Is Fabianski ready to step in for Arsenal?

Fabianski will replace Almunia, but is he ready?It’s a rather tired post today – a result of two early mornings of sleepy Champions League viewing. 

* yawns *

Thank goodness there were some good games though. Indeed, just when I thought Manchester United’s result was a surprise, up popped Chelsea to stick a dagger (well, three actually) into Liverpool at Anfield. Brilliant stuff. And Barcelona isn’t looking too bad either, are they? Bloody hell.

I was fiddling around on the official Arsenal site earlier today and listened to the post-Villarreal interviews involving a number of Arsenal players including Denilson, Emmanuel Adebayor and Lukasz Fabianski. The general consensus from the camp seemed to be that 1-1 was a good result and we are looking good for the return leg, which I certainly agree with.

I found the interview with Fabianski particularly interesting. I thought his personality really shone through as he discussed everything from his reaction to coming on mid-game (“I wasn’t really, like, ready”) to the pressure he surely would have felt when on the pitch (“Honestly, I didn’t feel it”). He came off as a really relaxed guy throughout, particularly when asked whether he felt prepared to play the away leg and the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea. He answered simply, “I don’t know”.

And despite his cool demeanor and Arsene Wenger’s endorsement, I’m not sure he is either. While I’ve got no doubts in Johan Djourou’s ability to come in for William Gallas, I do have some worries about Fabianski.

My impressions of the Pole is that he is a strong shot-stopper who is not short on confidence and despite his willingness to command his area is prone to making more than the odd aerial mistake. I have no lack of confidence in his ability to save shots but from what I’ve seen from him this season – mostly in the FA Cup – he’s still a fair way off becoming a polished, confident goalkeeper. As such, I’ll be very interested to see how he handles this opportunity.

There’s very little else going on today aside from this little assessment of Villarreal’s wide players by Wenger and the news that 17-year-old Luke Freeman has signed a professional contract at the club. Well done Luke.

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Cheers and a happy Thursday to you all.

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  1. pls where’s ur facebook link, i’ll like to add you so we talk about our club. i think we should give Fabianski a chance, i had this fear at the start of the season when wenger din’t sign an experience goal keeper, but since he has faith in Lucas, let give him a chance. you an search my name on facebook and add me on facebook. Adeogun Idris

  2. Fabiansky is a good goal minder,the only thing we need to do is to give him support and that will give him the confidence to stand between the sticks at any game of any magnitude.He did account for himself well away in spain and could not allow any goal,a sign that gives us comfidence in this resilient man.Very enterprising and full of confidence.Enjoy the day,Patrick-Zambia.

  3. I just got done watching tons of highlights from the last two years- Almunia is so underrated its not even funny… I dont think he is world class by any means but I do think that no matter what he does he has already been labelled and the fans wont change their view of him… He has come up HUGE so many times… We would not have beaten Roma without him (in regulation- not just the penalty shoot-out)… I like him in our squad… Fabiansky is good and will get his chance as well…

  4. Fabianski will make it i believe.let’s keep the faith.Adeogun i hope u dont mind if I add u.keep it emirates.

  5. HEY…i agree with you about djourou, but i don’t know what mistake you saw on him while playing for us. you know what almunia did when he was sustituted for lehmann in the past. just remember the champions league final with barca and the game we lost 4-2 to manchester years ago when munia was a second choice…he was hossible; atleast we don’t see that in fabiansky so why not? he can do well in there. but i have to admit that he is alittle bit slow in communication with other players in the game and ofcourse this will get better if he is allowed to play more games…

  6. Barcelona is ridiculously good. I’m not sure if Bayern are rubbish themselves but they sure are made to look like rubbish with 8 men defending and still leaking 4 goals in the 1st half. In the 2nd half is purely not to look like the most idiotic quarter finalists. Barca is too clinical. they take their chances EVERY single time and that’s the way it should be. Attackers should take every chance up like there is not going to be one the next time. Though we are playing well at the moment, we have major wasters in Bendtner, RVP and Adebayor who think they have 24 hours to play in a match. Forget what youngsters we have. Messi is only 19-20 and is already a super class out of this world player. How many goals has he scored and how many did he score out of them spinning around 2-3 defenders and slotting them past the goalie. The way he squirm into the tinniest of space is simply magical.

  7. NO ENGLISH PLAY SHOULD PLAY FOR ARSENAL!!! (except Walcott)… NO English player can be given the ball in tight situations and still come out like our technically talented players. No English player has technical ability in terms of retaining possession in extreme pressure. We could buy Lescott, Barry and Richards but do you honestly think Richards will hold the ball better than Eboue?????? Do you think Barry will come out of a challenge of 2 players better than Denilson??? Lescott better than GALLAS???? Unless of course you want them just because they carry English passports…. they certainly won’t help our game

  8. Well Fab has got to be ready, he really does not have a choice. He shouldve known that this was going to happen sooner or later so he should be prepaird for this.
    C’mon Faby dont disappoint us son.

  9. I think we will all be pleasantly surprised by Fabianski, he is a very able keeper his reactions are good and his concentration levels are fine. A run of starts will do his confidence a world of good. With Denilson and Song shielding the back four I have no worries about Djourou slotting in alongside Toure as it seems that Gallas is out for the rest of the season.

  10. @ Jebo75 – I agree that the issue is communication. When he came on I was worried about his aerial ability but he was fine. The only couple of problems were when he did not communicate with the defenders. As cool as he is, he must learn to shout when he feels he can to get the ball.

    Do we know how serious the Almunia injury is?

    I’m not too worried about Fabianski. I think losing Gallas for the season is far more concerning. For all his past faults, he is experienced and has been in good form recently. Plus he hates Chelsea, who we have in the FA Cup (and the CL final…????!)

  11. Is Gallas definetly out for the season, there has been nothing on the official website? If he is we are down to three centre backs maybe four if you count Song. Can we get Senderous back from Milan? Strange result last night I had the scoucers down to win that one.

  12. Hey SF what`s up with the Setanta banner on the site?It shows ManU,Chelski,Liverpool players and no Arsenal player instead Aston Villa?!What the heck is up with that,on an Arsenal blog??Kindly tell them (Setanta) to get an arsenal player pic in there Asap!
    Seriously it ain`t cool!

  13. Wow, i cant believe our luck. Just when things were starting to look good, injuries strike again.

    Gallas (knee) is out for the rest of the season, Almunia (ankle) is out for 3 weeks and Clichy (back) is out for 2 weeks.

  14. Clichy is a loss but we have cover in Gibbs and even Silvestre, after all he played many games there for manure. Looking forward to getting back to the league again all be it just for a few days. Wednesday seems like a long way away at the moment being only Thursday, well it is still Thursday where I am.

  15. think gonner 08 is talkin out of arse id have lescot anyday before gallas hes in good form now but remember a few months ago he was unsetteling the team england have loads of good players who could play for arsenal. thats something comming from an Irish man.

  16. The time is now for Fabianski. Not only is he getting a shot at his club but he has the chance to seize the number one job for his country as well after Boruc’s ridiculousness.

  17. give fabianski a chance dudes if ur only doubt over him is his aerial decision making and communication (which comes with exp)then he is a more than suitable replacement for almunia…whos aerial play leaves alot to be desired..latest example being newcastle match pen concession.
    although iv cme to really like and have faith in almunia i still cant forget so many innadequate displays in the past not least him being beaten near post for barcas equaliser in champ ls final….fab came on cold wed nite and made great DOUBLE save from same position so if u guys can give almunia 2 years grace and now say hes so underated and a great keeper then i think you can give fabianski 3 weeks.
    gallas is a huge blow..since being stripped of captaincy he and toure have been awesome even though hes not well liked (there was no1 within 5 yards of him as he lay clutching hes knee which i found odd) but agree djouror can do a job for us.LEAVE SENDEROS WHERE HE IS.
    finally just want to mention how impressed iv been with ades attitude since hes returned he looks hungry again and his workrate has improved ten-fold…hope RvP and ED pass fitness tests for weekend and countdown is on now for 1 of our top players return from long layoff…..rosicky.cnt wait to have him back…like a new signing and will aid our CL quest..barca team to beat but if there is a team tooutplay them on any given night it wud be us…
    clichy v messi
    sagna v henry
    toure v eto
    fab v iniesta
    if we can come out even in those battles then likes of Ade.nasri,theo,ed/RvP can do damage for us against,in my opinion, an average barca back 4

  18. We only have Walcott and Nasri for wings in the UCL oh yeah and Eboue but dont like starting him so haveing Rosicky will be fantastic, he a great player. Gallas will be a huge loss, and I am unsure about Djourou – he was very poor v Hull in the FA Cup, and although he did OK v Villarreal, I still have doubts of him coming in but I would be so pleased to have him prove me wrong, likewise Fabianski, he has to do the job really, we got key games now, and we have lost key players at a critical time, after just getting players back but we will have to cope like we have all season, I hear Clichy out for 2 weeks, not good either – he was amazing on Tuesday, however we have Gibbs, im jus glad it werent Sagna, dont have a great RB cover, but still a great loss in Gallas, Clichy and Almunia, can we get past this hurdle?

  19. gooner08 – Although I agree with you on the Lescott – Gallas thing, I would happily accept Barry and Richards at the club and you say no english players would be good at arsenal, well sorry, but i think rooney, gerrard, terry, lampard and J.Cole would be great at arsenal, not to mention that A.Cole was the old arsenal LB (i know he left us cuz he a twat, but he still a decent LB)

  20. WOW well done boyz I really thought we were done but they stood up 4-1 very happy and PROUD!!!! ARESNAL MAKE ME HAPPY!!!

  21. That’s certainly one of the more ridiculous Arsenal wins I’ve ever seen. Goals from Silvestre and Song after a truly horrendous first half, plus a sneaky Arshavin effort and Walcott’s opener. Weird game.

  22. That was dirty… really dirty. I like it.
    I almost had a heart attack in the first half and when Song scored that goal. Brilliant stuff.

  23. LOL I feel ya GIBBS but how well has ADE stepped up he played gr8 and lifted the team. Was DUDU in the squad! and any news on ROCKY!

  24. KURUPT, Eduardo didnt pass the fitness test so he wasnt included in the squad but i think he’ll be fit for the Villarreal game.
    and a few days ago, Wenger said Rosicky is not even close to coming back so dont expect to see him this season. Maybe we’ll see him in the preseason games.

  25. Dam that sucks im really hanging out to see tom but it will be dr8 to see DUDU back thats a bonus and a half!

  26. mental strenght again!! we had a very poor 1st half.we were gr8 t after the interval.i will say we have lost our best defenders to injuries @ a time we needed everybody to stay fit.having said that, the lads will punish any team that may try to take advantage of our weakness @ back and push forward because our midfielders are in form and our attackers will kill team that refuses to pack bus

  27. Anyone think Gibbs should have been given a red?? Great performace in the second half once again. 4 goals in half hour is a very good thing to do, only Bolton did better with 3 goals in 8 minutes, damn wht didnt they get a fourth. What are your thoughts about that teenager that now has two winners for United – Macheda. Ok, im pleased with the game, Song’s goal was really good, taking on players, glad theo and Arsha scored too. C’mon gunners v villarreal

  28. fabianski is a good keeper. personally i don’t really think that Almunia is good enought o eb our number one, and we should be looking to replace him with a world class keeper (so important). if he then doesn’t want to stay on as number 2, i would eb happy for Fab to remain.

    Think he’ll do well for us for the time being.

  29. im have been very impressed with songs performances as of late. he has definitely improved within six weeks. we all said that given his run of a few matches he would improve and he has shown us that he is capable. Our defense is a bit stretched for the return leg at the emirates. With our recent form I think everyone will step up and give all they can to see us through to the semis. I know we are a team full of youngsters, look at our midfeild in first leg… all under 21, but who could say with the amount of games they have been given this year that they are not experienced enough to cope with the injuries we have suffered.
    Porto next round??

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