Gallas hates Arsenal + some hokey-pokey transfer rumours

I’m going to start today by absolutely ripping into The Daily Mail, so if you’re a fan of that abomination of an online paper then it’s probably best to look away now.

The stories about Gallas have been pretty ridiculousIf you’ve been reading of the Arsenal-related stories floating around you’ll know a lot has been said about William Gallas in the past couple of days. Indeed, a number of sites have gone so far as to claim that an ‘insider’ has spoken out about the players losing respect for their captain after his behaviour in recent weeks, a story that is roughly as reliable as Thierry Henry in a big game.

But The Daily Mail has gone and taken things a step further today with a truly awful piece of journalism entitled It’s great to see my Chelsea friends, I don’t have any at Arsenal – Gunners captain Gallas’s surprise admission’. Now, being the curious monkey that I am I of course viewed the story to see what all the fuss was about and was understandably quite shocked to read the following quote from Gallas in the story.

“Mates? Well, they are more like acquaintances. At Arsenal there is Theo Walcott but he is very young. Really, it’s the guys at Chelsea like Frank Lampard, John Terry, Wayne Bridge and Joe Cole. It always gives me pleasure to see them again.”

My first thought after reading this was something along the lines of: ‘What the heck are you on about Gallas? After all you’ve done this year and all the stick you’ve had to deal with you go and ruin it by saying something as stupid as this. You idiot!’ However, once I read a little further down the page I found this absolutely ridiculous statement sandwiched cleverly hidden between a series of distracting links and a photo of Gallas challenging Joe Cole from Sunday afternoon’s game:

“Gallas’ peculiar reaction could possibly be explained by a suggestion that he understood the question to refer to English mates at Arsenal.”

Take a bow, The Daily Mail, you’ve just run one of the worst stories in the history of journalism. And as result, I’m never linking to another story on your site again, unless it is simply to point out the complete load of bollocks that is published on a ridiculously regular occurrence. If I sound pretty angry it’s because I am. These are just the sort of stories that are designed to create trouble and you can tell by reading the comments on various Arsenal blogs around the place at the moment that this is exactly what has been achieved.

Thankfully Gilberto Silva – the main who could feel most aggrieved by the appointment of Gallas as captain this season – has been quick to nip this problem in the bud. The Brazilian midfielder, who looks set to leave the club at the end of the season, has spoken out about the harmony within the squad and backed the under-fire Arsenal captain.

“Sometimes when things don’t work well some people try to create some problems. I’m sure we don’t have any problems in the dressing room at Arsenal. We still have friendship between all the players and [Gallas] has the support of everybody.”

You’ll notice that the quote above is from the far more reliable Sky Sports website which unlike The Daily Mail usually attempts to run stories that have some genuine merit about them. It might be a far less of a sensationalist story to the ‘Gallas hates everybody’ story but at least it actually has some journalistic (Did I just make that word up? Have I been listening to Arsene Wenger too much?) credit.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve had enough of a rant about The Daily Mail so it’s time to turn the attention to the other news floating around the place at the moment. What’s that? There is none, you say? Apart from a couple of hokey-pokey stories about Lyon’s Hatem Ben Arfa and Fiorentina’s Zdravko Kuzmanovic joining Arsenal in the summer? Oh right, it’s international week.

While there’s no doubt that Arsenal need some to bring in some new midfielders in the summer but I’ll bet my beautiful new Skagen watch that neither of those two will join. The sincerest of apologies in advance to my lovely Dad who gave that watch to me if they do.

Have a good one and try not to let the likes of The Daily Mail get you down.

What do you think?

Have your say on The Daily Mail, Gallas, Gilberto, Ben Arfa or Kuzmanovic by leaving a comment.



  1. actually them two signings would be great for us, ben arfa is left footed and zlatko is a midfielder left footed as well but am not sure we get because we got loads of competition in midfield unless flamini is going

    but it would be a dream summer if we bought david villa and hatem ben arfa and a powerful central defender then we got the right balance

  2. its all faillin apart now as yer not winnin…this shows yer true colours when things dont go yer own way…….i cud have seen it comin lack of silverware also…coys

  3. This is the reason we need great team unity, AND great FAN unity. To all the fans out there – do NOT believe this story, it is absolute bull. Just because we are in a temporary slump at the moment, doesnt give the journalists a right to cause more stress and bother among fans.
    I like the sound of Ben Arfa coming to Arsenal. We do need strength to back up injuries. Thats the only real field we are weak in.

  4. It’s all a load of bollocks, they’re trying to destabilize our club.

    Lets focus on the football, win CL and strengthen for next season.

    With some quality additions we’ll kick arse next season.

  5. exellent post. Is it the Daily Mail that host “The MatchetMan”‘s column? If it is then I suggest that they take his matchet and stick up thiers. Maybe the pain will keep them occupied and shut up for a while.

  6. Stand up,for the champion,stand up,we’ll overcome.Stand up,we’ll be no.1….Come on ,arsenal!!Yes,we’re in the difficulties,but just come on ..!!Nothing is impossible!~

  7. Even if we don’t win anything this season, I won’t be mad(off course I will be disapointed) because I know that Le Professor is on verge off creating somethin realy terrific and its a long term thing. IMO, this squad is ahead of schedule.

    My message to all TRUE GUNNERS: Stay the course,Be Patient and don’t get disturbed by the Daily Maily and other muppets.

  8. Gallas has received an amazing amount of criticism since the Birmingham game. Several comments as to him being messed up in the head and having a few screws loose. People completely questioning his captaincy and even one comment suggesting he should be stripped and Toure should be the captain.

    I think the Birmingham game was a shock but I still think he’s done well. I don’t buy the argument that because Gallas is crazy and mentally inept this team has dipped. I never will unless I legitimately see something that leads me to believe it. Drogba out muscled us but christ he’s a great, strong striker. Gallas if anything has probably saved us more goals in our poor run than people give him credit for (Villa game anyone?). All this talk is just rubbish.

    If you want to point fingers at an Arsenal player with a few screws loose it’s Eboue. He is simply a red card waiting to happen. That said I still want him around I think he really is an excellent player minus his poor finishing.

    As for the transfer speculation Kuzmanovic and Ben Arfa are solid players. I think they’re both quality and quite young but you know after the lack of depth that’s obviously showing I’d like to see Wenger go out a get someone who’s proven to be money in the bank. Someone with more experience and polish. We have the money lets not make the mistake of cutting corners again. That said supposedly ManU at one point was also interested in Arfa, as well as Benzema. Hopefully that’s changed.

  9. Guys,
    Did I say something like no unity and loyalty in the team? C-BASS ur analysis is spot on particularly the cutting corners to win trophies

  10. Yeah – great analysis C-Bass. I especially liked this bit:

    I don’t buy the argument that because Gallas is crazy and mentally inept this team has dipped. I never will unless I legitimately see something that leads me to believe it.

    So far there has been nothing legitimate, except perhaps for the Birmingham explosion. But when you consider what happened to Eduardo I can forgive and forget.

  11. uwont be mad if u dont win anythig this season .cme on ur bloddy fool….ye won nothin for 3 years….lol oh my god arse fan are so un realistic think wenger on to a great thing……..dont make me laugh

  12. Who the fuck does this idiot support anyway.

    Fuck Off to your own teams fuckin’ Blog you you TURD.

  13. Coy,put that stupid little MUG cup you won in your empty trophy cabinet and treasure it for God knows how many years before you win another MUG cup.You and your team are LOSERS matey.


    CRAPPY TEAM, CRAPPY STADIUM and near empty trophy cabinet.

  14. hey nick…we no jenius is crap dont have to tell us that but he has scored against ye 3 times if i may add..he can only dream of a play of berba, oh an dont forget 5-1, mug cup is better then no cup…aw put on hes best players to try an win it so dont give me that as an excuse…casue we beat the arse to win the cup den the blues fair an square , an thats why its hurts ye the most………oh life is great at the lane

  15. life is great? i guess being 11th in the table, having lost to new castle, Blackburn, man city, and Birmingham, not to mention 2 loses to arsenal in the PL is “great” ?

    i dont think ur allowed to bash another team calling them bad till ur team comes to within 2 spots of the other team! and since spurs have what… half as many points as arsenal? yea… so go shove that cup up ur ass

  16. It’s the highlight of your season coy,just to beat the Arsenal.It’s amazing how much joy you spuds get out of beating us very very occasionally.

    We’ve got bigger fish to fry CL EPL, that’s where we belong, not MUG cup finals (that’s why we always use 2nd string).

    Enjoy your little MUG cup while it lasts coy and lets see what your made of next season.Lets see how good you really are.

  17. a mug cup it aint the biggest around but it ssilver ware…pluswhy did wenger bring on fab an adey an risk them gettin injured for a so called meaningless cup an see the players faces, plus were on up finm 5th in last two season an not far behind teh arse on two ocasions, ye have not achived othin in laster 3 years only fin in the botton of he top 4 an looks like yer headin that way again ……losein an 8 point lead to now minus 6….u called thats a top team challegain, to be honest yer not as good as people make out to be really, playin pretty foot ball gets u nowhere, next season well see what happens watch yer back, coys till i die

  18. nick ye call ur self a top team cant beat birminghan cant beat wigan cant beat middles……..shalli go on

  19. Better team than you’ll ever be.

    Check all the stats you want,there’s no comparison!!!

    You’re a second rate team with a third rate stadium.

    We’ll win everything next year….because we are the ARSENAL and we’re the best, we’re the ARSENAL so fuck all the rest.

    Like the song coy???

  20. coy I reckon you’re an GOONER in disguise.I reckon you LOVE ARSENAL.

    Admit it, go on admit.


  21. If I remember right Toure and Gallas were the two at fault for their goals. To be honest I find that positive, since we both know that normally those two are fine. It’s yet another game for Senderos where he did very little wrong and I’m very happy for him.

    As for Eboue. Some people have claimed his critics use him as a scapegoat. He’s not the only reason why we lost the lead, but he’s certainly been one of our main contributors to it. His passing, shooting, even usually his crossing these days, his close control, decision making AND attitude are all falling way short of the mark this year. He’s probably managed to play well for about an hour all season so far. And I do hate it when a player like him does one or two good things in a whole game and people say he wasn’t awful. A game lasts 90 minutes, not 3.

    The Press are such pricks with their shit stirring, I agree with the article entirely, it’s so pathetic really.

  22. i think we should sign mexes, ben arfa, senna,kanoute trust me if we have sign them we will win premiership next season guys.

  23. must leave arsenal hoyte, sanderos and on loan bentner.

    should come in
    ben arfa (Lion)
    kanoute (Sevilla)
    P Mexes (Roma)
    M Senna (villareal)
    Luka Tony (Bayer)
    L Thuram (Barcelona)
    Daniel Carvalho ( CSKA Moscow)
    Marques (Barcelona)

  24. As an Arsenal fan,i will never give up.i like the comment that Mr.Nick has given.i know we ‘re still the best.f**k all those stupid fan from other club who are insultin’ us.

  25. uwont be mad if u dont win anythig this season .cme on ur bloddy fool….ye won nothin for 3 years….lol oh my god arse fan are so un realistic think wenger on to a great thing……..dont make me laugh

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