It could be a very good weekend for the Arsenal

Chelsea are out of the Champions League after a comprehensive defeat to Inter Milan.

It’s a massive result for Arsenal for two reasons.

One, it removes an opponent that has already beaten us twice this season from the competition and two, because it has the psychological potential to derail Chelsea’s Premier League campaign.

John Terry’s deranged reaction at the end of the match was typical of Chelsea’s obsession of becoming European champions. Every manager since Jose Mourinho has been hired to win the Champions League and every one of them has failed.

Roman Abramovich won’t be happy. Carlo Ancelotti will be worried. The players will be devastated.

Playing well after a Champions League game, let alone one as disappointing as this, is never an easy task. But what is even worse for Chelsea (and quite excellent for Arsenal) is that they face a bruising encounter with Sam Allardyce’s Blackburn, a team that has won its last four home games.

I think they will drop points and if they do I feel they will go on and fall out of the title race.

This weekend is also a big one for our other title challenger, Manchester United, who host Liverpool at Old Trafford.

United have the advantage of a week off but the FA’s unexplainable decision not to suspend Steven Gerrard for elbowing Michael Brown will be a huge boost for the away side.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s side are probably catching Liverpool at the worst possible time: still hanging onto to realistic hopes of finishing fourth and just recorded their first three-goal win since thumping Hull City 6-1 last September.

It could be a very good weekend for the Arsenal if we take three points off West Ham at The Emirates.

Thankfully everything suggests we will.


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  1. Not only is the loss devastating for the Chavs, and here I must quote that Simpsons character from yesterday’s Arseblog…”HA HA!”…but if I recall correctly, they’ll have two players out on suspension from a previous league match. I think it’s Ballack and one other player who got reds (one was double yellow & one was straight red, I think, but I could be wrong on this part) two matches ago for them, so this would be the second match out. So, not only having to go to Blackburn to get kicked around the pitch for 90 minutes after losing to Inter, but they’ll be short handed as well. hehe 😉

    Arsenal to take all 3 against the Hammers, United and Liverpool to draw at OT and Chavs to lose outright against Blackburn. I’m calling it now.

  2. I think we should just concentrate on our own games, and leave the crytal ball gazing about what might happen at Chelsea to Mystic Meg.

  3. Andrew, I sincerely hope you are right, however, the reverse could be true. That is, they could come out fighting now, and go all out to win the title. My own judgement this morning was that their style of play looked very different to their EPL matches. Some of their players, Joe Cole for example, looked jaded and incapable of making opportunities. In the last few games Drogba and Lampard are being upstaged by Malouda and Kalou, who, incidently, look very dangerous.
    Fingers crossed.

  4. lets not tempt fate, we’ve won our last couple of games in the last mins and Hull had ten men, we drew against WH last time we played them, For what its worth my shout on this is if Bentner can play as well as Rooney Torres or Drogbar and Campbell improves massively we can win the prem and CL.

  5. Glory days! 10 years ago i hated Liverpool the most, but i think Chavski has broiled to the top somewhat and Man Scum not far behind, i could probably go on and add Stoke, Hull, etc, but just keep it with pool, chavs and scum!

    odds on to draw Scum or Barca in the next round! Wouldnt mind revenge on Bayern or Barca! We have everyone covered!

  6. We’ll probably have trouble beating the spammers, but will scrape a win. That’s all that matters. Let the mancs and the mercenaries do their thing and if we win we’ll be there to take advantage. 3 points is all we need worry about.

    On the other hand, if we were to take the title at the Toilet for a third time……….. just daydreaming on a warm Sydney night, sipping Scotch on ice on the Ebmbassy verandah……

  7. I have come to the conclusion that Stan Collymore is sexually attracted to Arsenal Football Club.

    He continually digs Arsenal out and I can’t think of any reason why he does it except that he fancies us.

    I think the novelty of dogging and woman-beating has worn thin with Stan so he needs a new sexual thrill to chase.

    Trying to mug Arsenal off is his new thing. I bet he bashes one out every-time he writes something about us.

    I can just imagine him sitting in his plush broom cupboard at Daily Mirror HQ. The lights are dim, the door slightly open so he might get caught, trousers round his ankles with lube squirted in one hand while he uses the other to scroll his lap-top on for wanking material.

    Nikki B’s profile is his new fave.

    The man needs to stop having these depraved thoughts about the Gunners and see a doctor. Fancying a football club cannot be good for your health.

    I’ve read about his mental health in his book and to be honest, that is no laughing matter. But even that cannot be used as an excuse for his obsession with all things Arsenal-related.

    Collymore says that we Gooners need to eat humble pie over Bendtner because 30,000 of us booed the boy in the past. When was that?

    It’s just another blag from the dopey bastard who, like many others, has egg on his face from dismissing Arsenal only to be proved wrong.

    If anyone needs to eat humble pie it is Stan Collymore. Then again he’d probably like that because he’d think he had just been cream-pied.

    The pervy bastard.

    Collymore is a joke. An ex-pro who believes he was better than what he was. The chip on his shoulder is larger than J-Lo’s arse after a cake binge.

    I suggest Stan gets a new ‘fantasy’ because the Arsenal one is getting mightily boring now.

  8. Well.. We all hope it turns out to be a stunning match!
    Btw, any updates on RVP.
    We desperately want him back.

  9. Well don’t agree at all. Best thing for us would have been a win for the Chavs and another hard game in the next round- Now they have only the league to focus on.
    I saw Blackburn play last week and they were awful- Chelsea will will not even need to turn up to beat them.
    As for United and Liverpool- that is by no means a foregone conclusion – the latter are coming good at the right time.

  10. having just seen Chelsea being beat by Inter Milan at Stamford Bridge and seen Mourinho say the word “best” twelve times in one sentence. Ah, the joys of the Champions League. It was a weird game, one where you thought Chelsea would eventually score, and one you didn’t think Inter Milan would. But Inter played a containment and counter attack game, which frustrated the home side. Looking at the stats post game, Inter actually had more shots on, shots off and corners, so maybe Mourinho was right.

    What does mean to the Champions League – well, it means the rough and ready hard hitters which are Chelsea are out of the competition – and that’s good news for us in many ways – why? Because if we want to win the Champions League, Chelsea are a team that we would most likely like to avoid. We’ve played them without beating them this season – their rough and ready approach has been too much for us. It’s good for us in the Premiership too – confidence after losing to Inter Milan twice and Man City means that they’ll be low on confidence.

    Personally, one thing that I noticed is that Chelsea didn’t have enough creativity to unlock the Inter defence and one thing we have an abundance of is just such a talent – players like Nasri, Rosicky, Cesc, Arshavin and Walcott are game changers and players that can create something out of nothing, create a pass through the defence, the eye of the needle stuff, and that is why we’re more prone to the Champions League. The teams left in the tournament do try and play – Inter, United, Lyon, etc and most likely Barcelona – and that’s a reason that we can consider the Champions League a realistic trophy that we can win. Of course we have a nemesis in Man United and of course we have revenge to exact on Barcelona, but if we want to win it, then we have to beat them all.

    And of course, that’s something that has been prevalent in the title race and the win against Hull was sensational for us. We’ve been played well recently and are the form team in the Premiership – for the first time in a while, we have options – with Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Arshavin etc and have a proper striker in Bendtner up front. But the more impressive thing, is that in the last couple of games, we’ve been winning – especially the 5-0 against Porto without our spine of Gallas – Cesc – Van Persie.

    The run in is obviously very tight at the moment and Chelsea do have a game in hand, but our run in is definitely the easiest on paper – yes, I know, no games are easy, but we can definitely beat the likes of the lower teams and we definitely struggle against the better teams. With the exception of Man City at home and Sp*rs away, we should definitely win all our games. And to be honest, I don’t see why we can’t beat those two as well.

    One player who can make a big impact on our season is Theo Walcott and every time he comes on he seems to scare the opposition into submission. I think he’s still better as an impact sub at the moment, but as he progresses, he will edge his way into the team.

  11. Chelsea and ManU’s play is out of our control. To echo previous remarks, Arsenal need to focus on the match at hand.

    Theo, Bendtner, Diaby, and many of our other role players need to increase their contribution.

  12. Wow the champs league just got alot easier. Dont get me wrong, Ive seen enough PSV & Bayern games to know we could lose to any of the last 8 but I really do think someone is going to get a very plum draw with moscow, lyon and bordeaux in there. I think im right that the russian league ended a month or two ago so they are ripe for the picking. Beating real will not persuade me that the french league is ever a league to be fearful of so id happily play both of those. Milan, Barca and united please draw each other and as for bayern well that could be 34 – 33 with rush goalie and jumpers for goalposts. Would be nice to get to see their new ground though, my last experience of munich was pretty awful footballing wise so I owe them one. Friday will be very very interesting and if someone can knock out united we have a great chance.

  13. If you’ve just put the mocca on us I’m flyin to Brisbane and shoving a longneck xxxx up your arse!

  14. Abramovich must be smarting this week, beaten by the special one !!! i feel another manager change coming on, well Phil Brown is free. More interestingly i wonder when Roman will tire of loosing and throw his rattle out of his pram.

  15. How sweet was that last night? Just when you think it can’t get any better up steps Big Jessie to get himself sent off again – a straight red after his earlier yellow – fantastic. Yes Chelsea should have had a couple of penalties – but only for the same offences that Terry,Vidic,Carragher et al commit in every game. Chelsea played last night like the Wimbledon of old.Boot the ball up to Drogba at every opportunity and hope for scraps – classy!Chelsea play some decent football when they play through Lampard but last night played devoid of any craft,guile or skill.Good to see Terry displaying his usual behaviour at the end,Ballack not even on the pitch long enough to chase the ref down the pitch, Mikel the best £24 million Man U NEVER spent and Anelka – same old – slowing the game down to snail’s pace while he has 4-5 touches of the ball before he can decide what to do. It’s time they got rid of the rest of the classless chavs (they disposed of Kenyon!). How satisfying that must have been for Jose last night. Interesting to hear him say he may be back at Stamford Bridge as an opposing manager in the future. Sure thing he won’t be back at Chelsea. Typical Russian gangster behaviour from Abramovich – don’t like somebody – get rid of them.It may work for him in the underworld – doesn’t work in football. An absolutely fantastic night!!

  16. you need to learn some respect. I am an Arsenal supporter and would never deny the fact that ManU play great and Chelsea very professional football. Even in a moment of dismay you should pay your opponent some respect if he deserves to win (and does it without the help of the ref).
    @ loverkln: As regards Inter, they play just like Chelsea played under Mourinho. Shut down the game and have midfield motor who creates chances. Not nice to watch (although Snijder is class) but highly effective and by no means bad so they, leading the Italian league and having defeated Chelsea, can’t be that bad, can they? Just like Chelsea weren’t bad when they beat Arsenal although doing the Mourinho thing to us?
    There is a difference between criticism and banter and a line should be drawn here and there, basically just like separating sentences with commas or full-stops.

  17. agree with harrison….Arsha is way too selfish….we could have easily won the Manure game had he played those two early balls to his team mates! I still don’t get it how we lost that game (at home!!) with brown & evans in defence!!!

  18. hey,mty look on the ars offical website, rvp is still the man who I have major concern about, i wish his legs were made of terminator steel, unbreakable for tackles.

  19. What we need is to concetrate on winning our games one at a time and just look at what will happen to the rest. But I don’t know what Arsen is planning to do with Bendtner.
    there comes times when he’s a complete nonsense. I think he should be told something he does not know.
    Arshavin is not that selfish now like he was at the man.u game.
    We sh’d beat West ham comfortably at home.

  20. I was cheering on the Italian club, but one down side to Chel$ea lossing is that they can now focus on the league fixtures, plus fewer games so their stars can rest more late into the season.

    Our destiny can only be controlled by the games Arsenal are playing.

    Come on Arsenal!

  21. Look guys there is no way chelsea would lose to blackburn rovers. Lets be honest, they gonna come to the game angry and fustrated. They might just easily smash blackburn, plus there captain is still injure Neilsen.

    I am more excited about liverpool v MAnure. Full strenth liverpool without any problems.

  22. Interesting but don’t see Chelsea losing to Blackburn, they probrably be pissed and give Blackburn a bit of a spanking.

  23. Let’s keep our heads. Chelsea are unlikely to fall out of the race. Man U will push all the way. One game at a time boys. West Ham looks good for us but I hope AW makes it clear in the dressing room that it’s not a given. Saying that, I’m excited about the possiblity of making up the goal diff this weekend. You know, the goals that Bendtner should have sorted two week back. Tricky London Derby though. All eyes on Manchester.

  24. Interestingly enough i think that there are some important points. Realisticly Chelsea are not going to lose to blackburn….. But to say there is no way would be something which you cannot say with certainty. There is no way that Chelsea would lose to Wigan…. oh wait. Anything that happens to these two teams now is going to effect our title bid. Arsenal no longer have their complete destiny in their hands, and must rely on teams faulting, while others exceed expectations, all the while we must keep our momentum and continue a solid run of form. The Liverpool game on the will be important. A draw will put us on level points, while a loss would put us ahead.

  25. The Champions League – a lymirick by Hey Nonny Mouse

    “We’ll win it!” said fat Ancelotti
    “Because of the money we’ve gotti.”
    But Jose Mourinho
    said “I know and we know
    and you know that no you will notti!”

  26. The spoilt brat, Roman Abramovich,
    One day said ‘God damn it – I am too rich
    So I’ll waste what I have
    By buying the Chavs
    Then I’ll throw them back out of my pramovich’

  27. Its more like it’s in our hands right now.
    Manure can’t win all their matches

  28. Loved watching Inter beat the Chavskis. And as usual they took the defeat with their customary good grace. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer lot.

    Not sure I can see Blackburn beating them on the weekend but I reckon the Scousers could nick a point off Manure with Torres fit again. All academic if we don’t beat the Irons though. Be good to have Cesc back.

    Would like to have a crack at Inter in the quarters. Not sure I could face another beating by United.

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