Koscielny out, Walcott back, Wenger’s a liar

Some very brief pre-Birmingham thoughts from a very hungover man.

  • Laurent Koscielny has been ruled out of this game with a back injury. His absence should mean a start for the rusty Johan Djourou and the same centre-back pairing that played against Spurs in the Carling Cup. Alternatively Alex Song could drop back into defence but the likelihood is that Djourou, a player who has been itching to prove his quality, will get a well-deserved chance.
  • Theo Walcott is back in the squad. It’s uncertain as to what role he will play but he joins Nicklas Bendtner in the ‘fit again’ party.

And that, in a disgraceful Saturday morning performance, is all I can muster.

Let’s hope the boys do better than me today.


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  1. 3-1 today……arsha 2 and chamakh……..birmingham to take the lead through ridgewell…..how random is that prediction.
    c’mon boys chelsea will drop points today

  2. @ANTO try MyP2P.eu

    and Wenger is a white liar ………….. you know , white………..

    and Andy, cheer up, it’s fooball – time, …………, come on …………

  3. they said deserved, well, yes, o.k., deserved, I think a bit cheap penalty, they commented it with cheap and I agree with that, I don’t like such goals, of course, opponents do the same and get them, I thought Rosicky was really an addition, they lack ideas in front of goal and he really can set the right passes, and I was really upset sometimes, the attack , my dear, you can pass and create space and nothing, turning left turning right and the box is crowded, I couldn’t believe it sometimes , more directly, faster, there’s no counter attack at all with this Arsenal team, Rosicky added some directness, I think he should start in such a game, three points, deserved , well yes of course, but I’m not happy with this attack, not at all, I’m sorry, maybe too critical, but I really couldn’t believe it sometimes, they won’t beat bigger teams in this way, never

    😎 πŸ˜‰

  4. Billi
    I agree 100% with your findings..Im glad we got the 3 points but man oh man this game was boring, playing at home against a very bad Birmingham side and this is what you get? Not promising at all, sideways passing, such a lack of pace! Counter Attacking was so terrible, you could think you are watching the Arsenal Reserves..
    So not promising…
    Wilshere once again was good apart from that silly tackle..

  5. didn’t see the match but arsenal at home was expected to win
    getting contrasting reports on the game but still a win is a win and those above us dropped point so overall a good weekend for ARSENAL hope we can build and get ready for next week cause that will be a another big test

  6. Who cares if it was a penalty or not? Who cares that Jack Flash gave a Brum player a tonking? This was The Leg Breakers we were playing remember? I fart in their general direction. Ha – bloody – ha! Payback for Eduardo and the non-penalty they were awarded at the end of that match. Bad luck. Good riddance. Now sod off back to the midlands and your mid-table obscurity.
    Up The Gunners!

  7. Good job by the boys, an A+ display by Jack again. Seems this young kid is really improving game by game. Bad tackle by him though but that’s the RAGE we need in the team sometimes.

    On a sidenote I’m worried about the situation of RVP, we need him if we are to challenge for the title, as long as he dosen’t complete 1 full season I don’t see us up there. We really need our main striker for games against the top four.

    Hypothetically if RVP continues this trend, maybe its time to bring another striker as our main. Chamakh is good but he too need some rest and against ManU and Chelsea we need an exceptionally superb striker .

    Not suggesting we sell RVP but if one day Arsene has to make a decision he must get someone much better than RVP, not many strikers out there, the only one that fits Arsene’s vision of a big target man is Dzeko; Big, Mobile, two-footed, deadly in the air. I’m only suggesting Dzeko and no one else.

  8. Sagna, Vermeulen, Fabregas, Van Persie, Walcott, Koscielny. These would probably be in our first choice starting XI so I’ll take the three points v Brum thanks very much no matter how crap we were. I deliberately left out Almunia btw!

    Was pretty excruciating to watch at times. Why don’t they shoot FFS?! And Arshavin loooked like he was on valium…

  9. nice comment @Terry, but what’s FFS? First Footed Shoot? something like that?
    I forgot the disallowed goal by Arsenal, they had a header and it was really tight off-siede , if at all, because in slow motion they didn’t show the right perspective, so the cheap penalty levels that one could say, I feel more comfortable with this thought πŸ˜‰

  10. You know what feels good after a ‘scared’ performance against Birmingham? A Champions League game where everyones up for it! I think in the league if we hang in there (top 4) until Xmas our injury jinx should have passed and we will have the most talented squad for the run in. We could be flying at the sharp end of the season instead of tanking like last year!

  11. Arshavin is having a marital problem ..and he’s getting fatter and lazier with every match .. really frustrating, dont think Arsenal will extend his contract .. lets give Ajax RVP plus Arshavin plus Almunia and in return we get Suarez and Ajax’s golkeeper ..

  12. Would’ve been very sad if we did not win. They tried their best. I dont know what to expect from these boys anymore. A lot has been said already.
    Very dry scrappy win at home. Why do we have to be seeing the game out like this? Its becoming a regular thing. This is how Sunderland equalised even with the defense being very impressive. I’m tired.
    Have u guys noticed that Wenger has changed the way we play? The DMs (Song and Wilshere) now join in on the attack. This must be a new strategy I suppose. Been blaming the poor boy(Song) right from the day he started bombing forward, even when he scored.
    Wilshere was fantastic again. Who cares about the Red? Viera used to get lots of those. If he was sure there was someone behind him, he might not have tackled that way. This is why DMs are not supposed to loose the ball. As soon as they do, the defense is directly exposed.


  13. The reason why there was no counter attach was that Diaby is fund of dribbling. That is where Fab is better. He lack instinct of correct and killer passes. Can Wenger please caution him to always realease ball? Arsha is growing worse by day. I think Fabianski tried, but need to improve on his reflex and calculation. He need to have taken a step before diving instead of jumping and then dive. He did not decide on time on whether its a step or a jump.

    If its wenger that is instructing them not to shoot when close, then its wrong. See clear opportunities when they should have shot on goal but kept dribbling and coming back. Its not good.

    Messi is good because you cant tell when he will play shot or dribble. There should be an element of change.

    Bendtner should be more involved in sourcing for ball instead of staying in a place.

    With Chamak on the field, i am almost certain of a penalty each match. laugh. It seems he brought penalty and good header into the team. keep it up

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