It seems Samir Nasri is all but an Arsenal player

Samir NasriAccording to virtually every website and online newspaper around, Marseille’s Samir Nasri is all set to sign for Arsenal. The 20-year-old French attacker looks like he will be leaving Marseille to join Arsenal for a transfer fee worth around £13.5m.

I’m usually quite careful not to make unrealistic statements about players joining or leaving the club until the deals are finalised but by all accounts this one looks all but a done deal. There have been reports from a newspaper in Marseille that Nasri is on his way and even The Guardian have marked the Frenchman’s move down as a near certainty. I’m not willing to risk coming out of this with egg on my face but nevertheless it’s quite an exciting piece of news. Let me know what you think of it.

Aside from the immenant signing of Nasri there has been some far less convincing transfer speculation around the traps again over the past day or so. Sky Sports have suggested that Sporting Lisbon’s Miguel Veloso wants a move to the Premiership and has also stated that Roma midfielder Alberto Aquilani’s agent has been in talks with Arsenal about a move to the club.

I’m not sure about either of these two rumours – it all sounds a little like agent clap-trap to me. However, if you’ve seen either of these two boys play then I’d encourage you to share your opinion. If you live in Portugal or Italy then you can also let us all know what the local press there have to say about the potential of a move. That goes for any transfer speculation that goes on in the summer as well.

In terms of outgoing players, Jens Lehmann looks like he could be moving to Stuttgart while Philippe Senderos is adamant that he has Arsene Wenger’s backing and will be staying put at the club. The Swiss international – who will be representing his nation at Euro 2008 – revealed that he is happy at Arsenal and also rubbished reports that he fell to pieces after their Champions League exit against Liverpool.

“I’m someone who is always hard on myself so I was disappointed like everyone else but I didn’t break down in tears and I didn’t miss training and I didn’t do all these things that they said I did.”

Philippe SenderosIt is reassuring to here these comments from Senderos. Rumours were flying about that he had a bit of a breakdown ala Sol Campbell after the loss to Liverpool so it’s nice to hear him come out and publicly deny them.

It will be interesting to see where he fits into the side next season. It’s obvious that he still feels wanted at the club but if Wenger does purchase a strong central defender like he has promised he will then it means Senderos will be pushed down to fourth or even fifth choice if Johan Djourou can sort himself out. From a footballing perspective it might actually be a smart idea for him to move on but if the big man is happy with life at Arsenal then I guess that is a good thing for the club. I’d be interested to hear your opinion.

To end on a positive note today, some words from the manager on the season just passed and the potential for success next season:

“Overall this team has made a huge improvement compared to last year. We were always in the race for the championship until the last three games. We have made a tremendous improvement and want to develop – the average age of our team is very young and we can only be better if we have the right spirit next year. If we can add a bit more experience and talent, that is even better.”

As (almost) always, he’s exactly right. And with Nasri seemingly in the bag and Lyon’s Hatem Ben Arfa a strong possibility to sign as well things are looking very nice indeed.

What do you think?

Have your say on Nasri or any of the other transfer speculation by leaving a comment.



  1. I think it’s an either or situation with nasri and Ben arfa, la provence the marseille paper is suggesting that ben arfa will replace nasri at OM if nasri joins us.

    give us Yaya!!

  2. I would love for us to sign Samir Nasri but for us Arsenal fans; big money signings are usually dreams that end up getting shattered!

  3. Farrukh, I would hardly call £13m a big money signing mate. Wiltord and Walcott were both in that range and Helb wasn’t far behind. Not to forget Reyes who was well beyond that.

  4. Its the ‘all but’ bit that worries me. I agree all the websites & a lot of the media are repeating the story but they are all using the same source. I do think there must be some dialogue between Arsenal & Marseille or I’m sure Marseille would have come out with a strong denial by now. Its a possibility but as always with Arsenal I wouldn’t get your hopes up until you see him with Arsene Wenger & an Arsenal shirt.

  5. Nasri and Ben Arfa would be ideal signing imo. Top that with the addition of a class centre back and it’d be perfect.

    Anyweays I found this video of Walcott, it’s pretty good.

  6. hey samir nasri would be a good signing but we need to get hatem ben arfa as well

  7. My family is Italian but I have been brought up in London. Aquilani is a fabulous talent, and was rightly named in the team of the tournament at last year’s U21 championships. Over in Italy he is seen as the natural successor to Andrea Pirlo in the national side, but he is a slightly different player. But to cite him as a Flamini replacement seems strange as Aquilani really isn’t a defensive midfielder. I accept that Flamini isn’t exactly all defence either, but the choice doesn’t make a lot of sense. He is more attacking, shoots from range and has creativity and excellent passing. He can tackle and defend well, but this isn’t his natural game – Daniele De Rossi plays the Flamini role at Roma.

    The other problem is that Italians – especially young players – don’t really want to leave Italy. From what I’ve heard Aquilani doesn’t want to either. What you have is a very high risk or a Reyes situation. Zola and Vialli were successful in England, but young Italians these days are more interested in playing in Italy as it gives them the best chance of being in the national side.

    It could all be agent spin in attempting to improve his deal at Roma, but I would certainly not be against him coming here as he has all the ingredients to become a top talent, but if I’m honest, I’m not sure he is as defensive as a Flamini replacement should be.

  8. Well the thing is its too many players linked with arsenal and well the ones that are linked they dont come… so i aint getting my hopes high with samir nasri, ben arfa, velaso.

    but these young players u have to pay the big money for them, man utd did it with anderson and nani

  9. Well if it’s true, great news but with onlt a small kitty of 25 mill who else can we buy is the American coming in with some cash. Not to forget we need to at least ‘increase’ all our stars at Arsenal for next season. Can someone pse cfm this purchase.Tks

  10. the thing is no one really knows how much money we got to spend because like ken friar said we dont want to increase transfer inflation rates.

    so no media will know how much of a kitty we got. we could have £20m, £50m, or 100m….

    it does not matter, because wenger wont spend it all anyways

  11. @ Alan – 13m is a lot for Arsenal! You commented that it was in the Wiltord range, but you have to remember that he’s our most expensive signing ever.

    @ Redtop – Agreed. It’s hard not to get excited though…

    @ GStevenson – Sweet video. Thoroughly enjoyed by all, I’m sure.

    @ TDP – Cheers for the Aquilani info. I think he’s a pretty long shot – I’m my eyes it’s all agent speak. Just on Flamini, he was never really a defensive midfielder, so to speak, he was an out-and-out centre mid who had the energy of a kangaroo. If Aquilani has that same energy then I’d welcome him in our pouch 😉

  12. “I’m usually quite careful not to make unrealistic statements about players joining or leaving the club until the deals are finalised but by all accounts this one looks all but a done deal. There have been reports from a newspaper in Marseille that Nasri is on his way and even The Guardian have marked the Frenchman’s move down as a near certainty. I’m not willing to risk coming out of this with egg on my face but nevertheless it’s quite an exciting piece of news.”

    Two summers ago, the Guardian carried a similarly definitive piece claiming we were on the verge of wrapping up a £13m deal for Ribery.


  13. @ GunnerShabz – He was never on my list :p

    @ G10 – Point taken. The Guardian are certainly not a perfect source however I have to say that they’re a hell of a lot more reliable then a lot of the other drivel going around.

  14. I got a freebee to Upton Park last pre season to see West Ham v Roma with my eldest as it was her best mates birthday present. Aquilani was the bets player on the pitch, really impressed me as did Mexes. Aquialni is taller then I had thought, physically impressive and dominated the middle of the park. Good distribution, tackling and he can play a bit too. I raved about him to the lads all season so think it would be a very good signing for us. I’d take Mexes as well, he is much better live than on telly.

  15. Aquilani, Ben Arfa, Nasri, and Veloso are all good players who could fit into an Arsenal team. Although some of the prices seem on the high side for Arsene, he is willing to spend if it is a player he truly wants (e.g. Wiltord and Reyes). Arsenal have been linked with Aquilani in the past, but all the stories carry the same quotes from his agent. That story looks like posturing from an agent trying to sweeten his client’s current contract. However, this is an ideal time for Arsene to negotiate transfers as Chelski and ManUre are still preoccupied with the Champions League final and Rafa doesn’t know what, if any, transfer funds he has. You also want to conclude your business before the Euros which usually result in price inflation. Also, it is sound bargaining tactics not to put all your eggs in one basket. He may well be negotiating with more than one player at the same time and will drop interest in one if another is signed. If Arsene can sign one or more players like these, he would be throwing down the gauntlet the other BPL teams. It would also show some ambition and intent which would help calm the fears of Arsenal players and fans. So there may be some truth in a few of these stories OR they may be smokescreen(s) while he negotiates with his real targets.

  16. @ rooster… Yeah its funny how live vs tv works. Especially in the Australian Rules Football. I’m a season ticket member and there are certain players who catch you as moving particularly well and all that. Jason Akermanis is one that stood out from live/tv. But yeah anyway that’s completely unrelated to this football but it’s just nice to see that some people look at things differently.

  17. We need Eto!! Laporta has pretty much confirmed that they will look to sell him on. We gotta move quickly and agree to pay him top dollars, if Adebayor gets his 80k then Eto is definitely worth 100k a week. It would be criminal if he ended up at spurs.

  18. Ye like 90% of the stuff we read, its just rumours. I just hope Wenger still rates Eto and does everything he can to sign him.

  19. Personally I’d prefer Arfa over Nasri but I’ll take either at this point preferably both. Nasri on the side or cover for Cesc a good young player who has the potential to get much better than where he is at right now.

    As for Aquiliani he’s a very talented young lad. All the things that the folks above have stated are true. He does appear to be more attacking than a Flam but I think he could easily develop into a deep lying playmaker from holding midfield. The big thing though is he was not as consistent this season as Flam or De Rossi.

    He’d have games he’d look like the second coming of Pirlo and then others were he looked confused and every shot was in row 30. Furthermore he is Roman born so he plays with passion. That means red cards and the occasional temper flare. Aqui and Totti had a nice little Drogba Ballackesque argument over a free kick earlier this season. In the end though I think his agent likes to blow smoke. He’s been “linked” according to his agent to almost every big club in the world at one point or another during the season.

  20. Oh and yes… KEEP SENDEROS! There I said it. Yes go and sign a strong center back but keep Sendi he’s put out enough this season. I’d rather move Djourou.

  21. @ C-Bass – Personally I’d have Djourou over Senderos but that’s just my opinion. If we can hang onto both and sign a strong defender we’re looking good.

  22. 13.4 ml pounds for nasri iz enough ,,im sure dat he’ll come and guard our team,,i think dat hiz chemistry with cesc will be more than brilliant !! and abt veloso hez a tremendous midfielder i have seen him,,he has strength, shots gr8 vision n have everythin dat a midfielder has!

  23. What am about to say will shock some gunners but i really mean them, i think Senderos should partner Gallas, the thing is Senderos is good in the air, he can easily read the game, and they play very good when they are paired, i hear people saying Gallas is not a good captain, when things were going well, Gallas was a brilliant captain, but u know what happened and all of a sudden, he is bad, look at Toure back from ANC, he thinks his position is permanent, It is Wenger’s fault that is why we are not in the final, bcus he used Toure instead of Eboue at rightback, he is scared to drop Toure, imagine Eboue at rightback and Walcott at rightforward, all these things would not have happened, Gallas is a good defender, he should play alongside Senderos, period, i know what i am saying here, if Toure wants to leave, he knows the door.

  24. should sign aquilani instead of velouso, aquilani can be describe as an adventurous carrick bt also has a doubt whether he and cesc can play together

  25. I really dont think we will be bringing in a flamini replacement, i have a strong feeling that the reason Toure was played in the full back postition in the last games because wenger maybe deep down knew that flamini wasnt going to stay so was seeing if toure had the energy levels to beable to play in the center of midfield. we all know how many times our fullbacks run from one end of the pitch to the other in 90 minutes, what other better way is there to test energy levels?

    also, with the annoucement we will be bringing in a new centerback wenger wont drop toure or gallas from the team, they are both world class so this is the only logical way to get round it. the amount of times we have seen toure go on his little powerful runs and taking rocket shots, he will be ideal in the flamini role. one of the best tacklers out there, very very strong, lung bursting runs and net busting shots. what more could a person ask for???

  26. You would think so, Nick, and it would be an attractive prospect, but I think Wenger is on record as saying that he moved Toure from CM to CB because he doesn’t have enough stamina for the central midfield role. Same with Song, apparently 🙁 My money’s on Denilson filling the Flamini position.

  27. i would prefer the aquilani deal if it is possible, i have watch hime several times, he his a pirlo like who sit in midfield and spree passes. nasir is a good player but i think he will take more time than aquilani to settle to the english game. aslo we need a central defender, i hope vela work permit is successfull we need a replacement for Eduardo.

    well I understand your name… Toure is one of the few players that never say something about to quit, and c`mon put gallas with senderos and drop toure to the bench is the most hilarious thing that I ever heard.

    and Senderos is good in the air? well just when he wants! or u forget the quarter finals against Liverpool where he really sucks in the air, specially in that corner where he lost his position.

  29. @ mosege/C-Bass – Cheers for the info on Aquilani. Just a question though; you guys seem to think he is a Pirlo-type player which is all good, but do you think he could hack it in the pace of the Premiership? Remember Juan Sebastian Veron??!!

  30. @ Mexican Gunner – Agreed. Toure and Gallas was working well before the ACN. There’s little doubt we need to bring in someone else as well but to put Toure behind Senderos is a little bit unfair on him. His heart is Arsenal and he won’t leave, indeed, I would suggest Yaya joining is a stronger possibility than Kolo exiting.

  31. @ Mexican Gunner – I actually watched him win the league with Estudiantes in Argentina. I was at the stadium in late 2005 when Estudiantes beat Boca Juniors 2-1. Diego Simeone was the manager and Veron was the star player. What a game it was too.

    But my question remains – would Aquilani have the pace and energy on and off the ball to cope in the Premiership?

  32. i again toure is one of the last 2 of the invincibles and a world class player who has the ability to play in various places and is better than both gallas and senderoloser i am sorry but biachin at toure doesnt help the stories are all lies u would think that fans would know toures personality by now this is the same guy who said that he wanted to finish his career at arsenal

  33. yaya toure al nasri and ben afra would be prefect for thosetwo are three players arsenes been talking about

  34. Samir Nasri in London Today
    Nasri a Gunner.Nasri looks set to complete his move to Arsenal within the next 24 hours.Nasri will arrive in London today to complete a medical and put pen to paper at the Emirates.

  35. Mexican Gunner Nasri will arrive this morning at 7am and wait and see it offically at website.

  36. @SF: I think Aquilani would be fine in the Premiership if not perhaps a bit better suited. Pirlo is a valid comparison in terms of how he seems to move and flow at his best but his pace is much better than Pirlo’s. Think Pirlo with less dead ball skill but with more aggression and athleticism and tendencies toward short passing. He’ll never match Pirlo in terms of technique of course few lads ever will.

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