Henry discusses transfer speculation

Henry v PSVFlattered by link with AC Milan

Arsenal captain Thierry Henry has given an exclusive interview to ESPN Soccernet where – amongst other things – he discusses the speculation surrounding his Arsenal future.

“It’s great to hear [being linked to AC Milan]. How can you not think that? On the other side as I said to you, and so many times at the moment, I’m an Arsenal player.”

Disappointed about Dein exit 

Henry also speaks in length about his extreme disappointment over David Dein’s exit but also stresses that he is now looking to a positive future with Arsenal.

“I would like to say that whatever happened, Mr Dein leaving wasn’t a clever move. So far I’m here, talking to you, about a thing that happened that I didn’t agree with but sometimes that’s just the way it is. It happened, and we have to move on.”

I think Thierry Henry’s words back-up the comments I made in a previous article – in that he is obviously quite frustrated at the situation at Arsenal at the moment but despite this he desperately wants to move forward with the club.

The interview with Thierry Henry shows a man giving an honest assessment of the situation he is in and shows that he is committed to leading Arsenal to future success. The thing that stands out when you listen to Henry speak is the utter genuinity of his words and the feelings he conveys about his situation. He is a unique player and captain because he really speaks his mind and does not hide behind fake sentiments when getting his point across.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Thierry Henry will be at Arsenal next seasonThe media will only ever focus on the negatives 

The problem with this is that for every instance when he says “I’m at Arsenal and I’m happy” he also says “There are problems with X” or “I’m flattered that Y is interested in me”. The media then just jumps on the negative things Henry says and flips them into ridiculous headlines like the ones we have all seen in recent weeks. The media would not create any controversy if they displayed the headline “Henry is happy at Gunners” or “Henry will stay with Gunners” so they don’t bother. Negativity sells – you see it on the TV and in the paper for other forms of news and it is no different in the football world.

It is just a shame that Henry’s honesty creates speculation and worry for a lot of Arsenal supporters worldwide who do not necessarily speak English as a first language because they are not sure what is real and what is speculation. As for the supporters who do speak English as a first language – and I of course count myself among them – I am surely not alone in saying that it is pure frustration to constantly be told that one of the club’s most loyal players (and their captain, for goodness sake!) is on his way out.

What do you think?

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  1. The problem is once again, that only certain sentences of the interview are being serialised in the papers – those that say he was unsettled by Dein’s departure and that he is flattered by Milan.

    When you think about it, both of those statements are blindingly obvious, he wouldn’t be happy about Dein’s departure or miffed that a big club are interested in him, but is doesn’t mean he’s moving on.

    At times like this, fans always say that the player could end the speculation by saying ‘I’m staying’. The trouble is, when he does, the papers ignore him. What can he do?

  2. Pete – You’re exactly right. I can only wonder what the headlines in the next few days are going to be after this latest interview.

  3. boys havent we seen this all last season….at Arsenal hes the main man, numero uno, the big kahuna…at barca he would be just another star behind ronnie n deco…plus i doubt barca could pay him the $200,000 a week he’s gettin at arsenal.

  4. Good pionts, the only problem is that as a leader Henry shouldn’t make statements that should be misinterpreted ‘cos he knows that every word coming out of his mouth will be twisted to sell newspapers, so why make them? Don’t know what went into the decision in making Henry captain of the team. The foreign guys always betray us, PV pestered us the same way and eventually he had to be sold to free AFC of the annual torment. May be the captainship should have been given to Silva or even Cashley (that might have let him stay) or sol. Its depressing hearing all these in the news, its not healthy for some of us at all.

  5. Shravan – It would definitely be a strange atmosphere for him, but in some ways similar to one he would’ve been involved with playing for France when Zinedine Zidane was the main man. He still won’t go though.
    Harlan – I think it’s easy to say “don’t make those statements” but at the same times I don’t know if guys like Henry and Fabregas should be punished for their comments. Their honesty is a breath of fresh air and if you can remove all the speculation then it shows us that they both know exactly what needs to be done to improve next season – and that is the important first step. Also, it is easy to compare this to Vieira leaving but in the end it was more Arsenal and Wenger’s choice to let him go, not Vieira, and they have made it quite clear that they do not want Henry to go and therefore he will not. It’s a closed case as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Im Glad i readed this youve put me
    at easy a little bit i was getting worried
    but your right controversy sells.

    Hes a big big player so its only
    natural hes going to be in the news
    specaily in the uk/ireland…

    Hes the best player the PL has!

  7. Sean – You’re right mate. Yeah try not to worry too much – there is a lot of rubbish on internet sites about football rumours so I will keep trying to be as reasonable and objective as possible.

  8. Hello fellow gooners, I’ve watched the ESPN-Henry interview from the comfort of my home in Ghana, West Africa and I’m convinced that the man wants to leave. His body language tells you that he is not happy and wants to move on. I blame AW for this; ‘cos he’s been given money to spend but choose to spend on kids. Every year the Board say they’ve put out money for spending but AW won’t spend. My personal view is that he wants to use Arsenal as an experiment, bring through a lot of young guys so that when he is successful, people will praise him but this is Arsenal and we want to win trophies every year even if the Carling cup.Every organisation borrow so we should borrow; the Glazier’s, Gillet borrowed to acquire MANU and Pool, so what is wrong with AFC borrowing to acquire players and pay when our revenue stream improve by 2009. MANU and Pool are not using own money to buy players, is borrowed money and AW don’t want to spend to invest in the team. At a supporters meeting recently, I read that Edelman said AW has been given substantial money to spend so what’s he doing? Buy kids? If we don’t do something about it, it will affect performance on the pitch and later gate proceeds. Henry wants to leave as per the ESPN interview I just watched, so we should let me go. AFC will not collapse. Even Cesc, a toddler now has become big enough to unsettle AFC, that’s the response we get from making people great; disloyalty. AFC will arise, I promise you that. They can leave.

  9. A few points:

    1. I don’t think Wenger will sell unless he gets a player of similar quality in return, whether that player is Eto’o or Messi or whoever. He’s always maintained that money is nothing if you don’t have a player, so if Henry goes (which I doubt will happen), we will get a suitable replacement.

    2. To Harlan: I don’t think Wenger has a problem with buying experience, since last season Gallas, Rosicky, Baptista, and Denilson. You can’t say Denilson let us down. Gallas and Rosicky were injured for large portions of the season, like Henry and Van persie. Baptista was terrible and I don’t think anyone could have anticipated that. The problems with Manchester United and Liverpool selling their clubs like that is that the Man Utd. situation was pretty much a hostile takeover and Liverpool do need investment. Despite the stadium, Arsenal are in a pretty healthy financial situation because of Wenger’s genera shrewdness in the transfer market. There’s not much of a reason to sell like that.

    And about Henry and Cesc “unsettling” the club. I think they’re just being honest, which I like. It’s a lot better than some idiot saying, “Well yeah, I ‘fink we’ll challenge, y’know, for some trophies next season, y’know.” I’d rather listen to Cesc, Henry, and Gallas being direct.

  10. I feel that Henry isn’t being completely honest if you listen to the interview on espn soccernet he kept contradicting himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I also saw the interview. It just looked like he was being very frank and honest. If I hadn’t seen any of the headlines saying “Henry to Barcelona!” then I wouldn’t think anything of the interview. I still don’t think much of it.

  12. Andrew – I agree. I am positive (and so is Wenger) that Henry will be staying with Arsenal. I’m really not worried either – I hope the rest of you feel the same. I also agree with your earlier statements – listening to the Arsenal players speak is quite refreshing compared to some of the other footballers out there.

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