Mikael Silvestre signs for Arsenal

It’s official – Mikael Silvestre has signed for Arsenal! I can’t believe it and will talk more about it later today. In the meantime, check out all the details on the official website here.



  1. good luck mickael,thanks.hope u do well ,but not against us!.man city arent worthy ov a player like u?

  2. I just can’t understand the reasons for wenger signing such a player cos he’s another calamities in the defence

  3. I cannot believe people moan all the time. There are millions of arsenal fans and all of them have opinions. If Arsene listened to the fans he wouldn’t know what to do because every mouth says something.
    Arsene is in charge and Im sure he knows much more about the team than you guys.

    You were screaming about an experienced player prior to his signing and not you moan again.
    Silvestre fits the bill perfectly. He has experience, has played 9 years of top football in this league.
    We are not Chelsea, pls understand this. I actually think it’s a good signing, he’ll most probably be cover in areas in defence where it’s needed.

  4. @ cem – I totally agree. There will always be people unhappy with a signing like this but the truth is that he ticks all the right boxes and cost next to nothing.

  5. I also wonder why fergie sold him to wenger but it is a good signing overall and he will provide the needed cover at the back… gunners team is looking good so far……..

  6. Technically, it might be a good signing, but personally I’m not thrilled.

    I have spent years hating him primarily because he was with Man-U, and also because he appears to be a cunt.

    Now, how does Arsene expect us to support him and get behind him? It’s gonna take time for me to warm up to him being a Gunner now

  7. What do we want to use SILVESTRE for and which position.everything is ABSURD right now.All FANS should forget about collecting a silverware this season cos we will not go near anything and gonna end up 4th on league table.FUCK WENGER

  8. i think everybody here needs to calm down a bit. We needed cover at the back- this is no question. Silvestre is a proven performance, over a career of 9 years in the premiership you are bound to make mistake but lets not ignore the fact that he has featured reguarly bar the last 2 seasons in a team that has by far eclipsed Arsenal and everybody else. We were lucky Clichy did not get injured last season or we would have well and truly been in trouble. I refer to the tottenham and Man Utd games. He will teach the young boys how to play and react in the top flight not to mention put pressure on Kolo and Gallas to perform- something they have yet to deal with. So i say welcome to the new Gunner and regardless of what you think of him, don’t be a Chelski fan and boo him in his first game!

  9. What the f*** Has AW gone crazy? Iv personally hated mikael al my lyf and don see him doing us any good!!

  10. Lets just wait and see. There must be something wenger see in him to make him sign him.

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