Hanging on for some Cesc news

I was hoping to get the Barcelona ball rolling with a pre-preview today.

But with Cesc Fabregas’ participation in the first leg still up in the air it all seems a bit pointless (although I am happy to announce that Andres Iniesta definitely won’t be playing).

Anyway, I’ll have more tomorrow including (hopefully!) some news on our captain’s injury.


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  1. With the way Cesc carried on playing at the weekend Im hoping its just a knock that he can rest up for 24 hours and be alright for Wednesday. He did look in pain after the challenge and wasn’t right all game with some wayward balls and lack of concentration generally but towards the end of the 90 he was moving more freely

  2. I just wish that all will be well with Cesc by wednesday, the midfield just needs him. This is a game that we need to go into with all the guns blazing and give all, as i know we will also receive as much.

    what i also noticed is that as the Birmingham game progressed, Cesc seems to have regained some composure. I pray it just was a small knock that did not result into some major calamity.

    I believe in the team.

  3. We need Cesc’s leadership but more importantly we need 10 field players that can commit to the task at hand.

    The 2nd half v. Brum – Cesc was basically a passenger, except for his 1 moment of usual brilliance – the through ball to Nasri.

    If Cesc needs to rest his knee, then Nasri or Rosicky are quite capable to direct the midfield.

  4. We wish all the best for the gunners team from here in kenya and hope they will not embarrace us the fan and followers of Arsenal until the day of judgement, show BARC that we are not what they think we are.we also hope good recovery for the rest of the p says:
  5. We wish all the best for the gunners team from here in kenya and hope they will not embarrace us the fan and followers of Arsenal until the day of judgement, show BARC that we are not what they think we are.we also hope good recovery for the rest of the p says:
  6. @ Andrew

    Assuming Cesc is fit to start the Barca game, what is your predicted starting XI?

    I was surprised to see Wenger rest Nasri and Arsh for the Birmingham game….and starting Sagna ahead of Eboue.

    My predited XI

    Eboue Campbell Vermaelen Clichy
    Song Diaby
    Nasri Bendtner Arshavin

    Though in my opinion, Eboue is more dangerous playing at Right Wing

  7. When Henry got the Ball, I knew the opposite goalie would be earning his pay…Bendtner/Arshavin/Walcott dont do that for me. A close look at Bendtners recent goals look like chance had a bigger role than talent. If we don’t win we will not attract nor retain great talent.Arsenal fan till death do us apart….. but time to spend money and bolster the defence with hard tackling brothers and buy a magical in form striker.

  8. i pray 2 God that Cesc is fit 2 play. Nasri, Rosicky, Andriy, cn aswell do the damage.

  9. I have hope that the injury wasn’t bad at all, just alumnia rating is a problem which is worth not talking about, makes a couple of good saves and then makes a blunder that so costly,but it’s time to regroup as arshavin miss sits that real quality would make good use off so it wasn’t all alumnia fault.

  10. oh cesc we need u………….pl make ur self available for the match………..love u fabe…gunners for life

  11. for the record i like bendtner,for his work rate and his pride……..but it was put to me recently by a fellow gunner who hates him, ‘how good would he be in a wolves or hull team,a team that didnt create as many chances,usually gift wrapped, as we do?’
    the answer im afraid is that he wud be prob be below average and struggle to make their team,certainly as far as chance coversion goes,and if your to compare his ‘good aspects’ aerial ability and strength youl find their a dime a dozen in the EPL…..basically i dont think mick mcarthy wud swap kevin doyle for bendtner and theres somethin wrong with that…..i wud rather eduardo starts for barca if our free flowing passin game is to be effective,i accept the point that nics useful for the hull and stokes of this world but in the high paced,high quality games with alot at stake against quality opposition who can hurt you on the counter attack, ball retention 1 out of three times isnt good enough and chance conversion 1 out of 6 definitely isnt.an eduardo who will score 4 out of the same 6 chances nic wud get is worth disgarding the aerial forward threat for……i mean how often is nasri,rosicky,clichy,sagna,eboue or walcot gonna beat alves or abidal and THEN provide a telling cross????? statistics say not very often dudes….if we are to win itl be by playing our natural on the ground football,wot we are known for and if nic is to play i feel he wud prob end up being more effective for barca than yaya toure for disrupting our attacks…………id love to be proved wrong but again……probability reflecting past performances wud suggest i wont be proved wrong
    now on to aluminium…………em……cant be bothered actually, even stevey wonder cud see he wasnt even related to a goal keeper after the champs league display…..,hes the demeanor of a guy whos been smoking pot four days straight!!!!! ‘dude,wheres the ball????????’ the guy takes sedatives as a stimulant!!!!!!!dozey clown

  12. Let’s hope our team can perform to the best of our ability and give us a thumping win against Barca.

    I do hate thinking again and again abt the game last weekend against Birmingham but i just can’t get it out of my mind…. more so because i believe that had Arsene played Eboue instead of Sagna we could have created more chances and scored more goals.
    I have nothing against Sanga but just look at the statistics in the last few games…
    The games where Eboue played, we had won all of them, thats’s because he have that skill to pierce through the defences…and hence is much better than Sagna.
    Just wonder what the result would have been had Eboue played.
    I would like to request Arsene to have a look at the statistics of the last few games.

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