Henry speaks about the season

Interview with Henry 

There’s not much news around the club again today. However, I did manage to find a good video of a recent interview with Arsenal captain Thierry Henry where he speaks about the season just gone.

Also, those of you who regularly visit the Arsenal FC Blog will probably have realised the new site design. Good or bad? Let me know what you think.



  1. Regarding your new website design, my first impression is very “French” :-;! Not exactly France flag colours but close too. Keep up your good work. I visiting your blog everyday (if time permit).

  2. It looks a bit West Ham-ish. Not that that’s a bad thing. Better than all white.

  3. Constructive criticism: The picture of the team together at the top seems like a good idea but the players are too small to recognise and in quite a small amount of time, the kits and line up will presumably change. Waiting a month of two until doing it would surely be a better option.
    Rest of it looks ace though.

  4. Thanks guys. I’ve set up that top section so that I will be able to just slip in a different photo as I choose so when the time is right it will change.

    Glad you (mostly!) like it though.

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