Hilarious comic about Adebayor’s City transfer

I had this comic sent to me last night and thought it was worth sharing. Speaks for itself really:

The One With All The Lying

Heh heh, brilliant. I mean, look at Carlos Tevez’s teeth!

The comic was created by Chris Toy who runs a brilliant blog called ‘Studs Up’ that I highly recommend. He posts a different football-related cartoon every day and more often than not they’re hilarious.

Anyway I’ll leave it there for now. I’ll be back later today with a news round-up and a mini-preview of the Barnet game.

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  1. He is shit anyway, best thing that could happen.
    Let somebody else take care of him.
    Maybe even Luton Town, Chester City

  2. It is really a disgrace to see people betraying themselves just for money. I mean if you move to madrid like kaka and ronaldo i got nothing to say. That is because they are real talent and madrid is a good team that plays in the la liga and in the champions league. They have been winners frequently.

    Look at mancity, they are nothing, not in the CL, and worst, they are not playing in europe this coming season.

    People like barry moved to man city just for money. All those “I want to play in the champions league”, “I want to play for liverpool”, “I want to play for arsenal” are all lies. They betrayed themselves and is a real disgrace. I can understand tevez moving to man city just because he want to spite ferguson, but he rejected chelsea, liverpool and madrid, also his chances to win silverware, just so he can spite ferguson? I dont think anyone in his right mind would give up so many trophies just to spite someone. It is the money that is drawing tevez to city as well.

    For adebayor, it is needless to say. Everyone knows what a prostitute adebayor is. He wants milan, chelsea, barcelona or everyone that can give him more money than he is currently earning. He has betrayed the trust of arsenal and every fan. He is a fucking bastard from Togo. I hope adebayor gets seriously injured next season, an injury that can end his career immediately. Never mind, since he is already loaded with cash, he would have no problem not playing football. He lives for money and fucking adebayor is a disgrace to Togo, to Africa and to the rest of the mankind. What a dog he is to money.

  3. that SUCKED. Wasn’t even funny. Anyone can draw semi stick figures then put what EVRYONE IN THE WORLD is sayin in bubble conversations above them. U suck Cartoonist/Comic. Im reluctant to call u either. Second, to ANY and EVRYONE who thinks everyone is coming to City for the money u r only half right. Think about this, u probably work at a macdonalds or seomthin, could u imagine if Burger King promised u a happier enviornment, increase in pay and the promise of MAJOR upgrades to your fellow employees to have onoy the highest quality people around you? Lets face it money talks these days, so along with the nice wage hike each player will recieve, they know that that same money will be used to buy other world class players See Chelsea. Once the Russian got there they became a top flight team. Ok we arent in CL or EL this year. But what about next year> the year after that? Jeez people. Football doesnt end in 2010. We could be the best team in the world by the end of the summer on paper and the best on the field by mid season. Talk to me STR8

  4. LOL at the man city fan above me. they all think they goona win everything now they have all the money and 3 new average players

  5. Adebayor should go because we need changes in arsenal and i don’t understand what he means by giving him €2M as his rite is he a greedy fool, must he disgrace Africa. Adebayor go go go.

  6. @eastlandboy

    Well if anyone gave me the opportunity for more cash and a better work environment I would seriously think about the offer.

    The problem with Adebayor is that he made it look like Arsenal arent worth playing for anymore and decided to ‘Throw in the towel’ with less than decent performances in numerous games for us last season. To add insult to injury he openly flirted with any big team that sniffed at him. It’s amazing how all those offers have suddenly been withdrawn Mr.Ade-beyonce-or. For this reason I feel he will be the most disliked player to have worn the Arsenal colors in a long time. Good luck to city with their bunch of mercenaries!! But we all know that Arsenal will always be a great team built on footballing principles rather than petro dollars and that’s not hating. It’s just the plain truth!!

  7. When Adebayor Go Away,lets Say Hooraaayyy…..Btw this Comic is so hillarious…

  8. Arsenal fan 4 ever y do people think that players should stay in a cash short arsenal when offered more else where Flamini wanted to stay he new he maybe would lose out in a fight 4 starting possition plus he just wanted to stay never a pip out of him 4 more cash in previous years not a word till he erned it & our board said no

  9. @damian

    Very true man!! The Flamini situation was unfortunate and I hope he/ Arsene/ the board can strike a new deal coz I would love to see him in Arsenal colors again.

    But Adebayor got a new deal and still looked over his shoulder for better deals and thus got distracted on the pitch. Let him bounce off to wherever!!

  10. Hey I got an idea, why don’t “we” pay 25 mill to anyone that want’s him. Get him gone!

  11. @ eastland boy so your moral of your story is aim high I guess and how are you going at burger king made manager yet hahaha.
    Also what do you mean Chelsea became a top flight team when the russian took over as Chelscum has been in the top flight (that means top league i.e. prem league) long before the russian took control as you proberly started supporting man citeh since the arab took over.

  12. he he he!!! So funny. But, hey! Watch out! Ade could be a menace to Arsenal when theyb meet City for his football is still alive or is it?

  13. Ade’s transfer is more justified than Barry or Tevez’s.

    Ade has witnessed the shocking treatment of fans, not the love and adoration Barry and Tevez has received. IF he does go to Man City, he has done so AFTER other signing and has seen that Man City are building quite a decent side.

  14. @eastlandboy

    Well said, Man City and Burger King Fan, who think it is right to jump ship when you are promised better pay and environment, etc. It is true, Money talks these days. But this may not be the case when you are in the Public Job (a footballer) that represents the club week-in and week-out for the millions of fans around the world, who cherish you, who adore you. They expect not only your performance in the field, also your loyalty to them. Perhaps, that could be also the part of the reason why footballers are so well-paid. And when you leave your jobs at Macdonald for burger king, perhaps only other 15 of your fellow employees will only concern because any how they don’t expect your loyalty as much. But when a footballer leaves a club against the club will for whatever the reason is: that affect millions and millions of fan. Of course, everyone loves more money, that’s including me. But my suggestion is honor the contract and then move on, if you must.

  15. PS: but for ade case, the arsenal will be more than happy to see him go if the price is right.

  16. Why are people saying this cartoon is funny it’s rubbish. Bad artwork, no insight and no humour. Okay Ade’s going, good riddence, say most Arsenal fans, but lets take the mick a bit better than this.

  17. @ Eastland boy

    er not quite, i would liken the situation to working in a NICE restaurant and moving to an overpaid kebab shop! Great for the money but IT STINKS. I actually feel sorry for Man City, their club is a joke now. Before they had some respect but now they have huge pressure, can they actually do it is the next question.

  18. Ade-bye-whore saga is not da 1st 4 him.Rememba 2006 world cup when he led his togolese team mates in threatening not to play their nxt game until their bonuses were paid n FIFA had 2 step in wit da cash.So loyalty means nothing 2 him be it club or country its jus abt money.N he shud KNOW NO ARSENAL PLAYA has bn mo successfl afta leavin us.(ARSENAL CURSE)

  19. Whatever man!as long as s’one isn;t happy somwea 4 woteva reason he’z free 2 go.an unsettled mind wil bring ego related issues like CR7’s so it’s better let the bird free from it’s cage.

  20. ade…let re rocomend a lie…” u just wanted a new challenge, to break into the big four….which is an amazing battle…..” ,,,,,hahahahahah!

  21. Let’s put it into perspective. Arsenal are a BIG CLUB. Their fans are loyal and their manager has principles and morals. Previous comments are indeed correct – Ade is a money grabbing tosser who is almost lower than Bentley in respect of hate from true gooners. As for Man Citeh, they are an average team who had some respect until they won the lottery. Now they have taken over the mantle from Chelski and are driving the final nail into the coffin of real football. There should be a ceiling limit to expenditure each year otherwise real football teams like Arsenal, West Ham, Everton, Bolton etc will not compete. So, fuck off Ade, shut up Citeh and bring back real football on a level playing field. P.S. Cartoon is not that great but well done for stirring up emotions.


  23. Ignoring the fact that a citizen is reading a gooner blog, i cant believe the naeitivity of some people. Eastlands Boy has completly missed the point. We are angered due to the lack of loyalty, as mentioned by Mr.zay above. Now I have to watch ade kiss OUR badge whenever i watch my clips or dvds, & i’l be thinking it was never about the Arsenal, only what he could learn from Wenger to go elsewhere for $$$. Money can buy city the top money seeking players they want, but how will that reap the rewards they want. How many £20 plus mil strikers do they need to warm the bench. Even if they can get them working together on the field, our team that has grown, matured & developed together, will inevitably earn what city are trying to buy. In all honesty, i’d consider myself ashamed to be a follower of such a club. Like a chelsea fan would. But ade must know he cant match the abilities of arshavin, eduardo or even RVP. So you can have the selfish one citizen, with our blessings. But unless you have someone able to give him the ball, you wont see many goals, only offsides. 07-08 he only scored so many because dudu gave them to him. Last season it was fabulous. I personally still havnt forgiven him for his selfish behaviour at anfield anyway.

  24. to eastlands boy..adebaywhore wil be ur prob soon and ul wil learn and understand the sentiments of nearly the entire arsenal fanbase.the difference wil be we bought this player cheap and made him wot he is, u wil have paid over the odds for a player whos motivation to play at ur club is dodgy to say the least and if he flops he wil demand a move and ul sell for half wot u paid us..u prob stil cant process this so il use sean wright philips as an example (or wer u a city fan back when he moved to chels?)
    cnt believe this prick wants us to pay him 2mil,wot is his case?once again il remind every1 this guy was an average player in the french league..our manager,club and fans made him the player he is,now hes up there with cashley and bently for most detested players ever..just go u greedy prick

  25. oh yeah forgot to write my daily request for le boss to go sign kenwyn jones or nobody as ades replacement……maybe if i write it enuf it mite happen………KENWYN JONES he can do everything adebayor can but he can play the offside and hes not a prostitute…go get him now!!!!!!!

  26. I personally love how Man City bought all those players last year and won ZERO, and now go out and buy even more players that really are OK at best, Tevez is probably the most reliable out of the three. ONce Adebayor sits for more than a two games forget about him loving Man City, he will be looking to move on to the MLS where they will be dumb enough to give him even more money. This is all good news for the Gunners, now we can really go out and get a CMD. How much fun is it going to be when we lift the Premier league trophy and Adebayor is on holiday and not playing in CL!!!!! I predict that Man City will lead the EPL in off-sides next year!!! Ha! ha! And finally, the cartoon is great, I love how Tevez’s teeth are all jacked up!!!! Go Gunners!!!!

  27. Arsenal drew with Barnet 2-2 today. Rosicky returned :):). We started a strong side – Almunia, Djourou, Vermaelen, Gallas, Arshavin and Rosicky all started. Vermaelen played 90 mins, the rest got subbed off at HT. Arshavin opened the scoring, Yakubu levelled, Barazite regained the lead (he likes scoring against Barnet) and they levelled with Charles in the 83rd min. Is good to see our lads back to playing and Rosicky is back!

  28. as an Arsenal and Barnet fan i love this fixture….and its even better when you see Tom Cruise playing!!

    happy with a draw…..happy with Rosicky return….happy with Yakubu getting on the score sheet after signing a new contract….happy Vermaelen played longest….Come on the Reds…Come on the Bees!

  29. according to sky sports news adebayor has signed for madchester city.

  30. Hes gone…and made some lovely comments too boot….I had tried to like him…but i cant help but smile at his deparure seeing 25mil and a spare place uyp for grabs as a much better opportunity for Arsenal!!

  31. at least we can invest for next season we need defenders. My back five for next season…


    R.Kelly Glitter/Adams M.Jackson

    thats a fuckin winner if you ask me!!!

  32. Yes it is confirm Ade is gone. I don’t want to say any bad things about him. What we bought him 7 mil and now we are payed 25 mil for him far enough. He is happy to sit in the bench we are happy to get 25 mil. I don’t even think that he would make the city starting line up. In front tevez,santa,robinho. But still wish him best of luck and thanks for your service. Please don’t come back. Arsenal concern we move on and personally don’t think we want an ST at this movement give Vela,Bendy for chance.And till jan transfer and if required than buy an ST.

  33. I’m actually one of those not happy to see Ade go. What’s good about losing a very talented (and tall) striker? Watching a vid of Robin Van Persie’s brace against Chelsea last season I noticed that both goals came about after Ade won headers up front and knocked them down into attacking positions. However – 25 million is a great return – and just shows yet again how ridiculously profligate Man City’s new owners are and value is an apparently meaningless concept to them. I hope this doesn’t sound racist but with Man City being owned by Arabs maybe their new collection of expensive ‘whores’ should be called a harem rather than a team!

    I hope Arsene is bluffing though when he says they’re not close to signing anyone new. What we have to avoid is going into an important match with a line-up which includes Fabianski, Silvestre, Eboue, Diaby and Denilson as we did in last seasons FA Cup semi against Chelsea. That’s a very average half of a team there trying to take on the likes of Drogba. Anelka, Malouda, Lampard etc.
    Similarly when Chelsea humiliated at us home with a 4-1 drubbing our team included – Fabianski, Silvestre, Song and of course the hapless Diaby. And if it happens again – we’re going to take a beating again. I should add that both of those line-ups also included the very good, but very inexperienced Gibbs.
    I’m clinging onto a slim hope that somehow ‘Big Phil’ Senderos is going to come back and be the defensive rock we need. Otherwise – if we make no more defensive signings – otherwise…I don’t know otherwise. I don’t want to think about it.

  34. Now WE can get onto winning trophies this year!! Ade was a cancer on the team with his laziness. Just because he had 1 (one) good year with 30 goals he thought it was going to be easy to keep getting 30!!! We don’t need lazy players WE ARE ARSENAL!! I trust AW will bring in what we need and when we win the league and ManCity finish in their normal mid-table finish we all can sit back, crack open a pint, and cheer our boys for a job well done!!!! Go Gunners!!!

  35. eastlandboy — why r u on a arsenal blog any whayy r u looking at what u want to be cause right now we all think ur a twat mate so go dig a hole and die

  36. but people come on now, I mean he has left the team, why continue to curse and badmouth the guy. Its as if we bitter that he left, i mean what about Senderos, Hleb, Flamini, Henry? They all left because they wanted to win titles because we can’t and guess what, they all went somewhere and look at the results, Barca won the champions league, the league title and the spanish cup, well AC haven’t won anything but they are league contenders. We have been struggling to win anything in England and Europe. If the transfer was about money then so be it, he’s looking out for himself and lets give him credit the guy did well for Arsenal, it is also as if we do not trust the other players that is why we busy with the Ade transfer and not wanting to let go. Making fun of him won’t bring him back, maybe he saw something in Man city that we don’t have but thi has been going on for too long. Lets forget about him and focus on what we have and not the have not’s. Lets rather focus on the new Thomas Vermaelen. I know nothing about him so lets rather discuss the player of how good he is and how he can benefit the team defensivley and the changes that Wenger will have to incorporate this coming season. Lets move on now!

  37. Hey anyone who make comment about adebayor that is all about money and wish him severe injury is a fool,dog,hipocrates ,disgrace,and falure misfortune would be ur inheritance throuth the days of ur life . How can u people make that stupid coment we live bcause of money so if he is chasing big clubs in the world is great prestige during his career bcause many great players want those archivemt they can pls sheyi adebayor don’t mined them arsene is there for money so if u go bcause of money u do nothing bad carry on Jehovah’s on side amen ciao .

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