Great news for Arsenal, better news for Australian Arsenal fans

It was always going to take something fairly hefty to break up the promised silence between my last post and the launch of the new Arsenal FC Blog scheduled for the 13th of August.

As it is, it’s not just one great piece of news, but two.

The first is that Cesc Fabregas has rejoined the squad and will stay at Arsenal for another season.

You don’t need me to tell you how significant this decision could be and full credit must go to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board for standing firm under severe (and often unfair) pressure from Barcelona to ensure Fabregas remained an Arsenal player.

You can check out a full statement from Fabregas about the summer dealings here.

It’s actually quite interesting read – particularly the part about Arsenal rejecting two formal bids from Barcelona.

The second piece of great news is for all of the Australian Arsenal supporters out there (of which I am one and therefore know how many there really are).

Channel One Digital has managed to snatch up the rights to all of Arsenal’s (and Liverpool’s, for the record) games next season and will be showing them all, as well as some Arsenal TV stuff, for free.

It’s been a long time since any Premier League games have been free-to-air in Australia and it is almost unbelievable to think that only Arsenal and Liverpool fans will be given the privilege.

It also suggests to me that Arsenal may be looking to grow their fan-base in one of the fastest-developing football nations and it will be interesting to see how many young kids are running around in Arsenal shirts, rather than the usual Manchester United and Liverpool shirts, in ten years time.

I suspect there will be a few.

You can read Channel One’s full press release here.

Anyway, that’s it for now. See you all on the August 13 for the re-launch!


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  1. Not sure about the Barca colour in your website crest, but thats great news for you aussies regarding the games free to air, just need something like that in NZ now.

  2. You lucky Aussies, you’ll be closer to some of us in the UK. What does it take to get an Aussie visa?

  3. Dear Arsonal FC Blog,

    It is a great news that Fabrigas stay in Arsenal.

    I appriciate your information

    Best wishes

  4. It is a shame they are not being shown live, but good news all the same. I spend a week every 5 in Melbourne, so brilliant to catch all the games on One now down there. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. The Cesc statement just seems to confirm what has always been known. He’s under contract and he knows that unless Arsenal want to sell him he can’t go. If Barca had not been totally broke, and unable to raise any money, then they might have gone up to £80m and Arsenal might well have accepted.

    I guess at the start of it all most people simply didn’t believe what ourselves and a few other sites were saying – Barca are so deeply in financial trouble they are teetering on the edge.

    Remember that first story we ran saying that there was a danger that they could go out of business this summer. How everyone sneered. Next thing we know, all the bank loans have dried up and they can’t actually raise the money to pay the players, let alone find another £80m to buy Cesc.

    So it all stops. Because the local press are in total denial that Barca is bust they will raise the issue again and again and again, and eventually he will go, just as Vieira, Henry, Anelka, Overmars have all gone for the right price at the right time.

    But this was not the right time.

    However we have two players who could replace him – Ramsey and Nasri. Neither is quite ready – the former of course because he has been Shawcrossed, and the latter is not getting enough time in the middle.

    He’ll go eventually, and so will all the other stars. Fortunately, we’ll make a profit, Barca will sink deeper into financial mire, until they go into administration, and we have that little old production line just finding more and more and more wonder kids.

    The only thing that stops the current process is everyone else going bust.

  6. Both pieces of great news. The second especially for me as i’ve just moved and won’t be able to get Foxtel (Cable company in Aus) hooked up for a month or two, They broadcast every Premier league game live but it’s only the Arsenal ones i watch religiously, so looks like i’ll be getting my Arsenal fix from a free-to-air broadcaster (for a little while at least).

  7. One thing I hope Arsenal improve is its media reach in Asia. Here the official epl broadcaster has lost out the contract to a rival and I must fork out an addition of 30bucks to subscribe just for epl, obviously I refuse, therefore I probably will be watching live telecast of LaLiga and Bundesliga.

    Any internet live streams you guys know off?

  8. This is even more than great. I am over happy that Fabregas has not gone back to barca.
    I could have been a sad news us if he had gone back but thank God that he has rejoined the squard for this season.

  9. One has to appreciate the restraint Cesc kept as the whole story took its time, and did not give any comments to anybody. Very professional; and also hats off to Arsenal for playing their cards right. Next year he might get a bigger price, provided he delivers with the Gooners this season – another reason for more committment maybe? Let’s now look forward to a good season. Arsenal must not underestimate any team in the Premier league, which cost us valuable points – and possibly the title, last year.

  10. Good on Arsenal. I believe the Prem clubs need to stand their ground against the 2 spanish teams who are trying to snap up everyone. Hope he stays, hope torres stays. as united fan, but also a fan of the prem, i want the best players to be here en the premiership.
    Can’t wait for the season the begin.

  11. I am rapt about both bits of news. When I found out about One HD I wason cloud nine for the rest of the day.

  12. Hello, Andrew. Good of you to pop in! Hopefully the Cesc news will shut up the whingers, moaners and scumbags for 5 minutes. Personally I always believed he’d stay – and once again it’s down to that man, Arsene Wenger. Of course what these foolish anti-Wenger-ites don’t understand is that without him, there wouldn’t be a Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal in the first place.

  13. Finally the Cesc saga has come to an end. No doubt in my mind that he will perform in the same level or even higher than last seasons. Legia tomorrow and hoping for more defensive cohesion. Just so glad the season is about to begin!

  14. Great news about ‘One’ broadcasting Arsenal games, I hope it does great things for Arsenal’s brand here. I did a little dance when I first read it and then was disappointed when I realised that they aren’t playing the games live, nonetheless the replays and extra content will be awesome.

  15. Arsenal on FTA TV?

    Cesc confirmed to be staying with Arsenal?

    What a great week.

    What are people’s thoughts on Spahic?

  16. The best news i have gotten for a long time.Looking forward to watching the Gunners take on the Premiership and Champions League , with Cesc as their captain and all our other new signings.I AM HAPPY AS A BIG IN S..T.
    Thank you ONE HD.

  17. Now,time to deliever that we been missing for quite number of years.naija gunners will support u all way.

  18. I am from Australia, I pay 90 dollars a month just to watch the arsenal games, ad the other 98% of the time my gf watches absolute rubbish on the tv so this is great, save myself 90 dollars a week lol

  19. Its very good news for tyhe begining of the season?? nice>woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. I feal great to hear that cesc is staying with us….all of ugandan arsenal supporters are huppy with that decession…??

  21. LOVE IT!!!! 😀

    best news possible and such a good surprise about the arsenal games one One digital!! :D:D:D

  22. Wenger transformed a spanish youngster into a world-class midfielder. Cesc has been the assist leader of Arsenal in the Premier League for four years. He was raised by Wenger to lead and deliver victory as the Gunners’ captain…! All the best, Cesc!

  23. Once the euphoria, generated by Fabregas’s statement, has died away reality will kick in. He has actually said nothing about his future intentions.

    It is quite obvious that he has only remained at Arsenal due to the transfer veto imposed by Wenger. If this is the case then we have an unhappy and “want-away” player who also happens to be the club captain.

    Only time will tell whether or not Fabregas is fully committed to Arsenal although I strongly suspect that this really will be his farewell season at The Emirates.

  24. U the australian arsenal fans r very lucky .But as an Indian gooner iam dissappoint because in India some sports channels r showing Mu tv,chelsea tv &Lfc tv.As an Arsenal fan iam dissapointing there is no Arsenal tv in any sports channel.

  25. U the australian arsenal fans r very lucky .But as an Indian gooner iam dissappoint because in India some sports channels r showing Mu tv,chelsea tv &Lfc tv.As an gooner iam dissapointing there is no Arsenal tv in any sports channel.

  26. Sobin the Gooner,

    when Setanta went bust last year the Arsenal TV channel went with it. The only Arsenal dedicated TV is provided by ATVO via the official Arsenal website.

    If you want to watch today’s friendly between Liegia Warsaw and Arsenal try 17.00 Central European time although, I don’t know what time that is where you are.

  27. great to hear, cesc, a gooner once again…………… he’s got a challenge ahead of him……

  28. fellow funs please don’t boo him. i wish vuvuzelas weren’t burned, i’d blow as many times as i can 4 cesc comeback.

  29. Flappyhandski does it again!!!

    Another b**** up by our useless Polish excuse for a ‘keeper. Legia Warsaw 3 Arsenal 1 at half time. I missed the first goal but the bloke masquerading as a goalkeeper definitely at fault for the second and third.

    Chamakh got one back with a great header.

    Please Mr. Wenger ….buy us a ‘keeper..

  30. Hi guys just saw the best joke on the net Arsenal planning to but pepe reina from liverpool for 23 mil what joke that will never happen at least not since wenger is there.
    Arsenal let in 5 goals today how ironic we only add one defender I think that the end of the transfers for the summer we only spend 10 mill and want to win the title understand Flappyhandski was at fault today again but am not shocked when the manager accepts average performances every season then just continue to be average ……

  31. Dear idiots – er…that’s you, kel and a few others (you know who you are) have you heard the latest?

    ‘Arsene Wenger admits he is thinking about extending his contract with the club and almost certainly ending his managerial career at the Emirates Stadium.’

    That’s on the soccernet site.

    Arsene’s going nowhere. I think it’s about time you found yourselves another team.

    bye bye – don’t let the door bang you in the ass on the way out.

  32. @ old Pr*ck thxs for the info i saw it am still mad as hell but you no what he can’t coach anyone else and not win a single trophy in 6 seasons so Arsenal will keep him AND After this season if we don’t at least win the carling cup am done i will still support the team though because i love the club and i got a whole lot of ARSENL gear so nothing personal BOB LOL…….

  33. @old timer/ my mate nonny,
    There can be no getting away form the fact that le boss has made some serious judgement errors the last few seasons and also the FACT that he has reneiged on his promise to strengthen once again, I admire your rigid stance behind our greatest ever manager but you have to respect the point of view of a fellow fan who I have no doubt loves the Arsenal as much as you. Kel this site is here for diverse opinion and debate….not for blind faith or cult followers, I enjoy your posts.
    I get what your saying but theres no point fighting people who want the same thing you do….and thats for the club to prosper…..everyone has a different standard in that respect..some want the club to be viable and economically sound, some want a side capable of challenging for honours,(at minimum)….I am bang in the middle, I am proud of the way we operate and do not bow to the big money men who corrupt the game, but im also dissapointed that the manager cannot be seen to back up his promises of buying quality…I mean OK dont pay over the odds for jagielka or cahill but go get chiellini or mertesacker who are worth their valuation.
    I also take huge issue with the managers sore loser attitude and his poor sportsmanship on many occasions in failing to shake his opposite numbers hand and his inability to come out and say what were all thinking when weve been held or beaten by a ‘lesser’ team. I dont like that he blames fellow managers, rough house tactics or officials mistakes and I especially dont like the fact that so many fellow fans eat it up and dont see that he is actually deflecting the attention all the time…..TAKE RESPONSIBILTY Wenger….god knows our fans have been paying enough to warrant taht much at least in the last 6 seasons

  34. It’s a fatuous argument. Arsene Wenger doesn’t buy quality? Is Vermaelen quality? Is Arshavin quality? Is Fabregas quality? Was Thierry Henry quality? All bought by Le Boss along with a list of other names way too long to list here. The man is renowned throughout the footballing world as one of, if not THE most astute judges of quality. But one thing he refuses to do is pay what he considers to be over the odds. And since he is The Boss that’s his prerogative. And since out of what you might might now call the Big 5 clubs in the league Arsenal are the ONLY ones in a completely secure financial situation (and the only one not owned by foreigners) I am glad of that.
    You mention chiellini and mertesacker – that’s just your opinion that, even if we could get these guys, they’d be right. Who’s to say they’d wouldn’t come in and be rubbish? You don’t know.

    AW made a decision some seasons ago to develop a team rather than buy one. He’s loyal and backs his players up 100%. Maybe too much, but if it’s a fault it’s of the better kind.
    As a result of his vision we have a team that plays sublime football that’s the envy of other supporters. I love the fact that watching The Gunners now I get to see fantastic entertainment.
    The fact that we haven’t won a trophy doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve followed the Arsenal for longer periods than this without a trophy.
    But when we do win a trophy, Mr Shambogunner, you can sit and look at it. And won’t that be nice…

    As for kel – you ‘love the club’? Lie kel you do.

  35. Old Timer,

    Arsenal’s majority shareholders are Stan Kronke and Alisher Usmanov, neither of whom have so far been granted British citizenship, so in effect Arsenal are as foreign owned as makes no difference.

  36. @john,
    You could lose 5 games in EPL and still win the league, all im saying is it would be great if we could do it that way and still have the integrity of the club intact.
    Sure we are renowned for playing superb football, but we are also renowned as whingers and sore losers…..FACT. The manager must take responsibility for that.
    Try reading through a comment properly before you allow your mind to race off on one of your smartass retorts.
    I dont mind that we havent won a trophy in 6 years, I dont mind if we go another 6….but what I do want is to be contesting for honours, not whimpering out of the Carling cup on the end of a hiding from City, not whimpering out of the FA cup conceding 3 at Stoke, not whimpering out of the CL after a toothless and tactically inept performance at Barce and not whimpering out of the title race when we lose Verm, Cesc,Arsha and RvP and are left depending on Nasri, Almunia,Diaby and Walcott to show some guts at spurs and ewood park….where they failed miserably and showed the type of lack of pride and desire I dont want associated with my team.
    You may be right about Chiellini and Mertesacker, they might not be as good in the PL or fit in, but i doubt it, these guys are top international players whov done it on the biggest stage and they are winners by nature, they wouldnt fold at white hart lane or ewood park…..or the nou camp either!
    If guarenteed proven PL players are what you want then im afraid you better cross your fingers real tight for the two lads weve recruited, whatever about top players like the 2 iv mentioned above not adapting, you have chamakh, not a 20 goal a season man even in france, and you hav koscielny, hasnt even declared for a country let alone got a senior cap at 26….these are huge gambles to bring into a team looking to fight for a PL title, at least I think thats what Wenger wants isnt it????… win a League, I mean isnt that why were here?
    Why cant we buy proven PL quality like Tim Cahill, Scott Parker, Stephen Ireland, Shay Given, Darren Bent….the list goes on and on but le boss is absolutely obssessed with plucking some unknown to bolster his own ego and reinforce the fact that he is good for something if hes not winning anything………we havnt won anything in 12 years Arsene; ‘but look at all the unknowns I brought in and sold for 5m profit, surely that will cement my name in the history books’
    In 10 years time no1 but us will remember the players who played the 2004-2010 seasons for us….but the whole world will be able to tell you what we won in that time…….a big duck egg…..0

  37. Wrong, John.

    See: ‘The ownership of Arsenal Football Club is considerably different to that of other clubs in English football.’

    Neither Kronke nor Usmanov own Arsenal and as such can do nothing to effect Arsenal Holdings plc other than sell their shares or try to buy more.

    ‘I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.’ – Michael Jordan

  38. Old Timer,

    Kroenke is on the Arsenal board and so has considerable influence.

    Over 50% of shares are owned by Usmanov and Kroenke combined so Arsenal are, as I said, effectively foreign owned.

  39. wenger would not want Stan Kronke and Alisher Usmanov, to take control of the they would fire him the very next day
    Cheap bastard !!!!

  40. Just saw the community shield and MAU look as defensively strong as ever I tell you if u can’t defend there is no way you will win this league Arsenal take note
    Here is some stats of the Average goals conceded by The top four Teams in the last six seasons

    Chel Mau
    23 26

  41. Just saw the community shield and MAU look as defensively strong as ever I tell you if u can’t defend there is no way you will win this league Arsenal take note
    Here is some stats of the Average goals conceded by The top four Teams in the last six seasons

    Chel Mau Arse
    23 26 35

    These two who conceded the least goals have won the league in the last 6 years

  42. Obviously it’s better than if One didn’t show them at all, but it feels very strange watching football matches interspersed with ads – completely ruins the flow.
    Anyone’s who has seen One’s Bundesliga coverage can attest to this.

  43. @ hey nonny mouse or what ever your name is GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU PRICK, i can say what i want you dont own the blog, if you look at all my posts they,re not always negative,you talkalot of shit but i,ve never called you any names so FUCK OFF!

  44. I only like arguments when it educates esp. when we’re arguing amongst ourselves.

    I dont also like it when we dont allow others to say their minds. Why call people names just because they’re not happy with whats going on. I mean guys…..right now, do we have defenders? Didn’t u see Man U? Chelsea couldn’t even score with all the attack they muster. Part of the reason is cos of that Old Man – Van Der Sar.

    Yes Mr Wenger…pls get us Reina. Our defense will never be complete without a solid man between the sticks. Why do we seem to bother a lot if people complain or not. Does it matter? Will not complaining give us trophies? Pls guys

  45. I respect Shambo’s comments a lot cos he always gives reason for whatever he says. Pls let us learn to respect what others have to say.

    We kinda chased off SpanishGunner in ways like this last season. He’s still not back. What do we gain by trying to put others off?

    Actually, some of us could be very annoying(esp Kel)…..but I would prefer he was banging away than keeping quiet or just saying nice stuff and pretending all’s well.
    @Kel – nothing personal

  46. Hey good to see the family feud extending, hopefully Andy won’t banned anyone(here’s looking at kel) when the season properly starts. Sometimes i wish the nuke button from the good old days of irc scripts is around so i can just ddos comments i don’t like.

    Anyway nice to see all the gooners having a good family bonding session again. Play nice! Don’t overdo on the catfight.

  47. Well maybe we could have a kind of double-post blog? One where all the ungrateful, cry-baby, whingebags can go and piss and moan about how awful it all is and what a c*nt Wenger is and how all our players are shit. And another for those of us that feel positive, get behind our team and actually enjoy watching a good game of football? How’s that sound? Or is whinging only worthwhile if you can piss other people off too?

  48. Im dissapointed that everyone is still complaining about signings I mean football is more than just having names on a sheet of paper although it obviously would help but at the moment Im afraid all gunners will have to be patient the time of the GUNNERS will come again and i just hope im still alive to see it haha ALSO completely illerelavant to arsenal football club but if there any gunners out there who play ps3 and in particular playthe Call Of Duty series my clan PuR3 are currently holding trials trust me we are pro add my PSN- maxyB693 and ill hook you up, and also check out for more info p.s its a ick as website

  49. And Andy is there any technical things to do with websites you could teach me? Im 14 but i am going to be starting my own arsenal blog when im finished uni

  50. i have always known that mr wenger is a wise and good manager who knows when or not to sell a player.i strongly believe that this year is gunners year of trophies.oh how i love and believe in this team and mr wenger.go on doing what u know best mr for mr fab,is ur hand not made to recieve trophies? come on boy go ahead and recieve trophies with the gunners for this is their year of wenger just sign one good keeper and one more good centre defender,that will be all.

  51. guys join up at fanatsy premier league dot com.

    Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the ‘Leagues’link you can find on the right of the page. Now enter the code 1083539-230605 to join the private league.

  52. Andy, that defence is giving me chills! Please, say something about!!! Downright awful..

    5 goals taken by 2nd division class strikers!

  53. @gruggy…ha ha ha apologies mate and thanks for the info!
    Nonnys not that bad…..chill dude, the whole name calling thing doesnt suit you
    Were allowed to have different opinions man and nobody knows it all. I can respect that you think im ‘negative’, but you also have to respect that I think your just being safe and conservative, we need a mixture of both and its healthy that some of us challenge things (me,kel,gunnerboss) and that some of us (you,laninja,old timer) balance us out if were overzealous when making our point, bottom line is we all love the Arsenal, and the blog..
    Appreciate your comment pal, I actually miss spanish gunner on here aswell, he was a good lad. Wheres the icehammer????
    @old timer,
    Scotty Parker and Darren Bent are proven Premier League players and are excellent at what they do.
    Parker along side Song would be a serious combo and free up cesc and Nasri (zero defensive interest or capability)……Bent is a proven goalscorer, we havent had one since titi14…….these two guys have played a high standard CONSISTANTLY at ‘lesser’ clubs, just think what they could do at our club. Now im not saying I want them both, their just examples of whats around that could give us the depth so many of our fans think we have, when in fact we are weaker than liverpool and spurs when it comes to cover.
    anyway I think were on to sign Given or Hart and thats why the boss has left it late….saturday city will have to start one, and the other will issue a tranfer request that evening,both have already gone on record to say as much.
    Pity about Martin O Neill, he did a great job and has great integrity….hope we could nab aghbonlahor now…..that dude is quick

  54. Hey Everyone – Andy has made it clear he won’t be posting before the launch on the 13th, so stop asking already!!!!

  55. @shambo – it amazes me that you think my support of Wenger is down to me being ‘safe and conservative’ ??
    I mean what the-?? I infer from that you think I (and others) support Wenger out of a kind of blind loyalty and are unable to see his faults. Believe me I see his faults and am exasperated by them. But those faults are far out-weighed by his merits. What annoys me is that here we are, with the season not even started and already people are jumping on denigrating the team and the manager. And with this denigration comes a dismissal of all that he is done for the club. The achievements, improvements and transformations – too numerous to list here. The financial strength. The worldwide acclaim. None of it would have happened without AW. But what do we get? People like kel calling him a ‘cheap bastard.’
    Of course you’re allowed to have your own opinion and may it ever be so – but my opinion of your opinion is that it sucks. ‘Challenging’? What are you challenging? Just go and talk to a bunch of spud, chav or manure supporters and you’ll find them all in blissful agreement with you. There’s nothing they’d rather see happen than AW leave.

    Nothing personal though, dear boy.

  56. ha ha nonny, i love Wenger man, hes irreplaceble….my grievance comes with the fact the man said last season after many substandard performances that he would be strentghening the squad and right now (5 days before we play liverpool) we are actually weaker than last season havin lost gallas,sol,du du and sylvestre…..even if he does sign someone now they wont be ready to gel in for sunday…..dont get me wrong im diehard arsenal and have had manys the row with utd,pool,spuds fans, but I dont like that season after season the fans are told porkys to tie them over to start of season where, naturally the excitement and anticipation of the new season distracts us from the fact that we have not really strengthened our hand, I mean Chelsea and Utd havent spent either and it would have been a chance to close the gap but we just havent and City could overtake us

  57. @ shambo, i,ve never come on this blog and slagged people,s opinions off so i dont expect to be called a wanker by non moose or who ever he is ,i,m as chilled as ever mate,just wont tolerate people that dont know me insulting me.

  58. hi all If you aren’t already playing the game then you can register at fantasy premierleague dot com

    Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the ‘Leagues’
    link you can find on the right of the page. Now enter the code
    1083539-230775 to join the private league.

    Free to join.

    Enjoy the game.

  59. Guys this is a blog I don’t give a DONKEY who agrees or not this is my opinion since 2004/05 we have not won a dam thing I gave him time for me his time is almost done. And the main problem is he is a liar and you can’t trust liars he PROMISED PROMISED PROMISED us experience players and a GOAL KEEPER to complement the young one, now today five days before our season opener we lost more players than we bought kochenly is young chamaka i hope he fires we need it and the same goal keepers from last season now tell me when someone lies to u can you trust them i know i sound negative but enough is enough you guys can support wengers deceptions and lies but i’ve had it up to my A*s
    I WANT A TROPHY any TROPHY the carling cup will do but pls just a trophy ……

  60. My 11 starting lineup choices for the premier league,
    1. New Goalkeeper
    2. Vermaelean
    3. Konscienly
    4. Kieran Gibbs
    5. New defender
    6. Cesc
    7. Andrei
    8. Jack Wilshere
    9. Walcott
    Eboue,Samir,Frimpong, Rosicky,Vela,Diaby

  61. I HATE BARCA very much…NO MONEY NO TALK BARCA….fuck off!!!!….see you in champions league…sorry to arsenal fans for the negative comment…

  62. Could someone not fly down to Spain and warn this Xavi Bastard? What the hell is wrong with this guy?

    Why is he saying FABs will leave by Jan. when “we would’ve been out of the league race…that our team is not competitive”.

    I just hate this guy, his club and I really hope this stuff gets reported soon.

  63. Fulham Goalie hands in transfer request today so he could move to Arsenal for 2mil quid.
    So says

  64. Also on Telegraph website – Arsenal listed as world’s 5th richest football club, and at least two of the clubs ahead of us, Barstardlona and manure are, as we know, deeply in debt. That wealthy status has transpired during AW’s tenure.

    + Arsenal membership survey shows 60 per cent of fans are satisfied with recent results while 75 per cent say they are optimistic for the future.

  65. Yes, we are optimistic. Young Jack will definitely step up this season, so too should Walcott and Vela(could be invaluable for cups).

    This season will be good(atleast 1 trophy) even though i’m not the trophy freak. But, concerting our efforts towards winning atleast the FA cup would be something. This does not mean we cannot go for the champs league full force or even EPL… even though EPL teams now seem to know how to cope when we’re without a killer striker.

    Finally, we wanna win something at all this season, then we need either one of the top strikers(Chamakh or RVP) fit season long.

  66. The goalkeeping situation at the club is so depressing. I cant believe wenger hasnt signed a new gk after the blunders Almunia and flapianski made last season.
    When will he learn?

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