“Happy New Year!” from Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby

Hello all, Abou Diaby here.

As tonight sees the start of a new year I thought I’d share with you my resolutions for 2010.

  1. Avoid injuries such as muscle strains, ligament damage or scurvy.
  2. Grow my hair as long as Kyp Malone from TV On The Radio.
  3. Make a move to my dream club the Chicago Bulls.
  4. Avoid scoring any own goals.
  5. Boo at least one Arsenal supporter while they’re at work.
  6. Nutmeg John Terry five times in one game.

Happy New Year to all of you Arsenal FC Bloggers!

Thanks for all your support in 2009 and here’s to a brilliant 2010!

Have your say on Diaby’s New Year’s resolutions by leaving a comment.



  1. Happy New Years, Andy! Thanks for a wonderful year on the blog! Truly part of my day, every day.

    And a huge, massive, gargantuan CONGRATULATIONS to Abu Diaby for signing a new deal with The Arsenal. Get in there, son! Celebrate that New Year with some new dosh!

  2. Happy new year Andy, many thanks for this great blog and especially the all the work and improvement you are doing on it, have a wonderful one mate!!!!
    We’re still 7 hours away from midnight!!!!

  3. BTW, our starting games of 2010 isnt easy eh!!!
    AstoV,Manu, where we re gonna Song, and Chelsea , Liv startin of Feb.I say, if we make it there then we would surely make PL title.

  4. Have a nice slip into the new decade, wherever you are, whoever you are and however you are…….. πŸ˜‰ :mrgreen:

  5. thanx 4 a wonderful year of bloggin…. i dnt comment here much.. but thanx a bunch nd a very happy new year to u andy!!

  6. A very happy new year for all Gooners and Gunners and our great Manager!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for all, Andrew.

  7. Happy new year Andy! I know you are already into 2010 down there. Fascinating 2009 for your blog and hope even better 2010

    A very Happy New Year to all Gooner family here!

  8. Abou we love you and we are all happy with your performance toward the end of the year. we believe in your potentials all we pray and need from you guys is injury free season and absolute consistency. Happy new year to every Arsenal technical crew, players and fans world over.

  9. Happy newyear 4rm a Nigerian Arsenal 2 all member of dis club. We love u diaby ,kip d ball going. One luv gunners.

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  10. Mr. Wenger said today that we should not buy a striker because we have scored more goals than the other teams in the League. Well Mr. Wenger the problem is not how many goals you score against Portsmouth or Wolves or Blackburn. The problem is how many goal you score against Chelsea / ManU / Real Madrid / Barcelona and who is able to give a solution and score an important goal when it matters (Burnley-Sunderland). For example Chelsea have Drogba who has given them numerous points at the last minute on a game, who do we have? The teams we should compete with are the Chelseas and the Barceonas of this world and not the Portsmouths…. How can you do that? By adding 1-2 world-class players to the squad. Otherwise again around March we will all understand that we are not good enough yet to win anything….Well I can’t stand that for a fifth year ! ! !

  11. fernando llorente of bilbao will be a great signing for arsenal..wenger sud take a look at that guy.

  12. @ nicolas – I see what you’re saying but Wenger didn’t say we’re not going to buy a striker. All he said was that he has his eye on the market but he is a difficult position because on one hand he feels he needs a replacement for van Persie, but on the other we’ve scored the most goals. He makes a fair point and he understands the situation – there’s no point saying that he’s decided he’s not going to do something when he quite clearly hasn’t.

  13. A very happy new year ANDY.Thanks for you excellent blog and keep up the good work .This is Arsenal year and for the team Arsenal-The Terminators

  14. Happy New Year Andy, and all other Gooners out there!

    A million thanks for this excellent blog, I never miss a single post!

    Best wishes from a Norwegian in Spain πŸ™‚

  15. We are 14 hours and 35 minutes into the newly opened January transfer window and Arsenal have yet to sign anyone. Is Wenger losing the plot? Where are these ‘promised’ signings?

    In case you haven’t noticed I’m displaying some sarcasm. Yes I know its the lowest form of wit but when it feels like a hammer is tapping away inside your head and all you can taste is stale beer despite brushing your teeth every 12 minutes, its the best I can muster today. So sorry.

    I’m actually looking forward to this transfer window. Normally its drives me crazy because we are linked to every Tom, Dick and Harry but I have hope in this one.

    What I will say is stay calm. Let’s not go crazy if we don’t sign anyone in the next 20 minutes. After that go mental and call for Wenger’s head. Sorry, that’s the sarcasm coming out again.

    Be patient because if you don’t and you believe every rumour that flies around you will lose the plot, going as mental as Britney Spears with an umbrella. Not a good look.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you all. Let’s hope that 2010 is gonna be a good ‘un for Arsenal. I truly believe it will be.

  16. 14 extra points, 22 more goals, and a better defence. By Walter Broeckx.

    Half way through the season and here I am back with another round in my comparison of our current season.

    As before I take the same game from this season and just compare it with the corresponding game from last season. When I did this the first time after an international break some people said I was too soon to be comparing this season with the past one, but I still think it is a good thing to do this exercise a few times in a season and certainly when we are half way in the season.

    One small point: for the new teams I just took the games from the teams of last season that went down. It’s not perfect but it is the best we can get in my opinion.

    So for the new teams I compared them with the following fixtures : for Birmingham I took WBA, Wolverhampton replace Newcastle and Burnley replace Middlesbrough.

    The observant reader will notice that there is no game included against Bolton. This to the fact that we still have to them for the first time this season.

    So here we go:

    Everton – Arsenal last year 1-1 draw and this year 1-6 victory.

    Arsenal – Portsmouth last year 1-0 win at home and this year 4-1.

    MU – Arsenal last year a 0-0 and this year 2-1 defeat.

    In September first came the away game at Man City – Arsenal last year 3-0 defeat and also this year 4-2 defeat.

    Last year we won the game Arsenal – Wigan 1-0 and this year 4-0. The defeat from last year in Fulham – Arsenal 1-0 was put right with this year 0-1 win.

    Arsenal – Blackburn were easy wins last year 4-0 and this year 6-2.

    Last year we played WBA and won 1-0 but I compare them with Birmingham this year which we won 3-1. Last year we won the away game West Ham – Arsenal 0-2 and this year was a 2-2 draw.

    We had to put something right against our rivals from North London after the 4-4 result last year and so we won comfortable with 3-0.

    For the game Wolverhampton -Arsenal I compared this with Newcastle where we won there 1-3 and this year 1-4. Then came the trip to Sunderland and last year 1-1 draw could not be repeated as we lost 1-0. The 1-4 defeat against Chelsea at home from last year was almost repeated but it was 0-3 this year. The low point of the season.

    Last year in the game Arsenal – Stoke we won 4-1 on the last day of the season and this year 2-0. Our most remembered match from last season at Liverpool when we played 4-4 was forgotten with our 1-2 victory this season. We then went to newcomers Burnley and I compared them with Middlesbrough where we had a 1-1 draw and we did the same this year.

    Then came the revenge for the 1-2 defeat against Hull and we send them home with a 3-0 in our favour.

    Another game that hurt us last year was the home game Arsenal – Aston Villa which we lost 0-2 and this year we won 3-0. And finally game number 19 against Portsmouth where we won 0-3 last year and this year 1-4.

    If we put all this together we got 30 points with 29 goals for and 25 against in 19 games last season.

    This season we got 41 points with 51 goals for and 21 against in the corresponding games.

    So we did far better in the points won and also we scored a lot of goals by doing this. In fact we scored 22 goals more than last year. Also our defence has improved and let in 4 goals less.

    We have an average of 2.68 goals per game and halfway the season we have 51 goals. Not that bad at all I would say.

    Last year at the end of the season we came 18 points below first place. This year in the first 19 games we have got 11 points more.

    If we also keep in mind the fact that we started the season with a front three with the likes of Arshavin – Van Persie – Bendtner and that 2 of those 3 are out almost since the end of October and are still out these numbers are even more impressive.

    And then add the fact that we did lost some points because we lost those 2 players and had to adapt our personnel and our system a bit.

    I think these numbers are also stunning especially if you think of the many injuries we suffered during the season so far.

    Walter Broeckx

  17. You have done a great job this last year. I wish you, Arsenal FC, AW and all you great fans of the greatest club on earth the best year so far in our glorious history …… Just enjoy yourselves.

  18. @Walter thank you very much, I had the impression that Arsenal did a bit better this season than the last so far, your statistic underlines this feeling, I think we can be satisfied so far but of course it will be difficult just to improve yet a bit more………… 😎

  19. wenger has said huntelaar is not on his radar, well he should be as he,s just the type of striker to compliment our style of play he,s strong,mobile,clinical and has great aerial ability, i,m gutted. wenger must buy a striker in january as bendtner is still 3 weeks from fitness and it will take him a while to get up to speed, there also the possibility he could get injured again which will leave us with out a recognized striker going into the most crucial period of the season including the resumption of the champions league.

  20. Hunterlaar can’t move again in this transfer window!!!!! As he already has in this seasons transfer window.

  21. happy new year to Andy and all, hopefully ammers will kick your butt today in the f. a cup. Nothing personal Gooners, im sure u all understand. Im sure it will be a great game though. Realistic score 1-3 to your boys.

  22. Its hammertime in a couple of hours, win or lose dosent matter but I do want to see Wilshere play, haven’t seen young jacky moving the football in a while..must be great for him considering he grew up an hammers fan

  23. There’s a good chance Senderos will play and I’m hoping that will happen. I totally agree with AW’s decision to rest players for this match. While I enjoy the FA Cup what’s really important to us now is that we win that game in hand against Bolton. We’ve been banking on those three points for a long time now. Let’s let some of the others show their stuff against Wham and get the main players nicely fit and rested to do the job against Bolton.

  24. hello all
    hey ice goodluck today and may the better team win,please god its us tho!
    hope to see senderos,merida and wilshere feature
    havent heard us linked with any1 at all so im gonna throw another name out there since no1 gave me any feedback on kenwyn jones or carlton cole…i think the boss cud be considering forlan,hes rumoured to want out of athletico and although hes cuptied iv heard AW speak highly of him before and iv heard athlethico are getting rid of ‘deadwood’ at the mo as their manager wants a new perspective in the club….i dont think it wud take a huge bid to sign him as hes expressed his desire to move to a team who contends for honours because hes just turned 31…this also wud be in our favour as we dont necessarily need a young guy as we hav nic,vela,rvp and eduardo.forlan cud be a great fella to plug the gap until the others return and ,in velas case, mature to the required standard,cud be a realistic target
    also i think james beattie cud be a shock contender,proven record,quality and if he was put in a team that creates as many chances as we do hed excel…i personally dont see us looking to spend 16mill so these guys represent more realistic targets in my opinion

  25. Sup shambo, I would prefer not to have Carlton Cole as I see Nic Bendtner a better player and when Nic is 26 I have a very strong feeling he is going to be a really good lone striker. No to Jones too, as I feel he won’t fit into our style at all, the reason why ade was sold was Arsene wanted to play this new fast passing 4-3-3 system and Ade was breaking up play to much although he did score an odd goal or two in his last season at the groove.

    Wenger is prob looking for a big target man like Dzeko who has a combination of technical skills, good hold-up play and passing vision. Of course Dzeko is an obvious pipe dream but if he came he would combine really well with Shava. Thats why Wenger wanted the Chamak ‘the poor man’s dzeko’ I would say no to Chamak too, good team player but awful goal ratio and he would really struggle against cheating defenders like Terry who won’t get away with his shirt pull, ‘accidental’ body blocks in any other league execpt the epl.

    I really hope Wenger buys a defender and a backup to Song the soul man, that’s an area we should address first since the whole Arsenal team can score anytime. If Wenger do buy I definitely hope not to see James Beatie too but Forlan i would take anyday.

  26. good points laninja,i suppose its hard to find a player that ticks all boxes….but ur right the most important factor is that he fits in with the way we play and maybe ur right bout jones and cole not being in that mould..ur dead rite bout chamakh dude hes hugely overated and unproven….who do you fancy on the defensive side???
    a striker and a def wud be ideal just to keep us covered cos we are injury prone all over the park and im afraid that when its gets tight and the midfielders goals dry up we will need a 6yard box sloppy goalgetter

  27. not so happy until now, I would have said: this eg they have put themselves again, silly goal, as usual, but happens, they played a bit more than west ham, but west ham were disturbing quite well, no great chances on either sides unless this last breakthrough, the final pass is missing completely at Arsenal I would say, you can really see that there are missing some first team players, Nasri, Shava, etc. , so , it will become difficult, but let’s hope it will become a bit more exciting with an equalizer…………. 😎

  28. Manpo have just been flushed down the toilet by big club Leeds, could light strike twice. I cant beleive how well we are playing although i doubt if we can keep up the work rate in the midfield. Shambo dont you think it will be an opportunity missed if you loose considering manpo are now on the toilet role. Better not count my chicken run before they are hatched. More goals in the second half im sure. Up de ammers. IIIIIIRRRRRROOOOOONNNNNNSSSS!

  29. Funny, for a moment I thought this was Hammer’s blog. It is all over for you now! 2-1 for Arse, I love it!

  30. what can I say, dramatically, much better second half and I was so upset and becoming nearly angry with Arsenal, no passes reached their aim, at the start of the second half someone crossed from far left to far right and then back at the midfield line, I couln’d believe my eyes, they weren’t much confident at this time, and so were their play, nothing in front of the goal, nothing, and then Wenger reacted, 75. minute or so, Diaby and Nasri and the whole game looked in another way immedeately, I don’t say due to the changed players, but there were too many youngsters, it wasn’t equlibre or balanced what do you say, quite angry, I was, upset before, then the whole game changed, it looked much better and I keeped the fingers crossed, then the tv stopped , I had a standpicture, next I saw Arsenal players celebrating and I thought , super, right at their goal I could’t see anything, it was Ramsey, wasn’t it? , super goal, Arshavin like, and it was so typically that suddenly it worked, the whole bodylanguage looked much more confident and determined and sure, before they looked quite unsure not confident, then it worked, the passes worked, the teamplay worked, quite everything, just because of two players, unbelievable, and then this cracker by Edu, he will be still dreaming of it when he is eighty years old, an extraordinary header, quite superb, hopefully it will untie his goal block, excellent, and as I said, suddenly the game was exciting and working, second half incredible, I haven’t thought the game could change in this way, credit to West Ham, they fighted tough and they defended really well, before the 75. minute I would have said: Arsenal weren’t good enough, absolutely not, not one corner kick reached a player, not one, and then two players changed the whole attitude and confidence, incredible, exciting turn of the game, hat down ❗

  31. unlucky ice,wot a gutsy performance from ur depleted hammers tho….we cuda been gonners but for fabianskis fantastic save at the start of second half.once again song was fantastic,ramsey put in a good shift while nasri and diabys introduction sparked life outa vela and eduardo,both of whom wer struggling up to the 70th min.

    andy dats 2n2 for eduardo since ur prediction although i cudnt see it coming cos his confidence has been so low….but u cud physically see his demeanor change after he scored,i hope he builds on it now
    ice ur rite mate it wuda been a killer to hav gone out after leeds beaten manure,i watched the game and couldnt believe the 5mins added time yet ferguson wanted more,wot a sac….good enough for him and his talk of a ‘quadruple’

  32. Beautiful comeback, nice second half performance. Brilliant idea resting ARSHAVIN….What a welcome into the new year.

  33. Yeeeeeeeeeesssss! I didn’t get to see the game but we’ve now come from behind twice in the past couple of weeks and I didn’t think we were capable of it.

    Great goals by Ramsey and…. Eduardo! Let’s hope he can keep up the scoring run I predicted *smiles gloatingly*.

  34. ANDY can anything be done to the time comments are written? I only see dates…what I mean is it was nicer when u saw the time the comments were made as opposed to only dates now. Also, the demarcations between the name and comments, mail and website needs some straining to see.
    I hope i’m making sense here, Goodluck

  35. GunnerBoss, I’ll look into it. I already made a change to the text size so hopefully with some advice from a friend I can sort out the other stuff too.

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