Friday Arsenal links: Vela injured, Burnley won’t hold back

Some linky goodness to tie you over until tomorrow:

Carlos Vela scored a goal for Mexico against New Zealand midweek, but also went off injured.

Burnley’s Leon Cort has said that his team won’t be holding back on us because of the Aaron Ramsey injury.

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted we are serious title contenders.

Denilson and Andrey Arshavin are expected to be back for tomorrow, while Alex Song is suspended.

Match report to follow tomorrow.

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  1. I was just looking @ our fixtures and saw we still have to play away at Birmingham, Blackburn, and Hull.

    And that thought terrifies me, and no doubt it will have Arsene up at night until the games are fulfilled. We all know what McLeish’s men are capable of, so there will be no surprises at St Andrews. And I have no doubt the Fat Sam would delight in seeing another Arsenal player on the deck with his foot hanging off. How much longer before a player loses a leg playing for Arsenal, and how much longer will Cesc put up with looking down on a team-mate with a limb in shreds? He will surely be the next target for these brain dead thugs. One thing is for sure, he would get far better protection in Spain, and that’s a fact that could prove decisive come July/August.

    So that’s three major bone breaks caused by “animals” in four years. Can you imagine the media if an Arsenal player was running around breaking opponents’ legs? It doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest. Once again Arsene Wenger is criticized for defending his own players. I’m amazed he is still managing in England. He must be the most disrespected manager in the league. Simply because he won’t share a glass of red with these arbiters of anti-football. C***s!!!!

    Just looking at the papers last Sunday morning filled me with rage, anger and deep sadness, so much I nearly shed a tear for Aaron. All because he is simply a much better, fitter, faster and more talented footballer than Ryan Shawcross.

    And to add insult to serious injury, he could have pulled on an England shirt this week. Unbelievable. And I thought that Capello was intelligent.

    The team’s response after the injury at Stoke was truly stunning considering what they had once again just seen. The bastards were well and truly put in their place by the end. We have ten games to fight through, and I have no doubt that fight is the right word. Our more difficult games will be less physical because at least West Ham, Man City and the Spuds try to play in the right way. We have a real chance now, and what happened last Saturday will surely only serve to galvanise the squad even more.

    Let’s win it… for Aaron.

  2. Lets win it for the fans also, we have been waiting almost 6 years for at trophy..

    I wish Aaron a quick and successful recovery!

  3. Regardless of the result this season (we could easily win the title if we win our next 7-8 games. I think we should consider getting 3-4 new players. I think Eduardo needs to be sold, Silvestre will probably go and Fabianski along with Vela will go on loan. The Gallas and Campbell situation is also a bit tricky (contract situations). If we manage to buy a striker (I have faith in Bendtner to provide physicality) so going for a more prolific person (If only Wenger went for Villa). In midfield Melo is a good solution but I don’t think Wenger will go for him unless we lose someone there. A defender (maybe even an English one) is probably a good idea. Goal keeper we could get someone to compete with Almunia while not costing too much (Sorensen for example). Sorensen, (central defender), Melo, Villa.

  4. There are some seasons when a team runs away with the League, stands head and shoulders above the rest and are fairly obvious champions from about January onwards. Sky Sports may always bang on about the exciting race for the title but in such seasons everyone who follows football has no doubts whatsoever about the almost inevitable and eventual champions. Usually that team also contains at least one stand out player who has the season of his life and is surrounded by a group of individuals who get their act together to become a decisive force that all other teams fear. Our classic ‘Invincibles’ side were such a team. But 2009-10 is not such a season.

    Other times a clear two-horse race will emerge from the pack, shoot well ahead of the lumbering herd behind them and disappear over the horizon. These two will then battle to the line in what amounts to a private race. Such has been the case with Arsenal in the past whether that two-horse race has been against Leeds, Liverpool or United. But 2009-10 is not such a season.

    There have been times in the past when a number of sides have had the opportunity to take the league by the scruff of the neck and make it their own. However in such seasons each in turn have blown their chances just as they had emerged as the very latest punter and pundit favourite. 2009-10 is such a season. Such seasons are more akin to the Grand National than the Derby and as most punters will know the favourite of the Derby is far more likely to win at Epsom than the favourite of the National is at Aintree.

    Both United and Chelsea could quite easily have either made this season’s title their very own already or turned the whole affair into a fairly standard two-horse race. The Chavs may have faltered slightly less often thus far this season, but they don’t strike me as being obvious champions. They are not even close to being invincible and without Drogba or Essien they flatter to deceive. Their ageing squad look at times to be playing from memory and their stand-ins just haven’t cut the mustard. At Old Trollop Fergusmoan is juggling his old guard against some less than adequate pretenders. Giggs, Scholes, Neville and Owen don’t have the legs to win it but those striving to replace them don’t look to have the required class or conviction to do the job. Unless of course the rampant Rooney can do it all by himself. But if the likes of Fletcher is considered to be a key player then you have to wonder about their true credentials.

    So can Arsenal do it? Well as I’ve indicated I see this season as far more of a Grand National type race than a Derby. Arsenal have fallen well off the pace of the leaders more than once and yet have plugged away at a steady if erratic gallop. We were very nearly unseated against United, Chelsea and Stoke but are still in the saddle. Arsenal have stumbled but stayed upright, continued to plod away on a difficult course and now find themselves tucked in behind the front two and looking fairly good for a top three finish. There could well be a faller on the run-in with some big fences yet to jump, but Arsenal have fewer tough fences to encounter. The front two might just get distracted from their one-on-one battle and start looking over their shoulders in a somewhat nervous manner. The course is littered with riderless horses capable of throwing a loose shoe at the leaders and disrupting the race. The horse carrying the red and white silks is also carrying a vast handicap in the guise of excessive injuries. Some say it lacks the required experience but it is clearly beginning to gain self-belief as the experienced jockey coaxes it along.

    Taking the lead very late on in such a long race wouldn’t be a new thing would it? Not knowing when they’re beaten wouldn’t be a new concept for The Arsenal either would it? But can the Gunners maintain a sustained run to the line and can they clear ten more fences? If they do manage to nose in front do they have the required grit and energy to make it first over the line. Should we back the horse coming steadily up on the rails or has it already run a far better race than many thought possible? Can Arsenal go the distance and can we roar this plodding outsider over the line?

    I’m up for it – are you?

  5. I believe that this season Arsenal stands a very good chance in the title race, however, it is quite sad that a player will intentionally be in the field to put another players future at risk.

    what our players should do is to continue showing strength and courage even in situations of adversity and get results as they did in Stoke.

    i have faith in this squad.

  6. Brian, what a lovely horse racing metaphore.

    Pity that Campbell’s so old, he’s really playing well and his experience is usefull as well. We should replace him with a player with similar qualities.

    On paper we have an easy run in, but as someone has already mentioned, we’ve still got some very tough away games at grounds we didn’t always do well at.

    But I’m fairly optimistic I have to say.

  7. Before the game on May 26th 1989 a very cool George Graham said; “No-one expects us to win so there’s no pressure on us.” I think that’s true of this season. On a ‘one day at a time’ note, he also said. “We only need to score one goal.” Arsenal that night had to win by two clear goals but GG knew that you couldn’t score two goals without scoring one. By that realisitc reckoning, all we have to do is beat Burnley tomorrow. End of story. The next game after that is irrelevant till 5 o’clock tomorrow.

  8. i think the reaction arsenal and arsene has had after the ramsey leg break is amazing and disgusting! WE ARE THE VICTIMS we have a player out for months with a broken leg yet people are critisicing arsenal and weneger! im hearing things like:
    .Arsenal are asking for these injuries becuase of the way they play
    .Arsenal have technical skill but nor mental or physical presence! i would like to see another team win at stoke after seeing their teammates leg being broke!
    .wenger is just feeling sorry for himself becuase nobody actually plays arsenal any different to any other team! id say that is pure Bullshit!
    and fianlly why is it every mamager and most pundits are joining the bandwagon and slating wenger and our style of play becuase we play nice football!

    like someone said in sunday supplement last weekend, just becuase wenegr doesnt cream every managers arse and drink wine with them all after games they all gang up against him becuase they know he has very little backing from other mamangers!

    I find it amazing how arsenal and arsene get talked about becuase of a leg break and not ryann shawcross the player who actually brooke the boys leg!

    so we chat crap that the media are out to get us! with all the crap said about us this week it just shows that ITS TRUEEE!!

  9. Its another test of bottle with Burnley and they will be trying to intimidate us to the max as they think it may give them the edge. I honestly think the team is made of sterner stuff and wont let the “bully-boy” tactics work? I agree with Richard about the three tough away games but, Birmingham play football and rely less on a physical approach. However fat allerdyce and slimy brown will have both their teams primed to kick us off the park as usual. Fat sam is one dimensional and Hull are just crap so I expect us to beat both of them. We should concentrate on getting our football right and then whatever the oppositions approach is doesn’t mattter cos they can’t live with us? C’mon the gooners!

  10. Dream on Imerryl about Villa and Melo playing for Arsenal. That will be the day Wenger goes and a more adventurous manager comes in and tests the board contradiction that although we want to reamain solvent, there is around 50 million to spend on new players.

  11. Oh injury!!!! is our daily song!! but lets not loose hope with Andrey and Denilson back we shall move forward. Oh God come 2 our rescue!!!!!

  12. We will fight to the bitter end with injuries or without.I believe in arsenal.

  13. Febrigas &Arshavin are the two heroes who would lead to the road to victory.Gunners are the victims due to French Manager or the attractive foot ball play style?

  14. This is the first time I leave a comment, but I read this blog everyday.

    We have real chances to win the title and we have to take it. Burnley, can’t be in our way, we’re way better.

    Tomorrow I expect a very determinated team, like the one who beat Stoke. I believe Fabregas will make the team play like champions tomorrow.

    Arthur Vaz
    São Paulo FC fanatic and Arsenal fan

  15. I would love it if the remaining matches can be treated as 10 cup finals. Injury is not new to us,we thrive on team work and not individual play. We can do this,lets get 3 points from and see what comes after…always a gooner

  16. @gunnerkyv: I don’t agree with you completely. I believe in Deni and no wonder he will give us the experience needed in that position.
    I do rate Aaron well, but I also believe in the Brazilian.
    Three points is what we need.

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