Match Day 6 – Cesc Sits As Spain Crash

The 2010 World Cup finally got underway a short while ago, with a decidedly more active match between Spain and Switzerland.  I think all football purists, whether they were pulling for either side or just wanting classic attacking football, were looking forward to seeing the Spanish maestros at work.  Well, we got half of what we expected as Spain swarmed like bees at times, but the outcome was a shocker with the Swiss puling off the brilliant 1-0 upset.  Welcome, 2010 World Cup.  Glad you finally showed up!


Cesc Gets Preview Of Life At Barcelona As Spain Fall To Swiss

I want to write something really snarky here.  Something snide about both Spain and Cesc Fabregas.  But I can’t.  I have too much respect and affection for Cesc and too much admiration for the way Spain play football.  And while I do have time for a bit of a snicker at Spain going down to a very well set up Switzerland team – massive kudos to the Swiss on the win – I cannot but help feeling a bit sad for Cesc.  Yes, I know he’s still coming off injury and didn’t get too much time during the round of friendlies.  Yes, I knew he wasn’t going to start for Spain in the opening matches of the Group Stage.  But I did expect him to get minutes – important minutes – early on.  Unfortunately for all Arsenal supporters, Cesc will have the same stat line as Gael Clichy and Alex Song from their respective matches – no start and no minutes played.  With the Spanish national team fielding the same midfield as Barcelona, one has to wonder if this is a preview of what life will be like for Cesc – for at least a couple years – should he decide to head home to the Catalan side in Barcelona this summer.  As I mentioned in our World Cup preview article, I really only care about how Cesc does in this World Cup when it comes to Spain.  Neither Cesc nor Spain got off to an auspicious start.

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  1. Cesc would start for Barca, Iniesta would play on the left, as he did for spain today and Cesc would start next to Xavi, as Xabi Alonso did today.

  2. So Barca change their shape to accomodate Cesc or he does Busquets’ job Dan?

    He simply doesn’t get into the first team while they play 3 up front.

    They don’t need him and can’t afford him. It’s a whole lot of fuss about something that’s pretty pointless really.

  3. It seems that most of the international Managers,at this World Cup,are not as confident in their respective Arsenal players as Monsieur Wenger.Fabio left Walcott behind;Switzerland trusted Senderos but not Djourou to defend stoicly;Dunga maintains faith in Gilberto as opposed to Denilson;Song and Cesc spent their respective matches warming their benches.Only the lunatic “Domenech” seems to believe that Sagna can cross a ball and that Diaby can manage to pass the ball to his team-mates as well in a second half as he has already done during the first 45 minutes.(By the way Ericcson’s opinions cannot possibly be taken into consideration!).Whilst I realise that both RVP and Bentner are exceptions to this rule;I also firmly believe that Bentner will always be EXCEPTIONAL in his own mind!!

  4. I said Iniesta would play on the left… I meant the left of the attacking 3 like he did today. it would be Busquests at DM, Cesc and Xavi at CM, then messi or the RW, Iniesta LW and whoever upfront.

  5. Spain Coach made retarded substitutions today, navas put in like 50 crosses and none were dangerous and seriously Pedro!?!? why not just push Villa out wide and Torres in the middle and get Cesc in there, hes got more creativity in his middle finger than the whole Barca team…wait i mean spain, hmmm same thing…wasn’t at all impressed with Spain today

  6. pedro-villa-messi

    s0 where fabregas would play in barsucks team??

  7. Don’t forget Bojan as well. Iniesta Will play in midfield for sure. They also have Keita there. Sounds like à no brainer for Cesc. Stay and captain one of the biggest teams in the world or warm the bench at one?

  8. all you guys rate fabrigas and guess what he has not won a dam thing and is warming the bench for spain

  9. read somewhere barca’s debt is 445mil pounds. way worse position than Arsenal and looks like climbing as they will find trophies hard to come by with Jose’ @ Real. Best Cesc stays at least a season or two as pressure mounts on Barca with trophyless seasons on the horizon.

  10. A poor man who keeps on asking prices for goods without paying must be thrown out of the shop. That is Barca.They cant afford having stupidly spent alot in transfers but want to acquire. Like already said we should stop making Fabregas a small god. Having been benched by Spain shows it all. And master the way to beat Barcelona then you have beaten Spain.Cesc is not a ribbery neither is he a robben. I wouldnt bother if he were replaced by Mesuit Ozil coz that kid has the speed and eye for goal.

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