Gael Clichy is awesome + some other stuff

Just a quick one tonight as I’ve had a lonnnnnnnnng day at work and am about to dash out the door for some Thai food.

Update: Thai food was good.

Gael Clichy has revealed that he didn’t have to think twice when signing a new contract with Arsenal a few weeks ago. He had the following statements to make:

“Once again, I really think that we can do great things with this team. That’s why I wanted to stay there in order to help my club to move forward and start winning trophies this year.”

Awesome. Just awesome. I didn’t think I could love any bald-headed Frenchmen more than I loved Patrick Vieira but if I could pull the stars from the night sky and give them to Clichy then I would. Hopefully Emmanuel Adebayor and Alex Hleb take a leaf out of his book and stay put as well.

Update: Cesc Fabregas is awesome too.

Moving on and apparently Gilberto Silva is being tracked by Juventus, Panathinaikos, Valencia and Darth Maul at the moment (obviously, I made the last one up).

Personally I’d like to see him stay as a back-up for whoever comes in to replace Mathieu Flamini but I can understand why – at 32 – he wouldn’t want to spend his remaining few years playing second fiddle, especially while he remains the captain of Brazil.

Finally today is the news that Arsene Wenger thinks Germany will win Euro 2008, pointing to their simplicity and efficiency as the main reasons for his prediction.

“They always have a kind of simplicity in their collective game. They never use too many touches, they keep it simple and they play as a team, and in the final third they are very efficient.”

I absolutely 100% agree and it is the main reason why I tipped the Germans at the start of the tournament. Strange that Wenger doesn’t get his Arsenal side to play with the same simpicity though, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m off to have dinner. Keep it real.

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  1. But, Spanish Fry, are you a blackbelt at keeping it real?

    Im glad you indicated you were only joking with the Darth Maul comment. Seeing as I still believe in Santa and all that.

    Im in a perky mood. Can you tell?

  2. A big thanks to Turkey for giving us a memorable euros.They had Heart and a fighting spirit no one can match.They outplayed germany but Germans are germans they just win. Before this game every pundit in the land thought it was going to be a walk over but the turks showed if you have heart you can go a long way. despite losing they left this tournament with their heads high unlike the dutch who went out with a tail between their legs.I hope spain win it purely for football’s sake and for Fabregas of course.

  3. Whats the news on Adebayor is he staying or leavin I cant believe IM even askin this I thought his heart was always whit ARSENAL.
    I just wish WE had more players like Clichy.

  4. Cesc ran the show for Spain and notched 2 more assists, he just likes setting up goals, unlucky not to score with his 25-yard effort he deserved a goal. I think If Clichy had been picked for France they may have gotten further Im jus glad cashley left so Clichy moved to number 1 left back and now he number 1 premier league left back. Hoping ade and hleb stay and spain for the Euro.

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