Guest post: Rating and slating Arsenal’s January transfer targets

“Rating and slating Arsenal’s January transfer targets” is a guest post written by Zane Wilcox – an avid Arsenal supporter and Arsenal FC Blog reader from the United States.

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There is no doubt that we need a new striker with van Persie sidelined. But who?

I think it should be a more natural striker If it is they will certainly push van Persie more to the left, which in my mind is a more natural position for the Dutchman.

A few major targets have been discussed and I’d like to point out the positives and negatives of each of the four players that I consider to be major targets for Arsene Wenger: Edin Dzeko, André-Pierre Gignac, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and David Villa.

Jean-Pierre Gignac, 1.87m, 24 years-old, Toulouse

Gignac has capped for the French national team 10 times and has scored 4 goals in those appearances. He is a physical presence and can beat players on the ground as well as in the air. However, he has struggled against opposition of a higher quality. Even if you look at his performances in qualifying, specifically against Ireland, he just did not stand up.

Also, from many of the French blogs, it seems like he is a much streakier player than Arsenal are likely to invest in. His fitness and injury record is generally very high, however, which may lead Wenger to believe he is the right choice. His estimated price is roughly 12-14mil and that does seem to be well within our price range. Probability: 6/10

David Villa, 1.75m, 28 years-old, Valencia

I’ll start this by saying; I don’t think there is any chance that we will sign David Villa. His name is being thrown around by the media, and a lot of teams, but he is just not in the mold of a player Arsene will buy. Let’s start with the good however. Villa is arguably the best striker in the world, bar none. His game to goal ration for Spain as well as Valencia is basically unheard of.

He has scored 98 goals in 145 league games for Valencia, and 35 in 54 appearances for Spain. No doubt the man can strike but there is one main reason he will not ever appear in an Arsenal jersey, money. He has been valued by his own club at 40mil, which is obviously an insane amount. But recently Llorente has effectively priced everyone bar Real Madrid and Barcelona out of the race for his ace striker, stating that his value to the club is upwards of 80mil. Also, he’s Spanish and is not likely going to leave Spain for anything less than 40-50mil.

Finally, he is already 28 years old, while I do not believe that is too old; there is a Frenchman in London, in particular who would disagree. Also, he is about .15m shorter than the kind of aerial threat we really need as a striker. While he could be a dream come true come January I’d say the probability of him coming to Arsenal is about 2/10.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, 1.86m, 26 years-old, AC Milan

Klaas, Klaas, Klaas… How badly I wanted you for my own two summers ago. You looked like you could answer our prayers especially with want away Adebayor whoring himself all over Europe. Alas, he stayed, you went to Madrid in January 2009 and everything has been downhill from there.

Well, two clubs, a season and a half, and less than a dozen goals later you are again looking for a club. Milan don’t love you as we would have, neither did Madrid. However, you’ve burned the bridge that would likely have led you to London. You have proven, in two top leagues that your form at Ajax was down more to poor competition than your own actual quality. You have size, pace and quality on your day. But I fear that that day has passed, enjoy heading back to the Eredivisie or some other second rate league. Or will you?

Would your plummeting price tag be enough to spur Le Gaffer to splash out on you? Even as a bizarre half season trial your quality may show through. I very much doubt that however, and your recent double in the league for Milan may very well be strengthening your position in the squad. Quality player, great nose for goal, chance he comes to Emirates? 4/10.

Edin Dzeko, 1.93m, 23 years-old, Wolfsburg

Well, I hope I haven’t been too transparent in my build up to the player I truly think we should well and truly pursue, Edin Dzeko. Dzeko has played out of skin for the last two seasons. For Wolfsburg he has been on fire and that form has translated to his performances for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is large, 6ft 3in, and is absolutely killer in the air. With van Persie, arguably our best crosser of the ball, pushed wide, Dzeko could dominate in the penalty area with his size and athleticism. On the negative side, he has been playing in the Bundesliga, which is not nearly as tough of a league as the Premiership. I think his skill set translates very well though and he is still young which gives him time to adapt.

There are two major problems with gaining his signature come January, though. The first is competition. Seems like Wenger and Co. are not the only group to have noticed Dzeko’s increasing stature and quality. ManU, Chelsea and Milan have all been linking with the Bosnian. Secondly, the price tag poses something of a threat to our potential signing of Dzeko. I have heard reports that he is being shopped between 25-35mil. On the lower end of that I can just barely see Wenger justifying the purchase, on the upper end, no way.

If the price is right I think there is a 7 in 10 chance that he will in fact be the player coming to the Emirates this January.

What do you think?

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  1. villa hi cam play in champion this seson and help arsenal to win glori wenger cam ask valencia for price and senderos part of deal or edu

  2. @ Michael – He certainly did say that, but perhaps it was mind games. We’ll have to wait and see. He’s certainly still a good option.

    Regarding Toni, he’s another interesting option but he’s on HUGE wages at Munich. I read somewhere around 171,000 pounds a week. He’ll have to take a massive pay cut to come to Arsenal and I’m not sure the player would do that.

  3. I hope Wenger will use his hard-bargaining skill to bring Dzeko to the Emirates at a reasonable price. This guy will be perfect for us. We will go up another gear.

  4. Few things wrong with some things you said:

    Bundesliga not as physically strong or tough as you said. (it is more like the premiership than any other league in the world.)

    Also Wenger took gambles on Henry and Viera who were both classed as big players but flopped because of poor management. He may well believe that he is the man to change this player into a world beater.

    Carlton Cole is much more likely than either Villa or Dzeko.

    I would not rule out a move for Ryan Bable either as Wenger does not always go on form but on potential, and how he could change a players fortune.

  5. sorry but there are two players who fit the bill for what we need RIGHT NOW as far as physical strikers go
    these guys hav age,ability,strength,skills,scope for future development, proven ability in this league and are available at the price our rigidly tight manager seems to be willing to pay.these players are kenwyn jones and carlton cole….great hold up and interlinking TEAM players who hav the power and presence we need up top….trust me if we dont sign them our competitors will in the near future
    outside of that icehammer is bang on with shouts for suarez and emmanuelson or wotever that dudes name is….great prospects both

  6. From what I’m aware of, the conjecture on Luca Toni is that he will be available for a free transfer in January, which help balance his high wages. I think he is exactly the type of striker we need: big, unafraid of contact, quality in the air, and holds the ball up well. He may not be fast, but we really just need a big body in the opponents’ box who can play effectively with his back to the goal.

  7. Would Wolfsburg take a player or two plus cash for him…remember they only hit the ‘big time’ a year/ 18 months…would they like to see-up somethong with arsenal with younger players…what about wilshire and vela going there for loan and othe arsenal players later (JET would be good)….german football same physical but less technical..would be a good move for us…big phil wants to leaave and no takers…

    would be a good move for both clubs….

    love and kisses

  8. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar would improve under Wenger, and playing along side RVP, his Dutch partner could be fantastic, I hope we do not get Chamakah, he is not nearly good enough.

  9. although i would love dzeko, and i think we could win the league if he and another TWO stronger players came to the emirates in january i cant see us getting him.
    1. like everyone else seems to be saying he is tooooo expensive
    2. other european giants are interested and today (23rd december) milan have apparantly prioritised him along with gokhan inler as potential arrivals. as dzeko has said before he dreams of moving to milan as he supported the club as a youngtser (he still is young)
    as this deal would suit both parties i feel he is destined for the san siro.
    moving on i think klaas jan huntelaar or andre pierre gignac would both be a good punt. huntelaar is a proven goalscorer and no matter what league you play in, the goals never change and has shown that he can score regularly and efficiently( which he did at madrid before they sold him) gignac is proven class as well and i feel with his height and strength he could be our drogba which cesc and arshavin seem to crave.

  10. @ Am – That’s some really good points. You’re right, Wenger tends to worry more about the potential of a player than his form. It means he can get cheaper purchases and then turn the player’s attitude around.

  11. @ CK – Yes, Toni will be able to be purchased on a free, however the Arsenal wage policy will influence things. Wenger won’t just say “Oh, we got him for free so we can pay him more” because players will look at Toni and think “I should be earning as much as him”. Things are complex because transfer fees go to clubs while wages go to players and even if the figures that the club who is paying are the same, the psychology behind who receives the money still matters.

    I hope that makes sense.

  12. Dzeko was worth in excess of 25m then dat’s y milan couldn’t buy him but so was Arshavin yet we got him 4 just above 13m. If any one can pull dis off its definately wenger. Maybe a cash plus player deal altho Dzeko club value has drop a little 17-20m cash.

  13. 4 all d pple askin 4 Carlton Cole he won’t come on d cheap either cos he’s english and we all know d price of an english man on song,
    Crouch-L’pool 19m
    Bent- T’ham 21m
    Swp-Chelsea 21m
    Walcott-Arsenal 15m etc.
    He’ll definately cost above 15m so i’ll rather we pay 20m for Dzeko who is above Cole in class n consistency.

  14. I’m a Toni fan but I think the guy is done. So my vote is no.

    Dzeko and Villa are out of our league. Not even worth speculating about.

    I’d take Gignac. KJH I’m not so sure. He hasn’t done much to convince he’s big time.

    If we could get Bable on the cheap as AM suggested I would take him. Not really a fit for our current needs but the guy has bags of talent. He should have came to the Emirates in the first place.

    Carlton Cole seems like the best fit to be honest but I don’t know. My gut tells me he’s a flash in the pan.

    I’d be alright with Jones if the money was right but if we could pick up Gignac at the same price I’d take him instead or Chamakh for that matter.

    I really like the upside of Podolski but he will take time to adapt to the English league and I don’t think he’s on our radar.

    Then there’s Pavlyuchenko but who wants a spud cast off? Plus he’s not buddies with Arshavin.

    In the end the thing I want more than anything is for BIG NIK to get fit and start banging them in. That’s right. Sure Arsene needs to buy a striker but I really hope Nik raises his game and becomes our man.

  15. Benzema is struggling to hold down a place at RM. He could be the one for us, although we will face stiff competition from MU.

  16. what about anyone that is currently playing in england? I feel that that may be an easier purchase. any prospects?

  17. I’m a big fan of Cartlon Cole and would welcome at the Emirates. Unfortunately he is english, and most likely overpriced, like every other english player!

  18. You guys really think Wenger will go for anyone of these players. IF HE DOES But then it will be some unknown person with loads of talent. SO FORGET ABOUT DZEKO, VILLA OR HUNTELAAR

  19. Forget about villa or c Cole. Dezko will fancy to go Milan den arsenal. I cheapest options are l Saha proven in all compitions but abit injury prone, his contract will be expiring at end of season. Personallyi think dezko will be ideal signing but the player who has a realitic chance to join us is Portsmouth striker piq…. I’m not sure abt is he going to ANC or not? But cheap n good!!!!

  20. Personally i think AW would not buy any striker. We got to many striker already (they’re injured not dead. that means they will come back) and i think bringing in a new striker will kill either Edu9, Bentdner, Vela, Walcott, Sunu, or Watt carrier (all of them are great or will grow into 1). AW need to change his tactic to accommodate them (players we already have) into a dangerous unit.

    Although we certainly need a center back and a new keeper.

  21. I personally think Huntelaar is better than Van Persie. ‘Coz many similarities with him, and the difference may not be combined. Just choose ‘The Hunter’!!!!!!!

  22. I personally think Huntelaar is better than the other. ‘Coz many similarities with him, and the difference may not be combined. Just choose ‘The Hunter’!!!!!!!

  23. What I’d like to see –
    Dzeko – but Wnger won’t pay 20m+ or stifle Bendtner.
    A new no.1 keeper, world class, in their prime. something for Fabianski and Mannone to aim at.
    Ribery – would love Arsenal and be lethal, continuing in the vein of Overmars and Pires.

    What we’ll probably see –
    No striker – Wenger will convince himself that Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner, and Arshavin can cover. He’s even prepared to consider Theo as a central striker and Theo’s not even Championship class in that role. No Dzeko, no Villa, no Gignac, etc.
    Yet another central attacking player. This is what we usually end up with.
    More youth – maybe Hazard, Galvan, a teenage defender, or teenage keeper.

    What I wouldn’t like to see –
    Toni, Huntelaar, Cole, van Nistelroy, Saha, Heskey.

  24. @C-Bass – I think Podolski would be a great option as well. Real talent, German steel.

    I forgot to mention Chamakh as well. He’d be a plus, but I don’t think Wenger will add a striker. Chamakh is already playing Champions League atm. So he’s likely to play out the season and go for free.

  25. There’s no point buying a new striker unless he is over 6ft and strong because otherwise we already have enough guys for that position. ie. Eduardo, Vela, Theo, even Arshavin.
    Carlton Cole would get my vote because he was fantastic against us. Unfortunately he’s injured!
    @Pmj_gunx – where did you get 15 mill for Theo from? We bought him for 5 – although it rises according to appearances I believe 12 million is the top amount we can end up paying for him.

  26. While not wanting to step out and name any specific player, I did find it interesting that AW noted clearly in his webchat/interview that he would not be put off by a cup tied player and again stressed the need to buy a striker. His comments that the player would NOT be a stop-gap buy, but would need to be someone who could fit into the long term plans of the club also gives some impetus into his thinking on the matter. This points to a younger player and almost excludes someone like Luca Toni.

    I’ve been pondering our situation a lot recently. I’ve really tried to put myself into AW’s shoes, as much as that’s possible (and it’s not much, lemme tell ya!). I’ve tried to go beyond the Arsene Wenger we see each week on match day and understand the commitment and effort put in by AW on the current squad and how that affects his outlook on transfers.

    Firstly, we all know how important balance is to our squad. With as much attacking creativity on the team, this has to blend in the right form. It’s not enough to throw out onto the pitch a collection of talented players. What makes Arsenal Arsenal is the system, whether it be 4-3-3, 4-4-2 or our CL 4-5-1 formation of seasons past. The triangle passing so integral to our movement is not born of sheer talent, it’s molded on like-minded players who “know” where their teammates will be for a pass rather than just individual talents who go to specific places on the pitch. Arsene speaks often of a players intelligence on the pitch, and this is one supreme factor, perhaps above all others, that defines what a potential transfer must possess in order to be considered and successful at Arsenal. This factor culls some of the potentials list because while there are talented players out there, not all of them are a fit in this regard.

    Secondly, how many times have we heard about not “killing” a player? It’s cliche at this point. But it’s the very foundation of how Arsenal are run as a club and the cornerstone of who we are. Players are developed at Arsenal, built from the ground up more often than purchased fully formed. Yes, we’ve got Arshavin, and no one is more thankful for that than me. But he’s the exception that proves the rule, so to speak. Consider the amount of time nurturing a talent like Theo or Diaby or Cesc. It’s not just football skill. It’s building trust and an unshakable belief in HOW to play football. Look, there are countless talented teenagers out there. Kids with lighting fast feet and .02 cent brains. They’ll never wear the Red and White. They’ll never “get” Arsenal football, even if from a talent perspective alone they might seem the ideal match. But they’ll never set foot at London Colney to train. When a youngster arrives to the first team in the manner of a Jack Wilshere, who’s not even fully there yet, Arsene Wenger is getting EXACTLY the player he wants because he built him from scratch to be that player. Given all this time, effort and mutual commitment to a footballing ideal from the staff and the player, one can hardly discount what Arsene sees week in and week out on the training pitch. Granted, we don’t always see the same on game day…Diaby is one who currently generates the most frustration from supporters because of up and down performances…but we see enough of Diaby (and Denilson also) to know that given his fill of matches he could well be a stellar presence in the side. Buying a player who might be a few years older, a few years wiser and a few years more consistent does have its advantages but also defeats the development “demand” from Arsene that the current younger player improve. I’m not arguing that we shouldn’t perhaps buy a player who’s close in age to a current squad player but might have that bit of an experience and consistency edge over the current player, merely pointing out that I’m honestly trying to understand AW’s motivation for perhaps NOT buying that player. From a supporters perspective it’s easy to arm chair manage, but I wouldn’t dare contravene a system of development that has brought so many good things to the Club I love.

    Lastly, finances. As Arsenal supporters we’re notoriously in the dark about how much money, exactly, is ready for transfers. It’s the source of endless speculation, blog comments and idiotic articles in The Sun and on I do not believe that this is done intentionally to frustrate the supporters. haha But having been in business myself and managing rather large contracts, I can say from experience that the less that is publicly known in these regards, the stronger your negotiating position. AW is OLD SKOOL. Arsenal are OLD SKOOL. It suits us. Yes, I’m sure we’ve missed out on a few targets because of the frugality of Arsene…Xabi Alonso comes to mind. But for every Xabi, there’s at least one Andrey Arshavin where the good business was done. There are any number of factors that go into a players valuation, and it’s not always dependent upon performance. Deals like Ronaldo’s, Benzema’s and Ade’s can skew the market and put everything out of whack. Heck, Rafa even admitted he overpaid for Glenn Johnson (and thanks for the own goal, dude!). But Arsene will always walk away from a deal that’s not in good faith. AW believes in a fair market price for a player and approaches the transfer window accordingly. I think with buying Arshavin last winter, he’s proved that he will go for the right player and work to get the deal done. But had Zenit come to the table with a valuation like they did the summer prior and in a manner like they dealt with Spurs for Arshavin (quoting roughly 23m pounds), Shava would not be wearing an Arsenal badge today. Rightfully so. Because for all that Shava has done, and as much as we all love him…the 13m+ that we paid was the real market value considering the circumstances of age, quality, availability (he was cup tied) and fit into the squad. Shava’s not an out and out striker, although he’s having to play as one because of injury. He’s not an out and out winger, but has played there because of injury or formation needs. He’s not specifically an attacking mid like Cesc, but he’s been in that role. His preferred position is as a second striker in a 4-4-2. But we’ve gotten a whole lot more out of him than that and that’s down to who Arshavin is as a player and person. This winter we’ll go for someone who IS a striker and not a multi-dimentional meerkat wizard. Needs must. We must have a goal scoring, big, physical monster. But he can’t just stand around waiting for the ball to come to him. He must be able to move with the offense, create and blend with the other talents to be more than his parts. By all accounts, the money is there to buy such a player. We’ve cash on hand from the Ade and Kolo moves. We’ve got cash from operations (thank you to all who regularly attend matches and buy Arsenal merchandise)…and hey…maybe a new shirt deal soon to come (unlikely). Despite the historically tight purse strings of AW, if the “right” player does come available sometime in January, I can honestly see another record signing because of our place in the table. Lets not forget that last year our only hope of anything good for the season was simply to qualify for the CL again. No titles were going to be won, we weren’t realistically going to win either the FA Cup or the CL, and the Prem was already out of reach. And still we made a record signing in Arshavin. This season, with everything to play for, AW might…might do the very un-Wenger-like thing and set another single player spending record.

    So, after all that, does Dzeko fit? Yes. Does Gignac fit? Yes, probably. Toni? No. Louis Saha? Maybe. Benzema? Maybe. Villa? Abolutely – but not likely because, no matter how loose the purse strings of AW get, they’re not likely to be loose enough (even if we have the cash). Cole? Yes, but with some caveats. Adriano? No – the physical skills are there, and he’d be free, but he’s not an Arsenal type player. KJH? Yes.

    And now my brainium hurts from trying to be Arsene Wenger.

  27. I welcome all you views. About the transfers in january. But we dont just need astriker we also need amid, who is going to replace song and abua.
    And about the striker we need ayoung striker the like of egueros dzekos. Because we are building afuture team, which is going to terrarise europe and the wold as well.
    Happy e-mas.

  28. We are not buying any of those strikers mentioned above. At Arsenal we need players who are committed. Forget what the paper says no hope for Dzecko, klass or Villa to play for Arsenal. But if we will sign a striker in january let him be Chamakh for he has committment and he will come cheaper plus he can sit on the bench when RVP returns. Well lets leave to the transfer business to Le Boss he is a genus.

  29. I will just ad that one, I agree, AW will not dish out 10’s of millions. So no Villa. The other 3 r good options. I think wenger likes chamakh but I think chamakh will see the season out at Bord. I think chamakh may move to arsenal at the end of this season. Podolski is an interesting suggestion

  30. This is our January signing.
    Bryan Ruiz
    Personal information
    Full name Bryan Ruiz Gonzáles
    Date of birth 18 August 1985 (age 24)
    Place of birth San José, Costa Rica
    Height 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
    Playing position Striker, Winger
    Club information
    Current club Twente
    Number 22
    Youth career
    2003 Alajuelense
    Senior career*
    Years Team Apps (Gls)†
    2003–2006 Alajuelense 83 (24)
    2006–2009 Gent 79 (26)
    2009– Twente 16 (12)
    National team‡
    2006– Costa Rica 31 (9)
    * Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only and correct as of 6 december 2009.
    † Appearances (Goals).

  31. Huntelaar is the most Wengery kind of purchase out of those mentioned. Someone who can do a job but is yet to fulfil his potential, and therefore value for money. I’d suggest however that he’s probably looking at lesser known players. His scouts have probably already delivered reports on guys we’ve never heard of.

  32. Haha, this is awesome, I’m so glad everyone is enjoying the article. And also glad to get a TON of other fan’s perspective.

  33. hi mr wenger pls buy dzeko coz we have 2 win epl 2009/10 if u buy him hope 99 person we win epl but if u not buy him mabyeee 50/50 for epl 99 person arsenal fans wants 2 buy him so pls wenger any price get him .dzeko dzeko dzeko

  34. I want Shay Given if he is looking for a shift. Almunia has proved the boo birds right this year…

  35. knowing wenger he will probably just buy some random young french guy, and he will be pretty impressive, and then he will get injured.

  36. Hey guys Merry Christmas to every one and a happy New Year. It’s been a great year for the Gunners I personally think that we are in a great position in the League and all the other competitions that were still in. I believe that the pressure is on Chelsea and Man U and every body seems to not mention Arsenal much, but there quick on criticizing us and our managers comments.
    The big game is Aston Villa in my opinion If we beat them then we put our place in the title race and increase the pressure on the top two. We play our catch up game on the 9th of January I think and then were right in it. On the striker subject I have a lot of believe Mr Wenger he will pick the man for the job with the price in mind of course. Getting a striker between the age of
    24-28 will be Ideal, Which will give the striker time to develop and gel with team. On the subject of money I think most if not all the players will be overpriced thanks to MAN CITY. But we need some one tall thats a must. with a good finishing in the final third. So keep fingers crossed and lets think about our next game then see what happens…..GO THE GUNNERS.

  37. Just because everyone has been putting in details of their opinions, this blog seems great today.
    *Here is how things are, Arsene Wenger for the first time has actually gone out and accepted that he needs a striker who is tall, young and absolutely lethal and he has said the move will be made keeping club’s long term future in mind which automatically fires Toni, Ruud, Saha and a few other old nuts out of the equation.
    *As the move is not to replace Robin Van Hood, but for the future, there is a strong possibility that Wenger will buy someone who gives Van Hood a run for places after he returns and thus is good enough to do that..
    * And these facts bring you the few names who would be suitable:
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar
    Andre Pierre Gignac
    *WHo will be the best one for us ?
    ~Huntelaar: A wonderkid 18 months ago and a no-one in Europe today, he has failed at two of the biggest clubs and two of the biggest leagues miserably. Whats the guarantee he will survive the Premier League ? Well, for one the similarities between Ajax and Arsenal’s styles of play. The major reason for hunter’s failures have been the lack of creativity in the midfield and no assistance from wings but at Arsenal he has probably the best midfield in England at the moment with the two midfield genuises i.e: Andrei Arshavin and Francesc Fabregas all waiting to help him. This move would be absolutely lethal for the premier league . In my opinion, hunter is alot better than dzeko or gignac and thus he is the guy who will help us find glory. My formation if we get him will be
    Almunia(i am not expecting a gk at emirates)
    Sagna Verma Gallas Clichy
    Fabregas Song Diaby Nasri
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar
    But i know whatever or whoever Le Profesor buys will be absolute gem.

  38. No one should listen to wat Arsene Wenger says lol. He says no to Arshavin because he gets to “tired” wat happens? we buy him in Jan, he says no to Benzema but then said “we were after Benzema but it was too late Real already bought him”. Wenger is a genius at handling things like transfer talks and keeping stuff behind closed doors. He’ll get u excited wen he gives u that lil smurk wen asked about any players were in for u think wit that gesture u just know we are gonna buy but at the very same time ur heart falls in ur stomach cause he says “we still have bendtner”. Watever Wenger does at the end of the day he knows wat hes doin thats why he is manager and ill be happy with his decision buy or no buy in the market.

  39. So we want an experienced yet talented guy with some height. One who will fit into the long term of the club by being able to play with RVP or will be on the bench awhen RVP gets back without affecting our youngster.

    The perfect solution: Thierry Henry

    and I would even suggest Vieira again to cover in midfield

    Talk about a story that would give us the belief for the rest of the year! I think that would strike fear into the hearts of Man U and Chelsea as well as suiting our situation

  40. I think if we need to to get players who are not Cup tied, South America is the pace to hunt from. The idea of buying a player who has failed in their current form may be good because it affords us a cheap replacement but its a risk that may not work. Hantelaar for instance seems to have consistently failed to impress. Adriano too seem to have failed to live up to the expectations. same case with Nisteltooy. I think Ramsey was freeing Wenger to concentrate in buying a striker even if expensive as they come by pledging that he can deputize for the Injured Cesc and African Nation Cup visiting song. My deal would be this If we must keep Bendtner (whom i think we can offload together with Eduardo to create space and keep the same balance) We can then get two good strikers to replace Eduardo and Bendtner. My Choice would be Chilean Humberto Suazo, playing in Mexican league and has been consistent for 5 long years this far. (watch him on You tube via the links provided) and Pazzini of Sampdoria. We can get Suazo on loan if we try him.

  41. I think they should buy Bryan ruiz cuz of he’s exlant ball control dribbleing and shot

  42. i think arsenal should to sign aguero from athelico madrid…
    aguero is a new wonderkid….
    for the midfielder i suggest to arsene wenger to sign valencia’s silva or liverpool’s captain steven gerrard….who is target by a biggest club in the world..for defender i think wenger should bid daniel agger…

    i hope wenger will sign them all…
    arsenal is great!!!!!!

  43. Arsenal need to sign Mario Balotelli he would be perfect replacement for when rosicky leaves as he is getting to the end of prem quality which gives him a season to gel with the players also he would slot in the many different attacking flows arsenal create on the pitch and he can use both feet he has great pace so would keep up with theo and can cross the ball for bendtner also we need to be more patient with VELA everyone seems to have forgotten this little GEM of a player he has only been with the squad a season and has never played in a top league yet trust in the AW i believe in him and I believe in VELA he will be our VILLA soon you will see…..Carlos Theo And Jack you are arsenals future. Arsenal should sign Subotic and sakho so if your reading these AW please give us strength to win the ball more thats what we need like the old days the Great Arsenal counter from winning the ball in the air in defence to in the last third in under 10secs 🙂

  44. Hello! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established
    blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog?
    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.
    I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to start.

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you

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