Is Euro 2008 the best tournament ever? + Feck off Milan

Goodness gracious me. How the bloody hell did the Turks just do that?

2-0 down with 15 minutes ago and in the blink of an eye they had not only forced penalties but gone on to win the game. It was one of the best comebacks I have ever witnessed and just another glowing example of the thrilling competition that Euro 2008 is proving to be.

I ask a serious question here – is this the best European Championships ever? I think it is. Euro 2000 was a great competition and I’m sure things were good back in the dark ages but in terms of modern football I think the Euros have been absolutely brilliant.

Indeed, they’re not even into the knockout stages yet and we’ve been treated to amazing games like Netherlands 3-0 Italy, Spain 4-1 Russia, Portugal 3-1 Czech Republic, Turkey 2-1 Switzerland, Croatia 2-1 Germany, Romania 1-1 Italy, Netherlands 4-1 France, Spain 2-1 Sweden and now Turkey 3-2 Czech Republic. Most teams are attacking rather defending and the ones that aren’t – think Greece, Poland and France – have been punished for it.

It’s absolutely sensational stuff and long may it continue.

Once again there’s barely any Arsenal news apart from a pretty useless statement from AC Milan and Italy president Silvio Berlusconi regarding Emmanuel Adebayor.

“I don’t know whether he will wear our jersey. He costs a lot.”

Good. Now feck off and leave our club and our player alone please.

Milan’s persistence is admirable in a weird kind of way but it’s all starting to get a bit annoying. Especially considering Adebayor has never been quoted saying anything else other than that he is happy at Arsenal and does not want to leave. What else can he say?

Anyway, I’ve had enough. All that’s left to say is that I’m hoping Germany beat Austria 13-12 in one of the all-time classics later today. After all, that’s the only way the Turkey-Czech Republic game could be topped.

What do you think?

Have your say on Euro 2008 or Adebayor by leaving a comment.

PS. Anyone who thinks we’re going to sign this fellow is an idiot.



  1. The Turks and Czechs put on an absolutely amazing performance. I could not believe it.

    Finally I must say I’m enjoying the group stages of this years Euros more than I did the group states of the last World Cup. What a tournament it’s been so far.

    As for Ade and Milan. As far as I’m concerned they can either at match the purposefully exorbitant sum Arsenal are asking for or better yet just piss off. He’s one of our best coming of his best season ever. Pay top dollar or quit talking my friends. I think that’s the point of the asking price. Wenger’s not going to let him go unless the price is absolutely impossible to refuse.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree for once Spanish…I have enjoyed the football on show in this tournament but I think what is letting it down is a lack of spectacular goals. There have been a few, but from what I can see a very high percentage have been very scrappy goals. I think we’re yet to see a free kick fly in! Nihat’s second goal last night was fabulous though. Euro 2000 also had some of the greats lighting up the place at their peak – Zidane and Figo for example, and games like last night happened throughout the tournament – England 2 up against Portugal only to lose 3-2, going out to a last minute goal against Romania, Spain 4-3 Yugoslavia (possibly the most exciting international match I’ve ever seen)…

    But I hope you’re right, I’d love for this tournament to carry on in the same fashion as last night with plently of goals and drama. There is every chance we could have a feast on our hands.

  3. My step-dad is turkish and even though I am supporting the Dutch and the Spanish I was thrilled that Turkey won. Arda is a gem and I believe he will be in the premier league and hopefully Arsenal to sign him, he is a fantastic player and he young. Nihat did well with that second goal! Now I want Romania to beat Holland because the dutch have won group c and No france or Italy in the 1/4 finals who wud hav sed that.

  4. Tournament has been scarred by horrible refs. Which is why i wouldnt say its the best by any means. Turkey and Czech was a great game, but theres been too many bad calls for offsides when players arent and onsides when they arent, not to mention there seems to be no set rule for puilling players down in the box, some refs will call it and some refs will not. Looks to me UEFA has just told the refs, we have no rules just make them up as you go. The only thing special about this tournament so far has been the Turkey/Czech game really.

  5. So far so good better than the world cup which it was a bore apart from that Zidane Head butt.I saw what turkey did to the swiss and against the Czechs I knew turkey will come back fighting. The turkish players they seem to come alive in the last 15 minutes of every game specially Arda he was everywhere . they are very fit and they run to the end. That Nihat goal was fantastic the way he opened his body before hitting the ball reminded so much of Thierry he was a master at it.Finally a goal was scored from free kick Ballack hits that ball so hard it was frightening. With Germany you don’t know what you are going to get.
    Portugal have a big problem they can’t defend set pieces and corners any high balls and they will be exploited.France is ageing they don’t have the legs. Italy still in that world cup hangover. Holland are fantastic but against a team who likes to sit back and close all spaces they will struggle just like Arsenal against Wigan.For me the dark horses are Croatia they are going about their business quietly beating everybody they are not playing fancy football but they play as a unit the absence of Eduardo has made them stronger and more defiants specially when you have a manager like Slaven Bilic. Who knows if the Turks keep doing their crazy stuff and run like mad for the last 15 minutes they might end up in the final.

  6. @ Demetrio – Have the referees really been THAT bad? I know Italy were hard done by against Romania but there are always dodgy offside calls in every tournament and I don’t think it’s taken away from the football too much.

    What I’m really getting at is the fact that the vast majority of sides are going for attack over defence and that is throwing up some great games. I have to disagree with your comment about the only special thing about the tournament being the Turkey-Czech game, after all I listed a heap of games that I think have been superb.

    Looking back at the last World Cup only really the Australian games (3-1 Japan, 2-2 Croatia) and the Italy 2-0 Germany game were ‘special’ in my books. I’m sure there were others but they haven’t stuck in my mind the way that some of the games at the current Euros will.


    @ Le Gunner – Nice summary. Agree with you about the Croats. For me the favourites are still Germany. If they beat Portugal (and I think they will) I reckon they’ll go all the way.

  7. Nasri came on then came off we didn’t see much of him maybe its a good thing so no other clubs show interest in him. Everything went wrong for the french Thierry needs to sort himself out he looks worn out and not happy he should go back to England. Did anyone see Diarra? this is a man who left Arsenal so that he can play in the euros, he did not kick a ball it makes me chuckle.You just can’t write the italians off still I’m not impressed with their game they droped so deep in the second half very negative. Van persie was in the thick of it he looks very fit and sharp 2 goals so far.
    The premiership fixtures for 08-09 have been released yesterday our first game is a visit from West brom we got a good run of games a bit easier than M.utd and chelsea. I’m sick to the teeth of this Scolari business the media have been building him as some sort of Genius who is going to run with the title. can’t wait to see what he is made of.

  8. The refs have been horrible, not only against Italia, Espana was CLEARLY fouled i think it was Silva that was ran over in that game and nothing was given. I have no problem with offsides calls usually but there has been wrong calls in game after game after game. Not to mention, that these refs are completely wrong about trying to crack down on the pulling of shirts in the middle of the tournament. They let it go all the first round when Toni was dragged to the ground against the Netherlands, i remember a lot of holdin onto shirts in the Swizz first game, as well as the other openers. THEN turn around and say they are gonna crack down and give a horrible penalty to Austria when being pulled on. Then also give a penalty which was VERY soft to Romania sayin Panucci drug him down. When in reality the arms wasnt on Mutus shoulder until after Panucci cleared the ball away. I have NEVER seen a tournament that there has been so many bad calls. Which to me has brought down the excitment of this Euro’s. You just dont know what you are gonna get in each game with these refs, its like they change their minds game by game of what a ful is considered and its not fair to the players. In all honesty the fould commited in the game today, by abidal, i bet you that given another set of refs they wouldnt have called it a foul and said he got ball first.

    But in saying that Italia are through!! Oh oh.oh.oh. ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhh!!

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