If a Man United fan can see it why can’t Wenger?

Here is a comment from reputable Manchester United blogger Scott the Red from The Republik of Mancunia about our performance yesterday and more specifically, that of Arsene Wenger:

“Whilst their players were disappointing, you have to wonder what their manager was thinking. I think today was a better performance than the European game, but they weren’t too dissimilar, so why hadn’t Wenger worked out what they were going to have to do stop us? Surely he isn’t naive enough to think we were incapable of pulling out such a performance without Cristiano Ronaldo, so why hadn’t he put something in to stop our brilliant counter attacking?”

It begs the question: if a Manchester United fan knows how to stop their team’s attacking weapon that then why doesn”t Wenger?

An unavoidably ugly, ugly report to follow soon.

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  1. We are the only team in the world that has center backs that spend half the game in the opponents half. Same thing happened against City when we were 1-1 and Vermaelen and Gallas went to find a goal. (Ade and Bellamy scored). GALLAS was in the opponents half when the 2nd and 3rd goal went in today. Almunia is so dire its embarrassing. Denilson…….amateur at best.

    Our front 3 isn’t scoring goals and the whole team feels the pressure to the find a goal and we over-commit in attacking. I saw the 2nd goal and 3rd goals go in the minute United broke. It was inevitable because we didn’t have enough at the back. The first goals was special but Almunia is sickening.

  2. After many years of reading bloggs and not commenting I feel compelled to speak about my inner turmoil regarding Arsene Wenger and our forward line. While I feel he is a great thinker and has a genuine belief in his progress with this great club, I can’t understand why he can’t stand back and look at what is really missing. I know that I don’t stand on the pitch side at every training session and see what you can see Mr. Wenger but I genuinely hide my face in my hands each time I see the transfer window close when we desperately need two class strikers to fill our gaping hole up front. I religiously sit and watch you and Pat Rice sit there in the dug-out each game like an old married couple grumbling a squirming in your seats like in a hospice for the desperately shortsighted. And yes, I’m talking Bendtner. I know plenty of football fans who agree with me that Bendtner has absolutely no talent. Graft yes, talent no. His first touch is appalling. I keep on saying to myself that one day I will see a great performance from him. No wait. That one day I will see even an ordinary performance from him. His presence in the team reminds me of the good old days when you played football in the park, jumpers for goalposts etc and the lanky kid who always got picked last. Plenty of effort but laughably short of any ability to put a foot on the ball and look up. Honestly, and I say this with absolutely no disrespect to any disabled person in the slightest and please don’t take it the wrong way, Bendtner runs like a ‘special needs’ person. Yet, with blind enthusiasm Wenger sees the young Dane as the answer to our problems up front. For the foreseeable future no less. I hate to say this but I wish he would get a long term injury. Something in the Van Persie area. Then maybe, just maybe, Wenger might dip into his pockets. So as the sun goes down on the 31st of January 2010 and the window closes, we reflect on the yawning gap between Arsenal and Man Utd once again. It must be nice to be a Man Utd fan. I hate them with a passion. Surely Mr. Wenger, can’t you see my pain? Our pain? Was it not you who found a certain Mr. T Henry?

  3. I have a new suggestion to solve all the heartache and we don’t have to get rid of wenger…. Lets loan him…LOL
    I have never seen a more arogant person in my life.
    To all the wenger fans We have had enough of you unqualified support for this air head. We wait for moaning and complaints after every match. The man has gone way past his expiry date. I hate those that put Wenger before the club. Its the late comers to Arsenal that often support this man for no apprent reason then he was once good. I have about enough of watching these secnd rate kids. Arsenal FC board must give us some truth as we are not getting any truth what so ever from the manager.

  4. Dong! Dong! Transfer window closing. Arsene: ‘We are not on any business before tomorrow evening.’

    ‘Send not to know For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.’
    – sorry, couldn’t resist that one. 😥

    you can have your bell back now, Shambo.

  5. have the same thoughts with Yon above
    it is absolutely unprofessional and lack of discipline for a center back like Gallas to run around in the opponent’s half, looking for goals, even though it’s approaching the end of the game and we are 3-1 down.
    The 2nd goal is the result of Gallas trying to dribble through MU’s defense. The other goals are in similar fashion. He is nowhere near his own goal when MU scores.
    Is the the meaning of number 10 he is wearing.

    This is so so so shockingly amateur football.

    It hurts to say Ferguson is more smarter than our manager, and MU plays more intelligently than our team.

  6. First of all, let’s all ease off on Wenger. He has made the Arsenal Football club very successful and disgustingly rich for teh past 10 yrs.

    The obvious problems are there and he sees them but unlike me and you.. this is no video game.. you dont just go to the grocery store and pick up a bag of stikers and defensive midfielders.
    – He looks at the long term success of the club, not game by game.
    – He scouts players carefully and track their stats for months before he even think of buying them.
    -He’s running one of the most difficult organisation in today’s world: a premiership Football club!
    -look at Man city : world class strikers, defenders, and an array of international midfielders.. where are they in the standings? Chelsea with their 1 billion dollar payroll.. Have they won the league in the past 2 yrs??

    Anywho: there are two clear problems – Denilson and Almunia.
    Andrew Weber, remember my comment last week of Denilson giving up chase at Stoke? What about todays chase with Rooney who was 40 yards behind? look at the clip, see him look over his shoulder and slows down anyway…Pathetic!

  7. Traore and Gibbs is better players then Gael Clichy, Arsenal very shelfish (Arshavin) in front of the box. Arsenal must stop ball watching and attack the ball. how sad, another season without a trophy and Arsene was never going to buy any players.

  8. It is the curse of Bergkamp.Didn`t retire his shirt .Gave it to fucking Gallas.Number 10 my ass,the curse of the DB10 will continue,well until we find a rock solid no 10!!

  9. It felt like watching John Terry bang your girlfriend. While I definitely do not condone some of the heavy abuse targeted at the boss, I do believe he is being a bit naive about the situation. It’s like how a parent will refuse to believe that his kid could do any wrong no matter how much the teacher complains. Bendtner is far far away from what we need now, we need a complete package, not a work in progress. I agree with those who say our high goal scoring midfielders and defenders are doing so because of lack of quality up front. Ever since Robin got injured, I don’t think anyone up front has scored regularly. Mr.Wenger that is no longer an excuse now. What we lack is finishing more than anything else, I see a reluctance in the team to have a shot, they’d rather pass it back to Cesc. Please Mr. Wenger get us a forward. I don’t think we need anyone “who will improve the team” (in Wenger’s eyes that is). We need someone who will get in, get the job done and shut the f*** up. I was delighted that we sold Adebayor, but gutted when we didn’t replace him. All said and done, the lanky c#nt has the bulk we need up front. Boss, there is still hope, as an incurable optimist, I’m praying for a deadline day deal…

  10. Been a fan of arsenal since 2004, Then Arsenal to me meant the guile and talent of Henry. Then Henry goes. Still stuck around with Arsenal as I felt their game was better than everyone. Been waiting for results since then. The vision of Arsene has become arrogance of arsene now and a curse for Arsenal. It pains like hell to event watch such matches where we are played out of the game by first 37 mins!!! Now I feel its better for Arsenal board to let go of Wenger. He can find many jobs undoubtedly and we can find some fresh way of operating. If Total Football means so much for Wenger has he developed (from beginning) anyone apart from Fabregas in last 4-5 years. May be Song. But definitely not Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, v.Persie, Gallas, Vermaelin. No one for sure. Clichy is out of touch since his comeback we all can see. Denilson is a loser (since the beginning). I dont know why wenger stuck with him for so long. If hez put in market today you wont get more than 2-4 mil for him. For gods sake we dont have a class striker and we call ourselves a world class team!! Bullshit Wenger stop cheating yourself. Its been really long and painful journey and now I think Wenger will start preparing for next season in his mind for sure. Also in summer he will buy whom – I guess Chamakh- seriously I didnt hear of him before reports of Wenger watching him came out. That guy scores 7-9 goals a seaon in French League. Wenger for Gods sake show some respect to the fans. Show some guts. Why were you beaten for Smalling? Man Utd always gets wht they want. And they show that in results. We have money and you always back out. 2 yrs back Villa could have been ours only for you not even approaching. You let go of Flamster coz of some money ( only around 20-30k a week) and screwed last season. If Song gets injured next season we will be out of contention immediately. And for Gods sake get a striker worth his salt now. Do not play with our sentiments and get some guy who fails agin or kicks your butt ( Ade).
    Anyways this week is screwed for us gooners, you go and admire the world famous arsenal training. Why dont you goddamn become youth team trainer. you will surely develop many. I am sure We will not win anything this season too. Next stop Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0. Champions League- out of contention by Semi Finals at best.
    Goodluck Wenger cause thts the only thing you have for yourselves now.

  11. United fan here.I think the problem with Arsenal is a lack of a PLAN B.United’s plan was always going to be clear. Try and cancel Arsenal in midfield and hit them on the break.Thats exactly what we did. Arsenal were shcoking defensively especially Gallas.I know Vermalen adn Gallas love going forward but with players like Rooney,Nani and Park there to expose the spaces on the break. I think Arsenal missed Diaby as Denilson was woeful. Diaby was excellent at Old Trafford apart from the own goal and would have done much better yesterday

  12. Pity fab. He hold up balls, brought it forward, only to see the team gave up the ball and collided with their counter attack. Gallas look more like a striker rather than a center back At least Verm will quickly run to his position when we lost the ball. Denilson was just warm up in the pitch. A goalKEEPER scored an own goal? What a shame. I waited every hours to see if our arrogant manager will buy one or two players which obviously needed but he is too full of himself by not buying any players. I respect him as a great manager in the past but the past remain the past. He brought many great players but why can’t he do that again? OMG i’m too tired of waiting. We can only hope that fab will going nowhere.

  13. Hahahaha playing with Denilson is like playing with 10man. Arsenal is always making history, our goalkeeper scored a magnificient own goal haahhaaha.

    Oh well after the World Cup its time to ask serious questions on Wenger’s decisions. I’ll give Wenger some leeway untill the start of next (6th) season since there’s nothing he can really do now. I actually look forward to Chelsea and if we lose, I hope that will be the catalyst to for Wenger to replan his tactics and decisions.

    Cheers all 🙂

  14. Arsene is sleeping,ther no displene in the teme.if you look Mr
    no 10 He didn’t know what he did. I hate wenger He could not
    manage properly the club. when Arsenal playes with Man un.
    and chealse the defender keep thire postion.

  15. real gunners get rid of this stubborn arrogant naive lack of plan b coach and together with his idiot assistant.they are the reason 4 arsenal going down why holding on a coach who stays 5 years without a trophy am fed up how about u gunners?

  16. guys pls have faith in wenger ….. look at what hes done for us over the years …. as for the article ‘ ITS RUBBISH” ….
    remeber this year when we went to old trafford v only lost because of an unfortunate own goal … dominated the match and the diference … RVP … yes tats wat v missed yest … RVP on form is as good n even probably better than rooney …. so all u united wanks can shut up now … if RVP does hav an injury free season like rooney does the RVP cesc combo wud be lethal … heck i wonder if ronney had a long term lay off whr wud u guys be … u wont even make the top 4 with berba’slob’ or the geriatric owen

    apart from that the players at fault yest were almunia n denilson … sorry but both of them aint good enough for the team …. and im really surprised whil wenger never played bendtner yest …. agreed the guy is not tat good but still he can win headers and create flick ons for others to run onto … yest the keeper and full backs were puttin in crosses for whom ?? a 5’6 arshavin … senseless

  17. Lets admit the truth, we don’t have a team to compete for a trophy unless that cup does not contain ManU, Chelsi or other big teams in Europe, we can do well in the championship where we don’t meet this teams. Our def fence is horrible, Alumunia can never be a goalkeeper for any national team, our “defenders are attackers with no insurance, we don’t have strikers at all!!!! Our midfielders are the slowest in the league, WE NEED AN OVERHAUL BARCA STYLE when Pep came in. Our defense has leaked 28 goals 10 more than Aston Villa, are we proud of that, nobody except Csec is a threat in Arsenal team, nobody can score a hatrick, Yesterday every attack of MANU was a goal unless God helps us, they would have easily scored 8 goals, what about us we play the ball around and every team knows that wait for them to pass and when all of them including defenders are in your third they will lose the ball then hit them coz they will panic. I am one disappointed man I don’t know because I love Arsenal but if that is the same team to Bridge let me expect to lose 3-0 but surely WENGER Arsenal fans will die of heart attack, pressure and stress. IN OUR COUNTRY KENYA one fan took his life on a rope after Arsenal poor performance DO YOU REALLY KNOW HOW PEOPLE GET HURT BECAUSE WE CANT MUCH UP TO OUR MAIN RIVALS? I pray that God talk to Arsenal Manager to change things

  18. I think Arsenal fans really should support Wenger. While he moans a lot when Arsenal lose which i hate there is no denying that he is an excellent manager. Eventually at some stage i can see Arsenal winning a trophy.The likes of Song,Diaby,Vela,Ramsey,Fabregas(if he stays) are good enough to lead Arsenal to silverware in the years to come .You guys were close in 07-08 but then sold Flamini and Hleb who had been excellent that season and had to rebuild again last season.

    Hope you BATTER Chelsea next weekend

  19. I’ve been saying it for years now. WE WILL NOT WIN ANYTHING WITH ALMUNIA IN GOAL. Why can’t Wenger see it?

  20. Sorry, where exactly does this blogger say HOW to stop them? I can’t seem to see it. Could you or one of the other managerial geniuses copy and paste the relevant analysis? It’s a loss to the managerial world really, you two. Still, blogging’s gain.

  21. Well if our team loses from the first minutes of the game, there’s something wrong. The defense isn’t doing so well, with Almunia a bit insecure and Denilson playing weird! We also can’t ignore the freaking bad luck that we have! None of the team of the premiere league has such bad luck losing the majority of its players to injuries! It’s crazy! every month someone gets hit! We all waited this season to see what the complete squad can do then…
    I still believe in our team and Wenger! but we need some magic! we need something extra…that I saw in other teams…I wonder how this is going to end this season…I’m a little worried.

  22. I’m a gunner and I’m afraid I must say that that was the shabbiest 90 minutes of football by the arsenal football players at the Emirates. The first half an hour looked like the match could go either way but then arsenal were just too poor in front of the goal. Arshavin tried to do everything himself and missed everything. Fabregas just dissolved into nothingness and Denilson is at best a Championship player. Seemed like the only person who tried to do anything was Song. Clichy has gotten even worst after his injury. It was a deja vu of the Chelsea match earlier during the year and all I can already see is another deja vu at the next match agains’t Chelsea!!

  23. We have a fantastic squad , it should just be bigger in numbers. There`s always 2-3 player coming back from injury a little rusty . In this game it was Clichy and Denilson , with Nasri and Rosicky also not back in top gear.

    If we had more players we wouldn`t have to rely on rusty players at 70% of their game.

    Maybe Clichy should have been given a little more time to get back , a few more sustitutions before starting. But the alternative (Traore) would be even more out of his debth against Nani , so we had to “settle”.

    All in all , a poor performance but remember – Denilson will be back to his best soon , he`S been amazing before his injury and we need to give him a little more time.

    Keep supporting the team! There`S still many games to go and we`re just 4 points behind Manu.


  24. wenger is naive , he has not sorted out the backline for 4 years . even his gkeeepers not good eneough . . He has failed to take arsenal forward for 4 years
    not enough and no capable players to replace injured players all the time

    i.o.w. no depth in squad for 4 years
    failed to buy when he had the opportunities
    empty promises to strengthen sqaud
    ex: sagna backary ..adds no dimension to game be be an impact player.. when crosses the ball ..its poor every time
    wenger must go ..very naive to think any team he puts out there can beat the opposition

  25. bieng aman utd fan,i feel sory 4 arsenal fans but the difference btwn fergie n wenger i think,fergie is awinner while wenger is not. At man utd the winning mentality is drilled in players heads,we got average players like fletcher,carrick,evans,nani,park the list is endless but the they play with vigour,dedication n so much passion. Thats whats lucking at arsenal not 80 million pound worth of aplayer. Leeds did it against utd at OT n they won. There more than one time i saw denilson get out of the way for the opponent! With the same workrate n dedication arsenal can lose to any team.

  26. All said and done Wenger should just compare his notes when we were winning trophies then and now when we have endured 5 seasons without a trophy and will realise where he has gone wrong and this will put some sense into him and make the right amends.This current crop of players lack the guts and spirit that was displayed by the invincibles team that nearly won everything except the champions league.

  27. Disappointed will not be my word. I am strangely confused with the team performance and tactics as it always failing for the past 5 years. We are losing all the big games. Yesterday was one more example. I was strange that Bendy was not playing as MANU had an back four which is an bit inexperience and lacks heights. Arsa could have beaten rafeal da silva all night as nani was betting clichy all night. United were bit naive when ball was on the air. So i think the tactics failed us yesterday as always does. There is no point in the world to allow you’re CB to play in opponents half when you know that there only form of attack was Counter Attack. Again some school boys stuff. Apart from tatics some players always have been so disappointing in big games like this time and time again. Almunia and Denilson were invisible in the whole match. We bought Arsha We where is CL in previous season. I think we are to think of title need at least three player according to me an ST,CDM,GK.

  28. Arsenal needs a natural striker and not use mid fielders to make up for a striker. Even if Van P comes back the problem won’t be solved cos’ there might be days that Van P might not be at his best and need replacement. Wengar must buy a striker to avoid the defence always going to get goals and leave opening at the back.
    Wenger, you cannot be right all the time !

  29. Who’s to say he(Wenger) didn’t actually believe we’d be less of an attacking threat without Ronaldo? Afterall all we’ve been hearing from the media and fans of the other top 4 teams since July last year is how United were a one man team and how they’d crumble because that one man left for Madrid.

  30. What I saw was our team go for the attacking option as always, with the belief that if we let one in we can score two. That is exactly how we played against Bolton, went two down and came back and won.

    The big difference was not the quality of the opposition (we had Nani do the villa hold your head tactic, and Van der Saar do the Bolton time wasting game). The difference is that we are going through a spell – hopefully a short spell – where shots that were previously going in, are not. It happens to all teams at times, and we are just having our time for that.

    To analyse Arsenal now you need to recognise just how much we are putting into attack – we were playing at times with a forward line of Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky (Cesc playing the Bergkamp “in the hole” position).

    We also had the big defenders coming up at every opportunity, leaving very little in the way of defence. At the end we played with the highly experimental forward line of Bendtner and Gallas supported by Theo and Nasri on the wings. If you were watching on TV (and I have not seen the TV of the match, having just got home from London) you might not have seen Gallas leading the line. It was quite an experience!

    As for the issue of our subs coming on, Eboue came on as a very competent full back to replace Sagna who is clearly not fully fit, while Bendtner and Theo continue their return from long injury layoffs, as does Clichy. Watching Theo today he looked considerably better than Theo last time around (which without bothering to check I think was the Everton home game).

    Bendtner looks like a player who is getting the hang of it all again. But in those opening weeks he was thoroughly instrumental in making us a team that could score four goals a game. If, as the idiot who sits behind me wants, these players don’t get a chance again because “they are clearly not up to it” then we throw Clichy, Bendtner and Theo into the dustbin on the basis of a couple of games each, ignoring all they have done before.

    The fact is, given the way we play, if we are going to be beaten it is more likely to be 3-0 or 3-1 than 1-0. OK that hurts but it is simply the other side of the coin of the 4-0 and 4-1 wins that we get.

    Remember the way we saw off the Totts? The first day of the season against Everton? The fact we are the leading scorers?

    We are breaking new ground in the way football is played, and when the system creaks a bit you get grotty results. But it is one match lost, and really with our ability to score goals, it hardly matters that it is 3-1 rather than 1-0.

    Of course I hurt too, and of course I wanted us to play and win like we did a year ago. But we are so far along the path towards the new type of football, we must not turn back now.

  31. time for change throw money at hidink,rjkkard,guardiola “IF” wenger doesnt change strategy and transfer policy his ego is killin arsenal 6 seasons trophyless we mite aswell b another blackburn.

  32. Gutted. Dissapointed. Humiliated. ManU made it look like childs play. Denilson and Clichy was poor. Bendtner is definetely not the answer. And I agree Wenger was naïve. This team just don’t have it. Massive lack of bmt. No attacking options upfront. I just see another empty cabinet

  33. @ arsene_al – Those are great comments, thoroughly enjoyable. I’m not one to get upset over one game – my most recent post shows my general frustration with the tactics Wenger continues to employ against Manchester United. I just don’t think we will regularly beat them they way he plays against them, even though we have the team to.

  34. I feel so disgusted with Arsenal FC. The club I so much cherished. Currently I have no club I’m supporting. I have taken leave, until next season as I prepare myself for World cup in SA

  35. Webber, Pliz if yu can talk 2 Arsene tell him to stop the Arsenal defenders from searching for goals that is why we end up recieving many goals.

  36. I heard a terrifying ‘insider’ rumour a few weeks ago, that before Manchester City snapped him up, Shay Given was expecting to sign for Arsenal. If only . . .

  37. Well I’ve been saying for the last 2 or 3 years that we need to get rid of clichy and now I just hope that after that game wenger will do what needs to be done, you can’t be up there winning silverware when you have championship players (clichy and denilson) in your first team IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN PERIOD.

    If I had my way in this transfer window it would be

    OUT : denilson, eboue, silvestre, clichy, almunia and fabianski

    IN : dzeko, yaya toure, joe hart and a decent left back

    anyone agree????

  38. Totally agree. I think Silvestre is a ‘sleeper’ who’s probably still being paid by Man Utd.

  39. that useless keeper shlud go to hell,Alumian shlud be drop,pls.i think manomie shuld take his place,we all see wat he did agnist fullam,let him take care of the post pls arsane wranger.

  40. im better than almunia buy rob green or a new good keepeer not scot loach or any other rubbish !!!!!!! :@:@:@

  41. ma fellow gunnerists,lets always know in a competition,a winner&loss Are always expected like we made a loss 2 the red devils yesterday.Yes,we are blaming Wenger but i doubt if really he also wanted 2 concede a loss 2 the most rival club in premier league! 2 my analysis,Wenger has got alot of hopes that his young boys can always make it,this is why he fails to realize that we need like 2 more strikers 2 help the squad!I think u guys see that after Thiery’s exit,things have rally become damn difficult when it comes to winning trophies,it should be real evidence 4 wenger 2 buy some strikers 2 kill Thiery’s gap coz 4 sure if he fails 2 realize this,i doubt whether we shall again win the trophy again.Any way,lets be hopeful that any time ,anything can happen but otherwise we are stil down though we console ourselvesthat soccer is soccer.

  42. hey aig alex!!!this is strictly arsenal site,if u want 2 change&join the team of quality&entertaining foot ball(ARSENAL) we shall welcome u warmly but otherwise i don’t think your comment was supposed to be submitted here.such a comment would have been submitted to utd site.thanx 4 copn.

  43. Mr. wenger Good bye to pl title after destroyed by Man U again. No more excused and trantrums please. Your policy of pitting boys against men failed again and you do not seem to learn from the past. With a bungling goalkeeper Almunia, two leaking full-backs clichy, sagna who also cannot cross nine times out of ten, a midfielder denilson out of his depth in pl, forwards bendtner, Aduardo, walcott and vela not capable of beating defenders apart from running wild arsenal is not going to any trophy. You can not fool fans anymore with that old tune that the squad is young and need time. Six years is a long time to go without trophy. So I suggest it is time for you to gracefully accept you had played your innings and leave and let the new man to put arsenal on top once again where this great club belongs.

  44. wenger needs to know how to deploy different tactics to beat different teams.barca easily used a different game plan against the mancs in the cl finals.

  45. Clichy is not fit and can’t run. The midfield are too slow to play that style of game. The only way Manure or Chelski can beat Arsenal is to use the long ball and counter attack- and they do. They fall back- create space behind the back 3 (there never is four- except at kick off) and run on to the diagonal ball. Drogba can cope with a straight ball which is what makes him exceptional. Even at the Bridge, Chelski will pull Arsenal on knowing that is their best chance. When we beat them last year we played tight on their midfield- hit longer balls to VP but never went gung ho. Put Bendy and Walcott up there. Wally to play on the shoulder of Alex. They will keep the defence honest. Play longer, not long, balls in the air and between on the floor and have some, but not all, coming on in support. I would leave Arse, Nas and Ros on the bench- to come on when they are getting tired in the second half. My first half midfield would be Ramsey, Fabregas and Traore ahead of Song. Close them down like Barca did. Let Traore bomb on a bit but keep it tight and play those balls. Later in the game or if we go behind … bring on the dancing girls!!

  46. We can only wait for RVP to return, some positive news that he might be back mid March, even if it is end of March for the 1st leg of CL it will give us some hope of doing well in CL. BPL is over for us…………….i am sure we will loose to chelsea and LIV and fight for 3rd 4th place!!

  47. Really a rather stupid post in my opinion.

    After defeats everybody knows what’s wrong, so putting this quote up there is pointless.

  48. i always said it, it is pointless to put it in other words. this team was thoroughly outplayed, had no ideas, just some silly small passing that went no where.

    the reason why our strategies of putting the carling, and FA, more serious if there are chances of winning trophies. so goodbye for this season, no trophies again, i am certain. 3:1 thats terible.

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