I’m back. Please don’t be angry with me.

I know, I know. It has been a long time since I last posted.

But I assure you, I have a good excuse. I really do.

It’s not that the team has been playing so badly that I have given up on them.

It’s not that I’m feeling disconnected with the realisation that this season the league title is nothing more than a pipe dream.

This isn't going to end well...

It’s not that Bacary Sagna’s broken ankle provided the stark realisation that we have been left with a defensive unit about as cohesive as , sending me into a spiraling depression that culminated with a two-week hospitalisation in a mental health unit.

No, siree.

It’s simply the fact that I’ve moved house.

Not just down the road either, but all the way back from Berlin in Germany to Brisbane in Australia.

After 15 months abroad traveling and enjoying the delights of watching football at a reasonable hour,  I’m back to 2am visits to the Pig ‘n’ Whistle to watch my beloved Arsenal.

It’s been a long couple of weeks of packing, shopping, painting walls, cleaning, drinking beers, saying goodbye and settling back in.

Unavoidably and understandably, the Arsenal FC Blog has suffered as a result.

But I’m back now and that means we can talk football again.

I’ve also got a few interesting little things to talk in the near future. A new shirt design and some other things that I’m very excited about.

Yay! And hello to you all again!

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  1. After a few 2-4am starts, you’ll be wishing you were back in Berlin!

    Good to have you back though, will you be attending many Roar games this season?

  2. Thanks all. I’m really happy to be back.

    @ Gruggy – I’m actually looking forward to the 2am games, I have to say. There’s something really unique about it, like it is the most important thing in the world when the game is on. Sometimes you can just drink your worries away when the game is the afternoon and you get a bad result.

    I’ll be attending as many Roar games as I possibly can. I think it might be quite fun to meet with some Arsenal fans and enjoy a day out.

  3. Welcome back.

    Let me give you a quick update on Arsenal while you were away. WE WERE AND ARE RUBBISH!

    Unfortunately I have Spurs friends and Manure friends and right now I feel soooo down about it all. And there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for us this season either. I’ve seen every second of our games this season and I think I’m right in saying that this season will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Sob. I wish I was wrong but something has to give before all our good players leave and we turn into Leeds.

  4. Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back!! Looking forward to your insight on all things arsenal. I think you forgot to mention Eboue leaving! Cheers Mate…

  5. Thanks dudes!

    @ DaveM – Hahah, Dave, I might not be writing but I have been watching. We’re certainly struggling, that’s for sure. I do hope things improve though.

  6. Hey gooners!

    Just gotta say……Arsenal is still the club for me.

    Yes…. we are struggling, we had a bad start, we didn’t get EXACTLY what we needed in the summer, we have made mistakes…

    but…. we have had very tough schedule (liverpool, man utd, NL derby, plus CL qualifiers),
    we had a huge injury list inc…verm, wilshere, diaby…, we have our own fans turning against the team & the manager…

    We are still in all 4 cups, we can bounce back, i know we are down at the moment, but we need to show support, i know we moan about, squillachi, djourou, diaby, chamakh, but wilshere, ramsey, chamberlain and co need to know the fans are behind them, back the young guns….. we need their loyalty! back the team!

    january signings could make a difference!


    PS: don’t blame wenger! he is still a great manager!
    the board are in controll of the £££

    PPS: the worlds going crazy, arsenal are bottom half of the league, illuminati is real, new world order coming 21/12/2012….. look for signs on 28/10/2011….. financial meltdown, policy changes, international take-overs, population control, planned attack, fake alien invasion!!!

    Hope for the best…… prepare for the worst!

  7. Yes Andrew,2am games are just bloody brilliant lol.
    Still,what else do we Aussie males have to do at that time of night…..especially us married blokes lol.

  8. Welcome back sunshine…..my brother who is a gunner moved to ‘The Gold Coast’ has never regretted it and never misses a match. First thing we have to do is clear out the dross like Diaby, and all the players on loan that are worth a few bob….Bentner, Denilson, Galindo, Sunu, etc etc. All this current squad is missing is (A) Two superstars to lift the whole club ie; Benzema, & Goetze…the (B)…to get the reast back from injury .then you watch this club shoot up the table. I still believe that we are good enough to win a coupld of trophies…….we just need some luck for a change!

  9. Welcome back old friend/ I think it’s best to stay away from this club. There is a protest organised this saturday (not sure how effective it will be), with Wenger’s ineptitude for the past six years and has been endorsed with ridiculous appointments like the pathetic Gazidis and Dick Law and perpetual failure of owners to invest in the team.Kroenke’s takeover has just been the latest disaster to have happened. However, the origin of all this was the rigid stubbornness of Wenger and his quite laughable project to prove that he could win with inexperienced players. His refusal to build on our 2004 team was criminal and subsequent inferior purchases who are still here and can’t be shifted is down to him alone. All managers make mistakes, but others like Ferguson move people out as soon as it becomes evident that they are not good enough. Wenger’s ego has cost us when bad players’ transfer fees and subsequent extensions eat up our available funds. However, even with this dross, he has singularly failed to address basic shortcomings- how to defend, give 100% commitment, not treat supposed inferior teams lightly, playing people out of position, not varying tactics, bad substitutions etc. This sort of performance should have got him sacked, but the Board were happy charging extortionate prices and reaping in Champions League money. So our expectations changed- from the best team in Europe in 2004(when we should have won the treble) to trying for fourth place. I now believe that as City have changed the landscape of football, it’s convenient for people to say it’s all the Board’s fault, but this does not excuse the awful mismanagement of our club, chiefly by Wenger, since 2004. He had built a fantastic legacy in his first eight years here- it’s unthinkable a man with his ego would simply have allowed the Board to push him around since then. It’s down to him mainly, e.g. Fabregas and Kroenke confirming the former’s sale was his decision alone.

  10. OK welcome back home. You are forgiven, but next time tell us before you take off for this long journey. I can’t wait for the new posts.

  11. @Andy,

    True that. It makes ‘game day’ just that much longer and anticipated. Which in turn makes the end result (when it’s the right result) more enjoyable. And of course a 2AM kickoff means there’s plenty of pre-game time for beers.

    However, I do prefer an 11:30PM kickoff – much like the one this weekend.

    If I had more disposable income (being a full-time student doesn’t pay well) I would have traveled up there for the Mariners V Roar game. Alas, a Brisvegas footballing adventure still alludes me.

  12. Considering all the crap that’s been said about Arsenal, collectively and to various individuals therein, by so many people, including some alleged Arsenal fans, believe me, you’re not one of the people with whom we should be angry.

  13. Hey Drew,
    Really,really good to have you back.
    Wow, Berlin to Brisbane now that’s a hellaicious haul.
    Well you might not have all the cultural to do of the ancient Saxon citadel but at least the surf will be a heck of a lot better.

  14. Welcome back to the great land of Oz! You’re gonna really start to dislike the timings of the matches now, but at least you’ll still get to watch it. Hope you’re settling in nicely Andrew and are ready to get back into writing about your thoughts on our situation. It is the international break so not too much missed out on.

    Anyway, welcome back again, and hope you’ve settled in nicely!

  15. I was missing your positive comments, difficult to stay positive about the results at the moment, there’s no other way, stay positive 😉 😎 😀

  16. Is it just me, or is this international break feeling painfully longer than it’s predecessors? 11:30pm on Sunday (here in Sydney) can’t come quick enough. COYG.

  17. Welcome back to Brissie Andy. You missed a terrific night when the Roar won the A league last season. We just need Arsenal to get a healthy defense together now and start to get their season on track.

  18. I’m new an arsenal fan and used to live in Brizzy …. Looking foward to your new stuff mate and hopefully we can kickstart our season this weekend.

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  20. Excellent. I’d almost given up on you! Welcome back. Looking forward to more frequent postings.

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