Gallas is a very lucky boy

Gallas will be revealed to have escaped a banA very quick update this morning to say that Arsenal captain William Gallas has escaped any punishment from his off-the-ball kick on Luis Nani during the weekend FA Cup clash against Manchester United.

To be perfectly honest I fully expected Gallas to get a three-match ban for the incident and every Arsenal supporter as well as the captain himself should be thanking their lucky stars that no further action will be taken against him.

I’ll speak a little bit more about this later today in the regular daily post but it was such a good piece of news I just couldn’t wait to share it with the readers.

What do you think?

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  1. Sf-I was very confident that Gallas won’t be banned. I’ve mentioned in the earlier blog that showboating in England is not acceptable even The refs don’t like it.It can lead to trouble.The ref had a look at the replay and he said he didn’t see anything wrong he either blind or he is actually happy that Gallas kicked Nani for his showboating. Nani went over the top with his antics and I think he deserved the kick to stop him. he is lucky Tony Adams or Veira were not around they would’ve hurt him a lot more than Gallas.The verdict is a fair one.The players have been mentally prparing for this one for a long time and that is why they didn’t turn up at old Traford they will be switched on for this one.Bring on Kaka and co.

  2. I don’t agree Le Gunner. I think he deserved to be punished and the club is exceptionally lucky he was not. Showboating or no showboating, you cannot kick a player off the ball and that is exactly what Gallas did. If it was a Manchester United player we would be annoyed that they were not banned.

  3. Pleased he got away with it, thought Nani should’ve been sent off with headbut he tried to lay on. Justice for RVN foot stamp on Vieras back before his pathetic kick out.

  4. Great point SF. He deserved punishment. I would say “not so fast” though on the lucky part. He is just on borrowed time and any simple challenge in future will be overly scrutinized. Just like Eboue paying for the Terry incident in our last game, Captain Fantastic should be more carefull from now on.

  5. Fair enough a kick is a kick. Maybe I’m a bit bias on this one. I’ve been listening to a number of ex- players/Pundits almost all said Nani deserved it but also balanced their comment by saying Gallas should not have reacted. It is difficult to understand why showboating is looked down upon. It is a cheap way of annoying the opposition. I understand no one should be kicked with or without the ball but on this occasion I’m happy to remain bias. Look at Eboue I will not stand up for him no matter how biased I am what he did was callous and stupid. So there is a difference.

  6. I don’t think Eboue paid for his tackle on Terry in the game against United. His was a definite red card and Terry incident or no Terry incident he deserved to go. I don’t feel Gallas will be on borrowed time.

    Gosh I’m argumentative today aren’t I – and on such a lovely day too!

  7. i think you are all pissed because nani made your team look like absolute fools from start to finish, gallas kicked him intentionally more than once that game to let you know ..and by the way about the veira comment if neville were back he would have broken V dogs leg no dumb comments ..veira scared shitless of Big Gary

  8. I am so happy to know Gallas will not get a ban. Actually I was expecting 3 match ban for him cause what he did was stupid. Anyway it’s nice that FA favored the decision to Arsenal. I am pretty sure Mr F***guson will be gutted. He spoke to media demanding ban for Gallas.

    After the horrible loss, team confidence is low and in this chrunch time Gallas will play a vital role to motivate players for success. He is a really tough captain.

    As for Milan game there are many uncertainities. Will Sagna play or not? What about Rosiscky? I already gave up in RVP case. Sagna is much needed for the game. I would love to have Rosiscky in the team but he might not feature. The best way to play against Milan is to dominate midfield. since Cesc is not playing good at the moment, it will be tough for us in the middle of the park. We need the force to play against kaka, seederof, pirlo, gattusso and ambrosini. All of them are really good and they will deliver in champions league. Their league form is not realted to thier Champions league form. We need a big big game from every player. We need to stop Kaka and Seederoof and not to concede a lot of freekicks near the box. We all know what Pirlo can do. This team can beat Milan:

    Sagna Gallas Toure Clichy
    Rosiscky Flamini Cesc Hleb
    Adebayor RVP

    But we might miss both Rocky and Sagna, RVP will surely miss but might play some role in the second leg. The best result for us would be not to concede and hit couple of goals. Even 1-0 might be enough because who says we can’t get a draw in Milan. I hope Lehmann will have a big game and so do our defense/flamini.
    Wenger will give his best to win the game after disappointing loss last weekend. Our players are all good on their night. We have plenty of experience too what I think. Fabregas operated the center of the park at 18 and took us to the final. Flamini and Senderos had a very good tournament in 2005. Toure and Gallas are both experienced CB’s. Wenger might use Gilberto in the 2nd leg if we can win at the Emirates.
    My final prediction for Wednesday is 2-1 for us but I would love to say 2-0 but I can’t. I hope our players get motivated from the fact that we eliminated Juventus, the-then powerhouse in Italy and we thrashed Intermilan 4/5 years ago.

    Come on Gooners!!!!

  9. I’d love 2-0. It is a strong possibility – the parallels are there from the 2-0 success against Juventus a few years ago. We tend to do well against Italians in the knock-out and I think 2-0 is achievable.

  10. Gallas is lucky but what i know is that most players who show boat end up getting a kick or even a serious injury. nani should try the same when we meet them and he will see what our Gatusso and Clichy will do to him.

    For tomorrow the team i predict is


    Kolo Senderos Gallas Clichy

    Rosicky/Diaby Fabregas Flamini Hleb

    Adebayor** Eduardo**

    Either of our two strikers will score a brace.


    Arsenal 3 Milan 0

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