Jack Wilshere dismisses Jamie Redknapp opinions regarding his future at Arsenal

Even though Jack Wilshere suffered from a series of injuries when he was at Arsenal, by his own admission, the on-loan Bournemouth midfielder said he had to leave Emirates for a while to strategize his game plan afresh. According to the English professional footballer, he found it necessary to leave his “comfort zone” at the Emirates because his days at Arsenal attracted several injuries season in season out. Even with such a personal admission, Jack Wilshere does not agree with Jamie Redknapp’s assertions that his days with Arsenal are limited, which many mobile sportsbook fans would follow up swiftly.

One of the most significant achievements Wilshere can now boast about is lasting 90 minutes in their game against Tottenham, which ended in a barren draw. In the past two seasons, the English midfielder has never had the chance to play a full game in the Premier League. Furthermore, he only played a full international match 16 months ago when England beat Slovenia by three goals and conceding two.

Before Bournemouth’s match against Tottenham, commentator Redknapp expressed the notion that Wilshere has limited time at Arsenal and his future career seems to be fading gradually at the Emirates. He even advised the midfielder to leave the club early enough because Arsenal has become too comfortable for him and getting a solid position in the squad will be difficult when he returns.

However, Wilshere reacted to such comments saying he fails to understand where Redknapp got such misplaced opinions from. According to the on-loan Bournemouth midfielder, he is simply making spirited efforts to rebuild his skills and talents as well as to appreciate his football by playing at his level best every week. He added that playing a full game for the first time in several years was a bold step towards achieving his goals.

Wilshere also expressed that since he has never thought about leaving Arsenal, it does not matter what other think about in the end and if Redknapp has already predicted his exit from Arsenal, then he can preserve his opinions to himself without a fuss. Redknapp went ahead to claim that Wilshere would benefit from his Arsenal departure by moving to Bournemouth fully to have a fresh start after wasting his career with a series of injuries. However, Wilshire welcomed such an idea without a problem.

The English midfielder continued to echo his opinions saying that sometimes playing week in week out for a top club for the better part of his career could have easily made someone drop into a comfort zone, which could be difficult to leave. However, choosing to go to Bournemouth, which lies in different side of the English Premier League, makes him fight tirelessly with other team members to earn every point. As such, he already feels he has left his comfort zone.

Gareth Southgate, the interim England manager, was present at the Vitality Stadium to watch the Bournemouth and Tottenham clash, as Wilshere sustained his efforts to regain his best form. However, the on-loan Bournemouth midfielder said he has not though about returning to the national team because he needs to focus on his playing and improving his skills accordingly. He also added that he has not discussed such a move with Southgate.



  1. Why is Jamie talking about an Arsenal Player ? He has no clue what goes on at Arsenal, I think it’s envy, Wilshere is the best midfielder england has produced, Wenger knows that Wilshere is in a zone all by himself, hatred is what these ex players have, they wish they had Wilshere vision, you put Jack on market City, Chelsea, Liverpool will snatch him in 2 seconds

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