Harry Redknapp pranked! The funniest Arsenal photo you will see this season

Whoever took this photo is an absolute genius. Any ideas who it was?

Kudos goes to Jamie from Young Guns for posting it first on Facebook.

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  1. that writing has been photoshopped on as this same photo’s on another site without the writing. give him a break. how would you like it if spurs fans wrote ‘he’s a paedophile’ in front of arsene while he’s sleeping?

    It is a wonder his neck didn’t snap at WHL on Tuesday night.

  3. Josh – Harry Twitch has got a (big) twitch, I hope you are not suggesting that Almighty Arsene is a paedo, you mumpkin spu*s supporter

  4. I agree with Josh – I do not subscribe to the notion of “If you can’t beat them, join them”. It is reprehensible that Spurs, and other, fans call Wenger a paedophile – truly deplorable – but we should have enough respect for ourselves and for others to not stoop to similar levels.

  5. @ Josh
    Get a life mate, Rednapp’s got a twitch, your comment on AW is out of order and not even an issue, careful what you say matey.

  6. Couldn’t agree more Chris R. In fact the first viewing from Twitter was very amusing. Back of then net shot. Now its just dumbed down attack.
    Wheres the wit, the banter.

    Anyway 4-1, much more important. They should have photoshopped that.

  7. The difference is that while AW isn´t a paedophile, Arry do twitch, so we aren´t in fact stooping to Spurs level.

  8. @Chris R..
    Thank you for that comment. We don’t need to stoop to their level. After all, We are not on the same level with them.

  9. Chappers, I agree with you in one sense, but we are stooping to their level in terms of petty name-calling. What Spurs fans are saying is much worse, but conversely we would not, or at least should not, call overweight people fat. We need to protect our dignity as a club and give the media as little reason as possible to stick the knife in. It’s bad enough as it is.

  10. Eek – I’m actually with Stuart and Chris R on this one. I didn’t realise that the photo wasn’t an original. Will change it immediately. I think it’s actually even funnier this way.

  11. Everyone shut the fuck up, its not offensive is it you clowns, having Arsenal next to his face. Hell if Wenger left and they asked Harry to become Arsenal manager he would bite their hand off. Hes a twitching cunt and this rivalry between Arsenal and Spurs should remain. Its people like Chris RE and Stuart, who give us the bad name of being fans who just sit and applaud. I bet they fuckin bring sandwiches to the game and scones. Your not Arsenal, true fans who scream and shout and hate Tottenham with a vengeance are

  12. Rohan, spot on mate… Some of you lot really need to get a sense of humour… Fuck me it’s a laugh, moaning that we shouldn’t be stooping to there level blah blah… It’s people like you lot, why it’s so bloody quiet over the emirates! Let yourself go abit!!!

  13. Rohan and Griffo, I fear it is attitudes like yours that give English football such a bad name. Calling him a “twitching cunt” is hardly more admirable than calling someone a paedophile. I’m all for raising the atmosphere at The Emirates, but that does not equate to infantile and unnecessary name-calling. We have a very distinguished history of being one of the most respectable, and respectful, clubs in England, so why should we tarnish that by being as disrespectful and, frankly, idiotic as Spurs fans?

  14. How is this even causing strife? To hell with tottnumb and ‘Arry, he HAS a twitch, and if he didn’t run his mouth like such a cunt, we wouldn’t be calling him a twitching ****, would we? The prawn sandwich brigade are ruining the atmosphere at the grove: last time I went, my mates and I were singing Arsene Wenger’s Red & white Army, and an “Arsenal Supporter” told us to sit down and give it a rest. Singing, shouting, name calling and banter, that is what being a football fan is about. If you want to talk about the history of football, go take a class.

  15. @josh, maybe the original is with the arsenal writing and the photoshopped one is the one you saw. why would someone hold a blank piece of paper in front of arry and take a picture?

  16. there is nothing wrong with that, everybody sleeps and everybody drools. some more than most, offcourse and the arseholes who cannot see the funny side to this really need to see that i would have happy slapped the plonker! just for saying some of the shit he has been coming out with lately

  17. That picture was taken by Peter Crouch.

    he knows that Redknapp will take him to his next club, whoever that is.

    Im guessing Crouch wants to play for a better team and soo wants Redknap to come to us so we can buy him, because he knows he is a shit player and can never play for the better team in North london.

  18. i’ve been an arsenal fan since i was a wee lad. calling harry whatever names is just as bad as calling arsene anything. obviously we support arsenal and we don’t like spurs and we’re dleighted when we beat them but that doesn’t mean we have to insult everyone connected with them. i agree that the atmosphere at the emirates could be a lot better but i don’t really think ‘stand up if you hate tottenham’ and ”arry rednapp’s mother is a whore’ chants make the atmosphere better.

  19. Chris R your wrong. You’ve got the wrong sport mate. Im not promoting violence, im promoting Arsenal. Its called passion. They are tottenham fuckin hotspur, they should not be being stuck up by our fans, they should be ridiculed, they are scum and i fuckin hate every single one of those cunts. Thats why i fuckin sing my heart out, why im not like you, in your club level seats looking down at the lower tears, putting your nose up at us. Wishing we could be quiet. If you want that, fuck off to the opera. This is our team, our football. We support them. Do you think our players, they wants fans who are silent and dont say a word, only a applause now and agai. No. Im 19 but i love Arsenal far more than you do. Just because you read a few blogs, you think you can tell the real fans how to behave. You can fuckin do one mate. Your not needed. True fans hate Tottenham. The things they chant at wenger, and you think we should feel sorry for that twitchin fraud cunt, nah mate.
    Go back to reading Shakespeare, because true fans care. Really care.

  20. Rohan has the exact mental make up of a repressed 19 year old who has no viable way to vent his obvious fustration with life. Please believe us when we say, it genuinely embarrasses the vast majority of football fans to be associated with such mindless imbeciles as yourself. You go on and on about “real fans”, but you don’t honestly know what it means. You’ve simply associated it with materialistic behaviour and hatred of others.

    “they should be ridiculed, they are scum and i fuckin hate every single one of those cunts.” This comment, not only exemplifies everything that is wrong with you, but in no way does it represent what being a “real fan” is all about. Hating on under 15s who have been bought up to support Spurs is not what you call “promoting Arsenal”, nor is it “passion”, so fuck off and take your mindless debating someplace else.

  21. y are gooners turning on each other when theres enough spurs scum for every1 to lay into, some of u guys need to seriously lighten up

    tellin fellow gooners to stop hating spuds ?
    do ur self a favour

  22. Rohan, I applaud you passion, your commitment and your love of The Arsenal. Singing your heart out, we need more people like you. But hate should be reserved for rapists, pedophiles, murders etc. Hate has no place in football.

    As for the picture, I though it was funnier without the writing. Just my humour, I liked the spontaneity more than a plan or photoshop.

    Keep up the passion mate, and the rest of you. I shall be by your side when we win the triple this year. Singing my heart out. The only difference my focus will be my love of my team – Spuds won’t get a look in.

  23. When did Gooners become so sensitive? Its a prank people. Next time you go out shopping, make sure you get yourselves a sense of humour.

  24. Fuck me are you on your period Vince and Chris r. Its called football rivalry. Tey don’t like us and we don’t like them. Of couse singing ” stand up if you hate tottenham” makes the atmosphere better. As someone said hate has no place in football and i’m sure Rohan wouldn’t wish evil n their personal lives but at a game this is forgotten about. Have some passion and sing your heart out at the Ems. Oh and a shout out to all the away support at ShiteFartPain.

  25. This is my first time posting on here, so go easy on me! I don’t necessarily agree with everything young rohan had to say and definitely do not agree with the way he said it. But on the other hand I feel the same about the emirates atmosphere needs songs about the spuds, purely because they are our rivals! I was in Milan when we beat them 2 – 0 and I don’t think I have laughed as much being heard singing “Tottenham, watching eastenders” over 90,000 people on Live tele.. Simply they are our rivals and I will go to tomorrows game and I will stand and sing. Someone has to.

  26. I just looked through all the comments on this site, not understanding what it was all about, because Andrew’s changed the picture i guess..

    Now I don’t agree with Rohan and co who claim it is a virtue to hate tottenham. I would rather ignore them (the totts) but I guess it’s easier for me not living in the UK, but SERIOUSLY!!! Why anyone would have a problem with a photo saying he’s got a twitch is just beyond me. That’s getting too precious for my liking. I mean what gives?? here I was thinking it would be something really offensive..and whatever happened to calling a spade a spade?
    Oh and Stuart, hate should also be kept for the likes of Shawcross, Pulis, Fat Sam etc. So it does have a place in football.

    If the photo’s removed for not being original I think that’s fair enough. But it certainly wasn’t offensive.

  27. Funny pic – Didn’t Old Arry (droopy) get his twitch from a very bad car crash were there were people killed and Arry was the only survivor? I heard this down the pub the other night…

  28. @Shard. Over sensitive I agree. Hard week I guess. Fed up with sensationalist journalism, war, hate, Popes, bombings, more hate, religion, txt msg styl comms, the world dumbing down, getting up for work, Seb Blatter, politics, Murdock,

    Miss the humour, the wit, the banter that used to come with football. Used to be an escape from the day to day 12 hr work shifts and nagging wife.

    Keep the nasties for the real world, this – however much Shankly would disagree with me – is just a game.

    As for dislikes, lets order a pint and I’ll have a list longer than yours, I promise you; inclusive of all the people you mention and all the diving, cheating idiots that disgrace this game – even more so the people who say its just part for the game. No its not.

    As for Tottenham …..

    “We hate Tottenham! And we hate Tottenham! We hate Tottenham! And we hate Tottenham!”
    We hate Tottenham! And we hate Tottenham! We are the Tottenham haters! ”


  29. “Stand up if you hate Tottenham.” All of the London clubs will be standing because they all hate them.The rivalry between us and the Lilywhites has always been fierce and always will be.I bet that the majority of the `mild` Arsenal fans don`t live in London,where they would witness the extreme hatred first hand.Keep up the singing,especially when at Shite Fart Lane.
    As for the photo..it made my day!

  30. Josh, in response to your ridiculous post, Wenger is not a gypsy and wouldn’t travel with easyjet. Mug.

  31. Promoting passion, as Rohan says, does not equate to hatred, I’ve said that already. It is football, not bloody Kashmir. I actually don’t have any problem with chants like “Stand up if you hate Tottenham” because I feel they’re harmless and impersonal. Passion is not what you see in dross like Green Street or Football Factory – that is mindless thuggery, people who use football as an excuse to behave in disgusting fashion. Rohan may say that he is not promoting violence, but it is hate-filled attitudes like his that give rise to such hooliganism. I have far too much respect for this club to let it descend to that kind of level. And by the way, what’s wrong with reading Shakespeare while savoring a delicious prawn sandwich in the middle of a pedicure?? 😉

  32. @Chris R
    Aaahhh.. If I hadn’t spoken about being too precious, I might just have gotten upset by the Kashmir comment.

    Fair enough.. I just didn’t see why the hullaballoo over it should occur.

  33. somebody can tell me if Harry was sleeping or not? i don’t see any difference on his eyes from this photo and his normal face at spurs match………….HAHAHHAHAAH

  34. Wozza matta Wozza ! Spurs never ever Wozza decent side.. we aint won in ages and you still can’t match our trophies ! I could say arry wozza goona.. but fact is.. he still is ! Oi wozza.. I could say you wozza wanka .. Fact is.. you still R ! loooool
    Arsenal 4 Life !

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