Keeping Sanchez and Ozil till end of the season is best option for Arsenal

Arsenal have been faced with the dilemma of losing two of its best players during the January transfer window. A period in which it is rare to see lot of quality players available to move. Fans may well use the Titanbet Bonus 2018 backing their clubs to find big talent but in reality it is a lot more difficult to find the right quality at this time of  year.

Those available to move might also be cup tied. Arsene Wenger coming out on Tuesday to openly state that Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil will not is leaving the club in January brought another life to the other players in the squad?

In the last couple of weeks, Ozil and Sanchez have been pivotal to Arsenal run of wins. As the January transfer loom, it was in the best interest of the club for Wenger to clear the air on the future of both stars.

Despite having their contract expiring at the end of the season, both players have shown in recent weeks that they would not allow the issue affects their performance. The implications of Wenger statement are boundless as it clears the air on so many things.

Team mates now know that whatever will happen, they will still have their colleagues till May even if they decides not to renew their contract. What that does to the team spirit is that it breeds confidence and cohesion among all the players.

A player like Lacazette will be confident that he will continue to enjoy sublime passes from Ozil. Kolasinac will know that when he bumps forward, there is a Chilean man who is willing to take on defenders upfront that he can release the ball to. The chemistry of the team now is beginning to manifest and any talk of one leaving in January might disorganize the team.

Financially, if Arsenal decides to sell Ozil and Sanchez in January, the maximum amount both will bring for the club cannot exceed £50m as clubs know they are in the last few months of their contract regardless of the quality of the players. If the club keeps them as stated by Wenger, the chances of qualifying back for Champions league increases and if that happens, the club will be able to make around same amount stated if they have sold them.

Qualifying for Champions league also comes with other benefits for the club that is not completely known in terms of endorsement and the likes. So taking your chances of keeping them and fighting for a champions league spot looks logical a decision to be taken.

No one has heard anything from the players representatives since Wenger’s comment but as professionals, they have no choice but to accept the decision of the club to keep them even if they are willing to move in January.


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