Here is All That You Need to Know About Buying The FIFA-18 Tickets

The world’s most popular sports Football comes to the world’s biggest country Russia.

With players like Ronaldo and Neymar in their peak form and the domestic league seasons across European countries coming to an end, the FIFA 2018 world cup is the most anticipated event of 2018 among the Football fans. Scheduled to be held in Russia from 14th of June with the inaugural match at Moscow the 30 days football frenzy affair will end on 15th of July.

The tickets for FIFA world cup 2018 were sold in three phases. The latest being started from 18th April until 15th June on First come First serve basis.

The procedure for booking tickets is online and quite simple, after creating an account on the official FIFA world cup site users are redirected to booking link which has categories of match tickets of the group and knockout stages. Tickets are sold subject to a limit of four tickets per person per match for a maximum of seven matches, or a total of 28 tickets per person.

The ticket pricing is as given below.

Group stages

The Price varies from 105 USD, 165 USD and 210 USD.

Knockouts stages

115 USD,185 USD and 245 USD for the round of 16.

USD 455 for the Finals, semi is USD 285 and quarter is USD 175.

If the prices are burning a hole in your pocket, you can always resort to short term loans.

In a welcoming gesture by the Russian Federation, Fans will not need VISA to enter and exit Russia 10 days before and after FIFA world cup. However, an official FAN ID provided by FIFA after successful purchase of tickets is needed which bears the passport number along with a valid passport is needed for immigrants to enter and exit Russia.

Are FIFA world cup tickets transferable?

No the tickets of FIFA world cup are not transferable.

The official FIFA site says “You may not sell, offer for sale, resell, offer at auctions, donate Tickets, act as a commercial Ticket agent for another party or otherwise transfer your Ticket in any way without the specific prior written consent of FIFA.”

However, under special circumstances, FIFA has made provision of transfer by filling ticket transfer application at no cost to only relatives or family members subject to proper reasons.

The transfer request is made from the ticketing account by editing the name of the guests along with the reason.  Note that the Ticket Purchaser has legal responsibility for his Guests.

Fans can also submit their tickets to FIFA in case they are unable to attend for resale however for fairness to True Football fans and security concerns, tickets resale at an individual level is strictly prohibited.

Even if you are unable to get tickets there is no need to worry, FIFA might throw in some extra tickets from time to time if there are some left from its other customer cohorts.


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