Honest Arshavin interview has brightened up my week

Well then, we’ve reached the weekend and still the Emmanuel Adebayor situation has not been officially resolved. All the signs are pointing to an exit but I have to say I can’t see too much pointing going on and on about it until it does happen.

So rather refreshingly on this fine Friday, I will turn to everybody’s favourite little Russian boy-man-child Andrey Arshavin. The midfielder participated in a great interview with SkySports where he talks about – among other things – Adebayor’s situation, his favourite moment of last season, how much he hates training and how much he loves Cesc Fabregas.

The full interview is available via this link on SkySports but I managed to find it on YouTube as well and have included both parts in today’s post. Check it out below:

I know I’ve said it before but I seriously love Arshavin. The way he answers questions in interviews is honest and refreshing and he’s such an engaging personality on and off the pitch. The bit where he cracks up about training is classic and his obvious dismay at Arsene Wenger’s decision to play him on the left is hilarious as well.

Personally I’m hoping the inevitable exit of Adebayor will see the Russian moved into a second striker role in order to get the best out of his talent. He showed last season what a creative player he can be and I think that in a more attacking role he has the ability to run riot and give our attack an extra edge. He’ll be raring and ready to go when the season starts, as opposed to last season, and I really feel it could be a massive season for Arshavin.

Anyway I’m going to leave it there for today. Enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow or whenever the news of Adebayor’s move is made official.


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  1. After his display vs Liverpool, AW should build the attack around him. Bring back Flamini,

  2. Arshavin is my new favorite Arsenal player. That time he goes down in the box and then wags his finger as he gets up to let the ref know he didn’t think it was a penalty is classic.

    I always saw Van Persie as playing a little behind in the second striker role. Will that work with Arshavin? What do you think?

  3. we dont need him front unless for backup he perfect on the left . nd flami soundlt never come back his a greedy cunt thxz for the vids sf

  4. Arshavin is a versatile player he can play on d left & also as a 2nd striker , if ade leaves, he can replace him it will be good for d club if d team is built around him. He has shown what he can do as a striker against liverpool

  5. Personally I cant judge Asharvin. Let’s just wait for 09/10 season to start then we can speak our minds out. My all the time opinion still stands: our boys are great.

  6. The part about his taxes was also funny. “Papers. Hrmmmph…” hahahahaha And he’s correct…who doesn’t get upset when their taxes go up? It’s not like Arsenal deliberately did something to him to lower his wages or deceived him into thinking he was getting more. The taxes went up. That’s on the government, not Arsenal. And that’s something the agent (yes, you, Mr 20% Lachter…the EX-agent of Shava) is supposed to be aware of and negotiate around.

    It’s interesting to hear him talk about Arsene as well. I think he’s finally settling in to playing for Le Boss, and understanding the whole of the plan on the pitch. He seems much more at ease about playing on the wing “I never played there before, but it worked out, so I trust Arsene and will play wherever on the pitch that will help us be successful.” It just takes time to develop that understanding and trust between player and coach, and it appears Andrey is becoming more and more comfortable with that. Very exciting!

    On a side note, there’s a good piece from Cesc on the dot.com regarding the return of Rosicky. Cesc has some very encouraging and very nice things to say about our Thomas. And I think it’s sentiment we all can share.

  7. hey guys dont underestimate our goal machine edurado.I think arshavin and eduardo would form a nice pair on the striker positions.keep rvp behind them litte bit to left but as forward though.and nasri to far left and much behind rvp.returnin rochisky to right.Fab at right mid position,behind all attackers.But for this formation our backline should act like a wall otherwise nobody will stop us to concede number of goals though with massive forward goals.

  8. @ Elbizarron – I’m with you on this. I think Arshavin should only play as a second striker where RvP is injured, suspended or on the bench.

    We’re lucky to have him though, top bloke and fortunately very versatile. He could be vital this season and I hope he starts more games than anyone.

    With the probable loss of Ade, maybe we could change to 4-3-3 (similar to Chelski and Manure) with RvP in his Dutch National role.

  9. I just KNEW Ade would not let me down and his inevitable exit from the club would be surrounded by the MAXIMUM quanity of confusion and chaos that his antics over the past year have emphasised.

    Well done big man – very solid work – you have truly left no one in any doubt what a plum you are

    An outstanding example of the species “homopedballus greedius”

  10. I just think this guy is great he can string a sentence together which is a plus for a footballer but he optimises what I believe is a team player.

    With Ade leaving I think RVP should be moved up front along side a largeish striker that actually wants to play for the team.

    Then 2 banks of 4 that can shrink down to 3 – 5 as attacks happen if you think about it we have without doubt the best midfield in the PL.

    The weakness I see is that midfield play who will cover Cesc to let him run riot

    So maybe 2 more players in a few out (I would happily give Eboue a lift to the station).

    Last point while I detest Ferguson for a lot of things the one thing he does well is build a team spirit and will not tolerate decent.

    I know Arsene does as well but with the loss of Deane that has gone a little and with the idiot Russian trying to take over it has unsettled things.

    So couple more in 3 or 4 out and we will get some silverware I am sure !!!

  11. upfront we’re ok. with or with no ade, our guns can shoooooo…t. we only need an experienced holding midfielder. eh…., guys, what if we brought back flamini? i know some of our fans can’t forgive him. let me not bring controversies.

  12. Flamini did not move for the money unlike ca$hley did. He left because he was on his final year and cesc had 3 more to go yet we gave cesc an extension and didn’t even make an attempt to improve flamini’s contract and don’t forget we got to the cl final with him at lb that year and then he was awesome in his final year and moved on. I would welcome him back as he hasn’t said a bad word about us and he was even at old trafford cheering us on in the cl so yeah I would even pack his bags for him.

  13. Arshavin is just pure class. He has bags of talent and never seems happy with his performance even if he played fantastic, He always wants to play better than his last game and give his all for the team. That is why Arshavin is a great team player. In UCL Away games we should stick with 4-5-1 and play RVP up top with Arsha CAM and Nasri and Walcott on the wings and Song (new signing) and Cesc in the middle:
    Nasri – Cesc – Song (NS) – Walcott

    Its so good to know we can play all our players in the UCL this season. Arsha and Vermaelen will give us great cover. Although I expect both to be starters.

  14. Wonderful.I just love the way he talks, and he has a baby face kinda smile that is also sheepish.As for Ade,thought he already got his wrk permit.He hasn’t talked since the speculations begun.We can only wish him all the best.

  15. thanks for the vids SF the little russians magicians a legend…love him and he shud serve as a reminder to people that AW can produce in the market…all be it a saga…refreshing to hear a loyal player honest and upbeat about next seasons prospects and the respect he has for le boss and teammates.
    wud love him further up but dnt think we can play dat way wit him and robin,too similar, and nasri,cesc and rosicky in behind as dat wud not solve any of last years weaknesses in mid…still need a powerhouse to let these guys express themselves.
    sick of ade now hes a prat, hes been angling for his more money move wit city tryin to offset a bid from italy or spain and now his bluff hasnt worked and he sees the competition at city hes having 2nd thoughts…i challenge any arsenal fan to defend the guy now.
    arsene go sign kenwyn jones and a def mid and we will win silverware…hav a suspicion wer in for jones since sund are in talks wit crouch as a replacement surely and are yet to make a deal public maybe wer waitn for our cash from the ade deal??am i deluded??maybe but its a nice thought

  16. Sham good choice with Jones that would work real well. Imagine that a Heskey type player that can actaully score and run.

  17. the man must to play the striking mid field in order to win some cups this season. Wanger pliz respect.

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