Getting to know Vermaelen + Wenger’s artistic vision

As the Arsenal vs Bolton game is not on until Sunday and most of the team news was mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to hold out on the match preview until tomorrow.

Instead, I have a few cheeky links to get you through another Friday:

Until tomorrow, be good.

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  1. Campbell back is great, but aw shudnot 4get d signing of a striker .

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  2. havin Sol back mean good for Arsenal Specially for young defender havin experiance share and for the club keepin the Top Position.. good jan. News

  3. having him is not that much bad for a team who signed silvestre and i think AW should sign midfielder and striker as these are the areas we had some problems.

  4. Man City are getting really annoying now – leading the race to sign every big name! Football is just becoming farcical with all this artificial money! What’s the point? Clubs should be made to live within their means – that’s only fair, right? Reward success, consistency, achievement and innovation. If I didn’t love it so much, I’d have given up by now… but like a mistress she keeps enticing you back for more (not that I’d know, I’ve only heard!). I just know they’ll finish below us and I’ll really enjoy it! For a couple of quid, I’d welcome Santa Cruz, I guess… AFL

  5. i think if you look at the team wenger picked for the west ham game you can see he wants to win it,the way the players fought back in the last 10 minutes shows they want to win it,and every gooner wants to win it,it was important all this time but with UTD and liverfool out it doesnt make it easier automatically,we have to go to stoke and get a result first,then knowing our luck in F.A CUP draws we will have to go to the bridge or somewhere difficult,but this year the team is looking really good and hungry for everything,its only january but there is somthing happening at arsenal at the moment and i can definitly smell a trophy or two,this decade will be remembered for the arsenal and nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. A number of these things have been on my mind for a while now, not even being a Liverpool fan but usually like seeing them do well. How the mighty have fallen:

    1) How Jamie Carragher is consistently called an excellent player is beyond me. The mistake he made to gift Rasiak a gilt-edged chance in the first half is something you would crucify an 11yr old defender for – dummying a ball in your own six-yard box. I counted in the first half that Carragher ‘launched’ over 15 long-range passes in the general direction of Torres and Ngog. Firstly, his distribution is thoroughly shocking so how Rafa has not pulled him up on this speaks volumes about his current management skills. Secondly, why bother spending £20m on Aquilani if your centre-half is going to muller the ball up front Wimbledon style? No wonder Reading were gaining confidence when a team of Liverpool’s ‘calibre’ reverted to long balls. Carragher has always been highly overrated. The reason he make so many last-ditch tackles is because he has been caught out of position in the first place. Honestly I ask you England fans, would you ever prefer him instead of JT or Rio? Don’t think so (except biased Pool fans). Did Sami Hyypia really make Carra look that good for so long?

    2) Phil Dowd is a total and utter clown. He feels the need to commentate ala Martin Tyler throughout the game to the players, even at the slightest infringement instead of just blowing his whistle and moving on. He really irked me last night when he booked Degen for diving in the box (correctly). As he called Degen over he could be clearly seen to say “Not on my watch”. What a tosspot. Does he think he’s in a Hollywood Movie? Falling Down 2, with Rafa in the place of Mickey Douglas?

    3) Rick Parry has been slated in a lot of places recently saying that he held Rafa back. Well I for one can understand why Parry did not want to give Rafa full autonomy over transfers. His first major decision after being given this license, he spent £20m on a half-decent midfielder who has a history of injuries and who appears to be trying to do the same job as Lucas. Scandalous.

    The question everyone is asking is can Liverpool afford to sack Rafa with the long-term contract he is on? My question is, can they afford not to? Middle of January, five points off 4th place, out of the two domestic cups and the Champions League.

    With Manchester City hitting a bit of form and with a bottomless pit of cash to spend, with the top three tipping along also, the odds of a demoralised Liverpool squad making fourth spot are shrinking by the day. Surely a defeat to Stoke on Saturday will signal the end for Rafa. The question then is, who do they replace him with? Rijkaard/Klinsmann? Would you sack Rafa for either of them? José is the only candidate but he’d cost another packet on top of Rafa’s compensation deal. And with the debt Liverpool are in, these surely are worrying times for them.

  7. If we want to win the double AGAIN then we have to take the FA cup very seriously – this is our best shot at the double for a long time so Wenger should go for it

  8. We’ve won the Cup 10 times in our history and it was the last trophy that we managed to get our hands on.

    Before we beat West Ham in the 3rd round I doubted the importance of the competition to Arsene Wenger. I was worried he would sacrifice the Cup by resting players. He proved me wrong by selecting a strong team. And a team that won too.

    I read, and heard, many people saying the FA Cup is far from important these days anyway.

    Funny how opinions change isn’t it?

    Now that Manchester United and Liverpool have been knocked out, it takes on an even more important significance. Why?
    Even with Manchester United and Liverpool involved surely we should be looking to win every trophy we challenge for. Especially the FA Cup. Even the Carling Cup. I mean, we go for the Premiership and Champions League don’t we?

    The competition has become a little easier to win now with both those clubs out. But only now, because they are out, do I see the vast majority of people saying it is important to Arsenal.

    So what has changed?

    Were we not good enough to win it when those two were involved? Are we becoming that desperate for a trophy that people will change their view just because it became easier to win? Or is it deeper than that?

    I have to say that the FA Cup has always been important to me. I love the romance and the fact that it is still regarded as the best domestic trophy to get your hands on in the world of football.

    The FA Cup has taken a bit of a kicking in recent years. Qualifying for the Champions League is seen as a greater achievement and I find that a real shame.

    Unfortunately because of the financial gain from being in Europes premiership competition the Cup is not a massive priority.

    You can argue that a top four finish is more important but in my view Arsenal should be going for the title, not top four finishes. And even then if you are not successful in winning the league, I’m pretty confident you’d be in the top four anyway.

    Don’t view the FA Cup as something that is not a priority. It is. It’s always been important and should be in the future.

    We should always want to win it.

    Just because Manchester United and Liverpool are out it doesn’t mean that we should take a sudden interest in winning it.

  9. sorry arry,you must hav the wrong site mate,didnt hear many scousers voicing their concern about arsenals struggles in recent seasons so are you looking for sympathy from us??? your problem is your manager,negativein the extreme.he brings no youth thru,and an example of his ludicris changes could be seen when you conceded wed nite he immediately gestured to the bench,was it for and attacker to go and win the game?NOPE it was skirtel,and you got wot you deserved.takin ur frustations out on the yanks is bull and you all know it,all they can do is release the funds when available,they dont make the signings and listening to benitez post match is hilarious now,cant admit when their outplayed, ‘eh,jess, i think that in this game,jess, we hav our chances,and they hav their chances,no?’…… no rafa you deserved to lose in the away tie and luckily scored through an og in your home game without threatening much after… you hav to play 6 weeks without the 2 players you depend heavily on for goals and the odd dive,eh stevie G??

  10. Vermaelen is just a great player and 2009 good performance of Arsenal F.C, I some how attribute it to him.

  11. Sometimes I wish we all could have bbq together, ribs, stout ….gooners (and one hammers fan, icehammer) all over the world by the fire and having a great time. That would be awesome.

    Cheers all…

  12. Pleased about the Sol signing….and have just placed a Fiver on Silvinho be back in the squad before the year is out!!…With Sol, Silvestre and Silvinho the average age of the next years carling cup squad with probably hit 18!!

  13. Ianinja, do you really drink stout, i haven’t had a drop of that for some time. I was once partial to a pint of mackeson stout but now i only drink guiness, the original one in a bottle. I hear its very popular in the African continent, which is part of the reason why they are so big and strong. Thanks for the invite mate, although i think i would have to come in disguise, just incase im spotted by one of the irons.
    Question, going back to Sol’s reserve match, did everyone fail to notice how well Jay Emmenuel Thomas played. He only scored a hatrick but no fucker is talking about him. Ive been banging his drum for quite some time now but no one seems to notice him. Ive been watching him since he was 13 and always knew he had the potential to be a ‘great player.’ He comes from the same area as myself and is the real deal. He can play in almost any position on the pitch, even Wenger doesn’t know where his best position is. During last years Youth Cup he was the lick as captain and was the main man but Jack Wiltshere was given all the headlines. He captained the undr 18s at 16 years of age, the youngest ever. He has just turned 19 and should go a long way, Whats Wenger waiting for.

  14. dampatti, dude you have just copied and pasted some one else’s blog, come on man own up.

    dont worry andy i have voted for ya. and i agree about tony as well.

  15. Only guiness extra stout for me. I prefer stout to lager. Its quite popular in the Far East where I’m from, its the only drink I like..did like old speckled hen but its expensive in irish pubs here. American guiness is bad though..too watery and diluted.

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