.
    risicky, carzola, arshavin arteta and wilshere must start in the mid.



  139. @Davem
    No matter who we face we will have to score AND defend. Personally I’m doubtful.

  140. @Gooners!
    I had a hard time explaining to myself why da tv was not on 4 da arsenal game last nyt, but I started realizing why and what a fool I was paying, u could say between70 pounds or R590 in south african terms for cable or satelite just 4 arsenal and few channels,but on public tv they get only 2 c 1 uefa match live,sad,not only that from da time of this season there hasn’t been any uefa arsenal match that I know off,as much as its sad but I guess if da arsenals rsa fans were watching they would be breaking things all around them.
    Wenger- said he would consider his future during da summer,but if arsenal is struggling why should he reassess his future by us becoz psg is calling,we all could do wit some refreshing from on top,I am starting to doubts whether we came atleast put on a decent performance against west brom,one of da reasons 4 wenger to go was his blind eye wit his defence problems, da fans are doing there jobs but are feed scraps by da arsrnal fat cats!

  141. what’s going on over there?

    I have windows problems with my notebook and can’t follow things… 🙁
    it seems as it doesn’t work out again,… unfortunately … 🙁 dortmund had a lot of ‘luck’ with their players in recent times,…, and it clicked again and again with the team, at Arsenal it doesn’t it seems, sadly, they lost against Swansea?? :?. hopefully they can change course again … Good luck on Saturday!! ❗

  142. What I want to know after that is why Rosicky was subbed at halftime on tues night if he wasnt starting today? Why does Gervinhos mediocrity get repaid with a start whenever he is fit, hes rubbish and the worst thing is he will never improve if he doesnt think the manager wants more from him.
    Honestly he cudnt hit the barn let alone the bar door and Wenger doesnt mind.
    As I said last saturday here thank god for the officials givings us poor decisions this year otherwise Wengers excuse machine would have exploded by now.

  143. For the 1st time for many years I missed the game today. I had the pleasure of attending Charlton v Brighton. The only thing I can report is Frimpong had a pretty good game. He fouled just about everyone on the pitch and they certainly knew he was there

  144. @Shambo
    Why rag Gervinho? Podolski and Wilshere both missed flat-out sitters and Cazorla cheated like all hell.

  145. @Lefty: Makes a change from the Ramsey bashing! Mind you is there a more exasperating player anywhere than Gervinho?Oh yeah, Arshavin, Walcott, Koscielny. But apart from them…


  147. I think our best line up would be:


    I think having Wilshere as our no.10 and Cazorla on the left is best because it means we will always have them both (our most talented players) forward and attacking. While we get our width with Walcott and Diaby + Arteta can fulfill our defensive needs that Jack would otherwise provide.

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