If Arsenal don’t beat Hull this blog will be set on fire

It’s  a ridiculously short Arsenal vs Hull preview today because I’m off on a road-trip to the New South Wales hinterland to enjoy a weekend of (near) isolation.

Here goes:

  • Cesc Fabregas’ injury is not as bad as expected. It looks like a maximum 10-day injury and that means he could well be available for Aston Villa next weekend. Fingers crossed.
  • Denilson will be back against Hull. He’ll slot straight in for Cesc.
  • We really, really, really need to win tomorrow. Anything less than would be very difficult to swallow and would probably see a few readers set this blog on fire. Literally.
  • The Champions League draw takes place later today. Here’s a look at the teams we could face.

I’ll be back on Monday with a review of the Hull game. Have a splendiferous weekend.

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  1. shambo….who cares if its barca or madrid>…arsenal will lose. and even to hull….

    i think its time to wake arsene may be he will change his attitude if some one yelled at him like what he did liverpool’s game….

    wake up gunners….our calender is not in light years, we spent 5 years with out trophy

  2. arsenal lineup formation would be
    4-3-3 i prefer, and the player playing football for result not for
    show, there for we play long and short ball and read they playing, and change our playing and please try kick ongoal and the defence player be alert for every micro second good luck for ourplyer
    arsenal win 3-0

  3. Porto away in the first leg. last time we played there we lost 2 – 0 but won the return leg 4 – 0.

    Not a bad draw, it could have been worse, if we can nick an away goal or two we should have a good chance of going through to the next round.

  4. jeez jebo its not all bout trophies dude,if my fellow fans think im occasionally negative then you my friend are screwed!!!!
    when i complain its more at individuals who arent consistent or good enough for arsenal,i could go another couple of seasons without silverware easily,as long as i thought we wer competitive and the people who hav the power to keep us to the standard we demand of ourselves do their jobs and hav the clubs best interests at heart im happy,but the last couple of seasons iv seen the boss let ribery,given,diarra,palacious,flamini,huntelaar,etc slip thru our radar when i feel we hav so many passengers and thats where my worries and dissappointment stems from…im afraid our great manager cant identify the type of players we need and then when he does he haggles over fees…we dont need any more 5″8 silky sleek guys…wer growing them at this stage,we need big athlethic guys in the mould of dzeko,jones,kanoute and defenders like chiellini….no nonsense physical guys….dont tell mt their not out there,maybe their m=not out there at the price AW wud like but hes been awesome for years with our money managing….when are we going to see the benefits of years of quiet transfer activity….surely 30mil on two of the afore mentioned wud represent great business and still not come close to tarnishing the managers great record in the market

  5. Arsenal to play bordeaux in quarters and fiorentina in semis
    cesc to lift the CL Trophy
    A BIG chance

    chelsea Vs mourinho second leg at samford bridge , who will weep more ; real fun

  6. the game tomorrow will be tough,the issue with this small teams is that they go all out to secure a win or draw, and this means they are very physical, we dont have that kind of game in Arsenal, we play good but lack that killer instinct. i am neither ruling out Arsenal winning tomorrow, but it must be a very tight one given the gritty schedule the lads have gone trough the past few days.
    well, we will see wat happens. lets win.

  7. This is gonna be a tough game, Arsenal must stand up and fight.
    I dont really know whats really wrong with our boys, they really have the talent and evrything but they just dont wanna fight and show what they got in their guts.

  8. Thank the lord our Captain isn’t out very long. I desperately hope someone up front steps it up against Hull. Even if we grind it out hopefully one of the guys up there will show a class finish.

    Personally I would have preferred Milan in the Champions League so we could dump them out again. Porto won’t be easy they have a stellar front line but we should be able to to put a few in as well. It will be interesting to see if they open up and play our game with us.

  9. 😆 lol

    short post but made me lough and inspired me for this cover:

    You know that it would be untrue
    You know that I would be a liar
    If I was to say to you
    Guys, we couldn’t get much higher
    Come on gunner, light my fire
    Come on gunner, light my fire
    Try to set the night on fire

    The time to hesitate is through
    No time to wallow in the mire
    Try now we can only lose
    And our love become a funeral pyre
    Come on baby, light my fire
    Come on baby, light my fire
    Try to set the night on fire, yeah

    The time to hesitate is through
    No time to wallow in the mire
    Try now we can only lose
    And our love become a funeral pyre
    Come on baby, light my fire
    Come on baby, light my fire
    Try to set the night on fire, yeah

    You know that it would be untrue
    You know that I would be a liar
    If I was to say to you
    Guys, we couldn’t get much higher
    Come on gunner, light my fire
    Come on gunner, light my fire
    Try to set the night on fire
    Try to set the night on fire
    Try to set the night on fire
    Try to set the night on fire

    (original: The Doors – Light My Fire)

    Have I misunderstood anything? :mrgreen: hope they will win of course 😉

  10. for tomorrow’s game,Walcot shouid come 4rm d bench,Eduardo starts,while Arshavin is pushed 2 d wings.It’s goin 2 b a difficult game,but Arsenal will win.

  11. for tomorow’s game, Walcolt comes 4rm d bench, Eduardo starts,while Arshavin is pushed 2 d wings.It’s goin 2 b a tough game, but Arsenal will win.

  12. It has nt bn half bad wit d way our younge boys r dealing wit som of d clubs bt realy nd 2 work harder 2 b able win our outstanding matches if possibl. Most especially as we go stanford bridge.

  13. I’m looking for a score-line of 5-1 for this game.

    Five to one, baby
    One in five
    No one from Hull gets out alive
    You get yours, baby
    I’ll get mine
    Gonna make it, baby
    If we try

    The old get old
    And the young get stronger
    May take a week
    And it may take longer
    We are the Gunners
    And we’ve got the numbers
    Gonna win, yeah
    We’re takin’ over
    Come on!


    (Original – The Doors Five To One)

  14. le panda,
    too right m8 his an egotistical self righteous prick who thinks hes important,the sad act loves the limelight..public halftime teamtalks and public displays of dickheadism when he sang on final day last season….but lets not worry about him wev got to get 3pts and more importantly hav some of our guys find some confidence….am apprehensive tho without cesc and rvp we are short of leaders up the field
    im lookin for theo,nasri,deni and diaby to prove me wrong and step up today and give arsha a break….lets see a bit of fight and conviction
    come on arsenal

  15. oh it’s a beauty !! (reporter comment) :happy:
    thanks to god, they released me……., there is fire in the game, the last ten minutes it was exploding, very nasty game from Hull, I haven’t seen anything wrong from Nasri when the Hull player went down, nothing seen, I felt Nasri didn’t understand what was going on, but thanks to god, the goal came for Arsenal, beautiful shot from Denilson, yes, satisfaction, justice, release 😀

  16. We beat Hull City! We beat that despicable man Phil Brown. Falalalala… la la la!

    Wonderful by Diaby and Deni.

    Gunner till I die.

  17. ha, thanks to god the blog doesn’t need to burn down…….
    my opinion: never a penalty ( I can’t express what I felt when I saw it) justice: he failed to convert
    and in short terms: also other players than Shava can score goals
    and I keep with my opinion: nasty game by Hull but thanks to god, the fortune stayed with Arsenal…… 😀

  18. Never thought i´ll say this,but diaby was MON in my opinion,fellow was at the heart of every good move we had,now i can see why its been tough for him to be a success at arsenal,his ideal position is the playmaker,shame,cause cesc has that position locked tight. Great second half, eboue,is a very underated player not given due credit i think,overall a very professional display from the team. Only point of worry for me was silvestre,clichy needs to be fit for villa,cause ashley would have a field day with him.Whats wrong with wallcot?

  19. Denilson is a class act. His presence allowed Diaby to concentrate on attacking and not worried bout tracking back. Combined well with Song to provide stability in the midfield.

  20. Hey guys, it looks like we re all ashamed of our own words tonite, I AM a DIABY HATER, DENI HATER and Almunia HATER, and these are the three guys who made our victory tonite,Its amazing to watch Diaby with a Viera style but with more run,composure and especially He is SMAAART.I also understand now why hes been always bad on the pitch cos hes been always outplaced by our dear captain, his real position is in the middle play maker.Deni scored the vital opening goal with a Michel Platini like free kick, if Almunia didnt stop the penalty the whole would have turned totaly different.
    I watched a real Arsenal play tonite and a really realy surprising game with Diaby’s revelation, Deni’s surprise Xmas gift to all the World’s Gooner, and the Shaky Almunia stopping a penalty kick.I hope we’re gonna play like that agst villa,Villa wont even be able to move a single step forward if we keep on playing like that, keep it up Gonners and lets stop criticising and complaining, give time to the boys to play.Up The GUNNERS!!!!!

  21. Good win for the boys, they certainly need it after all the unjustified criticism they got this week. Great opportunity for the much maligned trio to prove their detractors wrong! Most of all to shut that big mouth Brown up. You could tell he had managed to wind up his charges for this game. Otherwise, how do you explain just the way they reacted for Nasri’s alleged foul?

    Now, in all honesty the next game, against Villa, will be tough. They don’t have injury problem, they are in form, and winning their games. Without putting too much pressure, a win will give our team a little breathing space that we need right now. The only worry I have is the left back position. Sylvestre needs a few games under his belt to get into game shape. Remember no one in our team is as bad as we think they are.

  22. Silvestre is a worry. But in all honesty I thought I he put in a good shift today. I’ll admit it, I moan about him pretty much every time I see him but against Villa he’ll have his hands full because his lack of pace.

  23. Pretty poor game. I didn’t think we were really very good but fortunately Hull were worse! Better second half from us but anyway we got the points which, at this moment, is all that matters. Denny’s free-kick was a peach though! Ae last a decent free-kick from us.
    I have to agree that Diaby actually had a reasonable game, although i wouldn’t describe him as ‘outstanding’ as I’ve read in other reports. And Almunia. Eduardo was our best for me though, he showed some class, but nobody really shone. I was happy to see some fight from our lads though. Loved the melee and it was just a pity no punches were thrown. Almunia ran all the way up there to get involved. Great. All in all it shows the gap in class when our team, with half the first choice players out, still make Hull look like the crap they are. And so it should be.
    Villa will be a different proposition altogether and I don’t know if we’ll cope without getting better performances from some of our players. I do acknowledge though that they just played 3 games in a week so they may well have been a bit knackered. Apart from Fab are any of our other injuries likely to be back for Villa?

    Hughes done even sooner than I expected. This is what happens when it’s all about money. Man shitty’s owner’s don’t give a shit about the club. They just want ‘their’ team to win everything. Wonder how much Arab cash Hughes managed to silt away for himself?
    Benitez next for the chop. Very very soon i’d say.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my waffle. Up the Gunners!

  24. @Hey Nonny mouse,I wonder what more would you expect from Diaby??? Comon guys!!Diaby was really outstanding, you cant deny that mate.As Ive always said, its all about movement and sharpness on the pitch and thts what exactly Diaby did yesterday,He sets up thye goal for Dudu, orchestrated his own goal with Arshavin, what more can i ask?????
    However, i cant deny your statement saying “Pretty poor game” cos The penalty was the turning point of the game otherways we would have come out with a draw again or might have been even a loss.
    Yet,I think that, that game was a good one and could change lots of things to all our future games with or without our top injured players, bcos the mentality that our boys are bringing into a game now is different,they fought like real MEN yesterday and i hope that they wont stop doin that from now on.The LIV game was a tactical game but that game was the pure revenge of what we lacked agst Burnley.
    Benitez wont be sacked this season my friend, dont assume that the club is gonna sack him cos of a single bad season out of his long service for them.Liverpool is not Mancity or real mad so please dont speak like pundits.

  25. hello, radads – i didn’t mean to do Diaby a disservice. I’ve been slagging him off for the last 2 seasons and yesterday he was actually pretty good – but, honestly, not ‘outstanding’. He basically went a way to be doing what he should be doing. However if he keeps that level of performance up and improves on it then we might really be talking and he’ll make me look like a twit and you know what? – I won’t mind a bit. Keep banging in them, Diaby. Nice the way he lashed that goal in.

    The penalty was no-way-in-hell a penalty (how many times do we get crap penalties given against us?? It’s a diabolical liberty!) It would have been an outrage for Hull to have got anything out of that game. They were rubbish. Go back to hell. I mean Hull.

    As you say, good to see our boys starting to play like men. I’m liking what’s happening to Denilson this season. He’s not there yet but you can see that something really special might be coming from him now he’s beefing up a bit.

    I say Benitez will get the chop, not just this season, but within a month. He’s gone metal. Did you hear about all that ‘perfect ref’ stuff??

  26. @Hey nonny mouse,me too, Ive been always a Diaby,Deni,Almunia hater and i also see the spark in deni’s game.I dunno my friend but what I ve realised so far is our game dont stop to improve eventhou the boys blow it up sometimes but I see the boys doin very very well in overall compared to last’s performance.
    I suppose we all understand whats it like to build something from scratch and ive come now to understand how genuis le Professeur is !!!From the pitch as a manager to the admin board as a part of tha financial issue decision taker.
    So from now on We better give him support on lifting our boys up psychologically cos thats the only thing that the boys need now.I am now convinced that we have what we need to achieve what we want.
    AS for Diaby i think that the best option for him is to substitute fab or also: AW shud opt 2 starting line up, week in and out depending on the opponent, in which we would have 5 to 6 regular players and the rest would switch from game to game.This would give us a perfect balanced team with more match time for many of our players who need that and would also decrease our injury. chance.
    This team would grow up together and would become the Invincible for many years.

  27. I find it quite amusing that the two most berated players on these pages over the last couple of weeks,Almunia and Diaby turn out to have one of their best matches of the season.I make no excuses that I amongst many, felt Almunia should be dropped,so what does Wenger do, he makes him captain,and to top it off saves a penalty.Then there is Diaby, a true enigma, who especially in the second half plays and looks more comfortable in a striking position.he is a true enigma, yet the boss wants him to be more defensive,which just isn’t his game.Maybe short term with RVP and Bedntner injured he could play more forward.Walcott has totally lost his confidence,and Vela doesn’t appear to be in Wenger’s long term plans in starting a match.Not a great game,but a vital result al the same.I would rather judge Diaby,Denilson and Almunia over a period of games.Finally this is an open forum,but it appears to be a small group of posters who are oblivious to anyone else, except praising or insulting one another.Shame.

  28. overall I think Diaby has been fantastic. Set up one scored another, has made great challanges and has made some excellent driving runs. Silvestre has been as solid as he’s ever looked for us today although he hasn’t been troubled much. Penalty decision was very harsh on him, and the save by Almunia was justice of sorts. Walcott should have scored hen put through, his confidence looks extremely low, although as I have previously stated, I don’t rate Walcott at all anyway. Lovely move towards the end from Vela’s backheel to Silvestre and Ramsey nearly finished it off. Good 3 points. Now we must beat a strong and confident Villa.

  29. @Walter,I dont think that “judging” is the point here.
    I think the question has been always: Does Diaby deserve the Arsenal jersey? Some guys here has said that he is still there cos he is french like AW, some said that very soon le boss would give up on him .The real fact is:All of us dont know what is really going on in the club and whats happening during training session.All we shud know is that there must have been a good reason why AW has still kept him in the squad and played him on the pitch so far.The game yesterday showed what is he capable of doing and I wouldnt even suggest to play him outpositionned, he’d rather be on the bench and sub Cesc the master.
    In overall, I think that there is no point to criticise and to judge, this team is gonna be the best team ever come season end or next year i dont mind (IF THEY KEEP THE SAME FIGHTING MIND)

  30. Good game to watch especially second half. As you all know im a Diaby fan and boy did e play well, given the freedom. The runs he makes will not always come off but im sure u all can see his potential. Den had a very good game also, but for me the two professional performances that held the team together was SONG my man of the match and Eboue. By next season if he keeps moving in the correct direction SONG will be one of the best players in the prem at his role. Wenger will have to imporve his contract or others will come looking from abroad. Although looking it slightly cynically, were u that good or Hull that bad…. Agree with u all about the pen, hopefully the result will give Manuel some confidence. Walcott had two runs in his short spell off the bench. With the 1st he had no support when he got into the final third of the pitch and lost possession and the second e did well. Unfortunately i think Theo has to much speed for the team when he attacks because there are rearly enough players for him to cross to. Actually i forgot about the attempted lob he should have scored. All he needs is a goal unfortunately he hasn’t much time.
    Changing the focus slightly onto my beloved ammers, please will u all utter a short prey for at least a point as its not looking good. I R O N S!

  31. i think players like Diaby will never ever b appreciated by the Arsenal fans because his natural game demands many risks of losing the ball when running at players through the middle of midfield. It is far easier to pass the ball which is what most do. But beating players one opens the game up and causes panic because it disrupts the apposing teams defensive shape or plan by sucking defenders out of their positions. Look at young Jack Wilshere who’s game also involves beating player with dribbling skills. He started with a bang but now loses the ball far to much but is never slagged off by supporters. I have been watching his potential since late 13 yrs old but he needs more experience. He has already been accepted by many people as a great player destined to play for England. How does that happen, what has he really done. At this moment in time Ramsey is far ahead of him but its still to early to say how good he will be. If Diaby is allowed to play in his natural position more often you will see his true worth in time. Remember you all keep saying WENGER KNOWS, IN WENGER YOU TRUST. Well do you.

  32. Chelsea drop 2 points at West Ham! The top of the table is staying tight. We just need to hold on until we get some players either a) back from injury or b) from transfers.

    The Villa match is going to be EPIC!

    Come on you Gunners!

  33. nice 1 ice u deserved 3pts mate
    iv never been a fan of almunia but i was never a ‘hater’…it was great to see him repay the bosses faith yesterday and make that save,good for his own moral also,altho id still rather vito or fabi in the stix
    was delighted to see nasri,deni and diaby stand up and be counted,although it wasnt near vintage stuff the lads stood up and were counted in a gritty encounter…good signs when ur missing big characters like cesc and rvp….lets build on this now and get a good run going
    mark hughes simply got wot he deserved….karma baby.next to be flogged adebaywhore..big lazy tosser

  34. @Medeski, Chelsea didn’t drop 2 points, they were given an early Christmas gift of 1 point by Mike Dean. That was not penalty, and Carvalho had a rugby tackle in the box that ref didn’t give a pen to the Hammers. Chelsea will drop more points when they lose their African players next month. I hope our lose of Song doesn’t cost us any. We just have to pick up as many points as possible.

  35. I look at the table and think…

    We have

    * No Fabregas
    * No Van Persie
    * No Bendtner
    * No Clichey, Gibbs or Traore
    * No Rosicky

    which is a fairly big injury list. Laughingly Match of the Day changed their tune this week and said that Arsenal had been quietly plodding away and getting there. Last week we had “four defeats in their last seven games” or something stupid (they included games where we put out the youth team).

    Looking down, and being careful not to get vertigo we are eight points above Liverpoodle with a home game in hand. Liverpoodle will of course be happy that they are above those high flyers of Birmingham City (on goal difference) and above that top team Fulham (by one point) but they might be a trifle concerned that Birmingham C and Fulham Al Fayad both have a game in hand over Liverpool. If they were to play and win those games Liverpool would not be a flattering seventh, but a less convincing ninth.

    They are also six points south of securing a Europa League spot next season.

    Of course we could have spent a few billion on new players as required by some, and been perhaps like, oh, I don’t know, Manchester Arab, who are six points behind us, and have just sacked that most disgusting of managerial dung heaps, the OOOOOOOoooooooze. The man who required Fabregas to apologise to him. The man who thinks there is nothing wrong with rushing into the other team’s technical area to wave and shout and sending his team out to kick the others into the mud.

    The man who spent £25m on Mr Adebayor and then forgot to play him yesterday.

    The papers won’t say it, but Manchester Arab got rid of the OOOOOOoooooze because he was a total embarrassment to them.

    Ruminating further, could this be the end of Liverpool?

    Certainly no one seems to be anxious to buy them. They are clearly in poor shape, and the banks want their money back. Anyone buying into the club is likely to have to

    1. Pay off the £350m debt to the bank

    2. Invest £100m in new players, the youth team not seemingly bringing many first team players through.

    3. Spend £300m on a new stadium.

    4. Spend £100m to balance the books over the next three years before the stadium is built.

  36. First time blogger, long time gunner.
    Let me start with individual players.

    Traore – I dont rate him at all, Gibbs and Clichy are far the better players. Should not play at all.

    Silvestre – Based on the last few games his far superior to traore.Hes going to be tested by A.Young and Agbon much faster players.

    Sagna – I used to love him but now hes is rubbish he crosses the ball 9/10 times. He isnt patient, no skill level.

    Eboue – I always respected him, and now he is has showed me he is a better RB than sagna.

    Walcott – English media killed his career and confidence. You can tell he really wants to play hard but he isnt “soccer smart”.Someoene said that hes to fast i agree.

    Diaby – At the beginning of the season he was the best player. He has developed so much, really impressed on his abrasivness.

    Aston Villa game will be EPIC, best defence vs Attack. Carew vs Vermeleon should be good. Arsenal should start with

    Diaby Nasri
    Song Cesc/if fit
    Silvester Verm Gallas Eboue

    I want arsenal to adapt the same formation as chelsea. Using 3 Big midfilders like essien,ballack,mickel. I think we can make it work, diaby has that ability to move forward, denilson can shot from outside. Song is holding Mid.

    Ramsey is the future of ARSENAL!!

  37. Black Gunner – I see what you’re saying about Traore, but Clichy and Gibbs are both injured…I’m sure if they were not, they’d be playing!

    I disagree with your assessment of Sagna. He is a better RB than Eboue and his crossing is getting better. The only thing Eboue may be better at is running at opposition defenders when he goes forward.

  38. @GetGunMN – I agree completely about the penalty. It was an awful call. I call it 2 points dropped because, going into the game, the only one here who might put money on West Ham to win is theicehammer. For long stretches of the match, Chelsea bossed the possession. Considering the run of play, I don’t think the point is necessarily more than they deserved. Of course, zero points was not less than they deserved either. Anyhoo, thank you hammers.

  39. @Medeski, good point, but if I remember correctly, theicehamer was actually asking everyone to pray for the Hammers let alone bet on them. Good for them and for us though.

    @Jim, did you copy that comment from Tony Attwoods blog? If you did, you need to credit the author. Just an observation.

  40. Good to feel the positive vibes here after our win and others failures so to do BUT – in truth we were not actually, whatcha might call, very good against Dull. Our next opponents are not a piss poor team with a piss-pot manager. Our next opponents are a team in better form than we are at the moment and certainly in better shape, injury-wise. And they are managed by a shrewd and clever bloke with some big time experience. We’re going to need our team to take a step up and put in a really good performance otherwise we’re gonna get beat, definitely. Hopefully the weeks rest will help plus we should have the amazing Mr Fabregas back. Hopefully our glorious manager will play another masterstroke of some kind. If we do win it – we’ll be in a great position methinks.

  41. Blackgunner, whats the black for mate. Traore has qualities give him time. Sagna again the same as above, going through a dip at the moment. Eboue, i always knew he had it in him even during the boo boys treatment. Once his form takes a dip, like all players they will return. Walcott, must must must play down the middle. To difficult for him to cross at that pase. Will get many more 1 on 1s down the middle with the vision of Fabs. Diaby, will never give you crash bang wallop, but Wenger did not develop im for that. Skill level very high, can be unplayable but u must stick wid im when it does not come off. My type of player, edge of seat stuff. Arshavin, can go through quiet spell, especially when played left. Best position just behind the man up top, can be deadly. Nasri another tech player with little pase but great skill and vision of which wenger has two or three. SONG, player of the year by a mile at this point of the season. Will Arsenal be able to keep him when his agent demands much more money, will be world class in near future. Den, can play well depending on role given, back four speaks for itself. Black nice to have you on board mate. Hopefully u Gooners will take advantage of what we did for you yesterday, but are u man enough. Massive game coming up against the Villa. How will you handle the pase and strength. How’s things Shambo, enjoying the Christmas man.

  42. Old timer, like the DULL, any othr ideas like that, on Senders have heard nothing about him at the Academy. Getgunmn, did you get down on your knees then! Got to go to work now, christmas party tonight, hopefully if im lucky i might get a leg over. Ha ha. Up de ammers.

  43. so far so good ice…will be quieter than usual this year with work being slow but ya gotta make the best of things,hope you and yours hav a good 1.
    i agree wit you about walcot mate he needs a change becos hes struggling for inspiration at the mo and a central role might re-ignite him…my team for villa game;
    sagna/eboue gallas vermy traore(no doubts)
    nasri/diaby cesc arsha
    theo eduardo

    sylvestres a liability and cant get back in time,at lest if traore makes a mistake his pace can get him out of it….massive massive test this sunday…wer playing the leagues form team who hav beaten chels and utd,and seeing as we failed to gain points thus far by beating them it would be fantastic to get points back by beating the team that stole points off them…thats how wel close the gap and hopefully next time round wel beat chels and utd in the 6 pointers
    still feel there should be one or two additions in january but wont happen
    how long before jolly saint nic is back fit?

  44. ts probably already been said but what with the upheaval that Man City are no doubt to go through perhaps we should get in their and unsettle Given enough to get him down to the Emirates. Possibly Richards as well. Interesting to see Kolo Toure’s agent punting him around Spain for a January transfer. He feels unsettled at the Manchester ASDA stadium and wants a move. Well well well Kolo, perhaps the grass is not greener on the other side, selling your soul for cash never really works and lets face, in comparison to the majority of earners you were not exactly on a bad deal at Arsenal anyway.

  45. how much do those dropped points to burnley hurt now? A LOT. could be tied for 2nd on points with mmanUre.

  46. Top 4 (unknowned standings)
    3.Man Utd

    5.Aston Villa
    6.Man City
    16.West Ham

    Rocking Guns Fantasy Final BPL Standings

  47. Chelsea are starting to crack at the top. Man Utd defenders are facing injuries that may scupper their title bid. Arsenal are starting to look like title materials. Title? No Sweat!

  48. Congratulations Barcelona! After winning the club World Cup! Congratulations Thiery Henry!

  49. rockin guns….u put spuds in the top four…no thanks mate,as wel as the champs league revenue theyd be able to attract bigger players….so lets hope that doesnt develop,aston villa ok but smelly spudes NO
    @jim, we missed the boat on given dude hes staying at city…cant believe hes not in an arsenal shirt he wuda been a legend,the guy has at least 6 good years left in him
    andy, whens b52 back mate?do you think kenwyn jones wud suit us?

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