How to survive as an Arsenal fan

To be an Arsenal fan takes great courage. You keep seeing rival clubs do well, winning trophies and challenging for the titles you wish your club can compete for. Arsenal is a club on a downward spiral at the moment, but for the Arsenal fans that knew what it was to support a great club like ours, this moment will pass.

We will never forget the glory days of The Double winning teams of 1998 and 2002, as well as the Invincibles season of 2003/2004. Arsenal have become a laughing-stock, as we no longer have the fear factor to defeat any team.

The Gunners lost 2-1 to newly promoted side, Brighton last weekend in a game that showed the lack of effort and lack of managerial awareness from the Arsenal team and coaching staff. In the past 14 years, Arsenal have failed to win the Premier League which is a damming indictment of a club like ours. The Arsenal Fan TV is a platform for disillusioned Arsenal fans to vent their frustration on the state of our club. There are plenty of people who keep going to games without any form of joy whatsoever.

In the loss to Manchester City in the League Cup Final, there was a picture of a young Arsenal fan crying because his team were below par, lacking the commitment and motivation to wear the shirt. It has gotten to that stage, but the consolation for Arsenal fans is that the Arsene Wenger tenure will soon come to an end very soon.

There is increasing pressure on the legendary Frenchman to quit the Emirates this summer, and it is Arsenal fans that hold the key to seeing him leave. Wenger’s exit would pave the way for a new manager to come and imprint his methods on the team. That day will soon come, and that is the key to survival for every Arsenal fan out there.



  1. In my late sixties, I am the third generation of five who have supported Arsenal . My late Grandfather used to watch at Woolwich and my Dad in the thirties onwards. As a young boy I grew up with tales of Alex James. Ted Drake and even older players like Jock Rutherford. I learned that Arsenal was the most forward looking, innovative club in world football, which we were. I began supporting in 1955 when my Dad took me to Highbury. Since 1958 I attended regularly home( and away too in my late teens and twenties, still attending London away games) til early last season , when I stopped attending altogether in disgust at how our club has declared civil war on our fans. Our club is now owned , administered and managed by our enemies and our Herculean task is to drive these ghastly people out of our club. And it is OUR club, not theirs. Apart from KEN fRIAR , AGED 83, ON THE BOARD, I COULD LEAVE ALL THE OTHER BOARD MEMBERS AND MANAGER FAR BEHIND IN KNOWLEDGE OF HOW ARSENAL WAS RUN SO PRO-ACTIVELY SINCE THE DAYS OF SIR HENRY NORRIS. I WOULD BACK MY KNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT OF OUR GREAT CLUB AGAINST ALL OF THEIRS PUT TOGETHER. I have seen double the amount of games Wenger has managed and then some and I remember when our club was renowned for class, honour and decency. THos edays are long gone’ gone the day that the wonderful David Dein was unceremoniosly dumped -physically too- out of the club and thr board , in a catstrophically calamitous day for our club. . I repeat, WE are the club, not the charletans and dishonourable men who “run” it today. We MUST unite against the arrogant and slightly going mad manager by huge protests and by boycotting games and merchandise , to FORCE the ghastly Kroenke to sack to protect his “assets” worth. I crave, CRAVE, MIND YOU , NOT MERELY WANT, another embarrassing surrender to Milan tonight , to furrher ramp up the pressure to sack Wenger. Once Wenger is gone, we must widen the fight , in fact fight a war to force the others out. Kroenke is the Hitler equivalent and though we cannot bomb him , as we did to Hitler we must “fight him on the terraces, fight him on the social media, fight him in the phone ins. We must defend our club and we will never give in “.

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