Let’s finish things off on a good note

I really can’t believe it’s the last game of the season today.

It’s been quite an exhausting season from a personal point of view. So many late nights, so many stressful matches and so much emotion in the posts and comments on the blog. I make no bones about the fact that I am a little bit drained and in many ways I’m happy to see the curtain fall on the 2009/10 season.

In saying that, Arsenal is Arsenal and I’m going to miss cheering on the boys for the next three months. The World Cup will certainly help but hoping for Cesc Fabregas to do well for Spain is not quite the same as watching Theo Walcott and Tomas Rosicky pile on top of Abou Diaby after he scores a winner against Liverpool.

That we have to get a result today today to guarantee third is little disappointing: but with Fulham likely to field a reserve team on the eve of the Europa Cup Final in Hamburg, that is what we should finish. A loss coupled with a Spurs win would see the unthinkable sight of our North London rivals finishing above us, so motivation should be high in the camp to ensure that does not happen.

Options are limited with a host of players still sitting in the injury room. This paragraph – taken directly from the Arsenal website – sums it all up:

“A raft of injuries just add to the feeling that Arsenal are limping over the line to third place. Cesc Fabregas (knee), William Gallas (calf), Thomas Vermaelen (calf), Denilson (groin), Manuel Almunia (wrist) and Aaron Ramsey (leg) were out well before Monday’s trip to Blackburn. Tomas Rosicky (ankle), Alex Song (knee), Nicklas Bendtner (groin) and Gael Clichy (ankle) dropped out before the game. Only the last of those has any chance for Sunday. Wenger’s squad is stretched to the point that he may bring in midfielder Henri Lansbury after he completed a successful loan spell at Watford last week.”

My younger brother Patrick was lucky enough to score tickets to the game (thanks to the kindness of Guardian journalist Amy Lawrence) so I’m hoping he and the rest of the 60,000 strong crowd at The Emirates are rewarded with the right result today.

Let’s hope the boys can finish things off on a good note.


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  1. Nightmare scenario: Fulham field their reserve side and keen to impress their boss and gain a place in the squad for Wednesaday’s Europa Cup final, they beat us. (And then Burnely beat Spurs, Ha! End of nightmare scenario.) Anyway, I’m off to the ground any minute; I’m currently ironing my lucky Arsenal boxers. Those dogs hate it when I do that!

  2. love the comment about walcott and rosicky piling ontop of diaby after scoring a winner against liverpool

  3. I have a question for all the people who know anything about Wojciech Szczęsny
    Wojciech Szczęsny from the saves I saw him make today (youtube) looks better than any keeper I have ever seen in my life. HIs shot stopping is better than any keeper in the world and his bravery in front of goal is better than all our keeper combined.
    He has been on loan at Brentford for a year where he proved his worth and if he was an outfield player then he would go straight into the team then why not a goalkeeper. We need a goalkeeper ( almunia and fabianski are not up for it ) so what’s the point of spending money on a Gk for a year or two years and then have Wojciech Szczęsny take over when he can take over now. He went on loan to prove himself and has proven himself beyond any shadown of doubt so why not give him a chance now rather after 1-2 years.

    Rather than spending 7-8 millions on a GK wenger can spend money on a quality CB, Melo and CHamak is already coming and be done with it.

    watch some of the videos and judge for yourself






    check out the 4th one its was uploaded today

  4. a stout? a kitkate ❓ ❗

    I think it’s done, but …………………………………………I would have some things to criticize………………………. 😎

  5. arsenal 3 – fulham 0. I am so envious of chelsea. Truth be said. When have i celebrated a trophy last. Anyways thanks to this lovely blog. thanks to Arsenal players cos our season was better. Good luck all and I would be in the WC

  6. Let’s take our minds back to the beginning of the season, like you we at Arsenal Debate felt the feeling of anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm. After all, it was the beginning of a new term and even if we hadn’t dwelled into the transfer market in search for exceptionally experienced players there was a sense of optimism in the air as far as getting off to a good start and pushing ahead as the season went on.

    The season started well with an absolute mauling of Everton until we eventually succumbed to capitulating a few games later when we lost to both Manchester City and Manchester United in consecutive away games. Don’t forget we actually did play well during both matches; however the all too familiar lack of bottle and heart came to the fray as it has in recent years where we crumbled under the pressure of going behind even while in complete control.

    Read More Here http://arsenaldebate.weebly.com/5/post/2010/05/arsenal-debate-season-review.html

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